Footrub Friday Ch. 02

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Finally it was 4:30, and time to leave work for the week. Not that the day hadn’t been stimulating so far, but I was eager to see what Karen had planned for me this particular evening. The day had started like every Friday for the past 5 months: Wake up, shave my legs, then kneel on the floor before Karen and paint her toenails a deep red. Next I made breakfast for her in the nude, while she pressed her long, sexy body against me, reminding me that I was not allowed to touch her with my hands just yet until she said I could. Then she had me slip into a pair of sheer designer pantyhose, kneel before her, and lick her to multiple orgasms. Karen wrapped her long legs around me and ground her sweet, dripping pussy all over my mouth. Then she immediately sent me to work with her juices on my face and my legs, cock, and balls trapped in the silky nylons under my work clothes. All day I would sit and squirm at my desk, every movement stimulating and tormenting me, and Karen’s scent under my nose driving me wild. Not to mention the fact that Karen had told several of my sexy female coworkers about our secret, and they would hang out by my desk, flirting and eyeing me up and down mischievously. Other than the girls who already knew my secret, I never knew who exactly she had told, so I was always flustered when any woman at work would talk to me.

Karen would always have a hot surprise for me and was always trying to outdo herself. Usually she’d bring over a few of my coworkers or her hot friends and have me give them all foot massages, while they teased me into a frenzy, eventually tying me up and taking turns riding my cock and face, after tearing a hole in the pantyhose to release my throbbing cock..

Then there was the time she hired me out to her rich friend Rachel to serve as a French maid for a slumber party with her spoiled friends. I stood there in a sheer black, crotchless body stocking, slutty high heels, a frilly black ballet skirt, and white apron, attending to their every need. All the while, they teased and tormented me all night by parading around me in their skimpy lingerie, and I loved every second of it! A few of the girls took pity on me and had me fuck them while still in my maid outfit, but most of them preferred to have me go down on them and later make love to each other while I watched, bound and helpless. These are all stories for another time, because this is about the day my car got stolen.

I left work and it was nowhere to be found; I was very upset, not just because it was cold out and I needed to get home, but also I didn’t want to have to run all around town in my satiny underthings. My first instinct was to call Karen to ask for help, but it went to her voicemail. I had no idea what to do, and was standing there, frozen.

Suddenly, a black stretch limo pulled around the corner and stopped right in front of me. The door flew open and out popped Karen, dressed in full rocker chick attire. A lacy black crop top over a skimpy black bra, short black leather skirt, torn black stockings and combat boots. Her long brown hair was all teased out and she looked hot as hell in her heavy eye makeup and deep red lipstick.

“Happy Friday, baby”, she said, kissing me and grabbing my ass as I nervously looked around to see if anyone from work saw us. “Don’t worry about your car. I took the spare key and drove it back home just in case we were late, and also to make sure you didn’t try to get away from us. This may be more intense than what you’re used to. Come on in!”

Karen got back in and I followed her perfect ass into the car. The limo smelled like skunk weed and various girly scents- perfumes, shampoos, etc. In other words, it smelled like heaven! As soon as I got in, there was a loud cheer of rowdy girls. It was our friend Simone’s band Down There, the best and hottest punk girl band ever!

I sat in the posh bench seat and Karen straddled me and kissed me passionately, kneeling on the seat and pressing her crotch against my erection. I knew, as always, she was wearing crotchless pantyhose, and could feel her warmth and wetness pressing against my bulging cock. Finally, she pulled her head away and I looked around the car, as it started moving down the street.

“So ladies, this is Chris. I know you’ve heard a lot about him. I guess I’ll move aside a while and let you all introduce yourself.” I looked around and saw four more of the sexiest, most badass women of all time surrounding me on the c-shaped black leather seat, as Karen moved to my side. The band was doing very well, having just scored a record deal and worked up to playing 2000-seat venues, and with that success, came more money for sexy outfits, weed, limos, tattoos, nice hotels, and musical equipment. These girls were so wild, they were not concerned with much else. All free spirits and great musicians, each girl had her own distinct personality, and no matter what your favorite one was, all four of them were drop-dead gorgeous.

