Dinner Party

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Coming up behind me at my place, you wrap your arms around my waist pulling me into you as you lean down to nuzzle and nibble my sensitive neck. Knowing I am weak there and will do anything you ask, you whisper “I have a big favor to ask of you baby…I have two very close friends I would love for you to meet. Could we invite them over for dinner?” Moaning out an agreement to your request, you ask me to dress in a nice but low cut blouse and a comfortable short skirt. “I want to impress them with your impressive skills in the kitchen…but also…make them green with envy when they see your physical attributes as well.” I turn to look into your sparkling eyes and laughingly agree. We discuss a menu and time; then arrange a time to go shopping together.

You tease me as we shop, making me giggle; reaching out to touch me or hold my hand as we maneuver through the store. I love feeling the intimacy of our conversation and private space even in a public area. We pay for our items, proceeding to your vehicle. Once everything is loaded, you help me inside before sliding into the driver’s seat. Our hands automatically reach for each other and we grasp each other as we make our way through traffic back to your place.

We take the groceries inside where I begin to start the meal, getting things chopped, diced, minced or measured. Once everything is prepped and cooking, I take the opportunity to kiss you quickly before making my way to the shower. Wanting to impress your friends, I am sure to clean quickly but thoroughly so I have plenty of time to dress before they arrive. After drying off, I put on a top that looks like Van Goughs “Starry Night” that has a low scooped neck and is gathered below my breasts, accentuating them. I slide on a soft, cobalt blue thong and a jersey knit black skirt that comes to my knees. Drying my hair, I pull it into a loose knot to keep it out of my face while cooking; then apply some minimal makeup to highlight my eyes. Since I am at your place, I forgo shoes, preferring to be barefoot.

Making my way into the kitchen to check on the food, I find everything progressing perfectly so I gather dishes to set the table. As I am placing the last of the silverware, I feel you behind me. Turning to appreciate you fresh out of the shower and smile lovingly at the man before me. You stand back and run your eyes over me so intently that I feel I have been touched by your hands everywhere. “Perfect” you say as you come forward to kiss me. The doorbell rings followed closely by the oven timer so we separate to tend to the guests and food.

I remove dinner from the oven and replace it with dessert, then go to meet your guests. You reach out to pull me to your side, your arm around me and your hand on my hip. You introduce me to both men who politely shake my hand and greet me warmly. I çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle turn away to lead the way to the dining room asking about drinks as I go. I hear a whispered comment that sounds like “What an ass!” but shake it off assuming it was you. I gather the drinks requested and take them to the dining room then return to the kitchen to get our dinner. I have made chicken cordon blue along with herbed red potatoes and asparagus. There are fresh made rolls still warm from the oven as well. Once every one is served and we begin to eat, you and your friends begin to converse, telling me how you met, reliving funny stories or friends remembered. It is an enjoyable meal.

Once every one is finished eating, I gather the dishes and make my way back to the kitchen to load the dishwasher, while you and your friends move to the living room. Dessert, a beautiful peach cobbler, finishes cooking just as I finish the dishes, so I set it to cool and go to find you. You are sitting in a comfy armchair, the sort that is nice and deep; perfect for cuddling in and you pull me into your lap before I get much further into the room. I notice that the room is mostly dark, with the only light coming from the large TV on which you are all watching a movie that I don’t immediately recognize. I do not see where your friends are because I am happy to be in your lap and can feel that you are happy to have me there. I wiggle my hips to settle in, making sure to grind my ass against your hardening cock as you pull me close and kiss me.

You slide your hand up my skirt and playfully run your fingertips across the crotch of my panties while you kiss my neck. You feel them become damp under your touch as I quietly moan trying to avoid alerting your friends to your actions. You smile as you remove your hand and turn my body so that my back is to you and my legs are still over yours. You tuck my head into your shoulder as you continue to kiss along my neck and ear, while your hand slides up under my blouse. You find my nipples through my bra and begin to pinch them or circle them with your fingernail, causing them to harden for you. I squirm in your lap, aroused but afraid of attracting the attention of your friends. You whisper into my ear to trust you and I relax.

I feel your legs shift under my own, moving between them so that my legs now drape over the outside of yours. I stiffen slightly before you slide your hand back up my skirt and slip your finger under my panties to stroke my pussy. I close my eyes and turn my face towards yours, relaxing into you and letting your magic fingers work on me. You widen your legs causing my legs to spread, but you whisper soothingly to me as you do so, telling me to just relax and enjoy. Soon I am chasing waves izle moving my hips, riding your fingers and you plunge them into my wetness.

