English Roses Ch. 08

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I woke on Sunday morning with a hangover and pleasant memories of my tryst with Wendy, the previous night. I recalled enjoying her pliant body, as we lay in the bed where I now languished. I laughed out loud as I recalled fucking her earlier, when the sprinklers came on at the cricket ground. However, as often happens with the alcohol in the system, a feeling of melancholy soon descended to spoil my morning.

Wendy had basically used me to get even with her fiancé Jack. It had been a great night, but at the end she had been clear that we would not be repeating it. I was sad about that, because she was an attractive woman. I genuinely liked her company and loved her body. My mood was not improved when my thoughts drifted to what I’d been told about Felicity last evening.

It turns out I was not her first affair with a boarder. Far from it. I’d been told she’d bedded every boarder who had stayed with her and Mike. That I’d got this information from more than one source made it appear to be accurate.

What made the news of Felicity even harder to accept, was that she’d only just told me that she’d fallen in love with me.

“Has she told every boarder that she loves him?” I wondered to myself. “I need to ask her that.”

The problem was Felicity wasn’t answering my calls or texts, while she cared for her sick mother. At least her and Mike being away from the house left me alone. I was thankful for that at that moment. Then my thoughts drifted to Terri, the younger girl who I’d fallen for quite heavily and who appeared to reciprocate my feelings. She wasn’t answering my texts either and had not done so since her grand entrance to the clubrooms, five days earlier.

“It’s time for me to talk to Australia,” I thought.

I got up and noted the time. It’d be 1.30am back in Aus, so I put off calling my girlfriend Emma until later in the evening.

As the day progressed and I went about mundane chores such as washing. I began to wish I had some company.

“I might be angry at Felicity, for not being fully honest with me, but I miss her,” I thought wistfully.

By the time evening came around I was desperate to call Emma. I was seriously beginning to consider returning home to Australia in the coming week. The whole England thing had become too difficult. Apart from the sex that is. The sex was real fun, but the relationships were weighing heavily on me.

My efforts to skype Emma came to nothing, as had been the case all of the previous week. I began to get frustrated. I went to cook dinner and upon returning to the computer was surprised to see an Email from Emma. It was extensive and as I began to read it my heart sank. Running off back to Aus was now much less of an option.

Basically Emma told me she had started seeing someone else. She was careful to note that this was what I’d encouraged her to do, when I left over two months earlier. As I read on she went into some detail about the fellow, who was someone I didn’t know from her travel agent job. He had a steady job, was reliable, brought her flowers, and spent time with her. All the things I wasn’t so good at. She finished by saying she hoped I’d be happy for her.

“Fuck!” I shouted out loud at the computer. “Fuck you Emma.”

I felt let down in my time of most need. Sure I hadn’t been a great boyfriend and in the months prior to my departure we’d well and truly drifted apart. I’d even been sleeping with her friend at one stage. However, in the days before I left we seemed to get it back on, big time. After I came to England we had Skyped regularly and had professed our love for each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I’d begun to miss her. It never seemed in doubt that I would return to her and we’d be back on. Now she had a new man.

“So now I’m estranged from all the women I have affections for,” I thought, wallowing in self-pity.

I immediately changed into running gear and went out for a jog. I went over and over everything that had occurred, trying to make sense of it all. At one and a half hours I had run further than I’d ever run and knew I was past half marathon distance. I turned around and headed for home. Half way home I hit the wall and had to walk. By then I had some things clear in my mind.

“Hard to blame Emma for the new boyfriend,” I thought. “He couldn’t be less reliable than me. She deserves a new start.”

Having put Emma aside I tried to work out the English women. Wendy I would’ve liked to have carried on an affair with, but she’d made it clear this would not be occurring. Like Emma I decided I could handle this. However, it wasn’t so easy with the unanswered questions around Terri and Felicity. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t completely work them out.

I arrived home exhausted, but at least this let me sleep. The next day I kept to myself, worked in the evening and looked forward to cricket practice.


The whole team except Mike made practice that Tuesday evening. We chatted a bit about Mike being up interior design masters izle north, supporting Felicity, while she cared for her mother. He had phoned Jack to say he’d miss our Wednesday evening game, but would be down for the match on Saturday.

