Dan’s Future

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Dan was generally an early riser and today was no different. Well, except for the one difference that he was naked. He was also sleeping on the floor even though there was a perfect cot which he used whenever he came to this cabin. Both of them were rules enforced by his dominant cousin. Dan was now completely at her mercy and had to do anything she said because he knew she would thrash him silly if he so much as attempted to resist. His buttocks were fine now but they were sore for a long time last night following her smacks.

He still had not fully gotten over this treatment. He was nothing more than a servant — no, a slave — to his cousin. It was not fair! But, there was nothing he could do. Even his own mother would not help him. Even she had smacked him a couple times for being disobedient. But, the good thing, if you could call it that, was that it would be over today. But, then again, he could no longer be an equal to his cousin. He would always be fidgety around her and she would always be bullying him. But, through all that, he still loved his cousin, or for that matter the moms. And, he was sure their feelings toward him had not changed one bit.

Dan completed his business and came back. He stared at his sleeping cousin and he just could not help himself. He walked forward and kissed both her feet before he left the room.

Aunt Jane and mom were still sipping their coffees. As soon as Dan walked him, they snapped their fingers. They just thrust the cups at him and Dan went to get the cups refilled. He then filled his own cup and proceeded to sit on the floor at their feet. Both the adults noted the full hard cock and smiled. The rest of the early morning passed by like a normal family morning. Dan and the moms talked about the drive back home, where to stop for breakfast, etc. All talks were normal family talks albeit with one member naked and with his member raging around and sitting on the floor. With the coffees done, Dan proceeded to wash the cups and also wipe the floor where his mom had spilled a bit. Neither of the adults made any move to offer any help.

Julie walked downstairs an hour later wearing the same skirt from yesterday. Dan immediately went down on all fours kissing her feet. She let him kiss both her feet and sat down on a chair and indicated that Dan bring her coffee. Once he had served, she motioned him to kneel next to her. The moms went over the return trip with Julie and Julie just nodded. Soon, it was time to hit the pond. Julie was still wearing her skirt while going towards the pond. Dan almost asked her about it but held back right in time. He carried the bucket in hand and her clothes in the other. He was careful that he was not hiding his privates in any way. He was not sure if Julie would make good on her threat of continuing his enforced nudity after going back home but he had no intention of find out.

After they were done with the pond- Julie had swum this time with her skirt on while Dan was obviously naked- both of them dried themselves. Julie’s skirt had collected a lot of the sand and Dan was wondering about it. Julie sat on a rock and imperiously beckoned Dan to come forward.

“Kneel.” she said.

Dan knelt down and was immediately pricked at his knees. The pond edge was hard and had lots of small stones. Wincing, Dan settled into it as Julie paid no heed to his troubles.

“Alright, naked boy. Listen to me for some time, and don’t you dare interrupt,” Dan could see that she was quite steely and immediately sensed he was not going to like what he was going to hear. “First of all, Dan, I think we both know how much we love each other. We have been together as cousins/best friends from when we were able to walk and talk. Nothing has changed in that regard. But, we would be fooling each other if we think that the events here have not changed us. Things can no longer go back to perfectly normal. I am sure you have given it a thought as well. We have changed things here. So, what do we do about it?”

Dan just stared at her nervously.

“There is only one solution. If you can’t go north, go east. Since we cannot go back to normal, the only solution is to embrace the abnormal. I am saying, of course that you will continue to remain my slave forever.”

Dan’s world broke in a second. A million thoughts went through his mind. Shouts of “No! No! No!” was ringing in his mind. However, he was mindful enough not to talk. He did not even open his mouth. Julie waited a few seconds to see if he would talk and then continued.

“Look, let’s face it. You are no match to me in a physical fight. If you want, we can try it out. I will even tie both hands behind my back if you wish so. Do you want to try that? Yes or no.”

“No, ma’am.”

“So, with that in mind, I have to say I enjoyed these two days. What is there to not enjoy? I just have to raise my hand and you would be in front of me. Naked, kneeling and ready to do anything I say. Why wouldn’t I want that? It would actually help me a lot. You will clean my room, clear out my trash, wash my clothes, Ankara escort give me foot massages when I come back home tired from Basketball or Football and clean my shoes and so on. If you don’t like it, you can fight it or accept it and you just now made your choice.”

