Daughter’s Suitor

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This story contains a mixture of M/F, M/F/M, bi-sex as well as incest. If you are offended by any of these topics, please don’t read any further. And for all you “Anon” people out there that just love to pick hell out of a story because of its category or subject matter, without bothering to comment on the story line and writing style, then why bother reading or posting if you don’t like the topic and are not going to give constructive and open criticism?

For all the rest of the readers feel free to e-mail me with any comments or else please post a comment for evryone to enjoy.


I had been working for a number of years as a camp cook for the military where I met Gerry. He was ex Navy, about 26 and quite a “man of the world”. Like myself, he had been around a lot of places and had his share of fun with many women from older to younger then himself. It was on one particular day when he said it was time he settled down with one woman that I decided to invite him home for a B-B-Q and to meet my daughter. Although my daughter (June) was younger then him, I felt that maybe she needed to meet an older guy as he would be able to treat her right and maybe control her wild ways.

When my daughter found out that I was trying to “set her up” for a date with Gerry, she got angry and went out, saying she may be back, but probably would not. What was I to tell Gerry? He arrived at the appointed time of 5pm and I introduced him to my wife (Joyce) and explained that June had some things to do and would be here later. We started the fire and settled back to a few beers and some general chatting as well as getting to know each other better. Joyce did the motherly thing and asked him about his past, his relationships etc. Luckily he remembered my instructions and toned down his past a bit.

Around 8pm we were just finishing supper when June walked in and said she was sorry for being late. (Guess she decided that she should at least put in an appearance and see what this guy looked like). We sat around for about 2 more hours exchanging small talk, listening to Gerry talk about his time and travels in the Navy etc. Daughter did not seem to take too much interest in the talk and at about 10pm she excused herself and said she was off to her van and to sleep. (She lived in a caravan that was parked in our yard, as she wanted to be on her own). The remaining 3 of us kept on chatting till about 11:30. Joyce by now was getting rather light-headed from all the beer and wine she had drunk and was getting very free with her words and was even beginning to tell Gerry about some of the escapades that we knew our daughter had been up too, like when we caught her and a friend having sex when she had just turned 18.

When Joyce decided to go to bed, she bid Gerry a good night, and him and I decided to have a few more drinks before he headed off home. I asked him what he thought about her and did he think him and her could possibly “hit it off” together. He replied that he would like to make an honest comment to me, but was worried that I would get upset with him. I was honored and interested, as he seemed to be a nicer guy than I first thought. Here he is asking permission to speak honestly, even after I invited him here basically to get with my daughter. I told him that as we were both adults he could not say anything to offend me tonight and I would prefer open answers rather than him just trying to impress me.

He began slowly with the usual things that you would expect such as “she is very attractive, has a nice figure, talks nicely and seems to be well bought up, etc.”. Then he said that he could see that she was maybe a very wild person and one that obviously enjoyed sex and freedom, and that if given the chance he would love to have a chance to fuck her. Well this sort of threw me off a little so I just said it really has nothing to do with me at all if she does fuck around or not, that I am just happy to see her enjoy herself, don’t want her to be hurt, and she is her “own person” and can do as she likes because “I don’t own her”. He was quite taken with my comments and asked was it all right if he tried to “get it on” with her and maybe if he could even try tonight before he went home. I was stunned, this guy did not beat around he bush, he saw what he wanted, went for it, and did not care what others had to say. He also impressed me with his direct approach so I told him if he “got lucky” then he may as well stay the night and enjoy himself fully if she agreed. He finished his drink and said that if all were fine he would say his “good-nights” to us all and try his luck.

From the lounge he headed to the bathroom and was in there for maybe 10 minutes or so, guess he was cleaning himself up a little, before he came out and instead of heading for the back steps he turned the other way to our bedroom. I called to him and asked what was he doing and he just replied that he was going to ask Joyce if she cared or not about what we had been speaking tonight. Now this is certainly a polite guy, even if a little too direct for normal conventions. Ankara bayan escort I just hoped he did not wake her, as she gets very angry when woken. As “mother nature” had called a few moments after he went to speak with Joyce, I took myself off to the bathroom and was in there for maybe 10 minutes or so during which time I heard the back door close and realized that very soon Gerry would either be sent packing by daughter or he would get humping if he was lucky.

