English Slave Comes to India Ch. 01

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Before you start reading this please know that I do not wish to insult any country/race or glorify any country/race, this story is meant solely for the purposes of erotic enjoyment. And a lot of erotic enjoyment, especially femdom and BDSM, circles solely on taboo subjects, of which there will be a lot in this story, so if you’re not interested in that sort of thing please don’t read it. Oh, also everyone involved is 18+. This is chapter 1 and just the beginning. Hope you enjoy!


The thick sultry air of Mumbai hit him like an angry beast. A million people live here he thought, trying to put things into perspective, as he searched around for an auto-rickshaw. ‘Must be inhuman or terribly poor’ flashed across his mind, and then – ‘fuck this is why she pounced on me so easily’. Nicer, be nicer. As he stood there a bunch of drivers in khaki uniforms had approached him and were asking him to be chose one of them as his driver. He should be thankful he thought, she wants me to be thankful, as he accepted the invitation of one who had already taken hold of his single bag, such that it was less an acceptance and more a ‘please don’t take away my bag from me’.

As he walked with the overjoyed rickshaw driver, he passed by a fleet of cabs – ranging from the simple affordable ones to the luxurious, and of course all of them would be air-conditioned. This would be have been so easy with an Uber, he thought, but mistress had given him strict instructions as soon as he had disembarked from his flight. ‘No cabs, no luxuries for you – take an auto rickshaw and tell him to take you to the railway station.’ He looked at the grin on the driver’s face and realized that he’s going to be looted heavily due to him being a foreigner, but he swallowed his anger and stifled the thought. He got in the auto and took a huge swig of water again – the humidity was draining him.

It got better with the flowing cool air as the auto finally started moving. As usual his first thoughts regarding the Indian city were mean but he had gotten better with a year of practice and putting things into perspective. ‘This is not so bad’, he thought, eyeing the Mumbai skyline, I mean not as bad as they show in the movies, and he wiped the sweat from his eyes. ‘I, I can get used to this’ he thought, followed instantly by ‘She’ll make you anyhow’ as he felt a bulge growing in his underwear.


His name is James Cairnway, and he is a 35 year old bachelor who had lived in London all his adult life. He was earning very well, in lieu of a comfortable job, and had a comfortable apartment in a ‘cool’ part of London. Blond hair, blue eyes, 5′ 11″, good-looking with a sharp nose, square jaw and high cheekbones, and a good muscular well-maintained body; he always had a steady string of girls (and twice in his life guys) available for relationships. But something had always been missing, and it took him 33 years of his life and a lot of soul-searching and internet-browsing to realize it. At first he assumed he was just a sub, as countless others he found on sex-chat websites, but then he slowly realized that this wasn’t enough. He was a slave, and he accepted it.

He prepared for it. He bought dildos and butt-plugs and panties, for it all turned him on – humiliation, bdsm, cross-dressing – any form of femdom. He measured his cock on cam for girls he paid and was overjoyed to hear them squeal with delight at his 5 inch cock and he came even faster. He came in his mouth for them, he sucked large cocks for them, and he even met a couple of mistresses and was spanked and treated like a slave for a day or a few days. But deep in his heart he knew that he had not yet found the one whom he could lock up his life and give to. Also he realized that he could not continue with his double life for long, and he resolved to find a permanent mistress once and for all.

He was 35 when he came across Mistress Damini. Black hair thick at the top and wild at the bottom, with large black eyes that needed no eye-makeup to appear ravishing, and a beautiful dark face. At first they just chatted on a sex-cam website, and he was surprised to find that this woman who had made him cum thrice in 1 hour would do it for free. She was sympathetic and she listened to his problems in finding a mistress he could trust and enjoy. She told him that she understood the sorry plight for slave-men these days: too much demand for mistresses, not as much supply. He then asked where does she live – he had no problems in moving to USA or Australia or some other country for her – even if it costs him his job.