I said nothing to Francis because I didn’t want to even think about Terri. Jack was OK toward me, better than I thought he’d be, given he must strongly suspect I’d spent Saturday night with his fiancé’.

After practice I went down to the pub with Andy and Rob and Finn. Finn was supposed to be away travelling. I knew this from Ness, who had told me when intimating that we were going to get together again.

“Got delayed a couple of days Andy,” he said, after Andy enquired. “I’m off tomorrow.”

I was happy that Andy had asked, as it took a bit of focus off me. The other thing Ness had told me was that Finn was suspicious her and me were getting it on together. She’d further said she was doing nothing to quell his suspicions.

We sat down in a booth, with Andy taking a chair facing us, which was normal when there was only a few of us. We relaxed as we made the usual small talk about cricket and other sports. The banter was enjoyable and I found my spirits lifting somewhat. This was what I liked about being around the boys from the cricket club. Then Ness arrived.

“Hi boys who’s buying me a drink?” she said cheekily, pushing in beside Finn so that Rob and I had to move around.

I was most certainly not going to jump up and obviously neither was Finn.

“What would you like Ness,” Rob asked.

“Typical!” I thought, but thankful that again it was someone else and not me.

Ness was considered ‘One of the boys’, and as such didn’t inhibit the conversation in any way. Rob returned with his round of drinks and we continued to chat away. At one stage Ness moved away and made a phone call, but soon returned. The banter continued, neither Finn nor Ness was having a go at me and I was as happy as I’d been in a couple of days. Then Finn’s phone rang.

He pushed past Ness to take the call, then quickly returned saying his Boss had just rung. He had to go into work to check some stock he’d be taking on the road tomorrow.

“That’s no good babe,” Ness said giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Get back soon as you can.”

“He probably shouldn’t be driving,” Rob said, after Finn had left.

“He’ll be alright,” Ness said dismissively. “He can hold his beer. He’ll call into work for an hour, the Boss will drop him off back here and I can take him home.”

It did briefly occur to me how she might know all that, but that instantly disappeared from my mind and we returned to our prolonged discussion about the merits of the latest Quentin Tarantino film.

Within minutes of Finn leaving I felt Ness lightly press her thigh to mine. I didn’t react and quite enjoyed this little bit of teasing on her part. I was still in my training shorts and I could feel the coolness of her thigh on mine. As usual my cock began to stir. I looked at her, but she did not return the look, merely continuing to talk. The pressure grew a little firmer.

Her next move took me aback. She moved her hand and placed in on mine where it lay on the table, next to my beer. In clear view of both Andy and Rob she then moved our hands below the table. Had it been a glass top table the boys would have seen her rest my hand on her bare thigh, with her hand keeping mine pinned.

Despite no glass top, there could be little doubt among those present that Ness had placed my hand near an intimate part of her anatomy. Rob glanced down to where our arms disappeared beneath the table and smiled nervously. I was embarrassed by her boldness, partially because I had previously reprimanded these same two young men for getting too familiar with the Captain’s fiancé. Now here I was with a team mate’s girlfriend, clearly touching her under the table.

Ness continued to talk as though nothing was amiss. She seemed to completely separate what she was talking about and what was occurring beneath the table. She began to draw our hands along her inner thigh, pushing her black skirt higher as we went. I looked at her again, but she made no effort to look at me, concentrating her attentions on Andy, as they discussed the high-point in Reservoir Dogs.

The higher she drew my hand, the harder my cock grew. She allowed it to linger high on the softness of her inner thigh for some time, clearly in no hurry. I knew we were close to her honey pot because I could feel the warmth. She moved my hand back and forth. When she did this you could see her upper arm moving slightly. The other two must have seen this and I felt like I was part of a peep show.

Eventually Ness tired of this. With a deep breath she bumped my hand hard into her vulva, glancing quickly at me and smiling. I knew she shaved herself, from our previous liaison in her car. She began to gently bump my hand into soft naked lips. iyi adamin 10 günü izle While she did this she continued to talk, but was now largely carrying the conversation. I glanced down to her tight white T-shirt and noted her nipples, clearly visible and erect.

After a time she clearly needed more than soft bumping. Without warning she pushed my hand in hard, holding it there. With my hand firmly wedged against her softness, Ness began to gently rock her pelvis up and down, working the side of my hand between her plump lips. She did it ever so lightly and certainly not so anyone looking would notice. Within seconds of her starting this I felt moisture.

