Family Matter Ch. 03

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I was not expecting to have my rematch so soon. Dad is currently standing in the opposite corner, even at his age he still manages to keep up his musclebear appearance. Though I have a slight weight advantage, I suspect it doesn’t mean much to him considering the outcome of our previous fight. Dad is really skilled when it comes to wrestling, it’s his day job after all. If I want to win this match, I need to use my strength to my advantage somehow.

“Ready to lose again, Son?” Dad says as he stretches his arms up in the air, his naked frame on full display. We don’t even bother with gears this time around, it’s going to be a full-on sex fight from the very beginning. The loser will be the one who cums first, and I think I have a good chance of winning this time around, I just need to watch out for his tricks.

“Bring it on, old man!” I say. We both meet up at the center of the ring. Dad crouches low while extending his hands toward me, and I follow suit. Our hands lock with each other and immediately I feel him trying to push me. I brace myself and hold my ground, betting on my pride as a lineman. But when I start pushing forward, Dad steps to the side, making me lurch forward much more than anticipated. He trips my foot as I move, causing me to land belly first on the mat. “Oof!”

Dad gets on top of me in an instant, putting his weight on top of my back while his hands try to pin my head down. I can feel his dick grinding against my ass crack, and I think about letting him stay there for a while. But I don’t want to give up this early in the match, so I push up and turn myself around, causing him to lose his balance and fall next to me. For once I am quick to capitalize on his mistake, I pounce on him like a tiger pouncing on a deer. My body collides with him, driving him down to the mat. I drag my lower body across his torso as I shift my weight over his upper body, my ass brushing against that forest of hair that covers his chest. I come to a stop when my crotch is right where I want it to be, on top of his face putting him in a schoolboy pin. He smiles as he takes a good view of my cock and balls, which has gotten semi-hard from all the wrestling action.

“You want to suck on that dick?” I start taunting him. To my surprise he extends his tongue, licking the tip of my mushroom head. My dick jerks upward from the unexpected move. I don’t want to give him easy access to my dick, so I move backward slightly away from the reach of his tongue. I start leaning back to reach for his defenseless dick. I grab it with one meaty hand and start jacking it off furiously. Dad starts moaning uncontrollably. I can feel that dick growing really quickly, within a minute I can feel his 7 inches of girthy bear cock within my grasp.

Just as I feel comfortable with my position, however, Dad suddenly kicks his legs up. His ankles wrap around my head and he pulls me down with one quick motion. Now that he’s the one pinning me, it’s my turn to start moaning as he starts fondling my balls and playing with my dick. I grab his legs and try to pry them off of my head. Dad is stronger than he looks, and it takes me some time before I can fully free myself. By the time I roll away from him, my dick is already fully erect.

We both stand up at almost the same time. Looks like neither of us managed to get the upper hand just yet, which I consider a win in my book. I have more stamina than him, so the longer this goes on the better it gets for me. We start circling each other. Dad extends his hand inviting casino oyna me for another grappling match. I am hesitant to accept, but suddenly I have an idea. I accept his offer, locking hands with him for the second time in the match. But before he can follow up with anything, I yank him toward me and give his belly a powerful uppercut! He clearly isn’t expecting that as I feel my fist hitting his unflexed gut. Air goes out of his mouth as he doubles over in pain. I pull my arm back and wrap it over his neck, then pull him down in a DDT, slamming his face onto the mat. Not bad for my first attempt.

I stand up and roll him over onto his back. I grab both of his legs and spread them apart before I stomp his groin with my bare foot. Dad starts moaning out loud as I keep my foot there to grind against his cock and balls, and soon I can feel the bottom of my foot slick with my old man’s precum. He seems to be really enjoying it by the look of his face.

“Ready to blow your load, old man?” I say half jokingly.

