Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

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Her doctor told her that swimming would be good exercise for her. She had the perfect place picked out where she could go and be alone, and feel free. It was this nice little place she found while hiking. It had beautiful green trees and lush plants that were always growing, just like the baby inside of her. The best thing about this place was the warm sensual waterfall. Amani took all of her clothes off and slowly submerged herself into the water, letting the water come around her like a warm lover’s touch. As it reached her breasts, her nipples hardened to fullness. She pulled out the raft she had made and hid away for safe keeping, then climbed up on it and gently pushed herself out into the water.

Feeling the warm sun upon her body she just had to touch herself. She reached between her legs and slowly rubbed her clit. As she moved her head to the side she thought she spotted a glimpse of a person. Taking a second look she realized it must have been her imagination.

He had just discovered this place yesterday and was sure that no one else had ever been here before. As he came upon the lake he thought illegal bahis he could see a figure floating on the water. He almost turned to leave in disappointment until he saw that it was a beautiful female who was naked and wonderfully pregnant. He sat there hiding, mesmerized by the way she was so comfortable just laying there naked and fully exposed. He wanted so badly to touch her and feel the hard belly that had a life growing inside of it. He undressed quickly and quietly; he waited until she had turned her head and then slowly and quietly submerged himself into the water.

She was so into reaching her orgasm that she hadn’t even noticed he had entered the water, until she looked to the side and saw him there next to the raft smiling up at her. She gasped and sat straight up trying to cover herself.

“Shhhhhh. It’s O.K. I’m not going to hurt you,” he whispered.

She looked at him and a smile slowly crept up on her face as she began to blush. “Ummm, I thought I was all alone. I didn’t realize anyone else knew about this place,” she whispered back.

“I didn’t think so either but illegal bahis siteleri I am sure glad that you know of it.”

He reached up and tucked the lock of wet hair that had fallen in her face, trailing his fingers down to her shoulder. She rubbed her cheek against his soft wet hands, and smiled at him. She reached down into the water and touched his chest, feeling how strong and hard it was. He pulled himself up onto the raft, kissing her slowly and gently tasting every part of her. He grabbed the hand she had been touching herself with and put it in his mouth, sucking on it slowly and seductively. By then she wanted to taste him and feel him so much that she put her hands between his legs and started stroking him until he was hard. She laid him down on the raft and straddled him in the 69 position. She slowly went down, putting him into her mouth and licking and sucking on him.

“Ohhhhhhhhh baby that feels so good,” he moaned. He parted her lips, slowly licked her clit and stuck his tongue deep into her, feeling her juices run down on his face and into his mouth. He slid his thumb over her canlı bahis siteleri clit making her almost reach the breaking point and then stopped.

She screamed, “Don’t stop!!!” He stuck a finger deep inside her and flicked his tongue over her already hard clit almost making her reach her orgasm. As she was about to reach orgasm she took him as deep in her mouth as she could and slid him in and out while stroking the rest of him with her wet hand. Just as he was about to cum in her mouth, she stopped and laid him on the raft, straddling him. He reached up and ran his hand over her belly, feeling the baby growing inside of her kick and move against his touch. He moaned as he reached down, slipped his finger between her legs and started rubbing her clit. She moved up and down and up and down while reaching behind him and rubbing on his balls. “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YES YES YES YES baby! I am going to cuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!” he screamed.

“Me tooooooooo!” she screamed with him.

Both of their bodies shook in uncontrollable orgasms. She fell on top of him, out of breath. She leaned over him, kissed him gently, and whispered into his ear, “Thank you.” He smiled at her, kissed her tenderly then slid down into the water and swam away. She watched him and sighed sadly, knowing that she had to go back to her husband, and would never see this man again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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