Daughters Doing Daddy

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Written by Gabriella Vitale

The younger women in these 8 erotic stories all have the same thing in common: they’re the daughters of the men in these stories. In these stories, the younger women will say words their father never heard her say, and she’ll perform sexual acts none of the horny men have ever seen her do . . . until now. And to make matters even more interesting for some of the Dads, the girl’s mother will behave in the same wanton manner as her daughter.


Daddy Caught Us Foolin’
My Daddy Needed Lovin’
Daddy Solved My Problem
Daddy’s Big Dick
I Talk Sex For Daddy
Daddy, Mommy and Me
I Got Mom and Dad to Make Up
Trouble Sleeping? Try Fucking!

**Author’s Warning **Reader discretion is advised!

These ten stories are NOT Pseudo incest. It’s the real thing! The characters are NOT step-related or adopted. It’s real incest with ten older men, each having heated sex with their own natural granddaughters.

Daddy Caught Us Foolin’

When Daddy caught my brother and me foolin’ around together, he got real pissed at both of us. To be honest, I can’t say I blamed him. We were both naked with Billy diddling my cunt and me jerking off his big stiff cock. If Daddy hadn’t come up to the attic when he did, I would have gladly fucked for my kid brother.

“What were you thinking?” he asked me after chasing Billy down the ladder stairs, telling him to go to his room and wait there. The only thing was, he didn’t tell me to go anywhere. He just stood over me looking down at my hiked up mini and uncovered titties. “Jesus Christ! Margo! He’s only eighteen!” he said as I tried using my blouse to hide my bare chest from Daddy’s leering eyes. It didn’t work cause he never stopped his gawking at both my big tits and the pussy not covered by anything.

So, when a lustful smile came to his face. I knew I wasn’t leaving the attic anytime soon. “Daddy! Why are you looking at me that way?” I asked, already knowing what he had on his mind.

More than likely, it was the same thing Billy was thinking when he got me to go up to the attic with him. The two men in my family both wanted some of Margo’s hot looking body.

“You know why I’m looking at you this way. You’re twenty-two now and you need much more than a boy like Billy can give you.”

“But Daddy! You’re my father. How can I let you do that to me?” I pleaded, but he never heard a word I said.

“You’ve become a very beautiful woman with a well-built figure! You need a real man to take care of this hot looking body. You need this!” he said, then whipped out his big stiff dick. I shuddered at what he did, but most of all, I shuddered the massive size of my own father’s manhood.

The giant cock he was holding out for me was much bigger and fatter than Billy’s puny cock. How could I not want it. Yet, I hesitated. He was still my father.

“Oh, Daddy! I don’t know about this! It just ain’t right!”

“Oh Margo baby! It Is right! It’s only wrong if it’s not what you want, and I know you want this as badly as I do!”

He was right! I wanted it! “Oh, I do! Daddy! I want it all right!” I said while ogling over the big prick staring me right in the face, already imagining it filling up every hole in my body. “Give me what you’ve been giving Mommy,” said as my fingers wrapped tightly around it.

He smiled. “Oh yeah, baby! I’m gonna fuck my princess just like I’m fucking her real hot Mama!” he told me I was gonna get the biggest, hardest cock I’d ever seen. But first, I was gonna suck on the biggest, hardest cock I’d ever sucked.

As my lips surrounded his dick and my tongue started licking its hard head, I was doing it like someone else apparently did.

“That’s it, baby! That’s it!” he told me as I sucked and licked. “Do it like your mother does! Suck me off like your mother sucks!”

While doing what he asked, I quickly imagined my mother sucking, wondering if I was as good as her, wondering if she took his load into her mouth, wondering if I should do that too. Then I did.

“Uhmm, uhmm” I moaned as his goo shot into my mouth, filling it up then dripping out. “Ohh, ohh,” I sighed as his dick slipped off my tongue and I licked the cum off my face. “That was nice, Daddy!” I said as he stood over me. “Did you like it?”

“Shit, Margo baby! I loved it!” he told me, then fed me his cock again. “Now get me big and hard so I can fuck you too!” he said while holding my face cheeks, his cock once again deep inside my mouth.

As I blew him again, licking and sucking like I did before, it amazed me how quickly it got big and hard again. In no time, Daddy was slipping his cock from my mouth and slipping it somewhere else.

The attic was dusty and dirty as he laid me down on some old carpets. I could feel the grime on my bare ass as Daddy grasped my legs and pushed them back to my head.

