Eleni: Secrets Revealed

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This is the second part of the story ‘Eleni – The Beginning’. Many thanks to ‘allaboutne’ for great editing.

* * *

Her ankles were on his shoulders and his cock was buried deep in her pussy. Kostas was slowly pumping in and out of her frame, I was watching them with my dick in my hand. They like me watching them… They want me to watch them… My once sweet innocent sister was now a sex goddess for me and I desired her deeply. Yet, the only thing that I could do was just watch… Before when I watched them I was able to touch one of those beautiful globes, grip onto them and feel the swell of her extremely developed breasts. I wondered idly if now would be like those times, would I be able to touch her again. Before I could finish the thought Kostas spoke in a whispering tone.

“Why don’t you come closer, pal?”

I didn’t need more encouragement. I approached them, placed myself on my knees next to the couch. My dick was still in my hand. I explored her lovely tits with my eyes, watching as they were swaying with each of his thrust. I could smell her magnificent odor.

“I want him to touch you, baby. Let him feel you a little bit, ok?” Kostas whispers to my beautiful sister.

Eleni nodded. Leaning forward, I played my fingers over her swelling breasts. I traced around her lovely globes until I reached her throbbing nipples, and she moaned. Playing with her nipples, I softly pinched and stroked up and down with my fingertips.

“Go on,” Kostas encouraged. “Taste them.”

That was new. I always enjoyed watching and caressing her but never tasted her skin before. I looked at my sister’s face, searching for a sign of disapproval… There were none… Leaning down, I ran the tip of my tongue around the areola of her right breast. I could feel the little bumps as my tongue traversed around and then I lapped over the top of Eleni’s engorged, hard nipple. She gasped. I pushed my head forward, opened my lips wide and sucked as much of her ample breast into my mouth as I could. I pulled up on it until only her hardened nipple was still between my lips and raced the tip of my tongue back and forth over it. Then I shifted my mouth to her left breast and repeated what I had done to her right breast.

“How does it feel, honey?” said Kostas as he increased the pace.

“Mmmhhh…” She moaned to us.

She had no power to speak. She could only moan between heavy breathing. Then Kostas leaned over her, leaving me no space on her lovely tits. I reluctantly pulled myself back. That was not enough for me… Never enough… But that was all I was allowed. His lips found hers and after a few hard thrusts, he emptied his load in her womb.

“I love you, honey,” said Kostas.

“I love you!” whispered Eleni.

They didn’t stay long. After quickly collecting themselves, they went back to their room, leaving me alone in the living room. I didn’t know whether they were doing me a favor or just torturing me. What was their purpose? Why were they doing this to me and to themselves? I read that some people had exhibitionist fetishes but this was far beyond exhibitionism. I had mixed feelings. Yes, I enjoyed every moment of these incidents. I was addicted to this and was looking forward to watching them again. The overwhelming feeling of guilt was gone for long. But it was replaced by curiosity. What we did was quite unusual… She was my sister and I had to know the motive of their actions.

My sister never spoke about these incidents with me. She behaved totally normal when Kostas was not around; like old times before this insanity. Despite the fact that I saw her naked several times, she always changed clothes behind closed doors, never letting me see more than usual. She treated me as her little brother rather than a pair of eyes watching her during her most intimate moments. I tried once to bring this subject up.

“Eleni,” I said, “about last night…”

She interrupted me. “I’ll make omelets for breakfast, how do you like it?”

She ignored my further attempts as well. She pretended as if nothing happened at night. She was just my big sister, nothing more… But I had to solve this mystery. I thought ‘If she ignores me, then I should talk to Kostas’. So, I called him the other day.

“Hey, pal!”

“Hello, Kostas. How are pendik escort you doing?”

“Great. How about you?”

“Not bad, not bad. Thanks. Look, I think we have to talk.”

“Talk? Well, ok. Then… Talk!”

“Rather face to face. “

“Hmm, ok. Look, I’ll be there tomorrow.”

“No, no,” I interrupted him. “I’d prefer us to be alone. Just you and I, ok? I don’t want Eleni to be around.”

“I see.”

“So, do you have some time today?”

“All right. Look, why don’t you come here now? I’m at my workshop.”

“Now? Good. That’s great. Then, I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Ok, I’m waiting.”

“See you, then.”

When I arrived there, he was working on a painting. He greeted me, offered me a beer. After a little chit chat, I came to the point.

“Kostas, I can’t pretend anymore as if nothing happens. We need to talk about this. Eleni ignores my questions and never talks it.”

“Aris, if she doesn’t want to talk, maybe we should respect.”

“Kostas. You don’t understand. I have to know!” I interrupted him.

“Know what?”

“Everything. What’s…What’s happening now? I don’t understand. I just don’t understand. What are you up to? What kind of relationship is this?”

“It’s a beautiful relationship, Aris. Your sister and I love each other and try to have fun, that’s all.

“Kostas! What we do, it’s not normal.”

“Not normal, you say. Ok, Aris. Define normal.”


“What is normal? Tell me.”

“Normal is normal. Sex must be done behind closed doors. That’s normal. Brothers do not watch their sisters having sex or fondle them or suck their tits.”