The casino oyna girl on the other side of me was the singer Nicole, but of course I knew that. No one who ever saw her would ever forget her. She was a 5’8″ blonde bombshell who always lit up the room. She was pretty much the leader of the band and always moved and acted like a movie star, even when they were playing tiny gigs in dives. She also had a pretty quirky way about her, and an eccentric fashion sense which endeared people to her even more. Today she was wearing kind of a black ballerina skirt matched with a leather corset, black stockings, and black, pointy high-heeled ankle boots.

“Hello Chris, I’m Nicole. I think I’ve seen you around at our gigs,” she said, offering me her hand like a princess. She then casually pulled a huge joint out from her cleavage, firing it up and passing it to me. I inhaled deeply, while she began unzipping her boots. “So, the girls and I have been on tour for five weeks and the physical demands of performing nightly have taken quite the toll on our tootsies! Your foot reflexology services have been highly recommended by Simone and Karen. Might you be able to help us damsels in distress?”

While Nicole slyly slid her silky toes up under my pant leg, I looked around the car and saw the five women grinning at me like I was their prey. Simone, the bassist, was Karen’s friend, a six-foot brunette with hair down to her breasts and Chrissie Hynde bangs. She was at my house, along with the petite, blonde Rachel, the night that Karen first took advantage of my stocking fetish and decided to enslave me in nylon. I’ll never forget the sight of her lanky, tattooed body riding me while we were both wearing silky crotchless pantyhose, my arms bound behind me, just in awe of her, and looking forward doing it all again someday.

I looked nervously back at Nicole and immediately agreed. “Excellent. But first, let’s see what’s going on under your work outfit!” I was embarrassed, but wasn’t surprised that Simone had told everyone, since she had told me that she would do just that. Karen unbuttoned my shirt, while the girls grabbed my pants and shoes. Within seconds I was naked except for the nylons, with my cock totally hard and throbbing in its confinement. The girls hooted and hollered as I sat down and Nicole slid her slender legs onto my lap. The sound and feeling of our stockings rubbing together, along with the weed, made me delirious.

Nicole gave me the sweetest smile and passed me the joint. I took another big hit, passed it to Karen, and started to caress Nicole’s smooth, stockinged feet while her friends watched intently. She clasped her hands behind her head and stretched her glorious body out, moaning sexily. While I massaged one cool, slick sole, she teased my thighs with the toes of her other foot, the sensation sending jolts of electricity through me.

“Darling, that was simply exquisite! You certainly know how to make a girl feel special,” Nicole purred, curling her toes on me. “Who’s next?”

Katia, the guitarist raised her hand. “Meeeee!” as Nicole rolled over her playfully, switching seats. Katia was a sexy redhead with a wild mane of hair and piercing green cat-eyes. She was about 5’6″and had a real tight body. Katia looked stunning in a short, tight, green dress, sheer stockings and spiky black pumps. She slipped off her shoes and slid her smooth calves up my thighs, grinning at me. “Look, Chris, our nylons match. Isn’t that cute?”

I nervously smiled and started massaging her dainty feet, savoring their delicious scent. Meanwhile the other girls relaxed and started chatting amongst themselves, eventually stroking each others’ legs and bodies while I watched, hypnotized. Katia gazed at me with those bewitching eyes, urging me on and telling me how hot I was getting her. My cock was throbbing, still trapped in nylon and begging for release. After a few more minutes she purred, “Mmmmm thank you, baby. Now give us a little kiss,” while placing her soles on my face. I gave each foot a quick kiss and savored her aroma, feeling very humiliated, but far too aroused to care.

“My turn,” chimed in Simone. “It’s been far too long, hasn’t it?” she winked. The mere sight of her and Katia switching places was incredibly sexy, their perfect legs and long, toned arms flailing in exaggerated movements. Simone may have been my favorite band member, just because of her height and classic raven-haired bad-girl look. She was wearing a short red kilt, black sleeveless shirt, black stockings with exposed garters, and sexy high-heeled boots. I remembered how wild she was in bed, and was curious how much of our previous encounter she shared with her gorgeous bandmates. I imagined that since they were always together and had a lot of downtime during gigs, she probably described every juicy detail to them!

