Dr. Wormwood’s Diary

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Two months ago my father, Dr. Eberhard Wormwood, passed away of a severe and sudden heart attack. Being his only progeny and living relative, except for Uncle Willy (my mother passed away years ago), I took on the chore of settling his financial affairs, sorting through volumes of personal and professional letters and papers, and closing his psychiatric practice. That endeavor led me to the discovery of his personal diary; and that revelation led me to the soul-shattering epiphany that I had never really known my father – only a carefully crafted, full-body mask which was nothing more

than ‘a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea.’

Wisteria Wormwood


It was two months since the funeral. Uncle Willy had been a great help to Wisteria and they sat in her father’s oak paneled office to the rear of his modest but very private Scarborough estate. The shelves and shelves of medical case books remained untouched. The furniture and leather therapy couch remained dust free but undisturbed. The contents of his filing cabinets, except for one which was locked with no key insight, were reviewed but completely intact.

Wisteria sat brooding, but remembered the good times the three of them had had. She and Uncle Willy and her father met at least once a week for dinner in midtown and she remembered how she’d tease her uncle mercilessly by flashing glimpses of cleavage his way whenever her father wasn’t looking. It was a little game they’d both enjoyed for years, but now it seemed about to end – as though a heavy steel door had suddenly swung shut. Uncle Willy was seven years younger than her father, and Wisteria was seven years younger than her uncle, so their age disparity was inconsequential and rarely mentioned. She glanced over at her uncle, sitting motionless and reflective across her father’s massive desk.

Whatever there may have been between them had always been contained – rolled up in a scroll and sealed with the wax of decency, respect and fear. As Wisteria grew from a beautiful child to a vivacious teen to a sumptuous young woman, her physical attributes hardly escaped the lecherous eye of her handsome uncle. But likewise, his hard athletic body, when compared to the flabby, unkempt torsos of her numerous admirers, became increasingly attractive as her years progressed. And she never failed to sit at his side during long motor rides, or sit at his knee when he told his army stories, or play her little flashing game whenever possible. The organic ripeness of her supple body often interrupted his train of thought with an unconsciousness hardening in his groin. She would often feel his penetrating gaze and sexual thirst, and frequently dreamed of him devouring her forbidden fruit. But never had either of them verbalized their mutual secret desires – out of respect for Eberhard – beloved father and trusted brother.

William broke the solemn silence, with a strong baritone harmonic.

“It’s time you thought about a family, Wisteria. The years are flying by. Why no dotting husband to share the ride? Pick a young, strapping beau and tie him up.”

His tone was light and casual. But the question hit one of her few raw nerves and the truth came spilling out.

“I’ve been saving all my love for you, Uncle William.”

There was no smile to soften the blow. There was no wink to lighten the delivery – no more childhood nicknames. Wisteria leaned forward on both elbows, exposing a huge swell of pulsating bosom and left her uncle stunned, with absolutely no wiggle room. She had checked the king and in her mind he had only one possible move.

Uncle Willie rose slowly and deliberately, bolted the door to the reception area from the inside, and returned to the chair facing his sultry ward.

“Wisteria, during the past two months I have shared every family story with you that I could remember. I’ve told you all the good things your father did, and all the harmless pranks he loved to spring. I’ve told you all of the family secrets we’ve had locked in the closet for many, many years…”

His niece nodded her head in appreciation.

“Except for one… One big one.”

William crouched forward then stood before the ingénue. Her eyes had opened wide and wonder now replaced her steamy reverie.

“Did your father ever tell you why they named him Eberhard?”

“No, I don’t think so – not that I recall.”

William leaned atakent escort over the desk and picked up the stub of a warn pencil.

“Well it seems that when your father was born, he emerged from his mother’s womb with a tiny, but full blown erection.”

Wisteria blinked, then began to laugh hysterically. The image that formed in her mind of a little baby stroking a raging hardon made her forget her forlorn circumstances.

“Uncle William! What a thing to say! I mean, about my own father!”

“And there’s something else, Wisteria. All Wormwood men share the same curse.”

Uncle Willie said no more but began to unbuckle his belt as Wisteria’s eyes widened. When his trousers were loose he dropped them to the floor with his boxers with a grand flourish. In the fading afternoon light, she gasped at the sight of a leathery, blood red fire hose hanging down between his legs, at least twice the size of anything she had ever seen before – except in the movies.

“My God! It’s huge! Jesus Uncle William, it’s a monster!”

William raised his pants, tucked in his shirt and sat back down.

“Your father was two inches bigger. He had the largest cock I’ve ever seen.”

An erotic cloud of shock and awe settled over the stately office. An emotional roller coaster ride was just beginning. Wisteria slumped back in her chair, trying to reconcile her memories of father with these new revelations. But the task was impossible. They were two different men, two different persons, and she only knew one of them. Finally her head cleared. She stood slowly but very erect, walked around to her uncle and faced him resolutely as he stood.

“Unbutton my blouse, William.”