Suddenly, the cock I had sucked a moment earlier, was poking my cunt lips and moving into me. All at once, my Daddy was fucking me, playing with Ankara bayan escort my titties and kissing me. His tongue took hold of my tongue while his hands took hold of both my breasts, squeezing them while sending his cock home.

I couldn’t believe how aggressive my father was. I also couldn’t help wondering if he fucked my mother the exact same way. At least, that’s what I thought as I started to cum. “I’m . . . .I’m cumming, Daddy!” I cried out, feeling my body vibrate.

“Me too sugar! Me too!” Daddy yelled, then let out a loud grunt as his dick emptied and my ass shook in his hands.

After we finished, I knew what he meant about a real man fucking me. Daddy was good, real good, making me wonder if my brother could have given me what my Daddy had. A few minutes later, I got to find out. In fact, I got a lot more than that.

After we left the attic, Daddy took me to Billy’s room. “So, you two wanna fuck, huh?” he asked my brother who just stood there gawking at me. “Well, let me see you fuck!” he told us, then took out his own big dick, jerking on it while my brother got out of his clothes real fast.

The next thing I knew, Billy was grabbing me. He got his one hand under my skirt and grabbed my crotch; his other opened my blouse and bra. Suddenly, he was tweaking a tit and fingering a pussy, all with Daddy watching and jerking.

Since I was still very aroused from Daddy’s fuck of me, I happily let my brother do whatever he wanted with me. When he kissed my mouth, I gave him my tongue at the same time I played with his cock.

It wasn’t as big as Daddy’s, but it sure felt good inside my hand as I jerked on it. What he was doing to my pussy felt good too. In no time, he got me on the bed and was gonna stick me when Daddy said he wanted some of Margo too.

“Do her from the back!” he told Billy who quickly flipped me over so I was on all fours. “That’s it!” Daddy said. “Now give her your cock!” he told my brother who didn’t waste a second. He stabbed me quickly, sending his dick all the way into my pussy from the back. A second later, I found out why I was in that position.

While one cock got me from behind, my brother fucking me fast and hard, my father fed me his cock, having me blow him like I did before.

I’d never done anything like it before, but sure didn’t mind getting two cocks at once. I especially liked it when the two of them started to cum, Billy filling my hole while Daddy let loose inside my mouth. It was the most incredible sex I’d ever had and it wasn’t even over with.

Later, after the two men had few beers and rested, I again got two cocks at the same time. Only this time, Daddy wanted my ass instead of my mouth.

So, with Billy’s cock inside me again, we flipped over so I was on top, my ass grinding to his groin. Then, as he pushed up, sending his cock deeper into me, I felt Daddy’s hands holding my cheeks.

“Sweet ass, sugar!” he said, then gave it to my sweet ass. “Ohh, yeah!” he said as his dick started moving into my butt. A few seconds later, I had two cocks inside me, one in my ass and the other in my cunt.

“Ughhhh, ohh, aghhhh!” I groaned in ecstasy while getting a double dipping.

Both Daddy and Billy gave it to me hard, fucking both my holes like I didn’t know they could. It hurt a little, but it sure felt good. After we all came, I fell asleep, too tired to even go down to dinner. It was well past seven when Mama came up to wake me.


“You mind telling me what you’re doing in your brother’s bed with no clothes on?”

I thought I’d had it, but the sly grin on her face told me she wasn’t really all that mad. As it happened, I wasn’t busted after all.

Before I could answer her, Mama placed her hand on my bare inner thigh, Then, with me watching her do it, she started gliding her long fingernails back and forth, edging them ever so close to my uncovered pussy. At this point, I started to get very nervous about the outcome. My mother’s hand was on my leg, and at any second she might be be touching me where no woman had ever touched me.

“M-M-Mama . . . Mama! Please don’t!” I begged. It went without saying I had to stop her before it was too late and before she did something I might regret, or even worse, something I might just like. The only thing was, I didn’t stop my mother from doing what she wanted with me.

Mama’s hand moved all the way down my leg until her fingers pressed against my wet cunt lips. And when they did, my body tensed and chills ran up and done my spine. A moment later, it got even worse when her middle finger slipped between my cunt lips and she started fingering me deep inside my wet juicy pussy.

