Fourth of July Bang

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We sat on the beach waiting for the fireworks to start. The sun was going down behind us as we watched the waves beat against the shore. I brought down a blanket for us to sit on, while Jon brought the food and drinks. I laughed as he fed me sushi and told me about his new job he was about to start in August.

We were sitting on the private beach behind my new house waiting for the fireworks to begin on the island across the water. I had a large beach blanket spread out and we were lying across it eating a cold dinner and enjoying a great bottle of Californian wine. The view, complete with a perfect sunset, was amazing and worth every penny I spent to get the large piece of land.

My nearest neighbor was hundreds of yards away on each side and I liked it that way. The property had security gates all around it and I had a pack of Rottweilers to “protect” me. They were more like area rugs than watch dogs. They still looked impressive when people came to the gates. Now they played with each other at the water’s edge, splashing in the waves as they licked the shore.

The Tiki torches added a soft glow to the sand as the sun nestled in its western bed for the night. Jon commented to me as to how their canlı bahis light made my eyes sparkle. He reached over for a piece of cheese and his hand brushed against my inner thigh. I let out a soft “mmm” and he did it again deliberately. I smiled and slid my hand on his bare leg and slightly up the leg of his shorts. I caressed his thigh and he did the same to me. He leaned over towards me and we kissed as the first round of fireworks went off.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked me. I shook my head yes and placed my hand on tent in his shorts. He kissed me again and slid his hand under the material of my tank top. His fingers were soon working on getting my nipple to pay attention to him and I could feel myself begin to get hot and wet.

We kissed some more and his hand slid down to my shorts. I freed him and he sprang out of his boxers like a soldier caught doing something wrong by his commanding officer. He was at attention and already nice and hard. I took an ice cube from my drink and rubbed it all over his silky head. The shock from the cold stunned him for a second but once he got used to it, he loved it.

“Good lord that’s cold.” He said.

“Shh or I won’t finish” I told him with bahis siteleri a smile. I knew that he rated his dates by their ability to give head and I wanted to show him that I was the best he was ever going to have. He leaned back and I started to lick the underside of his shaft. I began to suck on the extra loose skin under the base of his head and I could feel him grabbing at the blanket and trying not to let me know that I was driving him nuts. I stopped what I was doing for a second and he begged me to continue. As I sucked him off like a pro, his hand slipped up the leg of my shorts and he slid a finger into my soaking wet hole.

“Wow you get wet,” he said to me as I sucked on his balls. “I don’t know what’s wetter? Your hot mouth or this.”

I started bucking against his finger in my pussy and he slid in another finger. I felt him get tighter so I mouth fucked his dick hard so he’d cum for me. He picked up his pace and my moaning against his dick made him boil over into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of cum and licked my lips after I was done. He was still sensitive so I licked the tip of his dick until he couldn’t take anymore.

“Where did you learn how to do that?” he demanded to know. bahis şirketleri I laughed at him and told him that he forgot to finish me off. “Give me a couple of minutes and you’ll wish you never said that.”

He stripped me of my shorts and told me to get on my knees and face the water. He knelt behind me and started to finger me again while he played with my clit. Fireworks went off inside of me as they exploded overhead. I was melting on his hand like butter as he got me off again.

I couldn’t take it anymore and begged him to fuck me. He laughed at me and rubbed himself against my dripping wet slit.

“Fuck me already. It’s not nice to tease a frenzied woman”. I needed him now. I didn’t want to wait. I had waited long enough. I wanted this for years.

The rockets went off overhead as he entered me. He paced himself to the rhythm of the explosions over us and he was driving me nuts. I felt my orgasm build up fast and hard as he teased my hole. I begged him to fuck me hard and he laughed at me. He picked up the pace as the finale went off and we both came with the last rockets going off.

We fell into a heap on the blanket kissing under the moonlight and soft glow of the candlelight. I couldn’t help but think that the guest room was never going to get any use with Jon living with me. His hand slid between my thighs again and I knew that the fireworks were not over for the night for us. They were just beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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