First Meeting

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I was in the room when I heard you knock on the door, my heart started racing with excitement as I walked to the door. Looking around making sure that the Music was on, the flowers were on the bed, the wine setting in the ice in the sink and all 7 of the candles were lit throughout the room. Seeing all was ok I reached of the door and opened it. There you stood before me, after talking to you so much I see the sweet, sensual woman that writes those words I read across the screen.

Reaching out and taking your hand I help you through the door, looking into your soft green eyes as I wrap my arms around you pulling you close as I slowly lean down and kiss your sweet lips, my tongue parting them as it finds yours, even at this moment I can feel the heat and passion in you. As we back up still locked in a deep passionate kiss, I kick the door closed. My hands roam across you back and down across your sweet ass, gently squeezing it closer to me.

As I break from your lips I tell you how glad I am that you came. You tell me how glad you are too. I pour us 2 glasses of wine as we sit on the edge of the bed, you look around your eyes like what the see, your nose loves what you smell, as you turn and pick up the rose I had laying on the bed for you. As you look at it I set my glass down and knell on the floor before you, leaning back I slide my hands down across your legs picking them up and setting them in my lap as your I look into your eyes, sliding your shoes off and massaging your cute toes after such a long drive.

Sliding them back up and across your thighs. As I start massaging and caressing them I look up at you, asking how your drive was? As my hands slide up and across your hip I slide them under your top at the waist. My hands touching your soft smooth skin for the very first the offer izle time. As they slide up across your back I lightly kiss your lips over and over again as I slide them up slowly removing your top. As I toss it over on the chair I see you got the top to the Leopard skin bottoms Mmm and they unhook in the front, as my hands slide around to your hips I kiss down across your cheeks, nibbling your ear, my tongue teases you, sliding down your neck, kissing down across your breast.

My tongue slides across the top of your bra, down into your sweet cleavage kissing up across the other as I slide my hands up and unsnap the front releasing them, as the top hangs across each of them, as I slide my tongue across them pushing the top from them, the tip of my tongue touches the tip of your nipple. As I circle it around it I reach for the wine, dripping it on top of your breast as it rolls down across it and down to your hard nipples. I wrap my lips around them, mmmmm so hard they are, and covered in wine they are so good. As I help you stand I stay knelled in front of you as now I am even with your waist.

As I reach up I slowly undo your pants, the zip them down slowly the first sight of what I have see for so long is just inches before me. As I slide you pants off over your hips I just have to squeeze that sweet ass as I feel it under my hands. Leaning over I kiss your navel, circling it and probing it with my hot wet tongue, as I slide your pants on down and off you. As you sit back down I look back in your eyes, I can see the passion building in them.

As I stand I slide my Harley shirt someone got me off, as you lean forward you undo my belt, and unsnap my pants, mmmm slowly unzipping them, as you slide them down across me, steeping out of my boots them the old man izle my pants I stand before you in just my Harley boxers. As your hands grab the back of my legs I feel them so warm and so soft, I am going to love every minute they touch me. As you slide them up my thigh the disappear under my legs as you slide them up squeezing my ass. Dam that feels good. As you slide them around to the front I feel your first touch on my cock now getting hard enough to slide it’s way out of the fly in the shorts, one of your hands grabs it at the base as the other cups and caresses my balls. My knees are weak as your touch seems to go all through me.

As you lean forward you kiss it your tongue sliding around it as your hands squeeze it. You pull my shorts down as I then step out of them. That was just a sample of what’s to come, As you lean back I kneel again in front of you as my hands slide up your smooth tanned legs and across you, As I lean down just inches from what I have seen only in pictures, I kiss your sweet mound covered by your sexy leopard skin bottoms, as I slide my tongue across them I can feel the heat from you, and can feel the wetness through them.

Sliding my tongue up and down across it your swollen wet lips just under the material. As I kiss, lick and nibble down to your inner thighs. sliding my tongue and lips all over them. Stopping and seating back I hook my fingers in your waistband as I slowly slide them down as you lift that sweet ass and I slide them across it, down your legs and off your feet. Kissing at your knees and working back up across your thighs my arms resting on them. Leaning down I slide my tongue through your soft, silky hair, so smooth and also so very wet.

Your legs spread a little more as my tongue drags across the passage izle your clit before sliding down, barley touching your lips, Dam your juices taste so good, you were right. Standing and sliding down on the bed next to you my hips up buy your head my head so close to your hips as you slide up and on top of me, your legs straddled across me as I slide my hands up and across your ass, your sweet juices I can see on your lips, waiting to be sucked off.

As I slide my tongue between those sweet lips, I feel your hands wrap around my hard cock and your lips slide over and down it. The feeling was so intense that I slid my tongue deep into you and pulled your ass down on me driving my tongue deeper into you as I feel your tongue deep in your mouth teasing my cock. As I slid my tongue from between your sweet lips I take them in there and suck and nibble them, rolling them between my lips.

I can feel your nipples sliding across me as you raise and lower on my cock, you hands gently squeezing my balls, then you really do it as you slide my cock from your lips pulling it back toward my body and slide your tongue down it licking and kissing it down to my balls your tongue sliding across them, gently teasing them. You can feel the head of it throbbing, pulsing against your check as the precum oozes out of it, I slide my finger between your lisps I wrap my lips around your clit, sucking it into my mouth, my tongue teasing the head of it and I feel your muscles tense around it actually sucking it into you.

As I feel that you hands grab my ass and you take all my cock deep into you and you can feel the first loads of cum deep in your throat just as I at the same time feel your hot cum running freely across my fingers which I remove and replace with my hard hot tongue deep inside and feel you cum running across it and into my waiting mouth as I continue to lick and suck you till I can feel no more of your sweet juices, and you continue draining my cock, sucking every drop from it, breaking from each other yes we are glad we came.

The night is still ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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