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Megan dreaded the thought of another week alone at the condo. The holidays were always tough for a laid off legal secretary because the law firms simply weren’t in need of people. The temporary agency she relied on for work had warned her December would be bad.

Not having an income wasn’t the only reason Megan dreaded being stuck in the condo. She had good reason to be afraid because of something she had little control over…her looks. A beautiful, blonde, thirty four year old divorcee known to be alone for extended periods of time was like a neon sign telling the young, single guys in the community to ‘hit on Megan.’ Hell, she’d even been approached by a couple married men lately.

Their methods were numerous and varied, though seldom creative. Megan could spot an unwelcome advance from a mile away and she was very good at being abrupt in her dismissal of the superfluous suitor.

This time it was a condo association maintenance man who alleged that a pipe was thought to be leaking near Megan’s condo. In spite of her better judgment, or perhaps in fear he may be right, she let him proceed. She watched from behind a bedroom curtain as he walked back and forth across her back yard with what looked like a miniature metal detector better used to find rings at the beach.

Megan soon tired of watching the parade and went back into the kitchen. Eventually, the man knocked on the sliding door. Megan opened it just enough to talk.

“Think I found something,” the man said in a deep southern accent. “Let me show you.”

He held a roughly sketched map in his hand and practically forced his way inside before Megan could even say, ‘Show me from there.’

“What is it?” she asked when he was half way in.

“Let me put this here map on the table.”

He had propped the metal detector up against the back wall of her porch and, dirty shoes and all, made his way to the kitchen table. Megan figured he was about forty, with a mental age of fifteen. He looked rough. He smelled rougher.

The man slapped the paper on the table, stabbed at a point close to her back porch with a dirty finger, and said, “I got a really weak signal right thar. From thar to the back of y’alls lot, it sounded fine. We might need to dig.”

Megan’s mind was not on the map. She was kicking herself for choosing this day to wear her most revealing tank top. The man’s eyes were more often on her tits than the map. He never once made eye contact with Megan. She sensed trouble.

“Listen. Have the condo association get hold of me. We’ll discuss it,” she said hastily.

“Oh, but ma’am, I might be able to save you all kinds of money here,” the man said. “What do you say we bargain a little.”

Now he was looking at her with a nervous look filled with craving for something she wasn’t likely to give.

“No thanks,” Megan answered. She took a step backwards.

He matched her step and reached out for her. Megan was expecting it.

She lurched away with the athleticism of a teenager. Megan pulled a chair over behind her and ran for the front door, grabbing a butter knife along the way from a dinner plate still sitting on a coffee table. As they approached the door together, she turned and held the knife in front of her.

“Don’t touch me or you’ll die.”

Just as the man opened his mouth to speak, the doorbell rang, causing both of them to jump with surprise. The man saw a face outside the little glass window next to the door and he returned to the kitchen in a hasty retreat.

Megan quickly opened the door.

“Megan, are you OK?” the woman outside asked.

“Oh my God, Nataly. Get in here.”

As Nataly entered, the man exited the same way he had come in.

“I saw Wilson come over a little bit ago and knew I better check on you,” Nataly said, noticing the knife still in Megan’s hand. “Did he…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Megan said as they walked into the living room. “He wouldn’t have lived to talk about it.”

“Geez. I just knew it. He’s such a retarded ass.”

Megan plopped on the couch, trying to get her pulse back to normal. Nataly sat beside her.

Megan’s savior was a gorgeous twenty six year old brunette that she befriended soon after moving in. Nataly knew of Megan’s home alone status and often acted as an unofficial security force of one. Nataly had spied on the maintenance guy until he entered Megan’s condo. After waiting an appropriate period of time, she came to the rescue.

“I’m the ass for falling for it,” Megan sighed.

“Nah. You never know. That’s the scary part.”

Megan looked over at Nataly. “Hey, you want a drink? I need one.”



“Sure,” Nataly replied. “Any work lined up?”

Megan talked while collecting glasses and her favorite pinot grigio. “I haven’t heard from the temp agency in over a week. I suspect I won’t until after the first of the year. Not many law firms need people right now. You’re out until January, right?”

Nataly nodded, although Megan wasn’t looking. “Yeah. The casino siteleri kids come back the first week of January. The little brats will be all hyped up after Christmas.”

Megan returned with the drinks. “I’m not sure what’s worse. An attorney or a second grader.”