“What’s wrong with that, Aris?”I was puzzled by his question, he went on.

“What you describe as normal is what the society dictates you, pal. Why do we have to act according to other people’s beliefs? If something brings us joy, then there’s nothing wrong to do it.”

“Come on Kostas! That’s ridiculous.”

“Do we hurt anybody?”

“Well, no…But…”

“There’s nothing wrong with having pleasure. We enjoy doing that… Eleni and I feel extremely aroused when you are watching us. This spices up our sex life. We like it, so we do it. That’s all. There’s no harm in doing that.” He took a deep breath and went on. “You know what? This is the same conversation I had that with your sister. Exactly the same. I want you to be honest with me. Just tell me, don’t you like it?”

I hesitated for a moment.

“Come on, Aris,” he said.

“I do like it, but…”

“If you like it, then there’s no ‘but’. Do you want it to stop?”

“No…” I murmured.


“Well, I don’t know, Kostas…. She is my sister.”

“So what?”

I nodded. “Does she… Does she really like it?”

“Of course, she does,” he said.

“I don’t know Kostas. I feel like that she’s doing things just to pleasure you.”

“You have a point there, buddy. She’ll do anything to make me happy. But that’s the thing that makes her happy. I mean, she’s happy when I’m happy. Whatever pleasures me, pleasures her as well. Believe me pal; I never make her do things against her will. You know how much I love her. I’ll never hurt her feelings.”

“So, she told you that she wants me to watch her?”

“Not directly… But yes. I know her very well, Aris. Even if she doesn’t say anything verbally, I can tell what she wants to do. And what she doesn’t want. She couldn’t even confess to herself but I knew she wanted this. Don’t you see how much she’s aroused when you watch us? When you touch her body? It was just a matter of time until she gets used to this idea.”

“Yeah, looks like it.”

“She never regretted anything she had done. You have to trust me, buddy. She enjoys everything I make her do. Now, relax a little bit, ok?”

“Everything? What else are you two doing?”

He hesitantly answered. “Well… Things, that’s between me and her. Lover things, you know,”

I didn’t say anything, but I looked into his eyes persistently.

“Well,” he said. “Ok. I think you deserve to know. Wait here.”

He went to another room and then came back with a CD in his hand. He put it in the computer and opened a video.

rus escort My sister and an old man came to the screen. They were standing in a room, face to face. Eleni was topless and the man was sucking her tits. I was baffled.

“You…You do this with other people?” I asked Kostas.

“Just watch,” he answered.

When the camera zoomed, I recognized the man. He was Vasilis. I knew that my sister never liked him, but there, he was sucking and fondling her tits with lust.

Eleni spoke on the video. “Kostas, that’s enough. Turn that thing off!” She said.

Then Kostas’s voice was heard. He was the man behind the camera. “What? It has not been even a minute?”

“That’s enough,” she said.

“No,” said Kostas. “I will record all of this. She has magnificent tits, hasn’t she?”

“Always been my favorites,” responded Vasilis.

“Keep going, keep going.”

“Awee!” screamed Eleni. “Don’t bite, asshole!”

“Let him bite a little honey,” said Kostas.

“But my love…” protested Eleni.

“There’s no harm. Bite a little more man!”

Kostas zoomed to her tits. Vasilis was sucking so hard, almost trying to fit her breast in his mouth. Then he took her nipple between his teeth and pulled so hard like he was trying to tear it up. Eleni screamed with agony. Despite her protests, Vasilis kept on biting her tits and nipples and Kostas was enjoying this. He encouraged him to do more. Vasilis was harsh on Eleni as if she was just a piece of meat. In a short time, her tits were covered with bite marks. When her face came on screen, I noticed that her eyes were watering.

“Let’s see some action, Vasilis,” said Kostas.

Vasilis pushed Eleni down on her knees and undid his shorts freeing his swollen manhood.

“Yes, that’s it. Come on, honey. You know what to do,” said Kostas.

Eleni reluctantly took the swollen cock head into her mouth and swirled her tongue all around it.

“That’s it, baby,” said Kostas, “put up a good show for us.”

Vasilis groaned with pleasure as she started licking the entire shaft and sucking his thick head. Watching his beautiful girlfriend bobbing up and down on the swollen cock head was making Kostas even more aroused. He was constantly speaking to encourage them. Eleni was gently playing with Vasilis’s balls as she continued sucking on his cock head.

Suddenly, Vasilis started thrusting his cock into her mouth as if he was fucking it. Eleni was completely caught off guard by his action. She was trying her best to accommodate more of his manhood in her mouth. Vasilis jammed even more of his cock into her pretty mouth making her gag and sputter saliva. She instinctively moved her head back letting his shaft fall out of her mouth.

She roared, “Hey, asshole. Go slow!”

“Come On honey, don’t ruin the scene!” said Kostas behind the camera.

