Expanding Horizons Ch. 03

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Dear readers,

This is chapter 3 of a four-chapter story. If you haven’t read chapters 1 and 2 already, I humbly suggest you might enjoy this installment more if you read those chapters first.

A great big THANK YOU to aussie_101 for his fantastic editing. Any errors you may find are purely my fault. 🙂


Expanding Horizons – Chapter 3

This has definitely been one of the weirdest flights of her entire life. Keira is so nervous, excited, and agitated with tortuous anticipation. Despite trying to read, write, sleep, or even meditate, she couldn’t stop her mind from reeling. Then of course, drifting off into a daydream, remembering all the intimate details of that summer when they met, has only added arousal to the cacophony of emotions coursing through her.

She imagines what it will be like to behold Nico’s face again. Of course she’s seen pictures and seen him on webcam, but it’s so different in person. There are so many sensory perceptions that go with seeing someone in person; their body language, their smell, the sound of their breathing, their taste.

Oh! To kiss him, to taste him!

She can hardly wait to do all the things they’d written about and talked about and fantasized about. She can’t wait to get him alone. She feels tingly all over with the excitement and anticipation.

But once again, as it had over the past several days, doubt and fear seep into Keira’s thoughts. Now she worries he might reject her. She worries that when he finally sees her, he might not be happy with what he finds.

Can she bear it if she sees disappointment in his eyes when he sees her for the first time in fourteen years? It is a chance she has to take. She just hopes he will be as happy to finally be with her as she will with him.

Pushing her doubts aside, Keira’s mind drifts back again to the summer when they met, how he was the first boy to ever make her come, how she willingly gave her virginity to him, and how skilled he had been at nineteen! She can only imagine what he could do now. In fact, he had been so skilled that no man she’d been with since had quite measured up. During one of their hundreds of conversations over the past few weeks, she half-jokingly told him that he’d ruined her for any other man to come afterward.

She aches with need for him. Her nipples harden and liquid heat pools between her thighs at the images flickering through her mind.

When the captain announces they are about to land at Pearson, her heart rate instantly doubles. She feels a rush go through her like pins and needles, which leaves her feeling tingly all over. She can barely sit still. She feels like a kid on Christmas Eve. She tries to calm herself, to breathe deeply. Breathing deeply causes her hard nipples to press against her lace bra, reminding her bodily of why she is so excited. She sighs audibly, wishing she could touch herself right at that moment, and relieve some of her ache.

As soon as the plane lands, she turns on her cellphone and checks the status of his flight. He hasn’t landed yet, but his flight is on schedule to land in 39 minutes. This will give her the opportunity to comply with his request before he arrives. Her heart beats wildly and butterflies flutter in her stomach.

She sits in her seat and breathes steadily, trying to calm herself, rather than stand and jostle impatiently in the narrow aisle with all the other passengers. She’s never understood why people do that. It’s not like they’re getting off the plane any faster by jostling with each other and tapping their toes impatiently. She watches them with amusement to distract herself.

Eventually people start moving and she stands, realizing she is a little shaky. She allows other passengers to stream past, while she finds her balance and gathers her belongings. She begins to make her way cautiously to the front of the plane, and as soon as she gets into the terminal, she checks one of the monitors to see the status of his flight. Scheduled to land in 20 minutes! Her heart rate seems to double again, if that were possible. She focuses on her breathing in a feeble attempt to control her racing heart.

She walks over to the luggage carousel and notes that the bags have not started coming down yet. It might be some time. She knows that, being an experienced traveler and not staying for long, he will probably only have an overnight bag small enough for carry-on. However, she has to be here in Toronto for over a week, so she needs a larger wardrobe that would not fit in a smaller carry-on sized bag.

So, she heads to the bathroom to comply with his request. In the stall, she takes her panties off, as he had asked, and confirms that the crotch is soaked, as she had suspected. She puts them in an outside pocket of her purse. She can’t recall ever being so agitated with sexual tension in her entire life – except maybe that last day of camp when she was wet all day, waiting for the evening to come when she could be with him again. The delicious torture of anticipation love never lies poland izle is killing her.