I decided to have a shower and then took myself to the kitchen and clean up the nights mess and then I settled in for a nightcap and then would head to bed. I guess it was around 30 to 40 minutes later that I was finished and one last time I went to the toilet to rid myself of excess liquid then stripped off as usual and proceeded to the bedroom. As I walked in the door I turned on the light and was not prepared for the sight I received. Joyce was on all fours in the doggy position and Gerry was fucking her cunt from behind like there was no tomorrow. Worse still, she was moaning, groaning and calling out for him to fuck her harder and harder. For what seemed like hours I stood there bewildered, angry, excited, etc., all at once. What was going on here? What had I missed? I heard him close the back door on his way to see my daughter! They both looked around at me and asked what was wrong with me, why was I just standing there with my mouth wide open? I stuttered out my objections to what was going on, to which Joyce replied, “but Gerry said he asked you could he fuck me and he said you said it was fine as long as I was happy, and as you did not come in also, I presumed it was all true”. What the hell was happening here? I told him I was talking about him and our daughter June.

What she said next really surprised me. She just said, “shit, sorry about that, but it is too late now to do much about it, we have been fucking for over 30 minutes already. You may as well join us as I am not about to stop this late into a good hard fuck, or else at least go back and have another beer while we finish”. Damn, what was I to do, after all she was right, there had obviously been some “crossed wires” tonight and as she said it was too late now, they had already been fucking for some time. How could I be angry, after all he assumed I had given him permission to have sex with her and she assumed I wanted him to have sex with her, so here they were fucking each other like mad. And, I must admit that seeing her like that with another guys cock in her pussy did in fact make me very excited. So I did what any red blooded guy with an erection would do, I got into bed with them, moved to her head and stuck my cock in her mouth. After all, I apparently started this situation, so I may as well get a head job for my “kind heartedness”.

About 5 minutes later Gerry was dumping his load in her pussy and I was doing the same in her mouth. We both laid back and Joyce was between us. She was not finished as yet. She had enjoyed the feeling of having two guys at once and was not about to let the fun end just yet. She moved down and stated to suck on Gerry and at the same time she was playing with my cock. The position we and her were in had made it difficult for her so she suggested that we both get on our knees, side by side, so she could have better access to us both. Now I did not know about Gerry, but I felt a little awkward about being so close to another naked guy, but she insisted and I was enjoying the attention my cock was getting tonight, so I obliged. She would alternate from his cock to mine with her mouth, and never missed a beat with her hands either, it was great.

When she had me erect once again she said she wanted me to fuck her this time while Gerry watched and she sucked on him some more. She was in the missionary position with me on top and Gerry was sitting over her face with his dick in her mouth. One of her hands had slipped around to my arse and she started to insert a finger like she sometimes did when we were alone. I could feel my balls tightening and knew if she kept this up it would not be long before I once again unloaded into her. Her other hand was doing similar things to his arse and this was making me feel even more excited. All of a sudden Gerry pulled out of her mouth and said he needed to move, and I guessed he was uncomfortable having me watch his arse being fingered while his dick was being sucked.

I got my mind back onto the job and began pushing my cock in and out of her cunt once more when I felt my arse being invaded by more than one finger. The feeling hurt a little but at the same time was wild. First 2 then 3 and what felt like right up to the second knuckle. After a short while they were removed for a time then reinserted, only to make me feel more aroused. It was not long before all this changed and I realized that next time they came out, it was not they that were inserted, but Gerry’s cock. Fuck, I am not gay, and what does he think he is doing? But damn it was so exhilarating feeling a hard pulsing cock in my arse.