Without any hesitation, he began to fumble with the pearl buttons and fine silk. His fingers were burning as he brushed against her heaving breasts.

“Do not touch my breasts. They are very sensitive.” Wisteria read her uncle like a book and stepped into a role that was written for her, turning her back to him when he had finished.

“Slip the blouse off – slowly! Then unclasp my bra.”

Uncle William did as ordered and stepped back to take in her slender beauty.

“Where are you going? Slip off my bra and cup my breasts with your hands, gently.”

William complied and she leaned back against him sensuously.

“Yes, that’s it – gently. Feel their weight. Finger my nipples – gently. Kiss the back of my neck.”

Wisteria was toying with her uncle, but he didn’t seem to mind. Uncle Willie had dreamed of fondling those breasts for years, and he was quite willing to play any role she wanted just to once coddle her luscious melons.

“Now unzip the back of my skirt.”

Again, William did as directed and the navy blue sheath dropped to the floor. Now it was Willie’s turn to gasp. Her butt was a perfectly rounded, heart shaped moon just barely covered by her sheer silk panties. Her legs were firm like an alabaster Venus. Wisteria’s back was still turned to her uncle, but she could feel his eyes devouring her. Turning about, she stepped out of her heels and reached for his throbbing crotch.

“I’ve dreamed of fucking you for years, ever since I was fourteen. It was a favorite fantasy of mine when I was still a virgin.” Wisteria glanced away from his stare. “For years I hoped that you’d be the one to make me a woman.”

Though that hurdle had long since passed, she now knew the time had come to fulfill her deepest yearning. She paused for a moment in total submission. “I’ve never had anyone your size before, and my lovers have been few and far between. You will have to go very, very slow, Uncle.”

William took her in his arms and kissed her passionately, sucking the wind from her lungs as he almost swallowed her tongue. In a second he was naked and took command, leading her to the couch. As she lounged back he straddled the broad leather psychiatric confessional and raised her legs, removing the silk panty veil and last obstruction to their union.

“Drape your legs over mine. I want to see your golden pussy. I want to smell your warm perfume.”

Wisteria did as instructed and moved closer, within striking range of his 12″ dowser as William reached below the couch, retrieved a bottle of warm oil and carefully drizzled it over her breasts. With the tip of his rod teasing her love lips, he gently and slowly began to massage ataköy escort her breasts, with more and more almond oil until her entire chest was a slippery mass of quivering flesh. Never again, during this encounter, would he use his lips. They were reserved for future conquests. Over and over his hands circled her fleshy mounds, alternating between palms and finger tips, light and heavy, pleasure and pain as her nipples reacted to his manly touch.

Minutes seemed to stretch into hours as she lost all sense of time when finally even his touch seemed to melt away. Her glands succumbed to sensory overload and all sensation from her orbs simply shutdown in shock. She could no longer feel the warmth of his hands, but a flaming torch at her entrance suddenly consumed her consciousness.

William reached below the couch again and anointed his cock head with a thick dollop of warm white cream. Aromatic juices were already gushing from Wisteria’s font, but he knew they would not be enough to lubricate his massive totem. Ever so gently, with both thumbs, he parted her labia and snuggled his arrowhead into her burning breach.

“Relax Wisteria. Breath deeply and slowly. Shift your mind to your loins. Welcome my staff with open arms. Relax your loins. Relax your thighs. Feel the tension melt away. I will not hurt you. I will not engage until you are ready. Let your love juices flow. Beckon me with your open flower.”

William was coaching her in a soft deep voice as he manually rubbed his cockhead up and down the length of her vulva, pushing softly every three or four strokes, probing skillfully the mouth of her vagina. Suddenly, the commingled heat of both their bodies turned the room into a virtual inferno. Both bodies started sweating profusely and William’s legendary control seemed on the brink of evaporating – even before penetration – while Wisteria’s mind could focus on nothing but her burning loins. William increased the pressure slightly and felt her resistance slacken. The gateway to Eden was opening slowly.

“Wisteria! Wisteria!” He squeezed her face cheeks to end her stupor.

“Love me, Uncle William. I love you. Fill me with your love.”

“Wisteria! Wake up and listen!” There were no second thoughts or pains of conscience as he felt his helmet slipping ever deeper, ever closer to their final fusion, but a twinge of guilt rose for an instant and he felt compelled to issue one last warning.


His young niece opened her eyes and focused on their heaving bodies.

“Wisteria. You must consider the consequences.”

“Love me, Uncle. There is no shame.”

“Never before have I shared me seed with any other women. That was your father’s tragic blunder. Wormwood sperm vibrate at a very high frequency. It will change your tone forever.”

William felt himself slipping. It was way too late to warn her. The mouth of her vagina was dilating rapidly and had almost negotiated his Orion’s rim. She was desperately pushing her pelvis downward, forcing his massive intrusion.