Dad only replies with another moan. But his demeanor suddenly changes, like he just remembered that we’re in a competition. He kicks his legs out of my arms and slams both his feet onto my midsection, pushing me off of him. He quickly rolls to the side of the ring and stands back up. I am not about to let him recover, so I approach him and try to grab him just as he gets onto his feet. But Dad knows what I am trying to do and he swings his elbow hitting my jaw, stunning me for a second. He then grabs my arm and whips me toward one corner of the ring. I am unable to stop myself in time, and so my body smacks against the cornerpost at the end of my run. Not a second later I feel Dad’s 300 lbs body slamming onto my back with a massive body avalanche, driving me even deeper into the corner.

My body feels weak after that body slam, but Dad keeps me pinned in the corner with his huge frame. He presses his body closer to mine, his hard dick grinding against my butt. I actually wouldn’t mind if he decides to fuck me right there and then, but instead he turns me around and starts playing with my nips. He gives my balls a gentle squeeze with one hand while working on my left nip with his other hand. He leans down and presses his face against my pecs, sucking on my right nip. Unable to resist all the stimulation, my cock starts leaking out pre. He makes sure to fully coat my dick with all the pre before bringing his hand up and inserting his sticky fingers into my mouth. I instinctively suck on those fingers, tasting a little bit of my own pre.

Dad wraps his arm around my neck and pulls me toward the middle of the ring. With one quick leg sweep, my body lands on the canvas with a thud. He then kneels on top of me and wraps his thick thighs around my head, putting me in a headscissor. With his cock right on top of my face, I can’t help but get a good whiff of his manly musk. He doesn’t put a lot of pressure into the hold, but it’s tight enough that I won’t be able to slip out easily. He probably just wants me to get a good view of his cock, and I’m not complaining about that.

“Liking your position, son? Don’t worry, you’ll be sucking on that soon enough.” Dad ruffles my hair for a bit before pressing my face onto his balls. My moans are muffled now that my mouth is pressed deeply against his groin. I start caressing both sides of his hips, admiring that magnificent thickness of his frame.

After what feels like several minutes being in that humiliating position, Dad slot oyna finally releases me. Looking down I can see that my cock has let out a good amount of pre which is now dripping onto the canvas. He stands up and pulls me back onto my feet, then wraps both his arms around me, putting me in a bearhug. I can immediately feel the pressure as he flexes his arms. Even at his age, Dad still has some solid muscles underneath all that flab. Both of my arms are trapped and my leaking cock is squished between our bellies. His cock is also brushing against the underside of my balls as he adjusts the bearhug. It reminds me of our first match where he forces me to blow a load with this very same hold.

“Ooohhh!” I groan, not because of the pain from the bearhug, but from the sensation of my cock rubbing against his hairy belly. I feel like I can blow my load any time now. Dad is smiling, I can see it in his eyes that he’s confident about the outcome of this match. Am I going to lose for the third time in a row? I close my eyes feeling that sensation on my cock. I take a deep breath, at least as much as I can while in a bearhug. Then I bring my head forward and slam my forehead against his. WHAM! His hold immediately loosens up. I bring my head back and headbutt him a second time. WHAM! He lets go of his bearhug and I wrap both of my arms around him. I let out a heavy grunt as I lift him up to the side and slam him onto the mat. BAM! I roll away from him and try to recover, still feeling a bit woozy from the headbutt. Dad groans as he tries to get on all fours.

I manage to get back onto my feet before him. Looks like the headbutt had more effect on him than myself. I walk over to him and lift him up over my back, putting him in a torture rack. It takes me a few seconds to adjust his position but when I finally feel stable enough, I start pulling down on his neck and thigh. Dad starts groaning in pain and tapping my chest frantically. If this was a submission match I would have won already, but I loosen up my hold anyway because I don’t want to hurt my old man. I adjust his position once more so that I can grab his junk, I can feel it leaking quite a bit now. I add a little bit of pressure on his neck as I slowly stroke his shaft, and his groans turn into moans.