Dan just stared at her with fear and could not speak anything.

“Look, if you still don’t want this, just tell me. I will give this one and only opportunity to you. But, here is the deal. If you refuse, we will no longer be friends. We will no longer be as close as we were. I cannot be friends with anyone so egoistic they wont accept that they are inferior to me.”

Dan interrupted for the first time.

“But, Jul-ma’am, how can I be naked like this back home. What if there are visitors?”

“Obviously, you will not be naked all the time like you are now. But, you will be naked when I tell you to. You will do anything I tell you. And, remember this. I will not hold back one bit. You are my slave and nothing more. I will punish you, abuse you, make you do degrading things, even violate you. That’s right! I said it. This is a lifestyle. Pretty soon, you will be servicing me in many ways with your mouth.”

Those last lines stung him badly. Of course, he was aware of the lifestyle. Men, forced into chastity and pleasuring their wives orally was something he had heard of. Now, it was happening to him. Albeit with his cousin. His mind was on a continuous repeat of “No way! No way!” However, he could not lose Julie. Being the nerd that he was, she was his best and only proper friend. He had other friends at college, but none of them were Julie. In her own way, Julie felt the same towards him as well. He knew that despite this, nothing had changed between them. Suddenly, he looked at her and smiled.

“What are you smiling about?” asked Julie, curiously.

“We both know that you would not ditch me even if I say no.”

It was Julie’s turn to get stung. Dan was right. She knew she had given an empty threat and he knew it too. It was ridiculous to associate the word “smug” with a man who was naked and kneeling in front of her while she remained clothed and seated with her legs crossed in front of him. But, that was what Dan was! The smug bastard! Suddenly, she just wanted to punch his stupid smug face. Thinking of the situation further, she started laughing.

“Maybe that is true. But, I still want this. So, what is the answer?”

Dan pondered. It was a humiliating prospect, but Dan knew he was going to say yes. For one thing, Dan would prefer him to be completely under her control then to be on the tenterhooks around her. This way, he would know what to expect and would not be constantly worried about what she might do to him or the way she felt about it. No matter what, he was not going to lose her and he also knew that she would never go far with him anyway. But, he did not want to go oral on her. Or, anyone for that matter.

“I have no choice in this, ma’am. Of course, I don’t want to be a household bitchboy to anyone, but if I have to be that for someone, I would prefer it to be you. But, going down on you, I don’t think I can do it, ma’am.”

“And, that is exactly why it is an important part of this lifestyle. The looming threat would make you desperate to keep me pleased all the time. And, when I make you do it, it would be great for me. You have to trust me on this. We can hold off on that for a few days, but it is eventually going to happen and the sooner you agree, the better. For now, you will continue to serve me in other ways and do anything I tell you to do. Now, do not get up. Kneel walk towards me, kiss my feet and declare you are my slave forever.”

Dan had no hesitation. The gravel was hurting him but he powered through it to please his mistress. “I ” — kissed left foot — “am ” — kissed right foot — “your” — kissed left foot –“slave,” — kissed right foot –“forever.”

“That is much better.” She started moving back and Dan followed, carrying all the things.

The breakfast was same as lunch and dinner from yesterday with Dan serving all the three women and then eating on the floor. Aunt Jane eventually commented.

“So, Danny boy. Are you looking forward to going back home and ending this?”

Dan tensed and looked at Julie.

“It is not over, mom. Dan is my personal slave from here on out. He will be serving me as I see fit.” Julie said.

Both moms looked at Dan. Julie pre-empted the question. “Obviously, he won’t be naked all the time, but he will be at my beck and call all through the day. You can use him too.”

There was shame and sadness in Dan’s face. But, Julie was not going to sugarcoat his predicament. This was happening, and Dan just had to accept it. After breakfast, Dan finally got what he was waiting for. Julie gave him the thumbs up and Dan scurried upstairs before she could change her mind. Dan wore the same clothes he had worn while coming here and Julie changed into something else as well. When they returned, the moms were suddenly silent. It was obvious they Ankara escort bayan were talking and had stopped when they came in.