Then his doom fell upon him, with an involuntary gesture at her next words. ‘India’, she spoke, her thick lips never really joining, just touching, and giving her face a luxurious pout. He grimaced, his feelings about India as a poor country, overpopulated and dirty coming to his mind, and she noticed. Her eyes flashed and she punished him, and he truly felt the power of a woman who literally didn’t care about anything else except her own satisfaction for the first time that day. And then the next day. And the next. She made him quit his job in illegal bahis a month, and severe all his connections by two. She had enslaved him, this Indian witch with long nails, and a habit of curling the front of her hair when annoyed or bored. She made him do other things he had never imagined doing-walking out in public as a girl, going to lingerie shops and such, sex-stores and glory holes. In a year, she had him convinced to leave everything in London and come to India, the country he had grimaced upon, to be her permanent slave. Of course she gave him sufficient proof that she was real and everything, and it took a while to convince him, but honestly they both knew that convincing this weak man was just a matter of time.


He got down at the railway station, handed the driver the requested fare with a smile and genuine gratitude, and informed his mistress duly. She sent back the train ticket she had booked for him – an air-conditioned first-class coach, which he found out was a bed attached to the wall in a room with three other beds. The train he was traveling on was pretty empty, he thought as the other seats were empty currently. The train was about to move when the door opened and a hot woman -probably in her early twenties, dressed in tight skinny jeans came in with a huff. She had obviously just got the train in the nick of time. ‘Hi’ she grinned broadly, her face plastered in sweat – undoubtedly the result of running so much as she flopped down on the opposite seat.

Her face was oval, fair-skinned, large hipster earrings and very light makeup, her hair tied up in a bouncy pony, and a light yellow top with the words ‘Say Cheese!’ plastered over it. She had the air of someone who had never had any trouble in making new friends or initiating conversations. “Fuck, just got it in time, oh I’m sorry, do you mind if I say Fuck?”

“No, no, I’m cool with umm, it… I mean saying fuck”, somewhat taken aback by this sudden and abrupt break into conversation.

“Yeah phew, I can barely go 2 sentences without saying fuck. It’s like a disease but I’m afraid it’s completely incurable, and yeah, yeah don’t believe me if you want, but I’ve tried a lot. Oh my god, you should see me at my parents’ house, I’m literally always censoring my free speech – I mean that’s self-tyranny don’t you think? Anyhow that was a couple of years back, I don’t even try anymore.” The grin again. “Where are your parents?”

“Uhh I’m sorry?” James felt he had never been this confused this fast.

“Your parents. I’m assuming you have them; unless they’re dead, in which I’m so sorry I brought the subject up.” She was opening the laces to her shoes revealing winnie-the-pooh socks.

“Yeah I do, but I don’t talk with them anymore.”

“Oh that’s sad I think. Although I don’t know your parents – is it sad? I mean they could be awful people for all I know.” She was sitting cross-legged staring at him now with one hand digging in her bag for something.

“Yeah they weren’t great people. We never connected really”.

“Uh-huh. Chips?” the hand with the chips offered to him had a bunch of elastic black and white bands, alternating, and the sudden image of a zebra popped up in his mind.

“No thanks.”

A minute passed and in the meantime he looked out of the window, seeing the city running by.

“Oh fuck. I’m Niki, short for Nikita, but I like being called Niki. And what’s your name Mr. Handsome foreigner?”

He smiled – this girl was good, he thought, as he replied, “James. James Cairnway. Working for Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” His hands in the shape of a pistol. Idiot, he thought.

“Cool”, her grin got wider, “and what does Her Majesty require of you in India today? Also how come trains? I mean isn’t the Crown rich as fuck?”

“Well I would tell you but I’d have to kill you.”

“Uh, ok, not very original are you? Anyway, so, are going to Bangalore as well?”


She nodded and took out her phone and started messaging.

“I have some business actually in Bangalore, and this was the fastest commute possible for me I’ve been told.”

“I see.” Her entire concentration had shifted to her phone by now.

It struck him suddenly that he had not messaged his mistress for a long time now. In an instant, anxiously, he told her of all the recent developments in a series of messages. She only sent one back – asking him to take a photo of his co-passenger without her knowledge, which he obeyed without questions. Nothing else until night-time. He and Niki had chatted for a while, even had some light dinner together and now gone to sleep. She was curled up in a white sheet on the bed opposite his, facing away from him, when he got his mistress’s message. He was lying under his white sheet praying that this lengthy silence from his mistress didn’t mean anything bad.

Beep. Message from mistress – “Is she sleeping?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Good. Now is the final time you will jerk your pathetic cock off for a long time, and I suggest you should make use of this opportunity. But do it silently, or else you might be thrown illegal bahis siteleri into jail.”