Nataly took a sip. “Can’t have sex with a second grader.”

Megan giggled with a mouthful of wine. She swallowed and said, “So neither one of us is getting lucky. Maybe I should have let Wilson have his way with me.”

“Nah. You can do better.”

A prolonged pause was broken when Megan asked, “Any men in your life lately?”

Nataly grinned. “Nope. Haven’t been looking. I rely on my virtual friends, my plastic pals, and other artificial means.”

“Virtual friends?”

“Online. I have people I chat with. Watch videos. You know…,” Nataly said sheepishly.

Megan was intrigued. There was an awful lot about one of her best friends that she did not know. Neither of them prodded the other into revealing ‘secret’ stuff. It wasn’t their style. But curiosity abounded.

“Really?” Megan said.

“It’s better than being a serial killer, isn’t it?”

Megan shrugged. “Suppose so.” She looked over at her young friend. “Imagine the media coverage somebody like you would get if you were on trial for a series of axe murders.”

Nataly laughed out loud. “I’ll take that as a compliment, I guess.”

After another short gap in the conversation while both women finished their wine, Megan said, “Tell me more about your chats.”

Nataly leaned back on the couch and thought for a moment. Just how much would she disclose? Was Megan ready for this?

“I have friends—girlfriends—that I get online with and we, uh, talk and sometimes, you know, turn on the web cams and, um, do stuff.”

The expression on Megan’s face told it all. Nataly expected a little shock and perhaps disapproval and that appeared to be what she got. But Nataly found herself staring at her beautiful friend in the tank top and jeans instead of preparing for the next question. Megan’s full, firm tits appeared ready to fall out of the top. Or maybe it was the wine that made her think so.

“Interesting,” Megan replied.

It wasn’t the answer Nataly anticipated. There was a hint of possible acceptance in the tone.

“It’s totally safe,” Nataly said. “No hurt feelings. No morning after.”

“And you always orgasm?”

Nataly gasped in feigned surprise. “Megan!”


When Nataly didn’t respond, Megan asked, “Do you?”

Nataly smiled. “Always.”

Megan seemed to be lost in deep thought, staring somewhere into space. Nataly moved over until they almost touched and said, “You should join me sometime, Megan.”

It was, of course, exactly what Megan had been thinking. But now that the suggestion was ‘on the table,’ she was hesitant to commit. As long as she had known Nataly, Megan had never actually seen her with a man she knew was a date. Hints that Nataly preferred being with another woman, at least online, raised new questions in Megan’s mind.

“I don’t know…,” Megan began to say.

Nataly’s hand was on her arm, slowly rising toward the point of Megan’s shoulder and the strap of her tank top. Megan looked over cautiously, somewhat taken aback by the pleasurable feeling of another person’s hand on her skin.

“It’s very innocent,” Nataly said softly. “I know you would prefer seeing a man, but this lets you concentrate entirely on yourself.”

Nataly’s hand was on the back of Megan’s neck, caressing gently every patch of bare skin she touched. Megan gave her room and felt fingers slide inside the back of her shirt. Nataly pulled Megan closer.

Megan had no intention of kissing her friend, but as they came closer and closer together and their faces nearly touched, she found herself preparing for it; almost wanting it. She saw Nataly’s lips part and Megan did the same. Their mouths came together in simple contact.

Nataly’s tongue slid across Megan’s warm lips and Megan instinctively responded in kind. Nataly fought the urge to probe her beautiful friend’s body with her hands, not wanting to end the kiss in progress. It paid off in the short run as the kiss became increasingly more intense. The women turned toward each other and Nataly put her hand on the back of Megan’s head. From that point on, the embrace was more sensuous than friendly.

The twenty seconds that it lasted seemed like a lifetime to Megan. When they separated, her heavy breathing was audible.

“It’s something like that. Only better,” Megan said with a smile.

“When should I come over?” Megan sighed.


In bed that night, Megan had thoughts of Nataly that she’d never dreamed of having. She caught herself thinking about the feel of Nataly’s body pressing against her own; the soft breasts against her side; the lips and tongue caressing her mouth; Nataly’s hair on her face.

She would go to Nataly’s condo and watch. The idea actually excited her, but she would never participate. Not slot oyna in front of another woman…or two. Megan thought about how awesome it would be to have a young man with her, slowly undressing her while Nataly did her thing online. She thought about his hard cock brushing against her ass.

