Dixie’s Halloween Night

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“Hey guys!” Dixie called to her cousin’s as she walked into one of the small barns on her Uncle’s vast property.

“Howdy!” Grant and Jamie called out at the same time. “What are you doing here? Did Pa rope you into helping out again this year?” Jamie asked. He stepped forward and hugged his cousin tightly. He knew it was wrong that he felt a thrill at the sensation of his cousin’s big tits press against his chest. Grant stepped forward and hugged her too. Each of them held on a few beats too long, but she never said anything about that.

“Uncle Russ called my mom a few weeks ago and asked if I could help out with Spook-Fest again this Halloween. I love it and he pays well, so I figured why not? Besides I get to hang with my favourite cousins.” Dixie smiled sweetly at them.

“You know Dix…we are all over the age of eighteen now. We should all be at some party tonight, not running Spook-Fest on my parent’s farm! Don’t all the little kids annoy you?” Jamie asked. Dixie noticed how he stared at her breasts. She didn’t bother asking him to stop. She kind of liked the attention. And her cousins may be hicks, but they were pretty hot hicks. She had even heard through the grapevine that they were hicks with big dicks too. Maybe she could find out if that rumour was fact or fiction sometime soon.

“Nahh! This is fun guys! The little kids are cute and I just love the atmosphere of Halloween!”

“So, you are a blonde now?” Grant asked suddenly.

Dixie laughed. “Yeah! Don’t you like it?”

“Yeah it’s nice, but I liked you as a redhead. Redheads are hot.”

Jamie clapped Grant on the back of his head. “She is your cousin! She is not supposed to be hot!”

“I am too! Jamie, don’t you find me hot?” Dixie asked with mock annoyance.

“Well…I…” Jamie stammered as he tended to do when he was really nervous.

“You should wear it down too. It looks like porn star hair when you wear it down.” Grant blurted again. Dixie knew that Grant lacked that thing that would stop thoughts from going right from your brain to your mouth. She kind of liked his innocence and honesty.

“Shut up Grant!” Jamie chastised.

“None of that, boys! I will have it down for dinner tonight, just for you Grant.” Dixie paused and looked around. “So, Uncle Russ sent me out here to help you setup the Haunted Barn. What can I do first?”

“Why don’t you just relax on the hay bales? We have this under control.” Jamie suggested. He was always trying to coddle Dixie, like she was some china doll.

“Jamie, you say that all the time! Let me help.” Dixie protested. She honestly wanted to help. She loved making the barn spooky for the little guests that would wander through the next evening.

“Ok…ok…why don’t you setup the graveyard over there?” Jamie watched his cousin’s face light up. She was a stunner for sure with her fair skin, big blue eyes, a smattering of freckles on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She had big boobs and a perfectly rounded ass that made a man just want to reach out and smack it. He would have to keep his distance or she would for sure notice the thickening member in his pants.

“Sounds good to me!” She said cheerfully and all three cousins set off to work.

A half hour of working on the graveyard had Dixie feeling a little warm. It was unusually warm for late October in these parts. She stripped off her light jacket, and defiantly didn’t miss Grant watching her closely. He seemed to like her tight fitting pink t-shirt. It said ‘Easy Going’ on it, but the word ‘Easy’ was much larger that the word ‘Going’, and plastered across her tits. Her father hated this t-shirt.

“Easy, huh?” Grant asked when he approached Dixie.

“Maybe.” Dixie said without commitment.

“Are you shy, Dixie?”

“Nope…but I don’t want you to rat me out to our parents.” Dixie smiled wickedly.

“Oh come one! I would never rat you out Dix.”

“Then, yes. I have been easy at times.” Dixie looked around at the heavy faux gravestones. They gave her a naughty idea.

“Me too.” Grant admitted. It was no surprise to Dixie. Grant was sexy. She could imagine that girls would line up to take a ride on Grant. Hell, she would line up to take a ride on Grant, if she had the opportunity.

“Do you want to know what I am thinking about right now?” Dixie asked with mischief in her voice.

“What’s that?”

Dixie looked around to see where Jamie was. He tended to be a wet blanket and wouldn’t approve of the conversation she and Grant were having. He was nowhere in sight so she turned back toward the very interested Grant. “I was just wondering if these fake gravestones would be a good height to be bent over and fucked from behind.”

“Oh.” Grant said stupidly. His mind was suddenly fuzzy. The blood from his head had run somewhere else.