It occurs to her that every time she encounters Nico, she is doing something new, expanding her horizons. She lost her virginity to him. She did webcam sex for the first time with him. They have explored their dominant and submissive tendencies together. And now she has taken off her underwear and is going to walk out of this bathroom panti-less and walk around in public for him. She wonders with trepidation and exhilaration what other new experiences are yet to come with Nico.

She is so excited, the urge to touch herself is becoming unbearable. Before she lets her skirt fall back down, she allows her finger to graze lightly over her labia. She gasps as tingly, ticklish pleasure rushes through her body as her finger slides across them. She finds them swollen already, and so wet that the smooth outer lips are coated with slickness. She can’t help but dip her finger inside. Her lips part easily and her finger slips between them making a very faint squelching sound. She has to stifle a gasp. She slides her finger up through her folds to graze over her clit, sending a jolt of electricity through her body. It feels like her clit is on fire. She rubs it back and forth, once, twice, three times, feeling the intense jolts of heat and pleasure coursing through her body.

Her need for release is becoming overwhelming. But somehow she manages to pull herself back. She wants her orgasm to be from him, not self-induced in an airport bathroom stall. She’s had enough self-induced orgasms lately. She wants it to be his fingers, his tongue, his cock bringing her to the brink this time. So she resigns herself to the idea that she has to control herself, and with great reluctance, she lets her skirt fall back down. It settles smoothly down to its full length, just below her knees, obscuring the tops of her boots.

She leaves the bathroom stall, washes her hands, and examines herself in the mirror. She’s wearing black high heel boots, a long black skirt, and a low cut sheer black blouse, displaying her large breasts and showing lots of cleavage. She takes a moment to touch up her makeup and lipstick, and brushes her long dark hair, now artfully streaked with auburn. She hopes he likes the colour. She’s lightened it to auburn in the past few years.

As she turns to leave the bathroom, she is very aware of her hard nipples; very aware of the lack of panties; very aware of the scent of her arousal.

‘Oh dear,’ she thinks as colour rises to her cheeks. ‘If I can smell myself, maybe other people can too.’

She turns back into the bathroom, pulls out her tiny travel-sized perfume bottle, squirts a little, and walks through the cloud as she exits the room.

It feels so naughty walking around the airport in this incredibly heightened state of arousal, wearing no panties. She’s sure her hips are swaying a little more than usual. She can feel her skirt swish around her legs and bare ass. She can feel gusts of air caress her slick, hot exposed pussy lips with every step. She can feel her blood pounding in different parts of her body, not least of which the exposed area which is causing her so much turmoil at the moment. She doesn’t know if she can pull this off. She is so intensely aroused, she thinks she might burst, or run back in the bathroom and get herself off in a matter of seconds.

As she walks to the baggage carousel, she tries to breathe deeply and regain control of herself. An attractive man walks by her and makes a point of looking at her for an extended moment. His gaze slides over her appreciatively. She notices his eyes go to her chest for a moment and back to her face. When they make eye contact, she has a knowing look in her eye. He smiles sheepishly and looks away guiltily as he hurries past.

Emboldened, she decides she is confident in her sexuality, not overwhelmed by it. She walks purposefully back toward the baggage area, head held high, shoulders back, proudly displaying her chest, her hips swaying.

Keira notices her suitcase coming down the chute and waits till it comes around the conveyor to where she is standing. She retrieves it deftly and opens the handle, pulling the wheeled suitcase behind her. She walks up to one of the monitors again. Her breath hitches and her heart stops beating.

“ARRIVED”. It says next to his flight number.

‘Keep it together’, she tells herself. She breathes deeply, standing in front of the monitor. She pulls out her cellphone and texts him.

“Hi. I’m in the airport. Did you just land?”

She hits send.

And waits.

And waits. Staring at her phone. Waiting.

In order to not seem like a complete dork, she puts the phone in her purse and starts walking toward Canada Customs, as she has taken an international flight into Toronto from JFK. Her heart is beating so fast, she has to concentrate on her breathing in order to not love off the grid izle hyperventilate. She walks deliberately, at a moderate pace, not rushing. She doesn’t want to pass out before she gets there. Now that would be a sexy greeting!

