Digitalis Gets A New Couch

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Arthur looked up at the fourth floor window. It was dark, but he didn’t think Digitalis would be up at this hour. Regardless, Arthur had a key and the front desk knew him.

The damp September morning had an early autumn chill and gray clouds above threatened rain, which would have been more pleasant if Arthur had thought to put on a coat. Arthur’s dark wavy waist-length hair was twisted back in a half-undone nighttime braid; his freckled olive skin was pale; and his shoulders were exposed in his wrap-type tank top. His jeans were warm enough for the lower half of his body, but he stood with his arms wrapped around his chest and his black-feathered wings puffed out a little at his sides to keep him warmer. Arthur had awakened to a phone call at half-past five in the morning, to a pleasant voice bearing…not unwelcome news, he reasoned to himself. If it wasn’t unwelcome though, why was his stomach hot and roiling like he was angry? He didn’t know. He’d simply slid on his sandals and blustered out of his apartment, smashing his bad wing on the doorjamb and cursing all the way down the stairs.

Outside Digitalis’s apartment building, Arthur took another look up at the window, steadied his wings, and stepped decisively toward the door-


Arthur jumped. The first thing he saw was Digitalis’s blunt, glossy bluejay wings, a shade darker than his short wavy blue hair. Arthur couldn’t see much of him underneath that though: Digitalis was carrying a haphazardly-stacked pile of groceries in his arms, teetering dangerously in brown bags as he craned his neck to peer at Arthur through a gap. Digitalis’s normally tan face was red and he was panting. Arthur approached him and took half the groceries, also pulling open the door.

“Why thank you,” said Digitalis brightly. “Are you here to help me with these?”

They entered the building and set down the groceries when Digitalis signed them in, and they made their way over to the elevator. Arthur took an extra stack of grocery bags from Digitalis while he unlocked the door.

Ten minutes later, Arthur plopped back onto Digitalis’s couch, brushing the floor behind it with his flight feathers.

“So uh…I thought it was your day off? Did you not want to sleep in?” said Digitalis, entering the room and sitting down next to Arthur. His face was still pink, making his clear, pupilless amber eyes seem brighter.

“I uh…couldn’t sleep,” yawned Arthur. “Why were you out shopping this early?”

Digitalis grinned. “Well I got some good news yesterday, and I couldn’t sleep either.”

Arthur’s phone vibrated and he took it out of his pocket. He couldn’t keep his attention focused, and opened the message. He closed it and set his phone aside when he saw who it was, muttering, “oh of course she knows” under his breath.

“Is illegal bahis it Rabb?” asked Digitalis. “Bear, she told me she doesn’t care what happened between you. She just wants to talk to you again.”

Arthur sank in his seat and leaned on Digitalis, burying his face in the fluffy shoulder of Digitalis’s coat. It was still cool from outside, and smelled like chilly rain. “I know, Digit,” Arthur groaned. “Just…I just need a little time. I have to process this first.”

Digitalis put his arm around Arthur’s shoulders. “Process what? What happened?”

Arthur gritted his teeth, his wing twitching restlessly and still throbbing from getting slammed in the doorway as he’d left his apartment. “Can we talk about it later? I can’t do it right now.”

“Sure thing, Bear,” said Digitalis, sitting up a little. “Would you like some breakfast? I can start some rice for loco moco, or make chocolate chip pancakes – not as perfect of yours of course, but they taste the same.”

“I don’t know what I want,” said Arthur. “I’m tired and…” he sat up, and Digitalis shifted so Arthur could lean on him without squashing his wing into the couch. Arthur gratefully stretched out on the couch against Digitalis, nuzzling into Digitalis’s chest through his jacket. Arthur listened quietly to the steady rhythm of Digitalis’s breathing for several minutes while Digitalis rubbed his back, occasionally switching to preening the downy black feathers between Arthur’s wings. It was comforting, and the frozen knot of indecisiveness in Arthur’s belly began to thaw slowly. When he noticed he was finally starting to feel better, he twisted a little to look up at the clock. It was a quarter to seven in the morning: he’d only left his apartment an hour before.

“You alright, Bear?” asked Digitalis.

Arthur took a deep breath. He wanted to tell Digitalis what was wrong, but it would take a lot of explaining and he didn’t even know where to start. “Fuck me,” sighed Arthur plaintively.

Digitalis paused and gave him a quizzical look. “Was that an expression of frustration or an invitation?”

Arthur leaned into Digitalis’s chest, but turned his face to look up at him hopefully. “Both? Can we do the breakfast carbs too?”

Digitalis grinned, leaned down, and kissed Arthur. “Invitation accepted, and yes. How would you like it?”

Arthur sat up a little, stretching his wings slowly. “The fucking or the carbs?”


Arthur nuzzled into Digitalis’s chest before sitting up. “Ask me in ten minutes on the carbs and…Mark me.”

An unexpectedly wicked grin spread across Digitalis’s face. “Can I do it on the couch?”

Arthur looked up at Digitalis: behind him, his wings were held steady, and not swaying slightly the way they normally did when he was being silly. “Are you…are you serious?”

“I’m illegal bahis siteleri getting rid of my couch today,” said Digitalis.”It’s going in a furniture bag and out the door at nine for pickup. We’ll have to start soon though: I haven’t peed since this time yesterday, and I’m actually pretty desperate right now.”

