Family Togetherness Ch. 04

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Big Tits

When I woke next morning, for a second, I was confused about where I was it wasn’t my room. Then I remembered, smiling I turned to mom, she was still asleep. Pulling back the sheet I looked at her naked body, the body I’d grown so used to in such a short time, barely over 24 hours. I could see traces of my cum from our last session on her thighs and pubic hair, I leaned over and kissed each breast, and then woke her with a kiss on her mouth. “Morning, mom.”

“Morning, Wayne.”

“Before we go to church we’d better clean the house a little.” I said. Climbing out I reached down and pulled mom from bed. “No clothes. Either of us.”

Mom just smiled and went into the toilet. After she returned we headed downstairs. There wasn’t really very much to do, have breakfast, and a little straightening. But those chores are so much more fun when you’re not wearing clothes. The chores took a little longer than they should have. We were both looking at the other. Any job takes on a new meaning when you do it naked I guess. Finally we were finished. It was time to move onto the next stage of my plan. I took moms hand and led her upstairs. We didn’t go to bed as she obviously expected, (she could quite clearly see my erect cock leading the way) instead we went into the bathroom and I started the shower. Fortunately it is a large shower. Once the water reached the correct temperature I led mom into the stall.

As the water cascaded over us I started to wash her. First I’d soap up the cloth and then gently run it over her body, stroking her, caressing her. I washed her entire body, except for her pussy; I was saving that for last. When it was finally time to wash it, I soaped up my hand instead. As I washed her pussy with my bare hand I told her I’d want to shave her pubic hair later. Mom just grinned. Then it was her turn to wash me; she did the same as I had done. The feel of her hand washing my cock and balls was wonderful. I decided then and there that from now on, whenever we could, this would be the way we’d shower in future, having someone else wash you is so much better.

Once the last of the soapsuds were washed away I moved forward, pushing mom up against the wall, kissing her, hard. Her arms tightened around me as our bodies crushed together, and the water played over us. I reached down and started to caress the pussy that I’d become so familiar with, mom reached for my cock. We kissed harder. Then I splayed the lips of her slit open, and crouched slightly. Mom, realising what I intended guided my cock into her pussy. When I felt the head safely enclosed in the entrance to her vagina, I slowly eased in, pushing mom up against the wall as I did so. Once I had fully penetrated her, I cupped her buttocks and lifted her. Mom automatically wrapped her legs behind my butt. We adjusted ourselves slightly until we were both comfortable. Then I began to fuck her. As I drove in and out of her body, I moved her forward and backward with my hands. “Harder, Wayne, faster, I want it all.” She gasped in my ear. I obliged as she covered my face with kisses. It seemed to go on and on, but it really was probably only three or four minutes before I shot my cum. Once more my mothers vagina and womb were filled with her sons seed. I quickly lowered her to the floor and turned off the shower. We just stood there, heads on each others shoulders, totally fulfilled.

I realised that we didn’t have much time left. I dragged mom out of the shower and we quickly dried each other. “Come on, we have to get ready for church.” I told her. “Today you will wear no underwear at all.” Mom just nodded, she went to her closet, picked out a dress and put it on over her naked body. “You know this is not right, going to church without any underwear, with my sons sperm in my belly.” I could tell she wasn’t really concerned, in fact she seemed turned on with the thought, so I just told her that from now on I’d be the one that would say what was right or wrong for us.

To make sure she didn’t make a mess on her way out I had her cup her hand over her pussy, holding it closed, so my cum wouldn’t escape. Then, in the car, I pulled her dress up so, if there were any leakage, it wouldn’t mark her dress, and, not wanting to mark the seat I replaced her hand with mine. We drove with my hand fully planted between her legs, covering her pussy. When we arrived, at the last minute before we got out, I removed my hand and pulled down her dress.

In church all I could think of was my mother, my lover, sitting next to me listening to the sermon, naked under her dress, with my cum trickling out of her pussy. I was hard the whole time. It got even worse when mom stopped to talk to the minister as we were about to leave. From where I was standing I noticed a small glob of semen slowly run down her thigh. She looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Once she was finished talking I rushed her to the car, I wanted to get home, fast. Mom, however wasn’t in a hurry, “I felt really depraved when I was talking to the minister. I was thinking if only he knew I was fucking my son. Then I felt your cum on my leg, God it was exciting, knowing if anyone looked they could see that I’d just had sex. Even if they didn’t know whose sperm was running down my leg.”

When we got home I jumped mom as soon as the door closed, again I fucked her in the hall. This time as I drove into mom I could feel the remnants of our previous coupling; I could feel the sperm my cock was displacing coating my cock and balls, and her pussy lips. It was enough to drive me over the edge quite quickly, adding a new load to her pussy. Once we came down from our high, mom said that it had been great, but that she was worried about how much time we’d have together after Debbie came home next weekend. I told her not to worry, so long as we were careful we’d have plenty of opportunities to be together. By now I was starting to become erect again, it’s hard not to when you’re holding your naked mother in your arms. Mom just laughed when she felt my organ prodding her belly. “Looks like Wayne is ready for a little more fun with his mother, I know I am.”