Dixie noticed the growing bulge in her cousin’s jeans. It looked quite large. “Wanna help me figure this out? I could bend over this stone and you bostancı escort could pretend to fuck me.”

Grant cleared his throat. He shuffled his feet in the straw on the floor of the barn. He looked around. “I can’t.” He said finally.

Dixie made a wounded face. “Why not?”

Grant ran through the same routine for a second time – cleared throat, shuffled feet and looked around. “I am fucking hard. I don’t want you to feel that pressed against you.” He looked down at his boots. He seemed ashamed.

“I have felt a hard cock before, you know! I have had one stuffed in a few of my holes too. So, feeling yours pressed against me won’t scare me or anything.” Dixie said bluntly. She surprised herself slightly with her bluntness, but she seemed to have surprised Grant more.

“Some mouth you got on you there, Cuz!” Grant grabbed Dixie and swung her around so her back was to his chest. He used his body to push hers forward until her thighs came into contact with one of the gravestones. Using his body he forced her to bend over the stone. Her perfect ass was beautifully showcased within her tight blue jeans. Grant felt his cock throb in his pants.

“Now pump me!” Dixie demanded.

Grant obliged his cousin readily. He held her firmly by her hips and humped her roughly. Dixie seemed quite into the action; actually they both were until Jamie came around the corner.

“What the hell are you two doing?” He all but yelled.

Both Dixie and Grant straightened and jumped away from each other. Neither answered Jamie’s question. He had seen clearly enough what they had been doing. All their clothes were still in place, so nothing to explain. Dixie didn’t blush, but she was already flushed from the joy of feeling Grant grind against her. She couldn’t have denied that she was moist between her legs as well.

“I have no idea what was going on here, but let’s just get this haunted barn setup, ok? Why don’t you go back to working on the headless horseman, Grant?”

“Jamie?” Dixie asked.

“What?” He was short with her.

“Are you upset because you want a turn too? I would gladly bend over the stone again, if you want to hump me?” Dixie offered without a hint of shyness. Grant almost cracked up, but managed to hold his laughter.

“This is sick! Dixie, you are our cousin and I don’t know how things are done where you live, but we just don’t fuck with our cousins here.” Jamie answered testily. It was that moment that Dixie realized she intended to do just that. She would fuck with her cousins before Halloween night ended. Jamie was going to be a challenge, but Dixie liked a challenge.

“Ok, Jamie. I am sorry. We were just goofing off. Let’s all get back to work.”Dixie pretended to give in, but had Jamie noticed the naughty gleam in her eyes he would have known this had just begun.

They all went back to work, and Dixie remained on her best behaviour all evening. She went to bed early in preparation of a busy Halloween. She masturbated herself to orgasm in her bed in the guest room. While she did so she thought of her cousin’s big dicks filling her and pleasuring her. She was thrilled with her plan to seduce them. She would get what she wanted. She always got what she wanted.


It was a brisk but pleasant Halloween evening. Not a cloud in the sky and just a light breeze that carried the joyous giggles of happy children. Witches, ghosts, goblins and Princesses bounded everywhere, but Dixie’s favourites were the toddlers in the fuzzy animal costumes. She was working admissions. Parents poured in with their little ones. It was somewhere safe for their kids to play and enjoy Halloween without being on the streets. Most of the kids were ten and under. Dixie smiled and greeted the kids. She took the admission fee from the parents and passed out goodies to everyone.

Dixie knew that Grant was working the Haunted Hay Ride, and Jamie was working the crude little concession stand that sold coffee, tea and hot chocolate for the parents. Uncle Russ was supervising the small petting zoo and various other activities. Aunt Lilly worked the front market which was actually open year round, but far more busy this time of year. She had assistance from her regular staff. Uncle Russ had hired some local teens to run others games and events such as build-your-own-scarecrow and pumpkin painting. Throughout the farm grounds there were lots of stations for Trick-O-Treating, as well as staff in costumes handing out goodies. The grounds were well lit, but many parents brought flashlights as well. Just like the past five years, this year’s Spook-Fest was a wild success.

“I like your costume, sexy devil!” The man at Dixie’s window said. He appeared to be there on his own with two young boys. He wore no ring, so Dixie hoped he was a single father, and not some philandering husband.