“What do you think Aus? You’re not saying much,” she asked pushing my hand in harder.

My hand began to slide easily along her wetness.

“I don’t reckon he’ll ever manage a movie as good as Pulp Fiction,” I managed to mumble.

Ness gave me a dreamy smile and increased her own pelvic movements. No one now spoke. Andy looked away toward the bar, seemingly annoyed. Rob seemed transfixed on the point where our arm’s disappeared under the table. After a gap of over a minute, Ness made to carry on from my answer.

“Oh really,” she said, looking me dead in the eye and drawing out the word.

At the same time she clamped her thighs together around my hand. Her eyes went a little wider and she sucked in a breath, and then began to release it slowly. She got a glazed look and became a little flushed.

I couldn’t continue to speak. I was lost for words.

“Did she just orgasm?” I thought, the glazed expression confirming she very likely had.

Andy clearly thought so. He abruptly got up from the table.

“Anyone want another beer,” he said, clearly unimpressed by what he was witnessing.

Rob, by contrast, had now moved his own hand under the table, as he glanced from Ness to me and back.

Leaving my hand trapped between her thighs, Ness brought her hands up and put them under her chin in that cute, innocent manner.

“You OK Rob?” she taunted him, knowing full well he was not.

“Yeah, yeah; no; fine,” Rob mumbled, bringing his own hands back into full view.

“That’s good. I wouldn’t like to see you getting all worked up, like Andy. He’s such a prude,” Ness continued. “Anyway I need to go for a piss now. Can you let me out Aus?”

She opened her thighs, releasing my hand from the humid environment it had been trapped in. I quickly shifted sideways to allow her to move past.

She turned to me and away from Rob as she rose to her feet.

“Come out in two minutes,” she whispered.

I sat back down. Rob looked very excited.

“Christ she’s some woman isn’t she Aus? What did you get to touch under the table there?”


“Bullshit. You at least copped a feel and I reckon she just about came right in front on us. You reckon she came Aus?”

At that moment Andy returned with our drinks.

“Where’s that slut gone?” he said with undisguised venom.

“Steady on mate,” I admonished him.

“Well…, anyway,” he said, leaving it hanging, clearly aware he might have overstepped the mark.

I couldn’t have cared less what he was thinking or saying at that moment. My cock was aching.

“I better go look for her, she’s had a bit to drink,” I said lamely.

Ness had drunk no more than one drink. Even if she’d had more, she could have drunk any of us under the table and both the others knew that. It was a weak excuse, but I was desperate to go after her. I didn’t wait for their reply. I walked to the door that led to the toilets and outside.

As I pushed through the first door Ness was standing there. She hadn’t even entered the toilet.

“What took you so long?” she said turning and heading through the second door onto the pathway outside. This was the same pathway where I’d found Wendy with the two boys we’d just left inside. The hypocrisy of my actions was not lost on me, but right at that moment I didn’t care. Ness led me in the opposite direction to the car park.

“Jesus Ness, you couldn’t have been more obvious in there, could you?”

“What do you care, It made you hard didn’t it?” she said turning to push a hand onto the front of my shorts.

She easily located my hard cock and laughed.

“Oh yes it did indeed. Now do you want to stop your moaning or what?”

“What if Finn comes back while we’re out here?”

“Not likely, I told his Boss to hold him there the full hour.”

“You asked his Boss to call him in?” I said in disbelief.

“Yeah, he owes me a couple of favours. We can count on him.”

“Fuck’n hell; you’re too much. Do you lead every man around by the cock?”

“What do you care,” she replied, turning her back to the wall and pulling me into her, kissing me hard, before biting my bottom lip.

“Ow, shit!” I exclaimed.

“Well get on with it then, you pussy.”

I was sick of her game playing. jungle izle

“If she’s using me, then so be it,” I thought, roughly pulling her tight black skirt up to rest on her hips. I pulled off my cricket shirt and then moved my hands to her white T-shirt.

“Easy boy, I can do that for you,” she said, lifting both shirt and bra, allowing her firm breasts to bounce free.