Megan put a hand on her pussy and closed her eyes.


Nataly jumped off the couch when the doorbell rang, knowing it was Megan and knowing what was in store for the next couple hours. She’d always imagined having another woman share in her delightful online chats in person, but never dreamed it would be Megan until this week. Now it was about to happen.

She nearly ran to the door and welcomed her friend in.

“I’m SO happy you agreed to come over,” Nataly said. “I really think you’re going to love this.”

They walked into the living room. “Can I get you anything?” Nataly asked.

“I’m gonna need a drink,” Megan said with a grin.

“Got it,” Nataly said, rushing into the kitchen. “Have a seat.”

Nataly returned quickly and Megan admired, as always, the young woman’s model-like figure, especially in the little knit tip and tight jeans that she wore. By all appearances, Nataly didn’t have a bra on. But that didn’t shock Megan.

“So, how is this going to work?” Megan asked.

Nataly took a long sip of her drink. “Well, we’ll be in the den. I’m supposed to be online at eight to start a chat with Sam. Her name’s really Samantha but she goes by Sam.”

“What is she like?”

Nataly’s face lit up. “Oh my God, Megan. She’s the cutest little thing you ever saw. She’s my age, maybe a year younger, with darkish blonde hair and an awesome body.”

Megan said, “You’ve seen her…uh, naked?”

Nataly laughed. “Yeah. That’s kinda the whole idea.”

Megan suddenly felt old and foolish and she could feel the blush overtaking her face. The entire concept of using another woman as her means of stimulation, or undressing in order to please another woman, was just too foreign to her. She wasn’t naïve enough to think it didn’t happen. She just never suspected Nataly and never saw herself in that role.

She’d be a trooper and try anything once.

The women talked for another half hour before Nataly proclaimed it was time to set up the PC and web cam. When they entered the den, Megan was surprised to find a couch pulled up to within a few feet of the desk holding the PC. It was a strange setup for a room…IF you weren’t going to use a web cam online.

“Sit on the couch, Megan. I’ll get us hooked up,” Nataly said.

Megan watched as Nataly connected to the instant messenger, made the video connection with Sam, and introduced Megan. Nataly had been right about Sam. She was in her mid-twenties with a cherubic face and unkempt, but sexy, hairstyle. She wore a long football jersey that didn’t do a whole lot for her figure. Sam sat on the edge of a large bed.

Nataly returned to the couch and said to Megan, “Feel free to just watch, or play along. I was nervous the first time, too. Sam is wonderful. Aren’t you Sam?”

The girl on the monitor replied back, “You make it easy, Nataly. Do you want anything special for your lovely friend Megan?”

“Nothing special. Just be yourself and we’ll be happy,” Nataly said.

“Then I can take off this jersey?”

“Please,” Nataly answered.

Megan watched with great curiosity and a little awkwardness as the young woman stood at the end of the bed and slowly raised the jersey over her head. The first thing Megan saw was a bright red pair of very tiny panties, almost a thong. Then Sam’s bare breasts came into focus.

It all happened so fast Megan didn’t have time to register any internal approval or condemnation. All she could do was stare at the perfect, round tits. There was something about the fact that Megan knew Sam was doing this for Megan and Nataly’s benefit that made her look at the breasts differently. She felt compelled to appreciate them much more than she would, say, if Sam was in the shower at the local health club. Besides, now that the jersey was off, Megan could see that Sam was, in fact, an exceptionally beautiful girl.

Sam moved closer to her camera, causing her breasts to appear disproportionately large. But the effect of this, when she put her hands around them and began massaging them, was undeniable. Megan felt the same sensation deep inside her pussy that she got viewing a large cock. And it surprised her.

Megan glanced over and saw Nataly playing with her own tits through her top. The nipples stood out dramatically and grew harder with each squeeze.

“Let me see them,” Sam could be heard saying.

Nataly didn’t waste any time in taking off her shirt. She leaned forward on the couch and gave her online friend a closer look of the tits as they hung lusciously from her chest.

“Ooooohhhhhh, I want them so bad,” Sam mewed.

“Take off those panties and you can have them,” Nataly replied.

Megan watched as Sam backed away from the camera and sat on the edge canlı casino siteleri of the bed. Then Sam fell backward and spread her legs. A hand partially hid the panties as it slid back and forth over Sam’s pussy. Then the fingers were inside, rubbing Sam’s clit and searching out her sweet hole.

