Falling in Love with Savannah

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Falling in Love with Savannah: My First Sexting Experience

My life changed forever about three months ago when I started having sex again. At that time, it had been about four months since I last fucked someone. It’s not that I’m ugly – I actually sort of look like the main guy in Mad Men (I’m not a huge fan of the show, but I’ve heard people compare me to its star). My social skills aren’t that great, but I at least know how to talk to someone if they initiate the conversation – especially if that “someone” has breasts, a sense of humor, and a warm smile.

Of course, it’s probably important that I explain why I haven’t had sex in so long: I’m married. Happily married I suppose, just without sex. We’ve been married for about ten years now and our sex life rapidly declined after the birth of our first child. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t that great before that either. When we did have sex – maybe every week or two – it was usually missionary style and we generally both finished within ten minutes or so (not really because of my “speed” but due to the fact that we would rather be doing something else; you know, something productive, like watching TV or staring at the wall).

We never did anything wild sexually. My wife stopped talking whenever I started to discuss any sort of “wild” sexual activity (i.e. blowjob in the car, or sex in public, or even reverse cowgirl position for that matter). But the sad part, I suppose, is that I wanted to do these things. Not because I’m a pervert (though I guess you could say I am depending on your definition of it), but because I wanted to become more intimate with my partner, especially my wife. I always wanted to be with someone who would share my beliefs and would want to partake in sexual exploration. I suppose I could have just married someone else or at least have continued my search for “the one”, but having a kid sort of changes all of that.

So, I guess that should provide you with enough of my background in order to understand my experiences over the past few months. Maybe I’ll share more of my history in future writings so you can get to know me better.

Ok. Let’s get to the fun stuff.

About three months ago, I started a new job at a department store. I’m what they call a “sales representative associate,” which is basically a glorified title for a sales job. I sell electronics; things like IPads, PCs, PS4s, etc. I work for a big electronic corporation, but it’s not really important to share the specific one due to what happened over the past three months (let’s just say it rhymes with rest guy). But let’s keep that on the hush. I don’t want to get fired nor do I want to get anyone in trouble. I especially don’t want my wife to find out (unless of course it helps us have sex more often, but it probably would end with divorce papers instead). I don’t make a lot of money, but I tend to work pretty hard. My supervisor enjoys my work, mostly because I have a large volume of sales (likely due to my tendency to actually listen to customers and respond with honest feedback).

So yeah, back to three months ago. For about the first week or so at my new job nothing significant happened. I showed up, I learned about new products, and I sold them. It was that simple. But at about two weeks into the job, a new employee started. I guess I’ll call her Savannah (I traveled to Savannah, Georgia, a few years ago and loved the beautiful environment). Savannah worked in the same department, moving from the computer section to the video game section and back again.

Savannah just turned 19 and looked amazing. She had blonde hair that dropped down to her shoulders. Slightly tanned, she had green eyes and small pink lips. Her breasts weren’t as large as my wife’s but they were perky enough to please the casual observer. Even more important than Savannah’s physical prowess, was her personality. She was funny AND smart. She was just a positive person to be around. She rarely complained about others, unless it was about her boyfriend. While she wasn’t “the one,” Savannah definitely made me happy to come to work. Every time we worked together, I thanked every god I could think of. The fact that she sometimes complained about her boyfriend actually brought us closer together. We had something in common: a failed (or failing) relationship. In between talking about our significant others, we also talked about video games and movies (other things I love), which helped bring us together even more.

Of course, whenever we worked together we would flirt. Mostly just clever and witty comments. Nothing physical occurred between us, at least not initially, except for a hug or handshake every now and then. But things started to change a bit after Savannah caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She didn’t actually see anything physical between them; she just noticed a text messaging conversation between him and a “friend” when Savannah was trying to listen to Pandora on his phone.

When she found out, she spent a whole night at work describing the sexual messages, which included a few pictures maternal izle of her boyfriend’s penis and the friend’s breasts. Savannah showed me the pictures (she had sent them to her phone) openly at work (she didn’t care much about being caught that night – she was that pissed). It was the first time I ever saw a picture of a penis on a cell phone. It was just standing there; like a tower or curvy vegetable so some kind. It wasn’t just any penis either; it was quite large (at least compared to mine). The breast’s of the friend weren’t so bad, but nothing special. In fact, I was sort of shocked a guy like Savannah’s boyfriend – with a large penis and a nice six pack – would cheat on her with someone not nearly as attractive.

