Fireworks Explosions

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It was the 4th of July and the fireworks celebration was just getting started. The air was cool and moist and the darkness around me was lit only by the fireballs exploding in the sky. I lay on my blanket on the grassy hill surrounded by other groups of people with their eyes riveted on the sky.

A dark shape temporarily obscured my view, then became visible as a man wrapped in a long blanket settled himself beside me. I smiled at the stranger and then continued to watch the show. He leaned back on his elbows, quite near me, and whispered soft comments about each firework — the color, the brightness. His voice was intoxicating, and I became more interested in listening to the words from his lips than watching the show. He moved closer to me, softly whispering, his words like honey dripping from his tongue. I felt myself grow moist with need as he silently covered my body with his, shrouding us both in his blanket. In our own universe now, his hot groin pressed satisfyingly against my throbbing pelvis, each firework explosion echoed through our bones as he pressed my body against the ground.

Warm, confident hands slid up my thighs under my skirt and found the panties at my waist. In one smooth movement he slid them down my legs and off, barely lifting his bulk from my body. I could feel then that he was naked beneath his blanket, his rock hard member brushing softly against my cool inner thigh, making me tremble with want.

I slid my hands under the blanket that shielded us from the world and found his firm buttocks, and clenched them with my hands, pressing him harder into me, guiding his smooth cock between my thighs and toward my need between.

Hot parallels izle penis tip met moist lips and he slid between the wet folds, caressing the nerve bundles between, grinding his pelvis into my waiting hips. He pressed himself to me, vibrating slightly, barely moving as a sigh escaped his lips. I raised my hips to meet his as our pubic hair tangled together, his manhood sandwiched between our trembling bodies.

For a moment I was afraid. This stranger I was giving myself to so willingly, what did he want, why was I under his spell? But the excitement of his needing me and the confident touch erased all doubt as his hands slid under my back and pressed my chest to his, and he lifted his hips, gently kissing my opening with his velvet tip. For a moment he waited there, holding his breath, and then with a muffled groan he plunged fully into me, engulfing me in sensation and rippling heavy body. As each firework thundered through my bones, my body tensed and pulsed in return as his shaft filled me with heat and tingling pleasure. He pressed into me, filling me completely, gently stretching me to my limit, nudging my cervix with his tip, pressing his heavy balls against the base of my ass.

Then, with another liquid groan, he pulled out and I could feel each blood vessel that engorged his cock as he slipped from the perfect union we created.

Pressing my shoulder blades into the ground, he arched his back over me until we created a spherical union of our bodies — meeting at the junction with explosions of nerve endings with each movement, then warm empty space where his body arched away from mine beneath the blanket, paul t goldman izle then back together at the top where his head dipped to mine like a hummingbird drinking nectar, whispering erotic words into my ears, touching my face with his lips and cheeks, worshipping my breasts with his soft hands and needy tongue.

He rocked on top of me with a circular motion, overtaking my body with his with each long, slow stroke. Each plunge filled me to the brim, gently nudging my cervix at the apex, allowing me to experience every ridge and fold of his sculpted member. Each withdrawal was like a loss, but as he moved away from me his muscular pelvis rocked against my clitoris and sent me into heavenly euphoria, a state of highly tinged need for him to complete the circle and rock back into me, fill the cool space with his hot heaviness.

I dug my fingers into the muscles of his butt as he worked me in slow, even strokes. My whimpers and mewling cries mingled with his whispered words mixed with soft groans of helpless pleasure. My need for him grew as he paced each long thrust to the explosions of fire above us. Boom — in. Boom — out. Crack — in. Kaboom — out. I wanted him to speed up, to match my mounting need with a panting fury of abandon, but he controlled his speed with each agonizingly deep thrust.

All at once I spasmed beneath him, my lifting orgasm causing my back to arch and grind against his measured strides. I cried out and felt the waves of throbbing pleasure ripple down his cock buried deep inside me. As he felt my orgasm release, all at once he changed his angle to a lower one, suddenly rubbing the front walls midnight at the pera palace izle of my vagina with his hardness, thrusting from beneath, rubbing against the rippled ceiling of my cave. With a suddenness I had never known, my need returned, mounting from the hot explosion of my orgasm to new levels of euphoria. Panting and clutching, I pulled him closer to me as his hips rocked me forward and back in tempo to his quickening pace. I felt his muscles clench and unclench as he thrust faster against the very base of my being, his balls softly bouncing against the nerve endings beneath my anus, pressing and filling me with every groaning jerk of his final moments. I could not fathom the heights to which my orgasm would peak — higher and higher I climbed, head thrashing and entirely out of control, as the sweaty stranger rode my G-spot, clutching my torso to his and rippling over me like a snake. As I crested, crashing waves of release causing my body to jerk and shudder, spasming muscles in my legs wrapped around his, I felt him tense and he cried out, thrusting deeply into me with a final groan, melding at our union into a rippling, throbbing being, erupting inside me, filling me with his hot fluid, gushing into me over and over as his balls contracted, sending me into another small orgasmic wave as he pressed into me again and again with the spasms of his ejaculation.

As his body shook and twitched, he slowly melted against me, the blanketed shape dropping in the darkness until he lay softly and heavily on top of me, our mingled breath and sweat cooling in the damp air. I closed my eyes as the tingling afterglow filled my body, his slow hand caressing my stomach and breasts. The fireworks lulled me into a half-sleep as his intoxicating whispers faded away, until I awoke with a start feeling a chill. I lay alone on my blanket, the final fireworks exploding in the distance, the stranger nowhere to be seen. The burn of his parting kiss still lingered on my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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