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Big Dick

It has been a long, lonely weekend with my wife away on a shopping trip with friends. The house feels very empty as I walk down stairs to take a shower.

There’s nothing like a hot shower to make me miss my wife even more. It reminds me of what I don’t have right now. The shower feels too big with out a naked woman in here pressing her body against me. I close my eyes as the hot water runs down my front and can almost hear her low whisper.

“We better not forget to clean this.”

My cock jumps to life as her soapy hand runs down the length of it, pulling the skin back to let the water massage the tip while her fingers wrap around the shaft and begin to move. My eyes spring open, hopeful, but no, I am still alone, though I now have a major hard-on. I contemplate giving myself a hand job but there is something about the thought that just makes me feel even more lonely. With a sigh I finish my shower and get dressed for bed.

I put on a black sleeveless tee-shirt that my wife gave me and a pair of tight black boxers. Just thinking of the way she looks at me when I dress like this starts getting me hard again. It seems like one of these days I would learn to not torture myself like this, but it is not this day. I go to bed with a stiff cock and try to get some sleep.

My dreams are filled with her.

I hear a noise outside my bedroom door and walk out to find my wife standing in the living room. She is wearing a pair of tight low-rise blue jeans and a red and black corset. As I enter the room she spins slowly around so I can take in her whole body, the jeans hugging the round cheeks of her perfect ass.

“Do you like my new outfit, baby?”

In response I grab her and pull her close, my stiff cock pressing against her ass as I reach around to squeeze her firm tits. One hand moves down extraordinary izle to unzip her pants and slide them over shapely hips to reveal her sexy ass, covered now by only a pair of white, see through boyshort panties. My hand moves inside her panties, feeling the moistness growing at her pussy. She is beginning to moan softly as my fingers part her lips and slide into her.

“Well,” She moans, “It seems someone missed me.”

I push her shoulders forward until she is leaning over the couch. My fingers come out of her pussy long enough to pull her panties down and then remove my boxers. She looks back over her shoulders and gives her ass a little wiggle and I grab it again, pulling it back as my cock sinks deep into her pussy from behind. This elicits a n almost scream from her and I pound in furiously, my lack of sex the night before culminating in a wild desire to fuck her hard and quick. I can feel my orgasm about to start…

We are walking through a lingerie store. She is wearing a tight black dress that barely covers her ass and every time she bends over to look at something it rides up a little and I can see her ass, the cheeks divided by a bit of pink satin from the panties she is wearing. She turns to me holding a red lace teddy and grabs my hand as we move back to the dressing room so she can try it on. I am inside the dressing room as my wife bends over to remove her heels. The dress rides up again and as she bends lower her ass cheeks seem to spread invitingly. My hard cock is soon pressing her thong aside and as I enter her ass she lets out a low moan of pleasure. I thrust hard and deep, one hand reaching around to push fingers inside her wet pussy while the other pulls her against me. Her moans have turned to almost screams, my fingers that are inside her can feel forecasting love and weather izle the walls of her pussy tightening with her orgasms as she cums hard. I can feel my own beginning to build. One more hard thrust deep inside her ass and…

It’s a summer afternoon. We are somewhere in a grassy clearing in the forest near our house. I am bending over to get a drink from a small stream when a pair of black lace panties land beside me. I slowly turn around and there she is, laying back in the soft grass, her pants gone, panties dangling from my hand and her pussy waiting invitingly as the soft breeze blows across it’s moistness. I move forward soon I am between her legs, my shaft deep inside her. Her breasts are suddenly bare and my hands grab the round globes and squeeze. Feeling the firmness of them and listening to her moans as I roll her nipples between my fingers. I push deeper inside her, my cock throbs in time to her moans. I can feel the wetness from her orgasm. I am almost there…

We are in a restaurant somewhere. I am sure there are other people around but I don’t notice them. The only thing I see is my woman, laying on the table before me, a flowery skirt pulled high, her flexible legs up on my shoulders as I grab her thighs and pull her back onto my cock. She is screaming with pleasure. I have one quick thought to wonder how big of a tip I am going to have to leave here before my breath quickens and all thoughts are erased from my mind. It is building strong inside me…

I am seated on the couch in our living room. The sounds of a porno on the tv in front of me fill the air but I can’t see what is on the screen. A pair of breasts are bouncing in front of me as my own porn star slides up and down my shaft. Her perfect tits glisten freeridge izle slightly with a sheen of sweat she has built up riding me so hard. The smell of her sex is in the air. My legs are quite wet so she must have cum several times already. As another orgasm rocks her body she leans back and looks over her shoulder to watch the action on the screen as another girl screams with pleasure while a huge cock fills her with cum. My own body is ready for release. I can feel it so close…

There are soft, moist lips running across my cock. Her fingers graze by balls and gently run across my ass, one moist digit stopping to rub a little more firm at my hole. Her mouth is poised over my cock. There is a wicked grin on her face as she looks up into my eyes and then drops her head down, sucking hungrily. At the same time her finger enters me. The pleasure is so intense. My cock is deep in her mouth, her lips almost touching my balls. She begins moving her head up and down in time with her finger moving in and out. Her tongue is swirling around my shaft. I can feel the pleasure building again…

I feel a cool, moistness on my cock. My eyes shoot open as a tight pressure surrounds my shaft. I look down my body in time to see my cock disappearing into the puckered hole of my wife’s ass. She sinks all the way down with a little grind and a deep moan as she kneels astride me, facing away. Slowly her ass rises again. I watch as my cock begins to appear before she slams down hard again with another moan. She begins to ride me furiously, leaning forward and letting her ass work me hard. Her hand seems to be working her pussy and clit and she is moaning almost steady. Finally a wild orgasm takes over her, her whole body shaking as she slams me as deep into her ass as she can get. I respond with my own orgasm. I can feel my cum squirting out deep into her hole. Finally our orgasms subside. My wife pulls up off me, letting me stare at her ass for a second as a little bit of my cum dribbles out before turning around to face me.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you up? You had such a hard cock as you lay there sleeping and I thought it would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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