As she approaches the Canada Customs area, she’s pleased to see that there is a very short lineup. She enters the lineup for Canadian citizens returning to Canada and knows there will be the usual discussion with the Customs agent to explain that she is a citizen but lives and works in New York. Just as she enters the livestock-like lineup and starts to make her way through the corridors created by hanging ropes, she hears a ding from her cellphone. She gasps, stops mid-stride, and fishes it out of her purse.

He has responded.

“Yes. Only just. Still in the plane. Can’t wait to see you. ;-)” She reads it several times, smiling a big goofy grin.

An audible “tsk” noise from the person behind her indicates she is annoying someone by holding up the lineup.

“Oh sorry,” she mumbles and walks forward to the end of the short lineup, staring at her phone the whole time. It occurs to her that if she were holding up the lineup at JFK, she’d get more than just a “tsk” from the other patrons.

She types a quick response: “I can’t wait to see you too. :-D”, and hits send. Then she types, “I’m in line at Customs” and hits send again.

Within a few seconds, his response: “Long lineup?”

“No. Shouldn’t be too long.” She responds.

“Good. See you soon.”

Fortunately, Keira makes it through Customs in record time, exits the restricted area, and heads towards the area where domestic flights are arriving. She arrives at his gate just as the first passengers are starting to trickle out.

Her stomach is in knots. Her pulse is racing. Her palms are sweaty.

‘Holy fuck. My palms are sweaty? When the hell was the last time that happened? When I liked a boy in 8th grade?’ she thinks.

She shakes her head and wipes her hands on her hips, breathing deeply, trying to calm herself. The act of breathing deeply causes her to become intensely aware of her nipples again. ‘Damn.’

Weary travelers exit the plane in a continuous stream. It has been a long flight for him from Vancouver to Toronto. Her flight had only been just over an hour from New York. Again she’s so excited that he has come all this way just to see her.

Finally, she thinks she sees the top of his head, behind some others, down the little hallway that connects the plane to the gate. There’s that black curly hair bobbing down the corridor. She wants to make the other people get out of the way, but she knows she must be patient. She concentrates on her breathing again, and tries to paint a placid look on her face. Between the people she gets a brief glimpse of his face. It’s definitely Nico. Legions of butterflies take off in her stomach.

‘So much for placid,’ she chuckles to herself.

She can’t help grinning widely. Her pulse thrums loudly in her ear. He hasn’t noticed her yet, but then he has not quite come out of the gate yet.

Once he emerges through the gate she finally gets a good look. Her breath hitches as she gazes at him. He looks so delicious, she doesn’t know what to look at first. Her eyes quickly scan his face and then travel hungrily over his body. Although casual, his clothes look expensive and classy.

‘How is it possible after a 4 ½ hour flight he looks so fresh and crisp?’

She pauses for a moment looking at his crotch, knowing what she wants to do there. She pulls her eyes back up his strong chest to his face.

‘Oh god, he’s still so beautiful,’ she thinks.

There’s that sexy little half grin she remembers. It hasn’t changed a bit. That cute moustache is a new addition. He didn’t have a mustache when they met that summer. She can’t wait to find out what it feels like feel tickling her lips…and other places. Those deep dark bedroom eyes with the mischievous glint.

He pauses for a moment as his dark eyes scan the people standing around the gate. His brow furrows as he continues to scan the crowd.

He sees her. Their eyes meet. Recognition. His eyes go wide. A broad smile alights his face. Then she sees that hunger in his eyes that she remembers so well.

‘Thank God for that look in his eyes!’

A shiver goes though her. She honestly believes her heart has stopped beating. She has to consciously tell herself to breathe.

Keira can’t control the big foolish gin on her face, or the lust twinkling in her eyes. She sees delight leap into his eyes and a huge smile spreads across his face as he walks toward her. She stands still, where she is, afraid that if she moves, she will fall flat on her face. She watches his eyes sweep over her from head to toe and back again, and his smile broadens as he walks toward her. He closes the distance quickly and so smoothly.

Suddenly, she doesn’t know what to madoff the monster of wall street izle say. She has thought of a hundred witty and sexy things to say at this moment, but they all escape her now, so she just smiles at him.