It only took him a few moments to have the entire length of his cock Escort bayan Ankara in me and I could feel his pubes rubbing against my skin. Tonight was certainly something new in this household and I was not prepared to stop just yet. So many new things happening and all were feeling great. As Gerry began to pick up speed I realized he was about to cum inside my arse and I realized that he had not even had on a rubber and he would dump his load inside me. Hell, I should have realized that after 9 years in the Navy he had gotten used to fucking guys, but what sort of diseases did he have? Well I guessed it was too late to worry about that now, I may as well enjoy this new feeling. A few moments later he was pounding me faster and faster and as he blew inside me I unleashed my cum inside of Joyce.

Soon after this Gerry excused himself to have a shower and when he returned he dressed, said he was very sorry for the mistake he made but that he had had a great time anyway and hoped that we were not angry about what had happened, and that he had better go home now. At least he was a well-mannered person, even if he mixed things up. Then again, did he misunderstand me or not? Guess I would never know, but at least it had given Joyce and I a fantastic night of sex and one that we could build on from here on.

At about 3am I was woken from my sleep by the sounds of our dog barking very fiercely under the house. I wondered what it could be so threw on a short bathrobe and went down to see what was wrong with the dog. He was securely locked in under the house but he was trying desperately to get out and his anger seemed to come from the direction of my daughter’s caravan. I calmed him down, told him not to worry and then I walked out into the yard to investigate what was happening. There was a light on in her van and the curtains were pulled, but there were no noises coming from that way, so I guessed she had fallen asleep and forgot the lights. I continued my walk around the yard to check all was well, then, as I came around the other side of her van I saw that the curtain on that side was pulled totally open and I could hear a muffled sound from within. Damn, what was happening, was someone robbing my daughter or even worse, raping her? Not wanting to just burst in and not know what I was going to face I crept to the window and peered in.

As I looked in the first thing I saw was my daughters’ gaping cunt starting back at me! She was on her back; her legs were wide apart and buckled upwards at the knees. Gerry was straddling her face and his cock was obviously in her mouth being sucked hard. The nerve and stamina of this guy amazed and infuriated me. First he fucks my wife, then my arse and now he is giving my daughter a service as well. I was furious, I wanted to kill this guy, even if he had given my wife and I a great fuck earlier. He was certainly not going to be allowed to violate my daughter in this way. It was obvious to me that he had forced himself onto her. But this was about to stop once and for all. I banged on her door and told her to let me in and that Gerry was about to be given his marching orders. She called back and said to come quickly. So I entered ready for the biggest fight of my life.

As I entered her van I was quick to realize that she had not been telling me to come in the van quickly, but instead she had been telling him to cum quickly into her mouth. She was still sucking his cock with fervor. This guy had somehow tricked her into wanting him and had surely lied his arse off to get her this turned on where she did not care if her father saw her naked and sucking someone’s cock. He certainly was a bastard in my books. I yelled at him to get out, but she just kept sucking on his cock and holding her arms around him. What was I to do? I yelled at her to stop, that he was using her, that he was no good for her and probably was full of disease as well. To this she stopped sucking for a moment and said, “well if he is then all of us can share a hospital room together, as you and mum have already had sex with him, why can’t I?” She had me there, what could I say now. As she was not going to stop and was enjoying herself, I may as well leave them alone and go back to bed. What a failure as a father I must be.

As I turned to leave, June once again spoke to me and said, “Dad, is it true that Gerry fucked you up the arse?” Fuck! It is bad enough that he has tricked my wife into sex, had his way with me, conned June into sex, now he has even belittled me by telling my daughter that her father has had a guy fuck his arse. What should I say to her? All I could think of was to tell her that as Gerry was such a con artist and a liar, there is no use me saying anything as he had maybe already blurred her thinking and that she would never believe what I had to say. In fact when he started to fuck me I was so angry, but that soon turned to total pleasure, and because of the pleasure he gave me, I so wanted to tell her the truth, but how can a father say that to his daughter, and her have any respect from her again? So I decided to just let her make up her own mind. I Bayan escort Ankara then added, “if it didn’t happen you wont believe me and if I say it did you will be disappointed in me, so is best I let you make your own mind up young lady.