As I dutifully caressed Simone’s long, slim feet, the other girls continued to tease me. Nicole started playing footsie with slot oyna me and stroking the backs of my calves and knees with her satiny toes. “Remember that night, Chris? I’m constantly getting wet just thinking about what we did to you. I told you we’d all have you someday”, Simone purred, sliding her hands up her stockings and stroking her shaved pussy. Of course she had left off her panties, as I imagined the other girls had too. She moaned and started coming, while squeezing her breasts, insisting I continue her massage while the girls stared at us, mesmerized. “Okay, Ashley, you’re up!”

Ashley, the drummer, was a cute English girl and was the comedian of the band. She was the only one not wearing a dress or skirt, but she was incredibly sexy in shiny black spandex leggings with sheer nylons underneath, strappy high heeled sandals, and a tight, sleeveless t-shirt which accentuated her sexy arms, all toned and femininely muscular from drumming. Her long hair was dyed bright aqua this week, and she wore it to the side. She slithered over to me and her tight ass looked so amazing in the spandex, it may have been the single sexiest thing in the car, and that’s saying a lot! It was impossible for anybody not to stare and dream of grabbing it, whether you were a man or woman.

“Nice to meet you, love,” she grinned, sliding her spandex legs onto my lap and pressing against my bulging cock. “We knew you had a thing for girls in nylon, but we weren’t sure if you felt the same way about spandex.” Noticing my erection, she giggled, “Looks like he does!”

The girls laughed as Ashley got herself comfy next to me, and I took the liberty of stroking her calves and the backs of her knees in the spandex, as I gradually worked my way down to her feet. ¬I looked over at Karen, who was now sandwiched between Nicole and Katia, each of them draping a leg over one of her thighs, entwining their silky legs together as they slowly took turns kissing one another dreamily. When I was done Ashley’s massage, she cooed, “Thank you baby, I’m so turned on now-you really are great at this!” sliding her luxuriously slick legs off me.

That left only my Karen, probably the greatest girlfriend in the world, who had already removed her combat boots as she moved over to me. Although she was not really a punk chick, she was able to pull off that role effortlessly, just as she was able to blend in with Rachel’s demanding, bratty girlfriends when I served them at that slumber party.

Karen sat on my lap and kissed me deeply again. “Good job, sweetie. I knew you’d like these girls. Actually, they’ve already massaged my feet, among other things, so it’s time to move on. Lie down on your side on the floor in front of us. It’s time for all of us to give you a foot massage”

Not knowing exactly what she was talking about, I obeyed anyway, and lay down on the plush carpet. Karen pulled a pair of black satin panties out of her backpack and leaned over me. She pulled my arm behind my back, stuck one hand through one leg, twisted them around a few times, then put my other hand through the other hole, tying my hands behind me. She then rolled me on my back, and I was totally at their mercy. She looked over at Ashley and asked, “Would you do the honors?”

Ashley smiled and purred, “Absolutely!” as she ripped a hole in the crotch of my nylons, finally releasing my throbbing cock and balls. Immediately, the five girls all slowly caressed my entire body with their silken feet. It was a teasing sensation unlike anything I could ever imagine. Karen and Nicole were lightly sliding their nylon feet slowly up and down my slick legs, occasionally lightly swiping my balls as I moaned helplessly and strained against my bonds, while Katia gently trapped my cock and balls between her silky feet, grinning while I gasped.

Higher up, Simone slid her sexy soles all over my naked chest while Ashley wiggled her tiny toes on my face. I inhaled her irresistible scent and sucked her delicious toes greedily. Soon my cock was throbbing and I was begging to come. I was floating in a sea of nylon, my senses awash with all the sounds and scents surrounding me, the constant nylon teasing from five girls at once driving me out of my mind more than I had ever experienced before. I Iooked up at their faces, pleading for mercy, and felt my orgasm building between Katia’s feet. Suddenly she yelled out, “Stop!”

Immediately all five girls lifted their feet off of me and left me writhing on the floor, fucking the air and feeling ridiculous. I moaned, “Please…please… I need it… ohhhhhhhhhhhh please…”

Katia winked at me slyly and shouted “Go!” as one by one, fifty satiny toes and ten soles returned to my body, tormenting me, arousing me beyond belief. They kept teasing me with their stocking feet over and over again, in endless combinations, nylon everywhere, surrounding my legs, cock, chest and face. Karen and Nicole even slid a foot underneath me, so that I could caress canlı casino siteleri their silky toes and arches with my bound hands, while the other girls continued tormenting me, never letting me come, but always taking me up to the edge of orgasm. Finally, the car ground to a halt as the girls abandoned me and started putting their sexy shoes back on. We were at their concert!