“Sexy SHE Devil.” Dixie corrected. He winked and moved on with his boys. He would have no idea just büyükçekmece escort how naughty this devil intended to be after ten o’clock closing time that night. She was sure she would be able to get some alone time with her cousins. She was also sure she would be able to convince them to give her the fucking she so sorely needed.

The spooky fun-filled evening passed surprisingly quickly and before long Dixie found herself saying good bye to the customers, while they ushered their children out the main gates. Some kids seemed all tuckered out and others had eaten so much junk that they were clearly wired for sound.

“Good night! Please come back to visit us at Christmas time!” She would call after them. “Our market is open daily from ten to six.” She would add.

Once Uncle Russ felt satisfied that the customers were all safely off the premises, he came to take the till from Dixie. “Another great Spook-Fest, what do yah thing Dixie?” He put his arm around her shoulders.

“It was spook-tacular Uncle Russ!” She smiled lovingly up at her tall uncle. She really adored him, and she knew the feeling was mutual.

“You ain’t leavin’ us tonight, are yah? I would be willin’ to pay yah, if you could stay on and help work on cleanup tomorrow. What do yah think?” He asked.

“I think that sounds wonderful. I get paid and I get to spend time with you guys. Speaking of which, where are my favourite cousins?”

“Ah, they are gettin’ the animals settled for the night, out in the back barn. I am going to go tally this up with yah Aunt Lilly. You can head back to the house if you like. Get changed into something more comfortable, have a beer and relax. That was a job well done tonight, sweetie.” Uncle Russ kissed her lovingly on the forehead.

“Actually, do you mind if I just grab a few beers and go help Grant and Jamie?”

“Aren’t you a sweetheart? I think they would appreciate it.”

“See you in the morning, Uncle Russ!” Dixie called as she headed off toward the main house.

When Dixie came through the door of her Aunt and Uncle’s house, she was surprised to see Aunt Lilly in the kitchen. “How was your night, Dixie?”

“I had so much fun! I just love Halloween and nothing beats your Halloween Spook-Fest!” Dixie smiled openly at her beloved Aunt.

“I wish the boys had your enthusiasm. They just aren’t as interested in it all, anymore. Jamie hates being pulled away from his computer and Grant hates being pulled away from his girls.” Lilly laughed to herself. “I guess you all are growing up. I am just so glad that you still come around so often. You are like the daughter we never had.” Lilly stepped forward and kissed Dixie softly on the cheek. Dixie felt only a momentary twinge of guilt, but it passed.

“Are you heading to bed, Dix?” Lilly asked, after a moment.

“No! I am still too hyped up after such a fun night. I told Uncle Russ I will take a few beers back with me to help Jamie and Grant finish up with the animals and what not. Do you think Uncle Russ will mind if I take a few more than a ‘few’ beers?”

“In his eyes you can do no wrong. Take as many as you like. There is a small cooler on the kitchen table. I best get back out to the store and help your uncle with final tally for the night. Then we will be turning in. It has been a long day. I swear your Uncle is like a kid on Christmas when he throws Spook-Fest. He had me up at five in the morning!”

Dixie smiled warmly at her aunt and watched the older lady shuffle out of the house carrying a thermos of hot coffee. The rich aroma of the freshly brewed coffee still hung in the air in the kitchen while Dixie filled the small cooler with as many beers as she could fit. She then went to the guest room and got the bottle of Rum she had brought. Before heading back down the stairs she checked her appearance in the mirror. She had purposely worn her long hair down. It was normally shiny and blonde, but for Halloween she had temporarily dyed it a flaming red. The hair worked perfectly with her She Devil Costume. Which was somewhat skimpy, but she had hidden that by wearing a long sweater all night. Uncle Russ would not have approved of the deep cleavage the bustier created, or the tiny sheer red skirt that she only wore a lace red thong and red fishnet stockings under.

Her face was not painted red, but she had accentuated her features with heavy makeup. She applied it the way she suspected a little she devil would apply it. Like a whore. Her lips were a deep red. She wondered to herself if one or both of her cousins might like to have her red painted lips wrapped around their hard cocks. She wore long blood red fake nails and to complete the look she had cute devil horns on her head. Dixie left on the sensible shoes she had been wearing all night, but grabbed her Stilettos from her suitcase. She could never walk through the field in these, but she could put them on before entering the barn, to surprise çekmeköy escort her cousins. What a Trick and a Treat they were in for.