As I was about to leave Gerry rolled my daughter over very quickly and entered her arse in one quick movement. What a prick this guy is. He has humiliated me in front of my entire family and still tries to belittle me to my daughter like this. The strange thing is that my daughter, instead of complaining, just said, “oh yes, I love your cock in my arse. Daddy, did you enjoy his cock in your arse as much as I do?” Before I had time to think I just blurted out that yes I had indeed enjoyed it very much. Damn! Now she has tricked me into admitting that I had gay sex. What will she think of her father now? I will never be able to face her again.

“Oh daddy”, she said, “I bet you were a wild fuck for him just like me. I would love to see him fuck your cute arse if you don’t mind me watching.” Well, I guess this was just too much for me at this point. My mind was full of mixed emotions and having caught him fucking my wife, then him fucking me, then to actually see my daughters cunt wide open in all its glory, and now to be asked by her if she could watch him fuck me after he has fucked her in the arse, it was just too much for any man. I caved in and just said, “Well if you don’t mind seeing your fathers cock spewing its juices while his arse is full of another guys cock, then why should I care. After all, it seems that this family is closer then we ever thought, so why not be open about it?”

With that said Gerry told me to get on my stomach and he proceeded to shove his rigid cock into me and begin pumping away. The strange thing is there was very little pain or resistance this time. But then again, since he fucked my arse earlier I had not washed so I guess it was still full of his juice. After pumping me for a few minutes he stopped and pulled me up onto my knees and reinserted his cock in my arse. This in effect I guess was to humiliate me even more so that my daughter could watch his cock going in and out of my arse as well as see the effects it was having on my cock, which was straining to let its juices free after feeling his cock delve into my inner reaches. I was right, June sat up, but so that she was at our side, so she could watch every movement of his cock entering, as well as my cock heaving from its desires to unload. Boy, I guess without realizing it, having my daughter there watching all this was just too much for me and before I had time to think, I was spewing my 3rd load of hot cum for the evening.

At this stage Gerry had still not come, and I guessed that after cumming into me once and who knows how many times with my wife and now my daughter, I guess he was not going to cum very quickly, so my arse was going to keep getting pumped for some time yet. By now my daughter was moaning and saying how hot we both looked and how horny it was making her, and with this she just opened her legs and started playing with her cunt right in front of me. She seemed to not care what I saw or what I thought, she was randy and that was all there was too it for now. The feeling of Gerry fucking my arse and the sight of my daughter fingering her pussy was no match for me and I began to stand to attention once more, much to my surprise and delight. ‘Maybe after Gerry cums I just may try and fuck his arse and see what he thinks’, I thought.

June was beginning to get more and more excited and it was obvious that she also was cumming. I guess with all this debauchery going on here, I should not have been surprised when June asked me could I lick her cunt for her while Gerry was fucking me. I told her that it would be wrong, and even now, what was happening was wrong and could cause problems. She said she did not care and that she was too hot to care what anyone said, and as I was the only one available for now, she wanted me to lick her clit for her. I insisted that I could not and would not as that was going to far. With that I thought she would go back to fingering herself but instead she lunged forward and took almost all of my cock into her mouth and started to suck up and down. Damn, my daughter was sucking my cock! This is wrong! This is illegal! My wife will kill me! What am I too do? Gerry was holding onto me tight so I couldn’t move forward or back. And, it was sooo fucking wonderful!

After a few minutes of June sucking on my now pulsing cock and Gerry thrusting his pulsing cock into my arse, I moaned out that I was near ready to cum again and that I needed all this to stop. Gerry would have none of this and said he would not stop until he came inside of me again. Daughter said she was feeling very horny and needed to be fucked, but as Gerry was busy she would settle for me licking her cunt. And I was confused out of my brain. Next Gerry suggested that she lie on her back, spread her legs, and he would slowly force me down so that my mouth was at her dripping cunt. She was delighted and did as he said, eagerly awaiting the attention her pussy was about to receive. It seemed I had no choice in the matter, but I had decided that my tongue was not leaving my mouth, no matter what she said, or how close I was to her cunt. I did not think of the possibility of what was to come.

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