Simone released my hands and gave me a bag of clothes, saying, “Okay, get dressed now. We can’t have you going in there with your dorky work clothes, so we got you an outfit together.” I started getting dressed quickly, not having any other option. I slid a pair of silky black panties up to my waist, once again trapping my cock and balls in nylon, but keeping me instantly accessible to any of the horny women. Then I put on black leather pants, a sleeveless black band shirt, motorcycle boots, and to complete the look, a black leather dog collar, which fit in with the look of their crowd, but also sent a clear message to everyone about my role in their organization.

I carried in their guitars and some bags while they went in to check out the hall and do their soundcheck. Eventually we all ended up in the decent-sized dressing room. As soon as I shut the door, without a word they surrounded me and stripped me again, leaving me in nothing but nylons and slave collar.

Nicole removed a pair of black handcuffs from a hook on her studded belt and clasped them behind me. She then sat me down in a chair and joined the other girls around the mirror to get ready for the gig.

Out of all the sexy sights I’ve seen, there is nothing much hotter than seeing a group of beautiful women getting ready for a special night, and it was even more sexy being bound and forced to watch them but not touch. They teased their hair out and retouched their red lipstick and makeup, and watching their bodies pressing together from every angle though multiple mirrors only magnified the erotic sight before me. Simone and Nicole even unnecessarily tried on a couple of different outfits on in front of me, asking me teasingly how they looked.

Since it was too crowded for them to all use the mirror, Katia and Karen sauntered back to me in the chair. Katia slowly straddled my legs, and the feeling of her silky legs against mine made me woozy. She kissed me deeply and sensuously pressed her body against mine. She whispered in my ear, “Your next job is to get me nice and dripping wet. I play better that way.”

She started pressing her slick pussy against my cock and licking my ear as I moaned, trying in vain to enter her. Meanwhile, Karen stood behind me, pressing her breasts against my shoulders as she moved her face close to Katia’s. They started kissing passionately and groaning, as Katia continued teasing my desperate cock. I looked over her shoulder and saw the other girls intently watching us through the mirror, as well as the sexy sight of me, trapped and sandwiched between the two beauties.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and we all froze. “Who is it?” asked Nicole.

“It’s Katrine and Antonella. Your manager gave us passes and said we could say hi, if that’s alright?”

“Who?” Nicole asked herself. “Oh it’s those Europe girls. Hold on sweeties, we’re just getting decent here,” as she pulled off her necklace holding the key to the handcuffs and unlocked me. Katia gave me a deep kiss and slowly dismounted me, and I quickly got dressed again, still completely frazzled.

Nicole opened the door, and two more impossibly beautiful women entered the room. They all hugged and got settled in. Antonella fired up a joint as they all relaxed, chatting about the tour and various other topics.

Katrine and Antonella were old friends who lived in different countries but would take a different vacation together every year, and this time they were visiting America to check out their favorite band, making arrangements to meet them at the gig. Antonella was a classic Italian beauty, with long, curly, black hair, big, dark half-lidded eyes, thick eyebrows and a tight, petite body which was just one gorgeous curve after another. She wore a tight, short black dress, blood-red lipstick, black stockings, and black high-heeled boots.

Katrine, on the other hand, was a very tall girl from Denmark with long blond hair, full breasts, and a very natural beauty to her. She seemed a little shy compared to Antonella, but was still very funny and intriguing. Her statuesque body looked amazing in a short, zebra-print dress, sheer nylons and shiny black high heels.

The girls were very chatty and animated, soon acting like old friends, and since they had so much to talk about, I just sat back and took it all in. Eventually Simone butted in, “Oh girls, by the way, this is Chris here-he’s working for us tonight handling equipment tech and some transportation. Oh, and he’s also our total sex slave.”

The girls all burst out laughing, and Katrine giggled, “Oh Simone, you are too funny!”

“No, actually I’m serious. He does anything we say.” Katrine looked intrigued while Antonella looked me over, grinning. “Be a good boy and kiss our new friends’ shoes for us,” Simone purred.

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