Deilah’s Spa

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Friday night and I was feeling horny. The only problem was I didn’t have a girl friend at the time. I decided to solve this problem in a way I had used a few other times. I went to a Spa in Welland, and entered looking for a nice massage with a happy ending.

When I got there there around 11 pm, there were 3 women in the reception room and a list on the wall of the services provided along with the costs involved. There were 2 of these women that really didn’t interest me a great deal. Obviously, dyed blondes with big tits and no particular muscle tone visible on them. I have nothing against big breasts but I like nice legs and ass and an athletic woman much more.

That brought me to the third of the three women. She was wearing a bra as were the other two but while they had in panties she had on a little mini skirt. Her legs and arms showed some obvious muscle and she had a deep tan on her body. Her hair was just shoulder length and dark brown. She looked somewhat hispanic and there seemed to be a bit of fire in her eyes that intrigued me.

I asked if she was available and she said “Yes.”

She showed me into the massage room which seemed nice and clean unlike some other spas i had been in. She provided me a robe to wear and then showed me the bathroom which had a shower stall and towels for my use. She told me to change, take a shower and then when I was back in the room and ready for her to press a button on the wall and lie down on the table on my stomach.

After a short but thorough shower and drying off I went back to the room, pressed the button and removing the robe laid down on the bed. We had already agreed on what they called a reverse massage.

When I had asked what that meant she said, “It is a massage where I would be given the opportunity to to massage her as well as her massaging me. “

When she came in she asked if I wanted oil, lotion, or powder. I told he I liked oil and she mentioned it was also her favourite as well. Before she started with the massage however she removed her clothes and was completely nude in front of me.

I noticed she was totally shaved and that the muscles I had noted on her legs and arms extended to her abs as well. Her tits and her body had well defined tan lines highlighting the areas where she had been sun bathing with a suit on. Her tits were quite small, A cup or possibly B, but stood up proud and pert from her chest. The nipples were medium sized quite brown and very erect.

She came around to the head of the table and dribbled some oil between my shoulders and down my back to my waist. She then started to knead my neck and shoulders while standing right in from of me.

Because I was lying face down on the table I couldn’t see anything above her waist but had a view of her belly and legs. The play of her muscles while she worked on me was captivating to say the least and she had on a perfume that reminded baddies west izle me of the Caribbean; a mixture of citrus and spice.

She moved to the foot of the table and after putting oil on her hands picked up one of my feet and massaged first the soles and then each toe. Placing it back on the table she repeated the process on my other foot. When she was finished with it she however took hold of both feet and pulling them apart placed them down at the very edges of the table.

” No need to be shy,” she said, “We’re going to get to know each other pretty well before the session is over.”

I lay there realizing she had a view right up to my asshole and could see my balls and cock pressed between my thighs and the table. She then stepped to the side of the table and dribbled some oil over one of my legs. She started to rub it in and spread it over the back of my legs and up onto the cheek of my ass. My hands were down by my side and on occasion her hip or belly brushed agains it as she worked on my leg. Her hands were strong and the pressure she used was fairly hard as she kneaded the muscles up and down my leg. As the time went on she spent more and more time working on my ass cheek. She then went to the other side of the table and did the same thing again on my second leg.

Taking a short break I felt her put a bit more oil on my ass and then she started rubbing it in and over both sides at the same time. Having to lean over me a bit more for this her body was in contact with my hand often now. She started to run her fingers up and down the crack of my ass, getting a little lower and deeper all the time. At last I sighed as her fingers stroked right over my asshole and by now my cock was swelling under me, crushed against the table. Her ministrations continued and she was now running her fingers down the crack of my ass, over my asshole and gently stroking my balls as I lay there.

She stopped and told me to flip over to lie on my back. When I did this my cock sprang free and flopped up against my belly. She gave it a playful little tug and commented that I seemed to be enjoying the session. She again came up to the head of the table and poured some oil on my chest. I now had a great view of her chest and she started working on the front side of my neck and down onto my chest. As her hands passed over my nipples she sometimes gave them a little pinch. That soon had them sensitive and standing at attention as she worked.

While she worked on my chest and shoulders she would lean over top of me bringing her tits within inches of my face. Her nipples were constantly hard and the movement around my head was mesmerizing. Moving to the side of the table she took one of my arms and placing it over her shoulder proceeded to stoke and caress the muscles. Dropping my elbow back to the table she worked on my hand and fingers and then placed the arm barbarians izle down at my side. As she was walking to the other side of the table she took hold of my stiffened cock and gave it a firm squeeze for a second then trailed her hand down over my balls before taking up my second arm and repeating her work on it.