His heart was racing. This seemed the most dangerous thing he had ever done. But the danger, and the threat of chastity made him hard, and he replied back “Thank you mistress”.

He had to be smart about this. Checking back once more to confirm if she’s sleeping, she curled up in his sheet facing the wall of the train cabin. He slunk his hand down to masturbate when a message came – “Also use the plug. And don’t remove it till I see you.”

Fuck this was going to be difficult. Very quietly he slid his pants down inside the sheet, and put the mouth of the 8 inch butt plug against his freshly shaved asshole. He groaned as he pushed it in after rubbing some spit on it, and then terribly afraid he was silent for a couple of minutes, too afraid to move, or else he might be caught in a compromising situation. Hearing no change in Niki’s breathing, he went back to the insertion, playing with his fully erect cock to allow the plug to slide in further, his teeth biting his lower lip. Deeper, deeper, yes, he sensed his breathing become louder and heavier, and his cock throbbing in his hands. Only an inch remained, and he realized that he was covered in sweats. He decided to push it in fast, finish the job quick, and so he shoved the butt plug in forcefully, as he squealed out and shuddered.

This time he was silent for a long time, perhaps five whole minutes. He realized how close he came to being caught as he looked over the sleeping figure of his co-passenger and how he was probably looking. All this while his cock jumped up and down with excitement. He then pulled up his underwear and his pants and texted the developments to his mistress, every detail along with it.

This time his mistress took a longer time in replying. He was to pull his pants and underwear down again inside the sheet, play with his plug and cock and cum into his underwear. No lube. He looked over at his co-passenger again to check if she’s sleeping. Satisfied, he started slowly jerking his cock and pushing and circling the butt plug with his other hand. His thoughts strayed from his mistress to Niki and imagining Niki naked and back to his mistress, and the dangers of doing this so publicly, and he came in just under 2 minutes with slow jerking, and a soft moan. Satisfied he pulled the cum-filled underwear over his cock and his pants up too, and was about to message his mistress when he heard a clapping behind him.

She was sitting upright, a smirk on her face spread wide. “Oh dear that was horrible. I don’t know if I’m more amused or disgusted by you.”

His mind went blank.

“And whom are you messaging? Your wife, or a hooker from London?” She approached him, her hands outstretched for his mobile. “And don’t touch me or come near me, I filmed you masturbating and I’ll scream and you’ll go to jail.” He was speechless and she gingerly took his mobile away from his hands, her nose upturned in disgust. “Also that was barely a minute. Pathetic.” She took his mobile and went back to her seat.

His mouth open, he felt powerless to do anything as he watched her expression go from surprise into a large grin. She then called up the number and had a lengthy- what felt like a 30 minutes chat with his mistress in some Indian language, which might as well have been Klingon to him. He saw her talking rapidly, laughing at times and looking at him like a piece of shit that had gotten stuck on the bottom of his shoe. He was paralyzed under the sheet, his pants still down and his cock covered in his sticky cum. Through the window he saw dark fields and a vast empty countryside, and he wondered how he came to be here in this country. She gave him back his mobile with a triumphant gleam in her eye, and he held it to his ear, afraid.

“My pathetic, stupid, sorry, slave. I really hit upon a jackpot didn’t I? Okay now James, Niki has explained to me the entire situation. Your sad little situation. You will serve her for the rest of the journey just as well as you would have served me, or else she would release the video and have you arrested. She has promised that she will use you only up till the end of your journey after which she will delete the video herself and I believe her. So be a good boy James, for your own sake. I’ve told her that short of being exposed completely you have no limits and we have reached an understanding. She’s still young so think of her as practice before me. Enjoy sweetie, and call me when you’re finished.” She hung up.

James looked up to see his temporary new mistress standing over him, ready with a large smirk to dominate and control him for the next 4 hours. He gulped, and she turned him around so that he was now lying on his back and staring at her lustful eyes. She pulled the sheet off him, smiled at the cum-stain on his white underwear, and punched him hard on his tiny tent.


His eyes watering, he squealed out, “Owww”, but she quickly put her hand on his mouth. She stood still for a moment or two, just to confirm that no one had heard his squeal. Satisfied, canlı bahis siteleri she looked at the weak, whimpering man lying next to her clutching his front, with vehemence. She pressed down her hand on his mouth, her other hand on his throat, squeezing and unrelenting, her mouth curled up in extreme anger. His hands had left his groin and were trying to pry her hands away, but she was angry, and nothing could budge her. Losing the battle and his time and air, in desperation, he folded his hands, pressing his palms against each other as if in prayer, his eyes begging for mercy.