The light was poor, but I could make them out. I touched one lightly, feeling its tautness. I moved my hand under and lifted it. She had pushed her hands into my hair, and I felt her grip tighten on my scalp when I found the hard nipple and sucked upon it.

“Oh you’re so rough on a girl. Go on you big tough Aussie boy, rough me up a bit,” she laughed taunting me, while forcing my head into her breast.

Ness continued to talk in this manner, while I feasted upon both sweet, soft tits. I felt her free hand move to my shorts, pushing them down around my thighs. She drew her fingers slowly up from my balls to the top of my knob, before grasping the shaft. I was hard and she began to stroke the length of me.

“Ohhh, you’re a bit soft Aus, can’t it get any harder.”

“Right!” I said, having had enough of her making fun of me.

I came off her breasts, and brought my hands directly to her buttocks.

“Oh my goodness,” she gasped in a theatrical manner, as I hoisted her in the air and pushed her back into the wall

She placed both arms around my neck and her thighs hard into my flanks, securing herself in position. I moved a hand to grab my cock and stroked it along her very wet slit.

“Mmmmm, that’s a bit more like it. The tiger has awoken. Stoke me tiger; stoke me,” she laughed at me.

The last time we had played this game I had tried to tease her and come off second best. I wasn’t about to make that mistake again, nor could I wait. I brought my cock directly to her hole and pushed up inside of her. I heard her release her breath as I did. At least I’d made her shut up for a few seconds.

Ness wiggled her hips and butt to move me deeper inside. She was warm and snug around my cock and I revelled in the sensations this brought. She moved herself onto me, working me in, ever deeper. In time she bottomed out, fully impaled. We both rested for a few brief seconds, before she spoke.

“Now fuck me hard,” was all she demanded and I didn’t hesitate.

As I began to move inside of her, with short sharp jerks, she moved her butt to meet every thrust. I felt her breasts hard against my chest. I had her upper body back against the wall, but left her bottom partially free so she could move. And move she did. Soon moisture formed on our chests and we slipped easily against each other, just as our sex organs moved fluidly together.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…,” she repeated over and over again, in time to our copulating.

As with the previous time I’d fucked her, coupling with Ness was a hugely arousing experience. Everything about her was so sexual. Her movements, her talk, her lips. Within minutes I felt my juices moving out of my balls and up my shaft. I made no effort to hold back and merely let it flood out, as I continued to fuck her hard.

I said nothing, continuing to pump, while I milked one of the most intense orgasms I could recall. As I finished I slowed down and then stopped, still buried in her.

“That’s nice; I like having you inside me Aus. It’s passionate that’s what it is.”

I was a little taken aback by Ness saying something nice. It was the closest to an affectionate remark I’d ever heard from her, toward me or to anyone. I merely continued breathing hard from the exertion of both fucking and holding her aloft.

“You’ve been a good boy in playing along and finishing quickly. We must get back inside, but before we do I need to tell you something,” she whispered in my ear.

“Jesus!” I thought. “Surely she’s not going to say she loves me as well. Not another one. That would be too much.”

“What?” I managed to get out wearily.

“It’s about Terri.”

“What about her?” I said, pulling my head back to look at Ness in the dim light. “I haven’t seen or heard from her for a week.”

“No; that’s cause she’s up in London; hiding.”

“Hiding from who? From me?”

“Not from you. She’s hiding the black eye that Francis gave her last Wednesday night, after she came to the clubrooms dressed like a tart.”

I took a moment to process this information. Francis had hit Terri. My little virgin Terri, who I’d kissed on the Common. Not only that, he’d hit her because of how I’d told her to dress. Many emotions flooded through me at that point

“He punched her?” I eventually managed to ask.

“My understanding is he punched her a few times, but only once on the face. He’s such a prick; always beating on an innocent little thing like her.”

“He’s done it before?”

“Yeah fairly regular, I’m led to believe.”

Now my anger began to grow. I stood there shorts down around my ankles, still ball’s deep inside Ness and I could feel myself tensing up. I lifted her off me and placed her down, then clenched an unclenched my fists.

“Don’t punch the wall or anything stupid Aus. You’ll only break your hand. Save it for him,” she said, pulling down her top and bra.

“You’re sure about this? How do you know?”

“Mandy told me. Mandy tells me everything.”

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