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It was a very good time in which to live. The galaxy was big enough that every sentient could find the perfect niche to settle in. Most chose the normal life of a standard post-scarcity society with the old values. Some lived in locales that deliberately remained primitive. Some chose societies that emphasized social development, historical re-creation, science, or entertainment. And there was plenty of time to pursue one’s passions. Medical arts could extend lifespans, reverse aging, and create clones (though cloning was banned in the polities of the more civilized sections of space).

The more hedonistic among the galaxy’s trillions had established societies based on humanity’s most basic instinct: the pursuit of pleasure. Entire solar systems were governed by a philosophy of maximizing enjoyment – in whatever form that might take. The Magnus Chi system was renowned for its thousands of settlements, each serving a population who had come together to freely live out a particular set of sexual fetishes. The 4th planet of the system, Eros, held the majority of the population. Entire cities were dedicated to poly relationships, enforced nudity, exhibitionism, body morphing and modification, and much, much more.

My exquisitely beautiful mother was sitting on my lap facing away from me, my genetically enhanced cock buried deep inside her tight, sucking cunt once again. Years ago I had had her fully bimbofied. I groped the monster 1000cc tits and told her the news. She was over 50 years old now but still had that same tight, obscene bimbo body. Her olive skin never failed to arouse me. Her holes fit around my cock perfectly and she never spilled a drop of my cum. “Slutmother, it’s time for us to emigrate.”

She breathed heavily, sliding slickly up and down on her son’s hard meat. “Of course. Anything you wish my lover.”

“I’ve made arrangements for us to settle in one of the Oedipus Domes on Eros. Have you heard of it?”

She leaned back against me and moaned as she worked herself up and down, her cunt stretched. “N….no, my Son and Lord.”

“The locals call them the ‘Mother Domes’. They’re dedicated to and populated by Sons and their Mothers. Our type of relationship is celebrated and exhibitionism is encouraged. Dome One is for dominant mothers, and Dome Two for dominant sons. One’s wealth there is based upon mothers being frequently and imaginatively fucked by their sons on camera for all to see.

The pleasure it brings is the highest ideal. “You will be my constantly on-camera porn star. It’s perfect for us.”

Around her tiny waist was the only item of clothing she wore most days – a pink latex corset with built-in handles. I turned her to face me on my lap, grabbed the handles, and again slammed mercilessly into her dripping pussy. Her cunt sucked hungrily at me; her body and hair were drenched with sweat.

“As you wish, my lord. It sounds wonderful.” Open mouthed, she held onto my shoulders and shook in a massive orgasm as I kissed my mother’s forehead and my sperm boiled into her womb. We both contemplated our new life cevizli escort to come in Dome Two.


In the Oedipus Domes, social and economic standing was based on one’s ability to boost one’s Social Hedonics score. The score was based on exhibitionism. Cameras would be everywhere- both throughout our home and in public. The better I fucked my mother, the higher the H-score. As we gained followers, more people would tune in, thus boosting it even higher. This directly affected one’s purchasing power as one’s score translated directly to the number of credits available to spend on luxury goods. And I had some specific, very expensive luxury goods in mind.

We arranged transit via the wormhole nexus. It didn’t take us long to settle in following our arrival. We quickly made many friends and in no time I was spending carefree evenings with several other sons, We would trade mothers and fuck them thoroughly and have them suck the cum from each other’s cunts. Life would be good here.

My Slutmother and I had good imaginations and were very exhibitionistic, so in no time we had many followers and had built an impressive H-score. Each hour of the day I received dozens of requests for my mother to perform new acts of wanton whorishness for broadcast out to the good people of the Mother Domes and beyond. It didn’t take long to build up more than enough credits to obtain the outlandishly hedonistic and expensive items I had been wanting.

First, I would have my mother’s aging reversed. Taking her from age 50 back to about age 30 seemed ideal. And so she was whisked off to the Medical Arts clinic.

Second, I had always wanted a mother clone. They were legal here, so I ordered one. She was not to be -quite- an exact replica, however. I had always lusted after photos of her as a teenager. So sexy and wide-eyed and totally fuckable. So the clone would be a bimbofied copy of my mother at age 18. Younger than me. My teenaged Slutmother. I looked forward to using her.

Getting the clone was expensive though; it took the lion’s share of my credits, but she would prove to be a valuable investment. Few sons had two mothers, especially ones younger than themselves. I couldn’t wait to see Slutmother’s eyes watching her new 18-year-old copy slowly strut into the room, wink at her, and swallow my cock and balls.


In the Oedipus Domes, Mother’s Day was the beginning of a new year. It was the culmination of a month-long celebration and the only holiday that really mattered in the Dome. My 30-year-old and 18-year-old mothers and I were ready to celebrate it for the first time.

We left our apartment and went down to the transit autowalk, a whorishly semi-dressed Slutmother on either side of me, holding my hand. Hundreds of other people were already aboard the autowalk, all on their way to the central Dome Park. The crowd already smelled of sex. Extra pheromones had been pumped into the atmosphere, even more than usual. Mothers and sons were crowded together on the walkway, trading greetings. Many of the mothers erenköy escort were already bent over, or on their knees, doing what mothers are built to do with their sons. Viewers watched via floating Eyes that broadcast everything.

