Diane and Bill Ch. 03

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This is the final chapter for this story cause one of the ones of the couple I was writing it for was giving me their fantasies for the story has died. She had a massive stroke while having sex with their neighbor on 1/19/17 and died the next day. Sorry for the tragic news on here but this is in memory of her, my friend.


Diane and Bill woke up the next morning and decided since it was warm out and after they had their breakfast that they would drive to the park and walk around. They drove to the park and got out of the truck and Diane seen a couple of people adjusting their clothes coming out of a jungle of trees.

“Bill, look at the couple over there.”

Bill looked over where Diane was pointing and seen a guy walking out of some trees with a woman and he was zipping up his pants and the woman looked like she was trying to stuff her bra in her bag. So they waited for the couple to walk away before they decided to go investigate the area where they see the couple emerging earlier out of the trees.

When they got to the area, they both seen a real narrow trail in between the trees and they started walking down the trail until they came to a line of trees that they could not see anything through there. That confused them so much that they decided to just stand there for a bit until they heard a noise on the other side of the trees and started walking through them carefully until they came to a small opening where they found a couple engaging in sex.

They heard another noise, even though it was real faint, but they walked a little ways over and seen a woman watching the couple having sex. They found their perfect fantasy that they both have wanted, which is having someone watch them have sex in the park unobserved.

They both were very quite and did not want the woman to hear them so they quietly walked back to the area they had see the couple having sex just like the other woman had found, but was standing in a different area unobserved. Diane looked at Bill and decided she wanted to see if they both could get the people to hear them have sex. So she reached over to Bill and unzipped his pants and pulled his soft cock that was 8 inches long and started Börü 2039 izle stroking his cock until he started moaning and his cock started growing longer and thicker. When it got to his full 15 inches then she started sucking on the head of his cock.

He started moaning and Diane’s sucking could be heard through the forest of trees and caught the attention of not only the woman observer, but also the couple fucking too. They both did not know that the 3 people walked over close by to see her sucking Bill’s cock and they were amazed at how well endowed he was. They all 3 were playing with themselves and were trying to keep quite so they could watch them without being seen. Bill noticed a movement in the trees and observed the woman watching them and whispered to Diane that the woman was watching them.

So she decided to see if the woman would make a noise by gasping when she got Bill to cum. He knew what Diane was trying to do so he kept edging himself and he knew that the more he edged that the volume of his cum would increase. Diane would every once in awhile fondled his balls and Bill would moan but when she started licking and sucking on his balls he knew he had came to the end of his edging cause he could not stop his balls from releasing his man batter. His cock head expanded and all of a sudden, he shot a load so large that it looked like a fountain had sprung a leak. They not only heard the woman gasp but they heard in another area near where they had been standing themselves observing the couple having sex.

Diane knew that Bill was not through cumming so she laid on the ground and he entered her pussy and started fucking her as he was cumming. He had a look of ecstasy on his face and just kept fucking her. He knew he had more cum in him to shoot so he decided to lift Diane up and had her get on her hands and knees and he entered her pussy from behind. With one plunge, he was balls deep in her pussy and she screamed, “Oh fuck me Bill!”

Bill was going to do just that and just kept on pumping his well endowed cock into her throbbing, wet, soaked pussy. She was about to scream again when they heard a gasp coming from the woman observing them and Bill boys in blue izle looked up to see a man naked behind her. He lifted the woman off the ground and seen that it was their neighbor that lived next to their farm who had a girlfriend, who they had only seen from a distance. They have always wanted to meet her and since they already knew Allen even though it was not sexual, but to just see him picking up the naked woman and walking toward them was a turn on.

He put the woman down and he was fully hard and he was just as impressive as Bill was. He was just a little smaller and to them it looked like he was about 11 inches long. The woman looked at him and looked at Diane and Bill too. They nodded their head at the both of them.

So the woman started licking Allen’s cock head and he moaned. She tasted his pre-cum and it was so sweet that she kept tasting it over and over again. He knew he was going to cum so he edged himself to make it last. The woman took her time licking the head of his cock and also the shaft up an down. When she got to his balls, she licked them and they tighten up and she squeezed them to keep him from cumming.

He gasped at the pleasure he was getting and looked over at both Diane and Bill and the other couple he has seen around but did not know their names. Wait, he has seen the lady before cause he goes into the fertility clinic to donate his sperm. He has just enough volume to give them for a good amount to make some good money that is tax free. The lady is one of the nurses there.

He sees Diane and Bill watching them and they are fucking each other spooning. The other couple are fucking doggy style watching them. All of a sudden, his balls tensed up and he felt he was going to cum from all the pleasure the woman was giving him cause she took almost 9 inches of him down her throat and that has never happened not even with his girlfriend, Terri. He had to edge himself and had her get on her hands and knees and face the other 2 couples so everyone could see one another.

She got on her hands and knees and said, “Please, I am so fucking horny and I am soaking wet, so please just ram your hard throbbing meat into break point izle my pussy!”

He looked down and her pussy was drenched in creamy lubrication from her aroused pussy. So he just plunged in balls deep and he roared and she screamed, “OH FUCK YES!”

He was seeing stars before his eyes trying to not cum just yet cause he wanted to feel her cum on his thick well endowed cock so he had to edge again. His balls felt like they were so swollen with cum that they were going to burst and they burned. She was pushing back on him as he was pumping her pussy so fast and hard that she felt that she could feel his balls hitting her engorged clit which was always so larger than some women. That made her lose it and she exploded with a thousand stars in her eyes and she almost fainted.

Allen lost it then and he exploded too filling her up with so much jizz that it started coming out of her pussy and landing on the ground. When she finally came down from her orgasm then she turned around and started licking and sucking his cock clean when they both heard the nurse and her companion explode in orgasm themselves. They turned toward Diane and Bill and seen they were fucking doggy style and he was actually balls deep with his 15 inch cock and Bill threw his head back and roared which made Diane cum so hard that Bill thought she was going to squeeze his cock in half.

Then Diane turned and cleaned Bill’s cock off as Allen and the woman they never got to know her name got dressed and left. They turned toward the other couple and seen them going back into the trees which they guess they left their clothes. So they looked at each other and grinned.

Diane said, “Well, that was the hottest fuck and scene I have ever had the good fortune to be in and we got our fantasy of having someone watch us then join us.”

Bill said, “You are so right, my love! But the beauty of it was the fact that not only was another couple involved but it was a fantastic feeling of seeing Allen fucking someone he does not even know. That was so damn hot!”

She said, “Yes it was and wondering if we can get him and his girlfriend over to the house to fuck us.”

He said, “I can arrange that, but what I want to see first is you fucking him without his girlfriend around.”

She nodded and grinned as she got dressed and watched Bill getting dressed and when they were finished then they walked back through the trees and through the park back to their car and went home.

The end

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