After she finished with that arm she went to the foot of the table and poured some oil on the front of my legs. Using a hand on each leg she spread the oil out and started running her hands from my ankles up to my hips. After a few long strokes like that she started moving her hands over my cock and balls each time before she went back to my ankles and soon my cock was rock hard and starting to leak pre-cum out the end. She then grabbed hold of it with one hand, squeezed it almost painfully hard and using the thumb of her other hand smeared the pre-cum around the head.

Just as I thought I was going to come she stopped, took her hands off me and said, “It’s your turn to go to work now.”

She had me hop off the table and climbed on and lay down on her back.

She took a moment to tell me the rules.

“You can touch me anywhere but no penetration of any kind. No kissing on the mouth but anywhere else is ok. If I ask you to stop any action, you must stop immediately.”

I agreed with all that and started by putting a little oil on her chest and stomach. Using my hands I spread the oil all over her chest rubbing it over her breasts and up to her shoulders. I started to knead the muscles of her shoulders and neck. She groaned a little and told me it was feeling nice.

As I ran my hands over her breasts she said, “Pinch my nipples like I did to you.”

When I did that they rose even more erect and I was told to pinch them a bit harder.

We continued like that for a few moments and once again while I was standing beside her she took hold of my cock and gave it a firm squeeze. Letting go of it she cupped my balls in her hand and squeezing them to the point of some mild discomfort.

She pulled on my sack and asked if I liked it. My now rock hard cock would have given away the answer anyway so I confirmed that I found it erotic as hell.

When she released my balls I moved down to the foot of the table and poured oil in a trail up each of her legs to her hips. Starting down by her ankles I spread the oil out all over the front of her legs and began rubbing it into her skin. As I handled her thighs I was impressed again by the muscle she was carrying. When my hands approached the top of her legs she told me to rub over her pussy at the same time. Doing this caused the inner lips of her pussy to start to emerge and the hood of her clit to pull back a little. Once again she moaned a few times and flexed her knees a bit to give me better access.

Suddenly she said to stop. When I did she sat up and turned over bay patrol izle lying down on her stomach.

She then said, “Leave my back alone but work on my legs and ass.”

Applying oil to her I began again rubbing it into the back of her legs from ankle to her butt. She had her feet over the end of the table and her legs spread wide to the edges so I had a perfect view up the inside of her legs to her crotch. I was reaching up the length of her legs and kneading the cheeks of her ass as she lay there fully exposed to my gaze.

I stroked down the crack of her ass and over her pussy from behind. This raised another small moan from her and she asked me to concentrate on her pussy for a minute. Just as suddenly she asked me to stop and when I did she raised her hips up off the table till she was in a position with her ass in the air, her knees spread on the table and her head and shoulders down on the mattress pad.

She looked back around at me and told me to kiss her ass. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on the cheek of her ass

She growled.”NO, I want you to kiss my asshole idiot.”

With that She reached behind her, grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart exposing her asshole and pussy directly to me. I didn’t hesitate for a second but leaning forwards again kissed the light brown rosebud of her ass.

“That’s it,” she said. “Now get busy and eat out my ass. You can use your tongue as deep as you can get it but not in my pussy.”

I started licking over the top of her ass and then started pushing my tongue into her asshole as far as I could reach. I took hold of her asscheeks with my hands and kept them separated as I worked my tongue around and into her ass. She was moaning as I worked on her and occasionally told me I was doing fine.

In this position she brought a foot up to my cock and feeling that I was again rock hard told me I could jerk off while I ate her ass if i wanted to.

I took that invite to heart and started stroking my cock while sticking my tongue in and out of her asshole. She still had a foot snuggled up against my balls and then told me to let her know when i was going to come and to shoot it on the sole of her foot.

As I got more and more turned on it was not long before I felt the cum rising from my balls and pulling back out of her ass for a second I told her I was going to come. As the spasms raced up my cock I once again buried my tongue in her ass and spurt after spurt landed on the foot she was cradling my balls with.

As my orgasm slowed and stopped she then said, ” Lick my foot clean.”

While I was doing that, he relaxed and let herself back down to the table and as I finished and straightened up she rolled over sitting up.

She said,”You’re a great ass licker and I’ll be happy to host you again.”

Hopping off the table she went to her purse and produced a card with her name and number on it and told me that if I ever wanted to visit her at home to give her a call saying there were things she could do there that she didn’t dare to do at the spa.

Over the next couple of years we did get together a few more times at her place and had some memorable encounters there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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