What she was doing to me was unreal, and I couldn’t believe I was allowing it to happen. This was not just another woman touching me, she was my mother. For God’s Sake! How could I let her do this to me? “M-M-Mama . . . Mama! W-W-We can’t! Ohhh, Mama! Mama!” I cried out, but it was all in vain. I couldn’t stop her from doing the unthinkable. Escort bayan Ankara

While moaning loudly, I fell onto my back and let my mother continue her unexpected finger-fuck of me. I don’t know why I let her do it. Whatever the reason, I knew I had my legs wide open with my mother doing things only boys had ever done to me. Not long after, inevitable happened.

I started to orgasm.

“Ohhh, God, God!” I began to cry out, not believing my cunt wasn’t filled with a boy’s cock, but with my mother’s moving, probing, darting, twisting, long and penetrating fingers. It felt so absolutely wonderful I didn’t want her to stop.

After I came, I lay panting with my legs still open. Mama, with several of her fingers still inside my pussy, lay there with the side of her face resting on my belly. I was too exhausted to move, so I just lay there, feeling her warm sweet breath on my stomach. “Did you like it?” she asked, her moist lips and tingling breath feeling ever so good on my bare skin.

“Urr, huh.” I admitted, although I knew already I was making a big mistake.

When I said that, it was like giving Mama permission to do whatever else she wanted with me, and so she did. Her head lifted and moved from my belly. Suddenly, she had her head and face right between my legs. What she did next should have shocked me, but it didn’t.

Deep down inside, I just knew my mother was going to eat my very excited pussy. That should have bothered me, but deep down inside, that’s exactly what I wanted her doing to me. I wanted her eating me.

As she licked on my cunt lips and sucked on my clitoris, Mama’s fingers again explored inside my body. I couldn’t believe how good she was making me feel, or that I was able to cum for yet a second time. So, that’s why I consented to doing something I once thought of as disgusting.

I’d eat Mama’s pussy too.

For that special treat, the two of us went to her bedroom where she got fully undressed. “I just know you’re gonna love this!” she said after she walked out of the bathroom totally naked. Then, without saying anything else, just smiling lustfully, the two of us moved up to each other’s nakedness by the foot of the bed.

At that point, I couldn’t wait to open my legs for Mama’s very talented tongue. For the time being, her fingers found my wet eager pussy and she started rubbing me just like she’d done so before.

“Feels nice,” she said with one hand on my cunt and the other squeezing my bare ass. “Try mine,” she whispered and I let my fingers slide along her wet lips. Mama moaned loudly as I rubbed her clit. “Oohh, yeah!” she groaned, then did the totally unexpected by kissing me on the mouth.

When she did that, my mind told me all the things I was supposed to do: push her away; slap her face; tell her to stop, tell her to leave. I didn’t listen to my mind. I was way too excited for that. I went with my feelings instead.

As Mama’s tongue worked its way between my lips and into my mouth, I became wild with passion pushing her back onto the mattress like she was some kind of plaything, which in fact, she’d become.

Like a wild woman I didn’t know I was, I forced her legs open with my hand, pushing not one, but four of my fingers deep into Mama’s loose and slushy cunt, finger-fucking my mother the same way she finger-fucked me, twisting and turning my fingers deep inside her. Not surprisingly, Mama reacted as I thought she would. Her legs spread wide; her soft ass lifted and she started humping my hand.

“Oh, God! Eat me, Margo! Eat me!”

So, without any reservation, I pressed my face to her cunt, letting my lips and tongue touch her moist pussy lips. Voila! I was an instant lesbian, sucking and nibbling on another woman’s pussy just like I’d done it all my life.

While I licked and sucked, Mama moaned louder and louder, at the same time humping her body faster and faster. Apparently, my inexperience wasn’t showing. In no time, she started cumming. My mother became insane with passion. To say she was a crazed animal in heat would have been an understatement.

“Eat me you whore bitch!” she screamed with her thighs clamped tightly around my head, holding my face to her inflamed cunt. “Suck me ’til I cum, you slut bitch!” Mama yelled, then grabbed a hold of my head. I could barely breathe, but I continued licking and continued sucking my mother’s wild and crazy pussy. I was afraid to stop, afraid of what she might do if I didn’t get her off. Then, I did. Mama came.

When it was over, we lay in total silence. Neither of us could think of what to say. I knew I couldn’t. I had just done the most sickening thing of my life, and for some reason, couldn’t explain why I enjoyed it so much. Eventually, Mama and I spoke. We even cuddled close together as we talked over what we did. Right after, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

That night, Daddy came into his bedroom and saw us in bed together.

Busted again.

Not really.


My Daddy Needed Lovin’

Our Bayan escort Ankara Daddy was a widower for only six months when he shocked me by saying he wanted to start dating again. “I have my needs!” he told me one night while we were out together having dinner. “But, I won’t do it if you think it’s wrong.”