He walks right up to her, drops his bag and wraps his arms around her, pulling her in close to his body for a tight embrace. A frisson of excitement courses through her entire body as she finally feels his strong arms around her again. She wraps her arms around him, returning the embrace, pulling him closer. Inhaling deeply, she breathes him in.

‘Mmmm. He smells so delicious,’ she notices.

He’s wearing a new cologne, but the unmistakable smell of him shines through. His arms tighten around her, and she feels his body press against hers. She feels his hardness against her stomach. She gasps as liquid heat rushes instantly between her thighs.

She feels his breath in her hair. His head tilts down, his mouth close to her ear. “My god, you are so beautiful,” he whispers.

“So are you,” she whispers in reply, tilting her head up so her mouth is beside his ear as well, her breath brushing gently over his earlobe. She fights the urge to kiss his neck here in the middle of the airport, surrounded by throngs of people. She clings to his shoulders tightly.

Her pulse thrums in her ears and her chest and her groin. He holds her tight and slowly presses his pelvis against her again and she lets out a little sigh. In response, he growls lowly in her ear, causing her to shiver and goose bumps to erupt all over her skin.

After a moment, he holds her back at arm’s length and looks her over smiling. She’s grinning back at him like a foolish schoolgirl. She watches his face intently and notices his gaze keeps darting all over from her eyes to her mouth to her cleavage to her hard nipples, which are visible through the sheer shimmery fabric of her blouse. She has chosen to wear her thinnest microlace bra and this particular low-cut wrap blouse for precisely this moment.

Delight and lust, excitement and anticipation dance in the space between them like an electrical current. She licks her lips and watches as his eyes follow her tongue. His gaze moves back to hers and there’s a deep hunger in his eyes which reflects her own.

Somehow she had convinced herself that she would maintain control until she could get him alone, but that embrace has her pulse racing and wetness pooling between her thighs.

She feels compelled to kiss him. Right now. Right here in the busy airport. For fourteen years she has remembered his kiss, and for the past seven weeks she’s been dying to feel it again. She’s imagined it a thousand times. She’s wanted so desperately to kiss his beautiful lips, to taste the depth of his mouth, she can’t resist now that he is standing in front of her, looking at her that way, making her feel a longing like she hasn’t felt in years.

She steps into his arms and moves closer to him again. His arms close around her tightly, as one hand clings to his shoulder while her other hand comes up to caress his cheek. He raises his hand and gently brushes a stray lock of hair back from her face. That familiar intimate gesture of his sends a shiver through her. He notices. It always made her melt when he did it.

She tilts her face up to his with a look of longing in her eyes. He dips his head down and his hand slides up her back to tangle in the hair at the nape of her neck, and he presses his lips against hers. The excitement that courses through her entire body as their lips finally meet is like a shockwave. She whimpers and he growls deep in his throat as he deepens the kiss. His tongue explores her mouth. Hers responds in kind. His kiss is like drug, making her high.

The airport melts away. The world melts away. For a moment there is only Keira and Nico and the incredible passion being transmitted between their mouths, between their bodies as they kiss for the first time in fourteen years. The passion of the kiss is overwhelming, as they pour weeks and years of longing into that first contact.

They explore each other’s mouths fervently, sliding over each other’s’ lips, their tongues in a sensuous dance. They’re nearly ravenous with the intensity of the kiss. They press their bodies against each other, obscenely, oblivious to the looks being cast their way from other travelers in the airport. Nico grinds his hardness against her and she grinds right back into it. They both moan audibly, attracting more stares from people in the airport.

After many long minutes, panting, she reluctantly pulls away from his magnetic force. She notices he’s panting too and smiles to herself, glad in the knowledge that she has the same effect on him that he has on her. They stare at each other for a few minutes, smiling, catching their breath.

“Shall we?” Keira says, as she turns to start walking.

“Oh yes, we shall,” Nico says with a mischievous glint. Keira giggles and blushes slightly, but she returns his gaze with a look equally as wanton.

She turns to her bag, extending the handle to pull the wheeled suitcase. He picks up his bag and falls into lockstep with her as they walk away from the gate. He reaches out and takes her hand. Her heart flutters in her chest at the contact and the tender yet possessive gesture. They walk hand-in-hand through the airport and it just feels so natural, so right.

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