The drive back home went normally. The four talked about the college restarting, moms going back to jobs, etc. After lunch, however, Julie raised her legs and placed them on Dan’s lap. Dan spent a good half hour giving Julie a good foot massage. After reaching home, the moms and Julie just smiled at Dan and went to lie down in the living room. Dan spent almost an hour getting the luggage inside, placing the utensils back in the kitchen and doing the laundry (which, admittedly was a smaller load since he did not have to wash his own set of clothes owing to the fact that, well, he did not use them. No, he was forced to not use them). At least, they had allowed him to be clothed now.

Dan was not entirely new to this. He was used to being bullied at school and in college. In many cases, it was Julie who had put a stop to it. He remembered how she had brutally thrashed Kevin, one of his tormentors. Kevin had been limping around for a week after that and he never disturbed Dan again. Others, too, were wary of him since then. Now, Julie herself was pushing him around and he did not mind that. What he was worried about was, he knew that, eventually, he would be going down on Julie. He knew she was not kidding around there. Especially, now that she did not have a boyfriend. He had no clue how he was going to eventually handle that. He forced himself to concentrate on his current tasks. When he was done, he went into the hall where the others were sleeping (the rooms were not clean), laid down, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Julie woke up almost as soon as Dan slept. She smiled at him, kissed his forehead and went to the kitchen. Both moms were there, and, once again, they stopped talking when Julie came in.

Dan woke up later in the evening. He and Julie went out to play Basketball with two of their neighbors, Charlie and Maggie. The two girls were far better players and the boys were just supporting their teammate and eventually, Dan and Julie won. They had some snacks and went back home.

That night, Dan was relieved at finally having some food properly on a chair and table. He had no illusions, though. He was the one who set the table and he was the one who cleared the plates. Once they had dinner, Dan and Julie made to go to their rooms when the moms stopped them.

The moms sat on the sofa and motioned Julie to sit. They then turned to Dan.

Aunt Jane said to Dan. “Strip and kneel.” Once again, the dismissive tone which Julie loved.

Dan did not hesitate for more than a second. He removed of all his clothes and kept them on the sofa next to his mother. Smack! Full force smack at his bottom from his mother.

“Fold the clothes, properly.”

“Sorry, mom.” Dan folded the clothes and then went to kneel in front of them with Julie sitting amused on the side chair.

“What is going on, mom? Aunt Ann?” Julie asked, curiously.

“Cuff him first.” Julie got the cuffs and cuffed his hands behind his back. She was careful to ensure his hands did not cover his butt as she pushed him back into a kneeling position.

“Do you guys remember the discussion we had about sharing the household work and letting the maid go. Well, we let her go but the housework is not split. We are still doing all the work.” Aunt Jane said, looking darkly at both of them.

Dan and Julie smiled sheepishly at each other.

“That stops today. From here on, we do only the cooking around here. We had assigned each of you to different things and clearly, it did not work. So, now, apart from cooking, all other jobs will go to you, naked boy.”

Dan just nodded as Julie jeered.

“And you,” mom turned to her.

Julie thought “Oh boy! This can’t be good.” as she looked at her.

“You will be in charge of him. He is your slave after all. So, any mistakes he makes, it is your allowance which will take a hit. His allowance will always be in full and you cannot bully it from him. It is your job to ensure that he does all the cleaning, washing, etc and that he does it properly. I don’t care how you do it and how you punish him. But, every time I or Ann am disappointed with his work, your allowance will be cut.”

Curses! Curses! Curses!

Mothers! Trust them to ruin even things like this. Dan would be the slave and yet, I would be the one with more on my mind. I could not lose my allowance or have it cut down either, anytime.

“Don’t worry, mom. Incidentally, I have the perfect punishment for him that will make him do all his work properly all the time. Am I right, naked boy?”

Dan knew what she was talking about.

“Yes, ma’am.” he said meekly.

“We will see about that.” Aunt Jane continued. “Do you have any questions, naked boy?”

“What will I be doing, Aunt Jane?” asked Dan.

“You will be up by utmost 6. We wake up at 5:30 to do the dishes but it can wait until 6. That will be your first task every morning. Clearing Escort Ankara up the dishes. When we wake up, you will bring us the coffee. Oh! And, you will be naked for these two tasks.”

“Don’t worry, mom. He will be sleeping naked from now on and so, this won’t be a trouble.”

