Dinner is Served

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He arrived early for their scheduled meeting and sat in his car sweating profusely. He wasn’t sure he could go through with it; terrified at the thought of meeting the Ebony goddess of his dreams. Part of him wanted to turn around and leave and never look back but this was the opportunity of a lifetime. He had jerked off and fantasized about an opportunity such as this for a very long time.

At exactly 8:00 he rang her buzzer. She lived in a luxury condo like he’d never seen before. She opened the door and welcomed him in. “Hello it’s a pleasure o finally meet you. Please do come in.” Her home was just as lovely as she was. She was wearing a silk dress the color of cinnamon and complemented her mocha colored skin. It hugged the curves of her body perfectly and showed off her magnificent behind as she walked in front of him to invite him to sit. She was gracious, “Would you care for a drink to calm you down, you look nervous.”

He shook his head, almost afraid to speak. His hands were sweating and he wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen so he has rather nervously and looked around at all the Black art and the exquisite furnishings, waiting for instructions.

She sat in a chair across from him and crossed her legs. He couldn’t help but stare at her bare feet with her toes painted red and all the way up to her shapely calves and thighs. She was making pleasant conversation but he wasn’t really paying attention, he was wondering how a gorgeous woman like that could even think about doing something as nasty and perverted as she had proposed to do.

He wouldn’t have to wait long to get what he desired. She grabbed her stomach and held it as her face showed signs of discomfort. “There’s no reason for small talk, you aren’t here because I want to be your friend. You came here for a reason and I’ve been holding this all day long and I can’t hold it much longer.” She stood up and came over canlı bahis şirketleri to where he was seated on the sofa. She slowly turned around and lifted the back of her dress. “Put your face in there,” she instructed. As she nuzzled his nose in the crack of her panty covered ass, she let out a fart and he inhaled it like it was perfume. She stood up and said, “Let’s get to it, shall we?”

He stood as if in a daze. She led him to a bedroom and flipped the light switch. It had been converted to a playroom of sorts, not really a dungeon, but a definitely a room for some serious play. The walls were painted deep red and candles lit the room. The candles made the room a little warm for his taste and he felt himself starting to sweat.

“Take off your clothes and lay on the floor over there.” She pointed to corner of the room that had a rim seat attached to the floor. He undressed quickly and got into position. His hands covered his erection and he turned to see that she was getting undressed. All she had to do was unzip her dress and let it slide to the floor. She was breathtaking in the soft candlelight and he started stroking his cock as he saw her body of perfection. She wore a black bra and panty set made of lace and she bent over and slid the panties past her full hips. Her ass was the stuff dreams were made of and he could barely see the full lips of her pussy as she showed off her butt.

Still bent over, she spread her cheeks and ran her finger over her asshole. He moaned out load at the sexy sight and stroked that much faster. She was an excellent tease and she started masturbating right there, moaning and fingering herself.

You have a choice, I can handcuff you to the chair just in case you think you might back out at the last minute or you can have your hands free. There’s nothing I hate more than having a mouth sucking my shithole and then at the last second he gets scared and canlı kaçak iddaa tries to push me off. What will it be?

There really was no turning back and he opted to go with no handcuffs so he could be free to stroke his cock. She got into position over him and he could see her pussy lips spread. Almost before he knew what happened, he felt a stream of hot piss hitting his face. He opened his mouth and shut his eyes, the liquid getting in his eyes. Her flow was strong and hard and he had to swallow several times. As it dwindled to a stop he waited for instructions.

“Lick me clean.” He couldn’t believe his ears. He lifted his head and began to lap at the sweet flesh of her divine cunt. It tasted like heaven, the salty remnants of her urine and the slick sweetness of her juices mixed together to form a taste that was intoxicating. She was grinding her pussy back and forth, using his mouth to get herself off, as he stuck his tongue out for her to use.

She stopped herself before she came and she said, “I know what you really want. You want to suck the shit out of my asshole. You want to see my asshole opening up and you want to feel your mouth fill up with my hot turd. You want to suck that log while it’s coming out of my divine black goddess asshole like it’s a fat, hard shit cock and you want to eat the filthy crap that I shit out of my body, don’t you?”

He was crazed as he heard those words, stroking his cock furiously; afraid he would cum before got his first taste. Her ass was just inches from his mouth. He stuck his tongue out and tasted the earthy musky natural flavor of her butt. He drove his tongue deep in her hole and tried to lick her fucking colon. He sealed his tongue around her hole and sucked hard, causing her to moan in pleasure.

“Oh, here it comes you toilet mouth. I’m going to dump a huge load of shit right in your disgusting mouth. Look at it. Look at my asshole canlı kaçak bahis pushing out a big raunchy hot loaf for you.” Her asshole bulged and he saw the tip emerge. It was hard and bumpy and covered in ass slime. He put his mouth to it and kissed it gently. She pulled it back in and laughed as he cried out as if he was in pain. She made him beg for it and he was panting like a dog as he pleaded with her to use his mouth for what it was intended for, a hole for black women to use for whatever reason they saw fit.

He heard the crackle and the smell was overwhelming. He panicked and wanted to push her away but he knew he couldn’t. His cock was so hard it hurt.

“Oh fuck, here it comes, eat my shit. Eat my filthy hot shit you pig mouth. I’m going to cum, oh this is so nasty.” The first log filled his mouth rapidly and he could barely breath the smell was so overwhelming. A stream of piss shot on his chest and he could see the tip of another turd coming out before he had gotten rid of the first one. Her moans of ecstasy were driving him crazy and he could feel the cum in his nuts boiling up. He started to chew and the bitter smooth paste began to slide down his throat and he had become the human toilet of a beautiful black mistress. He had inside him the perfect gift and all of a sudden he wanted more. He couldn’t get enough. He started begging for more shit.

“Oh Mistress, dump your shit in my white toilet mouth. Use me, degrade me, make me your shit whore that you use every time you need to take a shit. Fill my worthless mouth with your dirty waste. Please, oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

He shot so hard that his cum landed on his face. It was the perfect topping to a gourmet dessert. Unashamed of his actions, he licked her asshole clean, no need for paper when his tongue was there. She showed him to a huge bathroom where he was allowed to shower clean. When he was dressed, he came out to find her in a robe and holding the front door for him to leave. There was no pleasant conversation, no pretense of friendship, she just closed the door behind him. He sat in his car, this time, not full of nerves, full of shit, literally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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