That night at work, we talked about cheating and our relationships. Neither of us had cheated before – she was sincerely surprised I hadn’t during my ten year marriage. After the store closed, I walked Savannah to her car, like I did most nights, and we exchanged hugs. She added a quick peck on the cheek (not like most nights) and I told her everything was going to be ok. We then both went home back to our failing relationships.

The next day, Savannah seemed a bit more cheerful. As if she was beginning a new chapter in her life. Surprisingly, she didn’t break up with her boyfriend. Nor did she even tell him about finding the messages and pictures. We had another shift together (we worked together usually about 3-4 times a week together) and she seemed happier, more alive, than ever before.

When the store closed and our shifts ended, I walked Savannah to her car. We hugged, a bit longer than the previous night, and, as I pulled back, she kept her body close to me. Her green eyes seemed soft yet focused. Our bodies weren’t touching, but I could feel her warm body hovering against mine. Suddenly, of nowhere, Savannah’s lips approached mine. Her warm pink lips touched mine. I immediately pulled back. She responded by pulling my body closer to hers (I didn’t really resist in any meaningful way) and her moist tongue entered my mouth. Our tongues briefly wrapped together motioning clockwise for what felt like forever. For some reason or another, an image of my wife flashed in my head. I instantly pushed Savannah away and told her I couldn’t. I sternly reminded her I was married and quickly walked away. I looked back and noticed her crying. Tears were beginning to streak down her face. I didn’t know what to do under these circumstances. So, I just went home.

During the drive home, I kept thinking about Savannah and our kiss. I couldn’t believe she actually did that. Kissed me in public? That’s crazy. I mean, I’m married. She has or had a boyfriend. And we are in public. What if someone saw us? What if they told my wife? I was in complete and utter awe. But, at the same time, I was horny as shit. I mean, Savannah actually kissed me. Not just a peck on the cheek like the previous night, but with tongue. And, more importantly, I kissed her. I didn’t try to stop it. I actually fiddled my tongue in her mouth. Her juices entwined with mine. We swapped spit. We kissed. Damn. There is no way I can keep this from my wife. I’ll have to tell her. I can’t just keep it a secret. But she’ll probably respond my yelling at me and telling me I should have stopped her. My wife will likely tell me to quit or transfer to a different location. Hell, she might even leave me and take away my kid. So, like any intelligent individual, I promised myself that I would keep it all secret; to never share it with a soul (though I am sort of breaking that promise by sharing my story with you).

I arrived home at the normal time and did everything as I would any other night (or at least I tried). But it wasn’t easy. I worried constantly that my wife would ask just one question that would throw me off. But, she didn’t. Instead, she went to bed early as normal and I sat on the couch and watched TV. I couldn’t really focus on what I was watching. Rather, I kept thinking about Savannah and her soft skin against my lips. I kept thinking about how I responded, what I should have done instead. I even thought about what I could have done. My penis began to move slowly in my shorts. I could feel it expanding as I continued to think about Savannah and her tongue inside my mouth. It reached its peak length trying to find a way out of my shorts.

I had to jack off. There was no way I could just go to bed now. So, I turned the TV off and went to my room (yeah, I have my own room; my wife and I have had separate rooms for about seven or so years now). Before entering my room, I grabbed enough toilet paper to use for my nightly fantasy.

I took off my shirt and shorts and laid down in my bed. My dick was still hard, so I removed my boxers as well. My penis stood straight up, in joyful relief as it was no longer contained in a tight place. I closed my eyes and tried to experience the events that transpired just a few hours prior. I thought about Savannah: her green eyes, her smooth blonde hair, her perfect smile. Me, method izle holding her tightly; her warm body next to mine. I placed my hand around my cock, slowly touching it, moving it up and down.

I thought of our kiss. Savannah’s tongue around mine. My spit mixing with hers. That was a crazy thought: a part of my body actually entered hers. A part of her body went into mine! My hand moved faster and I started to breath heavily. I was about to cum when my phone vibrated. I instantly froze, my heart slowed down, and I grabbed the phone. It was a text from Savannah.