Standing mom grasped my cock and led me by it into the kitchen. There she sat me down on a chair and fell to her knees in front of me. “Lets just get this nice and ready for me.” She said. She took my cock into her mouth, gently sucking and lubricating it. When she was satisfied, she stood, and, holding my cock erect guided it into her pussy as she lowered herself onto it. Once my cock was fully seated in her vagina she slowly started to ride me, all I could really do was sit there as she set the pace. It was the first time I’d been able to watch my cock entering my mother the sight blew my mind. The feeling of my cock driving into her already cum filled pussy was wonderful, we’d never done it twice so close together before, I reached down to stimulate her clit so she would be able to come as well. And it was her climax that triggered mine, the muscles of her vagina contracted on my cock, once again I came in my woman, and that was what she really was, mine. The fact that she was also my mother didn’t matter. I was just a male, mating with his female.

We sat there, still joined for several minutes. Then, looking at me, mom said, “I’m really full, I better be careful or I could make a mess.”

Realising what she meant I told her to get off me. She did, holding her hand over her pussy to keep my semen from running out of her. I went over and got a glass, then I placed it on the chair and positioned mom over it. I told her to take her hand away and let my cum run into the glass. Mom immediately did as I asked, after the initial flow of sperm mom opened her slit and concentrated on contracting her vaginal muscles to deposit more of my cum. By now I was on my knees, within inches of her pussy, watching everything, watching my cum trickle out of my mothers open vagina. When no more semen came out I picked up the glass, telling her that her snack was ready. Without the slightest hesitation mom took the glass and drank it straight down, she even licked around the sides of the glass to get the last few drops.

Leaving mom I went upstairs and got my shaving gear and a towel, it was time to shave moms’ pubic hair. Getting back, I spread the towel on the kitchen counter and then helped her up onto it; I spread her legs and moved between them. First I dampened her curls, then applied the shaving foam, finally I was ready to begin. With short strokes I carefully removed the hair above her pussy. Then, holding her labia to the side, I shaved the left side of her pussy, and then the right. Finally I wiped up the few drops of foam that remained, it was done, moms’ pussy was completely bare. “So, mom, what do you think?”

Mom bent forward to get a better look, “Well, it looks a little strange, I haven’t been bare like this since I was shaved before I delivered you and your sister. The real question is what do you think?”

“I love it mom, your pussy looks so different without hair, and I think it looks even sexier than before. You’ll have to be careful next time you sunbathe though, you don’t want to be burned there.”

“You’re right about that Wayne. Wayne?”

“Yes, mom?”

“Do you think you could fuck me again now, just to see what it feels like, you know, as an experiment?”

Looking at my naked mother sitting there, with her shaved pubic mound, I decided that I’d like to take part in that experiment, very much. Taking moms hand we went upstairs to her room, no, on second thoughts I changed my mind, I guided mom into Debbies room, I wanted to take her in my sisters’ bed. Mom didn’t complain, she just went straight to the bed and, turning the covers down, climbed in and waited for me to follow. She didn’t have long to wait.

I took mom in my arms and our bodies came together, I held her as we kissed, our mouths meeting in kiss after kiss, our tongues exploring each others mouths as we deepened our kissing. I began to run my hands over moms beautiful body. Pulling my mouth away from hers I dropped my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth, gently sucking on it as I caressed her other breast with my hand. Then I felt her hand reach for my rising cock, not wanting to be left behind I moved my hand into her crotch. Her pussy felt strange without the hair, strange but good. I could immediately feel that she was well lubricated, it was time. I rolled mom over onto her back and mounted her, holding her pussy open as she guided me in. I easily sank into her excited body, as mom hooked her legs around me. Once my cock was properly seated I began to slowly fuck my mother. Each time I drove into her depths my mother arched her hips wanting more, I gave her everything I had, wishing I was bigger so I could give her more. We established our now familiar rhythm; we were both now attuned to each others needs, and did everything we could to see they were met. I moved my mouth to moms ear, kissing her all the way. “How does it feel, mom, having sex in your daughters bed, with your son?”

Mom laughed, “It’s great, it’s such a turn on. Making love in your sisters bed, what will you think of next.”

I was coming closer and closer to release until, finally, it was time. I drove into mom, harder and faster as the crisis approached. Mom slipped her hand between us and started to play with her clit. We both came together, my cum spurting, well, dribbling (after all it was the fourth time today) into her as she reached her orgasm.

Exhausted I dragged myself off of mom, slumping beside her, as my equally exhausted cock deflated.

After a while mom kissed me, “Thank you Wayne, that was just what I needed. So what did you think of my shaved pussy?”

I reached over and caressed her pussy, “It was wonderful, mom, I think it’s great.”

Mom looked down at my hand on her bare pussy, “I think it does too. I’ll tell you one thing though, we’re going to have to change Debbies sheets and air the room out, or she’ll know something happened here.”

Looking down I noticed the damp spot on the sheet and had to agree. I also realised that I would have to make the most of the time we had until Debbie returned. It was going to be a busy week, and I couldn’t wait.

To be continued.

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