“Well alright,” snorted Arthur, sitting up a little. Arthur sat up a bit to start taking off his clothes, but Digitalis stood up in a single, graceful movement, turned, and straddled himself over Arthur’s legs. Arthur could feel Digitalis’s warmth through his clothes: after a little exercise his body gave off an intense heat, and it was nice to cuddle into on cold nights.

Digitalis wore an old pair of sweatpants and pulled them down in the front. Arthur put a hand on Digitalis’s butt to pull him forward and felt the rush of hot urine down his front. He raised Digitalis’s coat to watch: Digitalis was half hard, issuing a strong jet in a short, messy arch, right into the front of Arthur’s clothes. Digitalis was circumcised, and his blue pubic hair was neatly trimmed all the way down to his testicles. Arthur ran his fingers through it, down Digitalis’s lower belly. Digitalis’s warmth soaked into Arthur’s front, and Arthur could feel himself starting to throb inside the crotch of his pants.

“You’re so warm,” sighed Arthur. Digitalis let him reach up and aim the stream. “I’m not even mad that you’re flooding my clothes.”

Digitalis flinched, pulled away, and pinched the tip of his dick, stopping his flow. “Oh…I thought-” gasped Digitalis. “I’m sorry-“

“Digit, no, it’s fine,” laughed Arthur. “Better than fine – it’s more traditional to do it fully-clothed…Come on and finish up.” Arthur patted his belly. Digitalis took a deep breath, pushed his hips forward, and let go again in a short burst, followed by a reluctant trickle. Digitalis wasn’t usually shy, and Arthur looked down: Digitalis was trying to pee, but he was erect, his penis bobbing up and down from the effort.

“Is it rude to get hard in the middle of marking?” gulped Digitalis. Arthur had to hold back a giggle.

“No, no, it’s a compliment…renoige men are just usually better at peeing with erections than most humanoid peoples.”

Digitalis laughed nervously, “Well if it is, I’m happy to give it.” Digitalis tried briefly to coax himself to pee again before Arthur spoke up.

“I can uh…return the compliment if you like,” said Arthur, unzipping his pants. Digitalis scooted up on Arthur’s lap, and Arthur let go a lot more readily than he’d expected. The pressure in his bladder drained in a steady jet that he aimed almost straight upward on Digitalis’s coat. The piss rolled off at first but quickly soaked into the material. Digitalis moved his erection into the stream and canlı bahis siteleri began stroking himself.

“Your urine is really clear,” Digitalis commented.

“Uh…thanks,” said Arthur, looking up at Digitalis curiously.

Digitalis blushed again, and it made his pupilless amber eyes seem brighter. “It’s a sports thing.”

“Then I’m sure I’ll learn what it is, eventually,” said Arthur. To his surprise, Digitalis’s face lit up, turning redder.

“Does that mean you’re coming to the start-of-the-year track meet next week?” asked Digitalis slowly, stroking himself faster.

“I should be able to. I cleared my schedule for that day-” Digitalis cut Arthur off by kissing him hard on the mouth. Arthur kissed back.

Arthur couldn’t see what he was doing and kept peeing, using his free hand to cup Digitalis’s butt. His hips rocked slightly while he gave little grunts and moans into Arthur’s mouth. He often made those noises when he was enjoying himself, and it was slowly growing Arthur’s erection in his hand.

Arthur noticed that Digitalis’s hips were starting to move faster just before Digitalis’s body tensed up against him. A hot wave of thick fluid doused Arthur’s hand, forearm and the front of his top, followed by several smaller ones. Digitalis relaxed for a second and he broke off the kiss, panting. Arthur realized that he wasn’t peeing anymore. He looked down: he was hard, his clothes were soaked, and large white spatters covered the bottom of his top and the waist of his jeans.

“Wow, that was a lot,” said Arthur.

“I’m so sorry, Bear-“

Arthur leaned back a little, letting his boner throb in the air. “For what?”

Digitalis gulped, “Your clothes. If we get them in the wash now maybe they won’t stain.”

“I’m always up for taking my clothes off, and I already needed a shower,” said Arthur. “Can we finish this in the bathroom though?”

“Of course!” said Digitalis, kissing Arthur on the mouth briefly before getting up. He led Arthur to the bathroom, quickly stripped off his clothes, and whisked them away across the hall to the laundry room. Arthur started the shower and stood under it, absentmindedly preening his flight feathers with his fingers and letting the water hit his cock while he waited for Digitalis.

The door to the hall creaked open quietly, and Arthur heard Digitalis’s footsteps on the tile floor; he walked lightly for how athletic he was. “Your phone and keys were in your pocket, Bear,” Digitalis’s voice echoed in the bathroom, followed by the clinking of keys on porcelain. There was an odd hesitance in Digitalis’s voice.

“Is my phone waterlogged?” asked Arthur. His apprehension wasn’t enough to dampen his throbbing member, swollen and dark red under the hot water.

“It didn’t escape the flood entirely, but it wasn’t soaked,” replied Digitalis. “It still works – I dried it off and it’s out here on the sink.” There was a rustling noise as Digitalis took off his clothes. A minute later, he was pulling aside the curtain to join Arthur in the shower.

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