Savannah: Hey.

Fuck me. What is she texting me for? Was she going to apologize? Again, my immediate thought was what my wife would say if she found the texts (even if innocent – at this point, I had never actually texted or called Savannah, but we did share our phone numbers just in case we were running late to work or something). I thought about not responding. But then I received another text.

Savannah: I’m sorry about tonight.

She must feel bad. Maybe she didn’t mean to kiss me. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe she really felt guilty. After all, she was crying when I left. I started to feel ashamed for just leaving her there in tears, so I decided to text her back.

Me: It’s ok. I hope you are feeling better.

She immediately responded.

Savannah: I am.

Savannah: I’m just sad. And confused.

Savannah: Jeremy [her boyfriend] is such a jerk.

I sincerely felt bad for her. She was going through a difficult time.

Me: Yeah he is.

Me: Did you guys really break up?

Savannah: No. I don’t know what to do.

Savannah: Should I?

Me: I dunno.

Me: I probably would, but I’m not you.

Me: But I hate to see you so sad.

Savannah: That is why.

I am sincerely confused at this point.

Me: Why what?

Savannah: That is why u are so amazing.

Savannah: U care more about other people than


Savannah: Sooo not like Jeremy.

If I was so amazing, why did I feel so bad talking to Savannah? I didn’t know how to reply so I just sat in silence for a couple minutes.

Savannah: What are u doing?

Um, I was about to cum thinking about you but then you texted me. Of course, I didn’t text this to her, instead I tried to think about what I could or should say.

Me: I was about to go to sleep.

Savannah: This early?

I had no response to this question. I couldn’t think of one damn thing.

Savannah: Is your wife there?

What? Why ask me about this?

Me: No. We actually sleep in different rooms.

Savannah: What? Lol.

Me: Yeah it’s weird but it’s cool too.

Me: I don’t have to wake up early when she wakes up.

Me: Plus, she doesn’t have to wake up when I go to bed late.

Savannah: Oh. I guess that makes sense.

What felt like a minute passed.

Savannah: I think I like u.

Mmm…ok? What does that even mean?

Me: I like you too.

Savannah: I mean really like u.

Oh shit. I looked towards the door afraid my wife was about to break into the room and catch me in this conversation (btw I was still naked in bed, so it would be real difficult to explain everything).

Me: I think you should talk to Jeremy. Tell him how you feel.

Savannah: About u? ;0)

I actually lightly chuckled.

Me: Of course not. Just about him cheating.

Savannah: I’m done with him.

Savannah: I don’t need to tell him anything.

Me: I’m confused. Did you guys break up or what?

Savannah: I’m just done with him.

I lifted my eyebrow extremely confused.

About a minute passed without a text. Then suddenly the screen flashed and a picture appeared. It was a picture of Savannah, without a top on. Just her exposed and elegant breasts. Holy shit, this conversation just turned a whole other direction. How in the hell will I explain these texts to my wife? I suppose I could just delete them as soon as our conversation ends.

I looked at the picture of beautiful Savannah again, with a new type of focus. Her breasts seemed so young. So perky and firm. Her nipples looked hard, like she had been playing with herself before sending it. Had she been playing with herself during our texts? Or before? My penis began to awake from its brief rest. It grew slowly, pushing against my leg. Within seconds it was standing fully erect at attention again. I decided to text her again.

Me: What are you doing?

Me: Isn’t Jeremy there?

Savannah: I kicked him out.

Savannah: I didn’t explain why.

Me: But you guys are still together?

Savannah: Yeah.

Then I thought about a more appropriate comment.

Me: I’m married.

I looked at what I messaged but it just didn’t

feel true. It felt like a lie.

Savannah: I know.

Savannah: I won’t tell anyone.

Damn. Now I was at what you might call an ever

changing milf manor izle life decision. If I continue texting with Savannah, I could end my night highly satisfied. But what if I got caught? What if the truth later comes out? After all, Savannah found Jeremy’s texts. My wife would similarly find these texts. Right?

Savannah: Just delete our conversation after.

Savannah: She won’t find out.

