Erica’s First Night at the Club

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Erica was so nervous. Tonight was the first time she would strip in front of a crowd of people. All men, of course. She would be on a stage in Mr James’s nightclub, and they would all be looking up at her. Watching her. Wanting her to be naked. Wanting to see her breasts and ass cheeks. Her cunt.

She felt embarrassed at what had happened at her audition with Mr James. She didn’t want to admit that she had enjoyed it. That it excited her. When she was finally naked, Mr James had masturbated over her. And she had touched herself for him, and talked so dirty. She had masturbated too, and made herself cumm. She blushed as she thought about it. Remembering how she looked up at Mr James as his cumm splashed over her wet little teenage pussy.

It was late in the evening and Erica was getting ready to go to the nightclub. She was naked.

“What should I wear?” she wondered, picking several pairs of skimpy panties out from her lingerie drawer and laying them carefully on the bed.

There was a pretty pair of pink panties. Soft see thru fabric with little cherry-pink bows at the side and a pretty pattern — a tiny rose — at the front.

Her Daddy had bought them for her when she was still at school.

Erica picked them up and stepped into them, delicately pulling them up…lifting the front of the panties over her smooth, shaven pussy mound…and then pulling the back of the panties up over her round young ass cheeks…lifting the ribbon sides up around her waist…and adjusting the underside of the panties so that the fabric fitted snugly and tightly over her swelling pussy lips.

“Oh…they’re so tight!” she gasped, looking at herself in the bedroom mirror.

They were so tight that they seemed as if they might burst. She had almost grown out of them. There was nothing much more than a tiny pink V that barely covered her pussy mound. And her cunt lips were quite visible through the flimsy see thru fabric.

Erica sighed and flicked through the summer dresses in her wardrobe. She picked out a pretty white dress with little red love hearts, and stepped into it, pulling it up over her panties and lifting the bodice up over her bare breasts. She slipped the thin straps over her shoulders and smoothed the skirt down, admiring herself in the mirror.

The hem of the dress almost reached down to her knees. No one would know that — underneath — her panties were almost bursting from her body.

She slipped on a pair of strappy one-inch heels and stood by the mirror, doing her make-up and fixing her hair. Brushing it carefully and then pulling it back and tying a pink ribbon around a cute little ponytail.

When she was ready, she went downstairs.

Her father was in his dressing gown, sitting at the kitchen table, reading a magazine.

“Hi Daddy”, she said, coming up to him.

She leant over and kissed him softly on the forehead.

“Hi, baby”, he said, looking up at her. “Are you going out, honey?”

“Yes, Daddy. To Suzy’s house”, she lied. “We’re going to do some homework together. She’s asked me to sleep over. Is that okay, Daddy?”

Her father closed the magazine and got to his feet.

“Sure, baby”, he said. He always let his pretty daughter do whatever she wanted. “But don’t I get a proper kiss goodbye?”

Erica smiled sweetly as he stepped closer and took her into his arms.

“Do you know how much I love you, baby?” he said, drawing her against him.

“I love you, too, Daddy”, she said in a tiny voice.

She looked up at her father for a moment…and then their lips met…and they kissed…

…softly at first…

…and then, as her father pressed his mouth against hers, Erica opened her lips for him and let his tongue slip inside…exploring her mouth as she kissed him…

“Oh…mmmnnnn…oh…oh, Daddy…” Erica gasped, as their tongues mingled and their lips pressed urgently together.

He held her close in his arms, kissing his daughter passionately. And as she pressed her body against his, his dressing gown fell open…and she could feel his swollen cock pressing up against her pretty white dress.

It was already leaking precumm.

“P-please, Daddy…I…I have to go…” Erica whimpered, as her father began to kiss her neck and shoulders. “Please don’t get semen over my dress, Daddy…”

But her hand slipped down and she curled her fingers around his shaft as he kissed her, gently squeezing its thickness and feeling it pulse and swell with excitement.

“Oh baby…yes…jerk me off, darling…” he said, looking at his lovely daughter. “Lift your dress up…let me do it over your panties!”

He loved his daughter’s panties so much.

But Erica knew she was already late for the nightclub.

“N-no, Daddy…please…don’t do it over my panties…” she said. She didn’t want him to see the panties she was wearing. If he saw how tiny they were…how wet and tight against her pussy…he would want them for himself! “No, Daddy…please…” she said, slipping her fingers down to the base of his swelling shaft. “I…I’ll suck you…let me beylikdüzü escort suck you, Daddy…please…do it in my mouth, Daddy…”

She could sense he was almost about to cumm.