“I will?” asked Dan. He then bit himself.

“Stand up” said Julie.

Dan stood up, resigned to what was going to happen.

“Never” — SMACK, “ow” — “question” – SMACK, “ow” — “my” — SMACK – “sorry” — SMACK — “orders” — SMACK — “again” — SMACK, “sorry, ma’am. I am so sorry.”

Julie went back to sit on the chair and Dan knelt again. He was now wincing.

Aunt Jane continued as though there was no interruption.

“You will then give a quick run over with the broom. Once you have swept, you can wear some clothes and take out the trash. Probably just some underwear. Or, come to think of it-” she was interrupted by Ann.

“You are not sending my son outside naked. No matter what.” Ann said firmly.

Dan was thankful to his mother.

“Ok, fine. Anyway, you will be the last to take bath. That will make it easier for you to wear something when you wash and dry the clothes. Serve us breakfast, have some yourself and go to college.”

“Once you return from college, you will thoroughly sweep and wipe the house. You will pick up the dried clothes, fold and place them back. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can go out and play. As for the nights, you will be at our beck and call and do whatever we tell you.”

Three or four days ago Dan would have been mortified at all this. The full reality of being a household slave was still hitting him. But, he was now accepting anything thrown at him, not that he had a choice. Through all this, he had always felt bad that he did not help his mother or his aunt on the household chores and he almost felt it better this way that it was thrown at him, so he did not have to think about it or decide. And, despite his obvious predicament, it was still funny to think that Julie could miss her allowance because of him.

Aunt Jane concluded. “Well, that’s about it. You can go to your room now. From tomorrow, your ass is ours.”

Julie interjected. “Actually, I have some work for him. My room will obviously be a mess. He will clean it and sleep on the floor there tonight. Before that, however.” she turned to Dan. “Naked boy. Kneel-walk forward and kiss mom and Aunt Ann’s feet and tell them that you are their servant forever.” Shen then turned to the adults. “Remember, he is your servant, but he is my slave. This means, I have the highest authority on him.”

“And, what does that mean? Where is the line?” Aunt Jane asked.

Julie was stumped by the question. Both moms started to giggle and even Dan smiled.

“I don’t know.” Julie said to her mother. “And you, what are you smiling about? Get on with it.”

Aunt Jane said “No need to say anything. Just kiss each of our feet and leave.”

Dan kneel-walked — naked and cuffed – on the cold hard floor. He kissed Aunt Jane’s feet first. He then moved towards his mother. The hard floor was making him wince with every step. He kissed her left foot first and then kissed her right foot.

Ann stood up. She lifted him up as well and hugged him. She then turned him around, smacked his ass and sent him forward. Aunt Jane hugged him too and also ruffled his hair a bit before smacking his ass. I beckoned him to follow me.

As Julie had predicted, the room needed cleaning. She uncuffed him and he spent some time clearing the room and making the bed. She then bolted the door.

“Alright, naked boy. It looks as if I will need your services earlier than I thought.”

Dan’s eyes filled with horror. He immediately went down on his knees.

“Please, ma’am. Please not that. I don’t like doing that.” He then realized he had refused her and became even more scared. The abject fear in his eyes made Julie momentarily feel a little ashamed.

Julie steeled herself. “Sit.” she said.

Dan made to sit on the floor but Julie pushed him to sit on the bed. She then sat next to him and put her arm around him.

“Do you like blow jobs?” she asked.

They previously had had a lot of conversations like this. Hell, they used to swim and play naked together, so this question should not have been a surprise. But Dan still jumped a little at the question.

“I do. Never had one, though.” he replied.

“Same here. I mean, I like having a guy perform orally and my boyfriends have done that as well. I can never understand why men think it is OK to want oral but never ready to give. Tell me, what is your problem? What is good for the Goose is good for the gander, remember?”

Dan had no answer to that. He wondered whether he could give her an excuse that she was a cousin. But he knew she would see right through it.

“No answer? Good! Now, go get the blindfold.”

As Dan went out, Julie felt the most powerful in her life. When this had started out, she had done because she was angry. Now, it was different. Power was a seductive mistress and Julie was feeling her! She was already getting tingly down there and Dan was going to help her with that. The fact that he did not want to do it only increased her feeling.

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