Damn. It’s like she read my mind. I spent the next few minutes thinking about what to do. Thinking about the possible ramifications of tonight and what was happening. Deep in thought, another picture suddenly appeared. This time it was a picture of Savannah’s face, a selfie if you will. Her soft face was glancing at me. Her lips – those lips that touched mine a few hours ago – looked as if they were begging to be kissed once again. Her eyes looked as if she was gazing into mine. As if she really wanted me (this is a feeling I hadn’t had in years – if ever really). Another text appeared.

Savannah: If u want this to happen u have to send me a pic.

Want what to happen? Oh, she must mean we are going to do what Jeremy and her friend did. At this point, I stopped thinking about my wife. The world seemed to stop in its rotation. The only sound I could hear was my heart beating faster and faster. I was going to play this game, I decided.

I pulled the blanket off my lower area. My dick stood hard ready for its first picture. I pointed the phone at it and took a picture. The light flashed brightly. I didn’t like the way it turned out so I did it again. And again. And again. It took a few tries until I felt like it was a picture I could send. I didn’t think about it. I just pressed send.

It seemed like forever when another text appeared.

Savannah: Hehe.

Savannah: Are u naked?

Me: I was. I am.

Savannah: Was???

Me: I was planning to jack off before you texted me…

Savannah: LMFAO.

Savannah: What were you watching?

Me: Nothing.

Me: I was thinking.

Me: Thinking about you.

Savannah: That is so hot.

Savannah: What were u thinking?

Me: I was thinking about tonight. Our kiss.

Savannah: Did u like it?

Me: It was amazing.

Me: You felt so perfect in my mouth.

Savannah: It was perfect.

Savannah: I’ve always liked u.

Savannah: But that kiss made me feel something

inside I’ve never felt before.

Savannah: I felt warmth. I felt passion.

Savannah: I felt wet. :0)

Me: lol.

Savannah: Really. After I finished crying, I noticed my panties were wet.

Me: Damn.

Savannah: That’s never happened before.

Savannah: I rarely get wet with Jeremy. Usually we have to use KY.

Savannah: But I got wet from u.

Savannah: Once u left, I pleasured myself in my car.

Me: Really???

Savannah: I’ve never done that before either.

Savannah: But it felt good. It felt amazing!

Me: That’s why I was about to touch myself.

Me: Our kiss and your body against mine was amazing!

A minute or two passed.

Savannah: Do you want to cum tonight?

It took me no time to process this answer.

Me: Yes.

Savannah: Let me help you.

Another pictured appeared. This time it was a picture of her lips – not her mouth, but her lower pink lips. Her vagina area was shaven, as if she had just cleaned herself for me. Her fingers were spreading her pussy far and wide. I double tapped the screen, so I could see her vagina lips up close. It was wet, a dribble of wetness was sliding down her inner thigh. Her manicured fingernail exposed her insides. My outside manhood demanded a rub. My dick was harder than ever, so I wrapped my hand around it and rubbed it up and down. Not slowly, but quickly. I wanted to cum now. My sperm demanded release now!

Savannah: I want u to cum.

Me: It won’t take me long :0)

I kept rubbing up and down on my exposed member as she texted me.

Savannah: I want to fuck u.

Savannah: I want to make love to u.

Savannah: I want to pleasure u like never before.

Savannah: I want u.

Savannah: To cum to my picture.

I brought the picture back up rubbing my dick even faster than before. Pre cum was beginning to run out of the slit at the head of my penis. The head was throbbing, wanting to erupt soon.

Savannah: I’m cumming.

Savannah: I want u to cum now.

Savannah: Please cum with me.

Savannah: Now baby.

Damn! This girl is wild! I brought the picture of Savannah’s wet pussy lips back up. I moved my hand up and down on my penis. Faster and faster. Faster and faster. Until I exploded. My cum shot into the air, at least a few feet, landing on my stomach and on the bed. I forgot to grab the paper. I rubbed my dick slower as my jizz dribbled along my hand. Damn, that felt good. Holy fuck I can’t believe that just happen. My heart began to slow down. My body began to calm down. My penis began to get limp.

Savannah: Are u done?

I quickly grabbed the toilet paper and wiped up.

I texted back.

Me: Yes.

Me: That was amazing!

Savannah: It was for me too.

Me: You came too?

Savannah: Twice. ;0)

Savannah: I’ll text u again tomorrow night.

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