The three of us were an instant hit. Like I said, few sons had two or more mothers. As I stood on the autowalk, I bent both of my gorgeous whores over at the waist and pulled down their thin white thongs. Strangers were kind enough to generously provide them extra support, mostly by holding their massive tits. I fucked Slutmother for 20 strokes, then pushed deep inside Young Slutmother and they both moaned lewdly and kissed each other as I moved back and forth between the two cunts. The Eyes gathered. My H-score rose. I turned my mothers around for a good double-suck as their bodies were groped by strangers standing around us. They both took strange cocks into their creamy, dripping pussies and they obediently drank my cum.

The park itself was alive with a carnival atmosphere. Music and pheromones filled the air. Sections filled with comfortable bedding were provided and many of the beds were already occupied by moms being pumped full of cock, their legs or asses high in the air. Thousands of sons paraded their mothers for all to see in various states of wanton undress. Performers danced and there were tents selling various sex services and toys, tattoos, and jewelry. Spontaneous orgies formed and melted away. The Eyes surveyed all occasionally zooming in to particularly erotic moments, like the son who had 10 other sons circle around his mother kneeling in the grass and give her a thick sperm bath.

Slutmother and Young Slutmother followed behind me in their stockings and stilettos as I gently tugged on their leashes, cum dripping from their chins and thighs and their arms handcuffed behind them. Four fat, massive, heavy tits jutted out swaying. Four thick nipples were rock hard from the fresh air and the stares of the Eyes. Two tight cunts dripped wetly down four smooth, sweet stocking-clad thighs.


We had heard the occasional screams from the piercing tent. I had been looking forward to this. Today both of my Slutmothers would receive Princess Dianas. It could be done either with or without anesthetic. I told Young Slutmother she would go first as I removed her handcuffs, and assured her she would not be in pain. There would be no need for her to scream.

A dozen moms already occupied the chairs, their slutty bodies exposed and being pierced according to their sons’ wishes. When Young Slutmother’s turn came, she climbed into the chair with only a slight hesitation. She was strapped down, legs held open. I bent over and kissed her lips tenderly and reassuringly. While her eyes focused on me with both adoration and fear, the Eyes and their many millions of viewers focused on her slick 18-year-old pussy. Attendants administered the anesthetic.

A quick burst of laser light and it was done. I gave the assistant the gold ring I had picked out and it went through Young esenyurt escort Slutmother’s clit hood to hang brightly for all to see. She was unbound and stood. I reattached her handcuffs and she kissed me deeply, thanking me, her son, for marking her young tender body.

Then it was Slutmother’s turn.

I asked Young Slutmother to remove Slutmother’s thong which had slipped deep inside her. Arms again handcuffed behind her, Young Slutmother had only her mouth to use to perform the task. I helped lower her to her knees and positioned Slutmother in standing position with legs spread before her. Slowly and delicately, using only lips and tongue and teeth, she managed to slowly and delicately coax the soaked material from between Slutmother’s sticky labia and gradually pull it down. Another bump up in H-score. With the thong finally gone, Young Slutmother stood and faced me on tiptoes. We kissed hard and shared the sweet cuntcream covering her face as my fingers played inside her pussy and I told her how proud I was of her.

Slutmother took her place in the chair. For extra effect, a spurting dildo was shoved in her mouth to keep her quiet while her arms were strapped down and her legs spread wide and tied tight. Other straps went around her tiny waist and massive chest. Bright lights flicked on, blazing down on the delicious bare pussy and gigantic ballooned tits. Already, Eyes had crowded in all around us to record the scene and I could see my H-score steadily rising yet again. Suddenly the dildo in her mouth exploded and filled Slutmothers throat. She sat there, swallowing, unable to talk or move.

The attendant brought out a different set of instruments this time and made a special announcement. “Attention, please, everyone! In celebration of Mother’s Day we have an outstandingly beautiful Mother who has been generously volunteered by her Son for our premier service, the Slow Pain Piercing of her clitoris.”

Slutmother’s eyes went wide – I had neglected to tell her that in her case there would be no anesthetic! She was covered in sweat and I reached down to find the pussy that birthed me even juicier than usual. She was terrified but excited by my evil deception.

Everyone in the tent applauded in anticipation and gathered close. I whispered in here ear, “I’m going to enjoy this, slut.”

A large number of sons had gathered to drink in the spectacle. Their mothers assumed various positions to lovingly take cock and sperm into their bodies. The piercing began. Young Slutmother again dropped to her knees and scooped out my own hardness. She sucked and licked expertly to the beautiful sounds of Slutmother’s screams and I patted her bobbing head. “Good little cock whore!”

It went very, very slowly. For nearly a minute the needle slowly pushed and my mother cried and howled around the dildo. She twisted desperately against the restraints. I blasted a huge load into Young Slutmother’s tiny mouth and watched my H-score spin up dramatically. Nearly 30 million viewers!

Then it was over. A platinum ring went into Slutmother’s clit hood. The Eyes zoomed in for an extreme close-up as the exquisite pussy spasmed below the gleaming ring and gushed out juice. It had an engraving identical to Young Slutmother’s: ‘Owned by my Son’.

I wondered what the first days of the new year might bring. Perhaps a trip to Dome One.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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