She let go after pressing for another 10 seconds. She was after all, young and inexperienced. She did not know that punishing him would only be for his own good, yet. So she let him go, but the disgust didn’t leave her face. She spat on his face and rubbed it all over his face, slapping his cheeks with slick sounds. It was when she realized that he was licking her hand that her expression softened and her anger evaporated.

“Hmm, you’re not so bad are you? I mean, as a slave, I think you’re terrible, but as a dog, you do a fine enough job I guess. On the floor now slave.”

He sank down on to the floor, resting on his knees. He remembered her words, so he put his hands out like paws and tongue out, panting.

“Oh-kay that is adorable! But I don’t want to see that ugly fucking cum stain, or a doggie like you in a t-shirt either. Get naked, Tommy, now.”

He hastened to remove his clothes as she spoke to herself, “Tommy, that’s a good name. Especially for a dog. Here Tommy”, patting his head and mussing his hair. “Are you a good boy Tommy?” she asked of the panting naked dog in front of her.

“Woof woof”, nodded Tommy.

Sitting herself down on her seat, she held her feet out to Tommy’s mouth. “Then lick them, worship them, my beautiful, beautiful feet.”

They were indeed beautiful, thought James, as he looked upon her size 6, nimble, exquisitely curved feet. They were smooth, and fragrant, and her index toe was the longest, but he licked the big toe first. The his lips wrapped around it, sucking it, as his mouth then migrated to the next toe, then the next, and then downwards, circling the sole of her feet lightly and in perfect circles, gently and rhythmically. She had given him this task to humiliate him, not expecting any arousal from this particular activity at all, but she was wrong. By the time James had worshipped her right foot’s sole from toes to her heel, sucking the heel, and licking the toes and the spaces in between them she had gotten wetter that she had realized she could in such a situation. His right hand clutched the back of her thigh for support as he set to work, sucking her toes and looking up at her with reverence, and she realized that this position of power is what a man probably feels during a blowjob. Her hands itched to her dampening spot in her panties, but she felt it was imperative to keep control.

“Patience, baby, patience”, she thought to herself, he hands clutching the edges of the bed to control herself. And then he started sucking her whole foot in, from the front, all toes, and taking more and more of her foot inside his mouth, trying to fit it all in, the poor fool. Her eyes closed, her mind already picturing the scene before she started doing it, she started foot-fucking his mouth. Slowly at first, but then the wetter the feet got, the faster became the foot-fucking. She look down and saw her pet being hammered in his mouth by her foot, and she could stop herself no more. Control be damned, she thought, and she pulled off her jeans and her panties quickly, the panties dripping by now.

She had had no idea she would be so turned on by all this. I mean she had fantasized about it, as she imagined all girls do at some time or the other, but this, a person’s complete self-degradation for another person, was overwhelming to resist. She pulled him up and put him on his bed, lying face up. She sat down on his obedient face, tongue already out in anticipation, and he began rubbing her clit slowly. But the time for that was gone past by now and she wanted faster action. She pressed her pussy into his face now, slapping his cheeks to make him work faster. Now he started tongue-fucking her which was good, and she rubbed her clitoris round and round, faster and faster. The dual-motion machine, churning in the sweat of the 2 strangers fucking each other in an Indian public train, brought her to a huge orgasm, which she concealed by biting down on her t-shirt, as her juices splattered all across James’ face, and he licked it up greedily.

But she wasn’t done. Not by far, not on a night when she owned her own private slave. She had to get fucked, she realized, and although she thought that his 4 inches was just about average and couldn’t really please her as well as a 8 or 10-inch cock would have, she saw the circumstances, and the surroundings, and her power, and she knew all these factors would more than compensate for it. She removed her t-shirt, put it in her mouth, got on all fours in her favourite position, and said to her little doggie, “Tommie, my puppy, fuck me like a bitch, baby please. This is your lucky night, come on!” Tommy needed no more persuading, and holding her from the back, his paws around her freely hanging tits as he started fucking her, his eyes lost in mad and unconscious lust.

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