So — before he could reply — she suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him.

“Oh baby…yes…suck me off!” her father cried, as she began to work her hand quickly up and down his aching cock.

Erica looked up at him and smiled prettily…lifting the head of his shaft up to her lips…and kissing it softly.

“Do it in my mouth, Daddy…” she said, reaching underneath his soft balls with her other hand.

She opened her lips around the head of his cock, her tongue licking the tiny peehole…

…as she caressed his balls and worked her hand quickly up and down her father’s swollen shaft…

…her lips pressing tightly around the base of his cockhead now…

…as she sucked…her tongue licking the engorged tip…her hand working quickly up and down…

…faster…and faster…


“Oh baby…yes…oh yes!” her father gasped. “I’m cumming!”

Erica moaned softly as she felt the first ribbon of spunk splash against the back of her throat…

…and then another…and another…

…as her pretty mouth filled with semen…

…her Daddy’s semen…

…and as he ejaculated into her, she began to swallow…still sucking the cock as the hot spunk spurted into her mouth and slid down her throat and into her tummy.


Erica was relieved. Her father hadn’t cumm over her dress or her panties. She had swallowed all of his semen like a good little girl. When he had finished, she stood up and wiped her glistening lips with a tissue.

“Daddy…I’ve got to go…” she said, kissing him lightly on the cheek. “I love you…”

“Okay, baby…be good…” her father said.

Erica picked up her handbag — which carried her wallet and a spare pair of panties — and ran out of the house. She caught a bus to the city and quickly made her way down the back streets to Mr James’s nightclub.

The club was already crowded. She pushed past a couple of men at the bar and went past the stage. A girl was stripping and as Erica walked past a table she could see that one of the men watching the show was masturbating. She went behind the stage and down a dark corridor and opened the door to the changing room.

Mr James was waiting inside, pacing up and down and looking rather angry.

“You’re late, baby”, he said. “You’re on next. There’s a schoolgirl’s uniform there, on the chair. Put it on. Leave the g-string, just put on the skirt and the blouse. You’ll have to strip in the panties you’re wearing, okay?” He looked at Erica. “You’re wearing panties under that fucking dress, right?”

Erica remembered her audition with him and what had happened.

“Y-yes, sir…” she said. “Pink bikini panties. I hope that’s okay, sir…”

Mr James looked impatient.

“Yes…yes…fine…” he said. “Now get the fucking dress off and put your uniform on. You start your act in two minutes!”

He went over to the corner of the dressing room and sat down, watching the girl intently.

Erica bit her lower lip.

She knew she had to hurry.

So she lifted the straps of her dress down over her shoulders and quickly pulled the bodice away from her bare breasts.

The luscious young globes quivered prettily. Her pink nipples were already fully erect.

Mr James watched as the girl pulled her dress down…over her smooth tummy…and then…

…down over her tiny pink panties.

“Oh yeah…baby…so fucking hot!” he murmured, feasting his eyes on the tiny undergarment.

He could see right through the flimsy fabric. As Erica leant forwards, pulling her dress down over her knees and stepping out of it, he was rewarded with a perfect view of her ass cheeks and pussy, barely contained by the delicious little panties.

“Oh…” Erica gasped as she fumbled with her dress, trying to unhook the straps from her high heel shoes.

She bent right over, pushing her glorious ass cheeks out towards Mr James. The underside of her panties stretched…

…and the fabric suddenly pulled away from her pussy mound and slipped in between her cunt lips.

Released by the tight panties, the pink love petals opened and quivered, already glistening with girl-cumm.

Erica tried to free her shoes from the crumpled dress, bending over still further…her beautiful bottom pushed up high behind her…

…the underside of panties disappearing into her darling little cunt slit…

…her pussy lips swelling provocatively now…completely visible on either side of the tight little pink ribbon inside her.

It was too much for Mr James.

He got up, opening his trousers…

…and quickly got behind the girl as she struggled with her dress.

“Your cunt and ass…” he said, in a half-whisper. “I’ve gotta fuck your cunt and ass!”

“Oh…oh…please, sir…ohhh!” Erica gasped, beyoğlu escort as she felt him pulling at the back of her panties…tugging the flimsy fabric away from her tender little asshole.

She looked back at him…gasping for breath as she felt the thick head of his cock pressed ever-so-urgently against the tight little orifice.