Nataly leaned back on the couch and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Megan fought the urge to do the same. She was content with being a spectator…for now.

On the screen, Sam was sensuously pulling down her panties with her legs slightly raised and held close together. It provided a tantalizing clue of what was to come. The small, round ass, creamy thighs, and neatly trimmed pussy were aimed directly at the camera and became even more prominent as Sam lifted her legs higher and removed the panties entirely.

“Oh God, Sam. Let us see you, please,” Nataly begged.

Sam understood and, as the legs began to lower, she spread them apart. Megan and Nataly stared at the wonderful sight of the nude woman sprawled out on the bed, teasing them with her body.

Sam leaned up and said, “C’mon, girl. Get those jeans off.”

Nataly smiled and promptly removed her pants. She wore a light blue pair of panties that weren’t much larger than Sam’s thong-like undies. Megan and Sam watched her rub her pussy for a moment before taking them off while standing near the camera.

Megan gazed at Nataly’s tight ass, with the flawless little cheeks sloping down to her lean thighs. Then Nataly turned around and Megan was gawking at her tits and pussy as if hypnotized.

The reaction in her pussy was shocking. Megan was getting wetter and wetter, to the point where she was afraid it would show through her jeans.

“Are you ready for the show to start?” Nataly asked Megan as she returned to the couch.

“It hasn’t yet?” Megan said with surprise.

“Nope.” Nataly plopped down next to her. “Watch Sam.”

They peered at the screen. Sam was on her side, looking back at the camera and holding an object in her hand.

“It’s your favorite, Nataly. Big Ben.”

Sam held up the vibrator for everyone to see. Megan heard Nataly sigh.

“Oh, yeah. Play time,” Nataly said. “Let’s do it.”

Sam got on her hands and knees, facing the camera. A soft hum could be heard as she moved the vibrator across the front of her chest, rising and falling as it traversed the curves of her breasts. Nataly was leaning back, her legs spread for easy access to her throbbing pussy. Sam let the toy linger around each of her nipples, tilting her head back and moaning as waves of pleasure flowed through her body. Nataly watched and masturbated, never taking her eyes off the monitor.

Sam said, “Megan, I can’t believe your self-restraint. Or you don’t like this, one or the other.”

“Oh, I like it,” Megan said truthfully. “Just watching.”

She had plenty to see. Sam was moving the vibrator farther down her body and Nataly was spread out next to her, sliding her hands up and down to find her breasts and pussy in alternating moments of stimulation. Just before the vibrator reached Sam’s pussy, she raised it to her mouth and erotically sucked on it like a cock.

“Watch this,” Nataly said quietly. “This is so awesome.”

After a prolonged simulated blowjob, Sam put the vibrator between her legs and methodically skimmed it across her clit. She let it rest in place for a while and then moved it lower. The tip separated the moist folds of skin and found the entrance to her cunt. Megan couldn’t take her eyes of the vibrator as Sam tilted it just right, and very, very slowly began to insert it.

Nataly had the advantage of being able to replicate the action with her fingers. But poor Megan could only sit and feel her body respond to what her eyes were seeing. Her entire pussy screamed for attention and she nearly had to sit on her hands to keep herself from ripping her jeans open.

Sam reveled in the effect she was having on Nataly’s new friend. She stared right at Megan as she pushed the vibrator deeper and deeper until only the widest part of the end was visible.

“God, that feels good,” Sam moaned. “I wish you could feel it, too, Megan.”

Megan didn’t know how to respond so she didn’t. Next to her, Nataly smiled and frantically rubbed her swollen clit. Then Sam slid the vibrator in and out of her hole with measured strokes that heightened the stimulation. Sam’s free hand worked on her clit and nipples until both she and Nataly were groaning loudly with delight.

Megan suspected she knew what the result of the video chat was going to be when it started, but now the reality was about to set in. Two women—one online and one sitting next to her—were about to masturbate until having orgasms. And unless she changed her mind, she would just sit and watch and listen.

Nataly and Sam rarely took their eyes off of each other. For each of them, the desire to be with the other, assisting them in reaching a climax, was part of the excitement. Although they would cum by just watching, they desperately wanted to be together; touching and holding and fondling each other.

For now, they were happy to simply feel the orgasms welling up inside their bodies and threatening to explode at any second.

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