“But honey…”

Kostas interrupted her again. “Baby, let him have his fun. Do you have any idea how it feels for a man at this age to bury his cock in the mouth of a 19 year old gorgeous baby, like you. So, please be nice to him. Besides, do you know how wonderful you look in that position? This makes a perfect video. I love you so much honey, please keep up. “

“Fine,” she said and turned to Vasilis. “I’m doing this for him, not for you. Understand?”

“Whatever,” he said. “Keep sucking.”

“I hate you,” she murmured and took his dick back in her hand.

“Do not use your hands,” said Vasilis. “I am going to fuck your mouth.”

He put his hands on the back of her head and thrust forward. In spite of her aversion, she moved her hands to grab his naked ass for support and opened her mouth to accommodate his thick shaft.

“Yeah baby, that’s it,” Kostas said. “You can’t imagine how I like to watch you doing this. Keep ramming, Vasilis.”

The old man fiercely fucked her mouth. Each time he would ram into her mouth she would choke, gag and spit out saliva and he would let up, pulling out his cock. Then as soon as she caught her breath, he shoved his back into her mouth. Initially, she took only half of his cock in her mouth. Relentlessly, he kept on savagely thrusting into her mouth, forcing her to slowly take more of his hardness into her mouth. sancaktepe escort After five minutes of brutal face fucking, Eleni was able to completely take his cock inside.

“Yes, she took it all,” said Vasilis.

Kostas responded. “Of course, she did. I am proud of you, baby.”

“She is a first class slut,” said Vasilis.

Eleni’s nose was buried in his pubic hair and his balls were hanging below her chin. Her face was covered with the slimy mix of spit and precum. Her face was an obscene mess but yet she looked so beautiful. She continued to willingly accept the savage onslaught. She was choking, gagging, spitting saliva and her eyes were watering.

“I can’t hold myself anymore. I’m cumming,” Vasilis groaned and started shaking.

He held her head tight and buried his cock deep in her throat. Eleni was groaning and trying to pull her head back. Vasilis did not let her go and kept pushing her head towards his groin. As Eleni was struggling and making strange sounds, Vasilis was groaning with lust. She couldn’t breathe and I saw a mixture of semen and vomit oozing out of the corner of her mouth, but Kostas sounded enjoying her condition.

“Yes, that’s it, baby. You look fabulous. You are perfect. I am proud of you baby.”

After maybe twenty seconds of struggling, Vasilis felt satisfied and released in Eleni’s mouth. She spat out the mixture of cum, vomit, and saliva and took a very deep breath. Then she coughed and punched Vasilis’s legs in anger.

“You son of a bitch. I almost died.”

Kostas left the camera on the ground. Nothing could be seen on the screen, only their voices could be heard.

“Easy honey, easy,” he said. “You were a wonderful baby. Do you know how happy you make me?”

Eleni was very angry and swearing to Vasilis and Kostas was trying to soothe her. “You are my one and only love,” he said. “You are a wonderful woman. No one can make me happier.”

At this point, Kostas forwarded the video a few minutes. Now, Vasilis was holding the camera. On the screen, Kostas and Eleni were sitting on the floor, hugging each other and kissing.

“I need to fuck your pussy now!” Kostas growled at her with lust. He held her hands and helped her stand up. Then, he ripped open the buttons of her shorts and pushed them down to her feet. She looked at him panting with passion and excitement as she stepped out of her shorts.

“Bend over the bed with your legs spread!” He barked at her.

She obediently did as he asked her to do. Now Vasilis zoomed in on her back. Wearing her pink thong, her round ass looked hot. Kostas moved behind her, hungrily ran his hands over the fleshy orbs, squeezing them. Then he spanked her mildly making Eleni yelp and she buried her head in her hands. Then he spanked her harder a few more times which completely reddened the smooth creamy skin of her ass. She looked back at him and her face was flushed with excitement. Eleni flinched quickly as Kostas ripped off the flimsy panties she was wearing.

He opened up his pants, took his cock out and lined it with the sopping wet, swollen pussy lips and impaled her with the entire length of his hard shaft with a savage thrust. Eleni screamed loudly as she was filled up. Kostas slowly withdrew his cock as her wet pussy lips clung on to the withdrawing hard meat. He just left the tip of his cock inside the inner lips of her pussy without moving. Eleni moved her hips to get his cock back inside her wet aching hole. But as she tried to move, he held her hips in place and again impaled her in one savage thrust, making her scream again.

“Please, baby! Give it to me… I need it.” Eleni begged.

Hearing her beg like this, Kostas started pounding into her like a madman. The speakers of the computer were filled with the sloppy, wet sound of a hard cock filling up a wet, leaking fuck hole. He did not last long, he kept fucking her till he emptied his balls inside her. They both came together hard and collapsed on the bed. The video ended at this point.

Kostas was looking at me, wondering what my reaction would be. I didn’t know what to think. He was a bastard, who was using my sister for his own amusement. She made her do things, which she probably never imagined before. He humiliated her; he let an old pig assault and hurt her. He treated her like a piece of fuck meat. But at the end, she enjoyed all of this. And even though it was my sister they agonized, I was also filled with lust.

“I want this!” I said.

“I can burn you a copy.”

“No, no,” I said. “I want ‘this'”

Kostas grinned from ear to ear.

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