Daddy was only fifty-nine when Mom died suddenly. He was still a young man and a good-looking one too. I knew that he liked having sex because my Mama told me one night when she was filled up on liquor.

She even told me how often they did it and that alone shocked the crap out of me. It did so because my mother and father were fucking even more than my husband and me. That didn’t seem right. And now, with Mom gone and me divorced, none of us are doing much fucking.

That didn’t seem right either.

While he sat across from me waiting for my permission to date, I knew one thing for sure about my real good-looking father. He’d have no problem at all getting laid. He was young enough and good looking enough to have any women he wanted. The thing was, I didn’t want him fucking just any other women.

I wanted my Daddy fucking me.

“Let’s go home, Daddy! And we’ll talk about it there,” I said, then leaned across the table. As he went to kiss me on the forehead like he usually did, I lifted my face for something even more, like a lips on lips kiss with my own father.

The mouth to mouth kiss lasted for only a few seconds, but it was long enough and wet enough to send my message. After I moved my lips from his, Daddy knew his hot little princess wanted to get laid too. I knew this because if what happened on the car ride home. Daddy pulled the car over to the side and turned to face me.

“That kiss, baby? What was that all about? Since when do you and me kiss on the mouth with you tongue poking my lips?”

I answered by putting one arm around his shoulder and my other hand on his leg.

“Since Mama’s been gone and my Daddy needs a woman! Well, I’m that woman! And that’s why I kissed you like I did!”

Without saying a word, Daddy started the car and drove towards home. Once in the driveway, he turned off the engine and looked my way. “Are you sure you really want to do this, baby?”

“I am, Daddy! I wanna take care of you!”

“I know you do, baby, but it just ain’t right for a man to have sex with his daughter. Jeez, honey! Your Mama would never understand if she was here to see it.”

“But Mama’s not here! Is she, Daddy?”

Not another word was said as my hand grabbed his cock and my mouth covered his. This time, the kiss lasted longer than a few seconds. It was wet and sloppy again, but it was also a lot more passionate, not the kind of kiss a daughter gives her father.

He didn’t seem to mind because he happily took my tongue and played with it inside his mouth while my hand happily played with his big hard cock.

“I want it a lot, Daddy!” I told him after we stopped kissing. “You’re my Daddy and I need you to fuck me,” I said while unzipping his pants. “And to show you just how much I want you, Daddy!” I said while taking out his cock, “I’m gonna do this!”

Before he knew what was happening, I lowered my mouth to his lap and the big cock I wanted. The steering wheel was in the way, but when you’re hot to suck dick, nothing can stop you. When a girl wants to suck a big juicy cock, she’ll find a way to do it no matter what.

Naturally, he resisted. I was his daughter, and as far as he knew, a daughter shouldn’t be sucking off your cock like I was doing. “Jesus Christ, Princess!” he yelled as my tongue twirled and my lips glided up and down his long shaft.

“Uhmm. ohhh, uhmmm!” I moaned while sucking off my Daddy just like I sucked off all the other guys I’d fucked.

“Jeez, baby! “If you don’t stop what you’re doing, I’m gonna give you my load!”

There was no way I was stopping, Shit! I’d take my Daddy’s load anytime he wanted to give it to me. I’d take it in my cunt or my ass. I’d even take every last drop inside my mouth. He was my Daddy and I wanted the cum from his big hard cock.

Guess what?

As his dick emptied inside my mouth, I took it all, then swallowed every last drop. I then continued to suck him off, not stopping until he was rock hard again and eager to poke me. And the way things were going, we probably could have fucked right there in the car. But why do that when we have a big bed at home?

“Whatta ya say, Daddy? Wanna go home and fuck me now?” I said after sitting up.

Daddy didn’t answer. Her just got his hand under my mini for a feel of my very wet pussy. “Mmmm! Nice and juicy pussy!” he said as his fingers rubbed me right where I liked it. “Looks like my Princess is hotter than I thought!” he said, then moved his fingers under my panties.

Yeah, I was hot all right. And why wouldn’t I be? I hadn’t had a dick inside me in months. Having him finger me like he was doing was enough to drive me up a fucking wall. Yeah! You bet your fucking ass I was hot.

Once we got inside the door there was no stopping us. I wanted it and Daddy wanted to give it to me. There was no longer any bullshit about us being family and all. When people want to fuck, they go right ahead and fuck no matter who they are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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