Suddenly I sense motion nearby but you keep my face towards yours, kissing me and telling me again to relax and trust you. I feel your fingers slide out of me at the same time I feel hot breath move across my pussy. I try to close my legs and look down, but you keep my legs open while whispering that everything is okay. A tongue slides through my pussy lips, cleaning up all the juices you have milked from my pussy with your fingers. I moan at the pleasure, shocked at what is happening and feeling naughty, but I trust you so I stay where I am. You smile while looking down at my face and whisper “Good Girl” to me before kissing my lips.

You slide my hips forward slightly pulling my skirt up around my hips as you do then move your hand around to fondle my ass. I feel your fingers begin to move towards my ass cleft and between my cheeks. My face heats up as I realize where you are going. Your finger finds my rosette at the same time a tongue finds my clit. Both circle around before your finger gently eases in and my clit is sucked into a mouth. My moans are louder now as I am falling into an abyss of pleasure. Your finger pumps in and out of my ass before you add a second to relax and stretch me. I try to move my hips to respond but am locked down by the man with his face buried in my pussy. You withdraw your fingers from my ass and lean me forward slightly as you open your pants and pull out your hard cock.

Reaching to a side table you grab a bottle of something, pumping its contents into your hand before replacing it. Hearing you stroke yourself, I realize it was lube then feel you reach for my hips and place your cock at the opening of my ass. You pull me onto you slowly and I feel your stiff cock slide into my ass, stretching it out and causing waves of pleasure to flow through me. You growl as the feeling of my ass clenching and squeezing your cock almost steals your control. Once you are deep inside, you pull me back to you holding me tightly with my head on your shoulder, your mouth in my ear. “Does that feel good?” you ask me. But you already know the answer as my body is shouting it to you. “How does that feel to have me deep in your ass and a mouth on your pussy?” you whisper. I moan in response, unable to verbalize as I feel like I am cuming from every pore.

The man between my legs pulls away, licking and smacking his lips then looks at you. You nod and he undoes his own pants, pulling his own hard erection out where I can see it. He strokes it a couple times then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a condom before letting his pants fall to the floor. My eyes widen as he rolls it on as my mind grasps what christina in the country izle is about to happen. I reach for your hand and grip it tightly as my fear starts to erode my arousal. You kiss me softly and reach to stroke my hair with your other hand. You whisper sweet endearments to me, telling me how beautiful I am in my pleasure and how you wanted to give me an opportunity to experience something new. Telling me you will keep me safe and will not leave me, nor are you giving me away, but rather sharing my pleasure with a trusted friend to heighten my own pleasure. You take the opportunity to move your cock gently in my ass, revitalizing my excitement and I kiss you, releasing your hand and trusting you.

Your friend kneels down and places his condom covered erection against my pussy, glancing at you, then slides slowly inside. Screaming softly as he fills me, my muscles clench hard at you both. I hear your growl in my ear at how tight my ass has become around your cock and your friend moans as well. You both begin to move, one in and one out as if someone were directing the timing like a traffic cop. My pussy is weeping fluid over you both as I spasm around both cocks. I cum hard and continually as you both thrust and retreat in my body. I moan and scream softly unable to speak and helpless to do more than orgasm. I hear a soft sound but don’t comprehend until I hear you growl in my ear as I hear a loud grunt in front of me and another to the side. I feel the throbbing of your cocks as you both cum joining the spasming of my own muscles.

As you both pull yourselves from my body, I fall limp in your arms, shaking and unable to move. You grab a blanket off the back of your armchair and wrap me securely, holding me tightly to you as you gently rain kisses on my face. I sense movement and open my eyes to see both men moving towards the bathroom and try to ask what was happening. Anticipating my question, you whisper that they are both going to clean up as your second friend had stroked himself off while watching everything. You confide how proud you are of me, how amazing my body felt and how my orgasms eroded the control of not only you but both your friends as well.

Eventually your friends come back into the room; however I am still wrapped up on your lap, shaking from orgasm aftershocks and unable to move. They both smile at you telling you how lucky you are and thank you for the opportunity. They look at me with sincerity and thank me not only for a delicious meal, but for the gift of my pleasure to bring their own. They shake your hand and let themselves out of your home. Standing, you carry me to your bedroom, laying me on the bed and removing the blanket and my clothing. Walking quickly to the master bathroom, you come back with a wet washcloth which you use to clean all my juices off my body. You return it, then come towards the bed removing your remaining clothing and crawl in beside me. You pull me close, rejoicing in the feel of my body still quivering from pleasure and growl softly, nestling us both in for the night. You turn off the light and tighten your arms around me, whispering thank you again to me.

Dessert remained in the kitchen, uneaten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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