“Oh…please, sir…no…please…not there!” she gasped, falling forwards against a large armchair. “Not there, sir…please!”

But Mr James was far too excited to stop.

He pushed himself against the girl…

…groaning loudly as her asshole suddenly opened up like a tiny flower…

…and the swollen head of his cock popped inside.

“Oh baby…I’m gonna cumm!” he cried, as the tight muscles of her asshole gripped his cock in spite of Erica’s sturggles, kissing it…massaging it…sucking it deeper into her tight little bottom.

“No…please, sir…d-don’t cumm inside my asshole!” Erica squealed. “P-please, sir…oh please…don’t shoot your cumm inside my asshole, sir!”

But Mr James was already ejaculating.

His semen pulsed out of his cock, spurting into Erica’s tight little anus…

…flooding into her asshole…

…thick and wet and creamy.

Erica began to cry as she felt her asshole filling with spunk.

“Oh please…please…no…” she sobbed, burying her pretty face in her hands as Mr James finished ejaculating, the last drops of cumm pulsing out of his cock. “Please…it’s wrong to do that to me…to do that to my…my asshole. And now I have to strip, sir! It’s not fair!”

Mr James laughed to himself.

“You little slut”, he said. “I bet you fuck in the ass all the time, eh? Now pull your fucking panties up. You haven’t got time to put the school uniform on. Get out there in those panties, baby, and nothing else. You’ve got thirty seconds and then you’re on. Tell the crowd who you are. Tell them you’re the new girl. It’s your first time. And then get your panties off and masturbate for them. Okay, baby? Do it…now!”

He slapped her bare bottom hard, pulling out his wet cock and wiping it on is handkerchief.

Erica slowly got to her feet, reaching back to adjust her panties so that they covered her ass cheeks. The underside of her panties were still caught up inside her sopping wet pussy slit.

She could feel her asshole contracting, closing.

“I…I don’t fuck in my asshole all the time…” she mumbled, looking down at the floor. “You’re the only guy who’s done that, except for my…”

She was almost going to say the word “Daddy”.

But Mr James wasn’t listening.

“Get out there…now!” he told her.

And he grabbed Erica’s arm and pushed her through the door.

The lights were dim, except for a small spotlight. There was a chair on the stage, nothing else. Erica stepped forward, looking around her.

She could see the tables…men sitting down, drinking…looking up at her.

“Nice panties!” one guy shouted.

Erica looked down at herself. She was almost naked. Her bare breasts quivered and she wished her nipples weren’t so erect and pink and horny. The front of her panties had slipped down over her pussy mound, which was almost fully exposed to view.

Some soft music began to play.

“I…I’m Erica…” she said after a moment, remembering Mr James’s instructions. “I…I’m eighteen. This is my first time here. The f-first time I’ve stripped like this…”

She found herself gently swaying to the rhythm of the music. Men were looking up at her. Sitting back in their seats.

“I…I hope you like me…” she said, her voice trembling.

She lifted her hands up to her breasts, cupping the luscious globes and gently squeezing them. She remembered her audition again. Mr James had told her to talk dirty to the audience. To tell them how much she wanted to show herself off to them.

“I want to strip for you…” she said, dreamily. Her hands slipped down over her tummy and she ran her fingers over the tiny V at the front of her panties. “I want to take my panties off for you. My…my panties…my pretty little pink panties…”

“Yeah…get the fucking panties off!” someone cried.

Erica slipped her fingers underneath the pretty pink bows at the side of her panties…

…and as she swayed to the music, she began to pull them down.

“My panties…” she said, as she lifting the fabric away from her pussy. “My panties…my hot, wet panties…”

She gasped softly as the damp fabric peeled away from her pussy slit with a tiny kiss…and she felt her cunt contract and swell with excitement.

“Oh…my panties…” she whimpered, tugging at them and pulling them down over her knees. “Oh…I…I want to get my panties off so bad for you…”

She turned around and leant right over, reaching down to step out of the panties, one pretty foot at a time. The men sitting around the stage stared wide-eyed at the lovely sight…her upraised ass cheeks…her pink pussy slit…

…her asshole…

As bizimkent escort she stepped out of her panties, her darling little puckered anus suddenly opened…

…and a tiny gob of milky-white semen oozed out and dripped onto the floor behind her.

“Hey!” someone cried. “She’s been fucked in the ass!”

Erica kicked her panties aside and turned around to look at the audience below.

“Oh…” she gasped, reaching down behind her.

She touched her asshole with her fingers and felt the sticky fluid as it leaked out, hot and creamy.