It’s time to finish him off. I let go of the torture rack, causing his body to fall onto the mat. The ring shakes once again as his back lands with a thud. He immediately lets out a loud groan as he arches his back, hopefully that wasn’t too much for him. We’re both panting and sweating hard now. I step over his body, both of my feet positioned on either side of his chest. I sit down on top of him before going immediately for that leaking cock, grabbing it and inserting it into my mouth. I am sure there is nothing he can do in this situation, he is severely weakened and my massive body is pinning him down. He gets to have a good view of my ass too as I bring him closer to his defeat. But I suddenly feel his hand grabbing my own cock. My panic quickly turns into pleasure as he starts sucking on my cock the same way I am sucking on his.

We maintain that position for a while, Dad and Son sucking each other’s cock, trying to make the other blow his load first. At first I think I have the upper hand since he looks like he’s about to blow, but Dad is more resilient than I give him credit for. After about a minute of cock sucking, I can feel myself getting close to the edge. I consider backing out of this endurance match but Dad wraps his arms canlı casino siteleri around my ass preventing me from escaping. With only one thing left to do, I start sucking on his cock like my life depended on it. Dad starts squirming uncomfortably, I can also feel his balls churning within my grasp. I know he’s close, and with one last SUUUCK his body shudders with pleasure as he bucks his hips upward impaling his cock deeper into my mouth. His cock then explodes, releasing wave after wave of warm jizz that completely coats the inside of my mouth. The sensation sends me over the edge as well, and my cock promptly erupts, releasing my own spunk inside his mouth. Feeling lightheaded, my mouth opens up slightly causing some of his jizz to drip out of my mouth. I swallow his remaining load before rolling to the side, exhausted after such a hard fight.

For the next minute or so, I can only hear the sound of me and my Dad breathing and recovering from the match. I can feel beads of sweat rolling down the side of my face. “Ha… Looks like I got you this time, old man.” I say, finally breaking the silence.

“Are you sure it wasn’t a draw, son?” He pauses for a second. “Just kidding, you did get me there. Barely.”

It’s true, I nearly threw away my advantage by pulling that risky maneuver, but still I feel proud for beating my Dad in a wrestling match. “Well, if you’re not satisfied with the result you’re always welcome to get a rematch.”

Dad gives out a chuckle. “Heh, I’ll consider that. For now, though, I think you’re ready to step up to the next stage. I’d like you to meet some of my wrestling friends, we can arrange something between you and one of them. I already have a good candidate in mind, too. Of course this is only if you’re completely fine with it.”

I start thinking about the offer. A wrestling match against some of his friends?

“Sorry, I know that came out of nowhere.” Dad continues, “Feel free to think about it some more, I’ll be fully supportive of you no matter what your answer is.”

“No, there’s no need to think about it some more. I want to do it, but only if you’ll be there to watch.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll fight too. You may have beaten me today but you still need an expert to show you the ropes. Now I just have to ask a few of my friends and maybe we can come up with something nice to welcome you to our club.”

If that means what I think it means, I would definitely be in for a nice treat. But whatever it is, I will try my best to make my Dad proud.



Author’s Note: Hey there. This chapter took a really long time to finish, I think it’s been two years now since the last one? It took me this long mostly because I was lazy, but also because I had several different directions to take this story. I restarted this chapter a couple of times at least. I know this type of story isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I also know that some of you are a huge fan. I am thankful for the kind messages you have given me, I was definitely surprised when I still got a comment one year after the last chapter was published. Without those messages, this chapter certainly wouldn’t have come out. At the same time, I think now is the appropriate time to end the story of this particular pair of father and son. Due to life circumstances I won’t have a lot of time to write anymore, so this might even be the last thing I will publish. But hey, who knows what’s going to happen in the future? I may come back eventually when I’m ready, but until then, I will lurk around and enjoy the content you guys come up with. If you think you have a creative spark within yourself, I would encourage you to try writing your own stories as well. Let me assure you that many of us would appreciate it. Cheers!

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