Jamie and Grant had been working in silence. They were both a little pissed about getting stuck out in the barn alone getting all the animals settled. If there Dad hadn’t been paying them they would have told him to fuck off. Neither of them wanted to take over this farm when their father decided to retire, and yet neither of them had tried to make a life for themselves away from the farm. They both just worked like fools for their parents on the family farm. It was all they had ever known, but they were beginning to realize that life could have more to offer. Jamie now had a laptop and the internet. He found himself learning new things all the time. He also had the opportunity to do some online flirting and cybersex. Grant was more outgoing. He skipped the internet and just went out to find women to sleep with. He was somewhat of a stud. They had a least an hour worth of work left, before they could head back to the house for the night. They both hated Halloween.

“Trick or Treat!” Dixie called when she walked into the barn. They both looked toward her. Jamie didn’t notice the big sweater she wore, but he did notice her fire engine red hair, red fishnet stockings and her insanely high heels. His cousin was sex personified. He hated to think of her that way, but she made him so freaking hard sometimes. He hated it, but he wanted to fuck her so badly.

Grant watched his cousin closely. His jaw dropped when she let the big ugly sweater she had been wearing drop to the floor. Trick or treat indeed, but which one was she tonight? He wanted her so badly. He didn’t have any concern within him for the fact that she was his cousin. He wanted to plunge his cock into her and ram her like she was going to be his last fuck. Truth was, if his father caught him it probably would be his last fuck. It would be worth it though. Her tits pillowed amazingly over the scarlet red bustier. Her cleavage was so deep he was sure he could get lost in it. Her legs looked so long with those crazy heels on her feet. Grant wanted to crawl up between those legs and make love to her sweet pussy with his tongue.

“I said Trick or Treat!”

“Um treat.” Grant finally stammered.

“Oh I was hoping you would say that! I brought us some beer, and I grabbed a bag of candy from the concession stand. I thought we could have our own Halloween party out here. What do you boys think?”

“I think Dad will kill us for taking his beer. I think we don’t have time to party. We have to get these damn animals all settled for the night. Why don’t you put your sweater on and head back to the main house, before you freeze in the ridiculous costume?” Jamie barked testily.

Dixie was genuinely hurt. “Who pissed in your Corn Flakes?” She retorted.

“Ignore him, Dix. I think you look fucking amazing, and I would love a beer.” Grant walked up to his cousin. He pointedly ignored the dirty looks his older brother was throwing him. He had worked hard damn it, and he was going to take a beer and any other “treats” Dixie was willing to give him.

“That’s more like it! Could you please go get the cooler out of the wheelbarrow?” Dixie pointed with her thumb toward the barn door. Grant went off quickly.

“What’s your problem, Jamie?” Dixie asked as soon as Grant stepped out of the barn.

“You two are cousins, not lovers! It is sick the way you two play around and flirt.”

“Do you know what I think? I think you are jealous. You don’t need to be. I love you both the same and I want to treat you both nicely tonight. Show you both a nice time and hopefully you two will show me a nice time too.” Dixie said. She beamed a devilish grin in his direction.

Jamie felt himself being swayed by his vixen cousin. Her smile was pure cunning. She was playing him, and he knew it, but he was caring less and less with every second. She was just so damn hot with that costume. Her normally pretty eyes twinkled with a naughtiness that Jamie had never seen there before. A beer did sound refreshing. What the hell, he thought. What could it hurt to kick back and party a little with his brother and cousin?

“Thank you,” Dixie said when Grant handed her an ice cold beer. “So, do you want one Jamie?”

“Sure. Why don’t we go up into the hay loft? That way Ma and Pa can’t come and bother us?” Jamie suggested quietly. Dixie sensed that Jamie knew that privacy may be in order for this party. Grant was practically busting through his pants with his erection. Dixie had notice him noticing her thong. He seemed to approve.

“Sounds perfect! Is it dry up there?”

“Yeah, and I have some clean blankets I can bring up. We will be comfortable. Come on follow me.” Jamie grabbed the blankets he mentioned. Grant carried the cooler of beer and Dixie brought her sexy self. Jamie went up the latter first, followed by Dixie, leaving Grant with an eyeful that had him throbbing worse than he ever remembered throbbing before.

Once up in the hay loft Jamie spread the blankets. Dixie then sat cuddled close to Grant, and Jamie sat across from them. He seemed to be stewing while he nursed his beer.

“Do you want to play truth or dare?” Dixie asked brightly, trying to draw Jamie out of himself.

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