“Lick it” someone called. “Lick the cumm!”

“Ass fucking slut!” someone else said.

Erica thought she would burst into tears.

She stood on the stage, trembling, her fingers sticky with spunk.

“I…I’m sorry…” she said, feeling utterly naked now. “It’s my first time. I…I don’t know what to do. Do you want me to…to masturbate?”

“Yeah!” said a man. “Show us the cunt and ass! Finger your asshole!”

Erica stepped over to the chair and knelt down in front of it.

“O-okay…” she said.

She pushed her bare ass cheeks out towards the audience and reached down between her legs.

Her fingers touched her trembling cunt petals and she gasped softly to find out how wet she was.

“My…my cunt lips…” she said, as she caressed them. She remembered that Mr James wanted her to say that word. Cunt. “My cunt lips…my…my wet little cunt lips…”

She could feel another gob of spunk pulsing out of her asshole, and she reached around with her other hand and touched the sticky semen with her fingers.

“Finger fuck your asshole!” someone cried.

Erica looked around at the audience. Some of them guys were already masturbating.

“Y-yes…” she said, feeling as if she was suddenly losing control of her body.

She pressed her fingers against her cunt lips, peeling them open so that the audience could see the pinkness inside her wet little pussy.

Her tiny rosebud clit.

Her peehole.

The opening of her tight little fuckhole.

And as she held her cunt lips apart, she touched her asshole with her other hand…

…dipping a finger into the tender little orifice…

…pushing it inside…

“Oh yeah!” a guy shouted, excitedly. “Fuck the cunt and ass!”

Erica gasped softly.

As she held her cunt lips apart, she pushed her finger deeper inside her asshole…feeling how wet and creamy she was inside…the thick spunk coating her finger as it worked itself deeper into the tight little fucked bottom.

“Oh…ohh…my asshole…” she moaned, leaning right over the chair now as she masturbated. “Oh…oh yes…my asshole…it’s so full of cumm! There’s so much hot cumm inside my asshole…and it feels so good! Oh…ohhh…my asshole…I…I’ve been f-fucked in my asshole…yes…oh yes…Daddy…I;’ve been fucked in my ass, Daddy!”

She closed her eyes as she pushed her finger all the way into her asshole. The semen inside her began to ooze out, trickling down over her open pussy lips…coating the cunt petals with cumm…and running down the inside of her thighs.

“Oh yeah…tell us about your Daddy!” someone cried. “Tell us how Daddy fucks your tight asshole!”

Erica was working her finger in and out of her asshole now…still holding her cunt lips apart with her other hand as the semen dripped over her pussy mouth.

“My…my Daddy…” she whimpered, imagining that she was safe in his arms, that he was holding her tight. “My Daddy f-fucks my asshole…he fucks me in the ass…he fucks his hard cock into my tight little asshole…and…and fills me with his cumm…and…ohh…oh…it feels so good!”

She felt her body shiver with excitement…

…and as she held her cunt lips apart, her pussy mouth suddenly swelled and contracted…

…and she started to climax, gasping for air as she pushed her finger quickly in and out of her creamy asshole.

“Oh…oh…my Daddy…please…fuck my asshole, Daddy!” she cried, almost seeing her father with her now…so close to her…touching her. “Oh please, Daddy…fuck me…fuck my mouth, Daddy…and my pussy…my cunt…and my tight asshole…please…fuck me in the ass, Daddy…fuck me in the ass…oh…oh Daddy…I’m cumming, Daddy…I’m cumming!”

She felt something touching her lips and she instinctively opened her mouth. A hard cock pushed inside her and she began to suck…

…just as someone pulled her hand away from her anus…her finger slipping out…

…and something thicker…harder…pressing against it.

“Oh…ohhhh…mmmnnn…ohh…ohhhh!” she moaned, opening her eyes in horror.

A man was kneeling over her, his cock in her mouth.

“Suck it, baby…suck it!” he said, pushing her face against his swollen shaft.

And she could feel someone behind her…

…and something thick and hard pushing against her asshole…

…forcing it to open…

“Oh…oh no…mmnnnnn…mnnnnn…” she gasped, realising what was happening.

She squealed as the man behind her pushed his thick cock inside her asshole…

…her mouth suddenly filling with hot, creamy spunk…

…her asshole blossoming and stretching wide as the swollen shaft forced its way inside her…

“Oh…ohhh…please…no…” she gasped, trying not to swallow them semen as it bubbled over her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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