“Listen darling. This not about love, this is about communion. Once our bodies are joined today, no other man will ever satisfy you. No matter how many bucks you bed, they will never quench your thirst – they will never satisfy your hunger for life. You will crave my seed and staff forever.”

“Fuck me, Darling Uncle. Fuck me as hard as you can!”

William could hold back no longer. “Then with this wand, I thee wed.”

He grabbed hold of Wisteria’s hips and leaned forward just enough. Her reaction was immediate and convulsive. With only three inches of his massive pole buried inside her tight tunnel, the rim itself was enough to drive her over the edge. Sharp contractions ripped through her loins, juices gushed everywhere, and even her pert little asshole quivered with painful delight.

Eons of spasms later, she collapsed backwards and gasped for air as her breath returned slowly and sweat burned into her squinting eyes.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! What have you done,” she said, still choking?

William shimmied a half inch closer and deeper, reaching out once again for her breasts and blood red nipples.

“Rest now, Darling, while I explore the hidden path to your soul.”

He took a cashmere throw and covered her torso from hips to neck. The room was still warm but he knew from experience that chills atalar escort would soon set in. Wisteria closed her eyes and relaxed, squeezing the walls of her vagina around his extended manhood. The passion and pain subsided quickly as she settled in for what she hoped would be some seriously extended intercourse. William spoke first.

“Promise me you’ll continue your father’s work. His research was not finished.”

“But Uncle William…” Wisteria was taken aback. This was no time for shop talk but she didn’t want to offend her uncle either, sliding down slightly to push another inch into her still trembling cunt. “I’m not a psychiatrist. Remember? Ob/Gyn – remember?”

“It doesn’t matter, Wisteria. Your father’s work went way beyond the simplistic demarcations of modern medicine.”

William withdrew his cock completely and reached down again for some warm lubricant – this time covering his pole completely.

“What the hell is down there, anyway? You’re freaking me out.”

Uncle William smiled as he slid his cock gently back into her burning pussy.

“Your father was engaged in some very advanced research Wisteria. He developed therapies light years ahead of our “generally accepted methods.” There were no boundaries to his mind. He was a real genius, and he had an enormous cock.”

Passion was beginning to well up once again in the young woman’s loins.

“Fill me with your seed, Uncle William. I want to feel your spunk deep inside me. My tubes were tied years ago. I once dated a married surgeon who liked to fuck me ‘au natural’ – with wild abandon.”

“Did you hear what I said before, about my semen”?

“Not too clearly – something about good vibrations.”

“Every person’s body vibrates at a slightly different pitch, sort of a cosmic signature, a unique name that no one else has. Wormwood seed vibrates at a very high frequency. It will transform your sex organs forever.”

“But I’m a Wormwood also. So that’s the difference?”

“The whole male/female thing. You would normally tone down to your husband’s vibration, if he were lower. Once our frequencies unite, this will be impossible. Should we part for whatever reason, your sexual appetites will never again be satiated.”

William started rubbing her aroused clitoris. “No matter how many ships dock in this lovely port, no other mast will ever completely satisfy your soul. Sex will be sex and your orgasms will continue, but the harmonic communion we are about to share will never be had again with another partner. Are you absolutely sure you want to continue?”

“I’ve always loved you Uncle and I always will. I’ve never really wanted anyone but you.” Wisteria remembered. “But you said something about not sharing your seed.”

William grasped the root of his hardened member, thrusting it in and out slowly like a stiffened fire hose. He nodded at her question.

“I’ve always loved you also, Wisteria. I’ve never allowed myself to ejaculate inside another person. I was saving that bond for you and would have died a fallow celibate had your father lived longer.”

The loving partners were now aroused beyond words. William had buried his pathfinder a full eight inches a dared go no further. He thought he could feel the tender lips of her uterus, but wasn’t quite sure in her hyper-excited state.

“You know we will never be able to marry, Wisteria. Our friends would never accept it. But if you pick up where your father left off, we can work together and live as though we were wed – a team, of sorts, in the public eye. I’ve already started the legal ball rolling on his foundation.”

By now Wisteria’s head was spinning. The pain in her loins was gone but the discomfort of Uncle Willie’s huge member remained. Then, without any warning, Blast! A volcano erupted inside her belly and white hot lava gushed into every throbbing crevice!

“Jesus! My almighty! I’m drowning! I’m burning inside! Holy heat pump!

William’s explosion triggered her own climax and their two bodies fused as never before, after thrashing about convulsively for what seemed to be an eternity.

Wisteria awoke an hour later, starving and alone. Salty semen still oozed from aching loins but William had carefully straightened her legs on the couch and covered her with a blanket. The room was dark except for the desk lamp, where she found a note and a small tin key.

“Sorry Darling! The hospital called. I’ll be back as soon as possible for some real love making. In the meantime, here’s the missing link you’ve looking for – it’s the key to your past and your future.”

Wisteria wiped her brow and lifted the blanket over her shoulders.

“Oh my God!” Wisteria thought. “I’ve awakened a ravenous wolf!”

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