Dad’s Dream Daughter

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The familiar sounds of cardboard cartons toppling emanated from his daughter’s room. Mr. Robinson knew she has arrived to give his nurse her day off. Iki had a way of producing these noises. Mr. Robinson was never able to figure out how she manages to topple cardboard cartons every time she enters her room. Soon she appeared in person.

“Morning Dad.”

“A very good morning to you Iki.” Her mother named her Ikeba after the Japanese art of flower arrangement to which she was much addicted at the time of her daughter’s birth. Later mother went on to appreciation of other things, but that is another story.

Daughter stood at the door and then slowly went round her Dad rather like a dog in strange territory. She did not sniff though. Dad lay on a large orthopaedic cot gleaming with stainless steel scaffolding. Both arms of Dad were in layers of bandage and hung on the frame balanced on weights over pulleys. One leg lay stretched on a stand. The other lower limb was free.

“Poor Dad,” said daughter, “do you feel pain?”

“Pain is over but the itching is intolerable.”

“That’s not itching Dad. If you are constrained you always feel itchy somewhere or the other.”

“Yes, in the barber shop it always happens. But that does not make it any less a misery.”

“Now that I am here I will scratch. Where do I start?”

“That’s the problem; it is always under the bandages. Instead of one free leg that is of no use I wish I had a free arm. I could then reach for the itch with knitting needles.”

“Truck driver should plan their accidents so that at least an arm of their victim is free,” said Iki.

“Enough about me. Tell me about yourself.”

“I am OK.”

“How is Charles?”

“Why always Charles and not Charlie? Anyway it doesn’t matter. He is well.”

“You seem happily married. That’s good.”

“No complaints. We get on very well together. We have found the formula for marital happiness.”

“I wish I had known your formula.”

“I wish you had. Like all great formulae this is simple, but I am not sure your mental make up would have taken to it.”

“What’s wrong with my mental make up?”

“You cannot accept change. You lack vision. To apply my formula you have to make a quantum leap.”

“Tell me about your formula and I would tell you if it comes within my range of vision, or is narrow enough for me to leap across. Might have saved me the lonely life I now lead.”

“You are not alone Dad. Please take that into your head. And no self pitying.”

“I thought your mother and I were OK, not great but OK. Then she suddenly left me. It shook me at my very foundation. I just did not see it coming.”

“There should have been plenty of indications. You were blind to it, blind as a mole.”

“Blind as a bat.”

“No Dad, bats are not blind, but many moles are.”

“Well let that be. You said there should have been indications, want indications?

“Indications that she was bored to death.”

“I don’t understand. Are you bored?”


“What’s this bored; bored of what?”

“The same man, the same foreplay, the same cock, the same everything. Who wouldn’t be bored?”

“What do you mean; that I should have allowed her to have other men?”

“Yes, and you have other women.”

“The marriage will go to pieces.”

“It won’t. The bonds will get stronger.”

“Arrant nonsense.”

“The exact words I expected you to employ. I am talking sense. I’ll explain. I was getting bored of Charlie too. I could see that he was getting bored of me. One day after supper I took up the matter with him. I of course had done my home work before that.

‘Charlie,’ I said, ‘would you like to have sex with other women from time to time?’

‘Iki, what a silly question, which man wouldn’t?’

‘Would you mind if I have sex with other men?’

‘If I have you should too.’

‘Then why not?’ I said. He smiled. He is a perceptive man.”

“Unlike me,” said Mr. Robinson.

“Yes unlike you,” agreed daughter.

‘What’s the plan?’ he asked.

‘Read this.’ I had circled an item in the newspaper. ‘Read Beylikdüzü escort aloud.’

‘Couple — early thirties — want companionship with other couples same age — physical intimacy not excluded.’

‘What do you say?’

‘Why not? We will follow it up.”

“You did Iki?”

“We did Dad. Emails, then letters with photographs, then we met in a restaurant. We rather liked each other. Then we went to a beach, a clothes optional one. We were comfortable showing our bodies. That evening we swapped.”

“You had sex with the man and Charles had sex with that woman.”


“Different rooms?”

“Does that matter? In the same room and before you ask more questions on the same bed, and just a queen sized one.”

“Lots of touching?”

“That’s what we had come for. After that I had sex with Charlie, and they had sex, again on the same bed with lots of touching. Shall I tell you something Dad, Charles and I were never closer to each other than in that fuck.”

“Then you got bored with that couple.”

“Dad, you are an expert pessimist. We did not get bored, you know why? Before that could happen we had fun with another couple who were friends of our first.”


“And so it goes on. We live in constant expectation of new friends, and while we wait we have wonderful sex with ourselves.”

“What if he runs away with one of your swap friends?”

“Just the thought that would pass through your negative mind Dad. Run away and soon get bored again? Think of the wonderful time we are having. A husband who thinks of my sexual requirements and lets me have what I want; friends, swap friends if you want to call them that, who are closer to us than the family, and the excitement of week-end expectations. It’s too beautiful for words. End all this? No way Dad.”

“Where are you going?”

“Setting up for your sponge bath. Your nurse has left instruction that I can disobey only on pain of severe punishment.”

“Henrietta is rather strict.”

“When I am doing that I will give an instance of how thoughtful Charlie is to my needs.”

Iki was efficient in her own way. Soon she had completed sponging Dad body above the waist. The critical lower part of the body was next.

“You want to strip me?”

“How else can I get the job done?”

“I’d rather not.”


“I can’t explain.”

Ikeba burst out laughing…

“I know. You are having an erection. This same-cot swapping sex talk is having its effect. All the more reason why I must do it. I of course have seen your cock on an off when I was living at home, but never have I see it erect. Now is my chance.” She undressed him without further ado.

“Magnificent, splendid,” she exclaimed for it was indeed a very decent sized cock that was waving before her. She grasped it and kissed the rose.

“Don’t Iki, I am your father.”

“Dad,” she said in severe tones, “do I not have the right to thank something to which I owe my very existence?”

“OK, get this bath done quickly.”

She did his genitals last. She paid a lot of attention to his penis (which was still erect) retracting the foreskin and replacing it and retracting it again as if testing its efficiency. As she was doing that she spoke.

“Dad I am convinced that this one man one woman stuff is the root of all evil. The sooner civilised man dispels that notion the better it would be for humanity. What I am telling you happened a month ago. One day in the beach I saw a man who seemed to have a very large cock. I mentioned this playfully to Charlie. Soon after that man happened to come close by. Charlie made friends with him as he so easily does. Soon he was under our umbrella drinking coke with us when Charlie mentioned to him that I thought his cock was big. I was annoyed, but the other man took it so well that I calmed down. He offered to show his cock and I agreed. I gasped – it was really big. Noting my interest Charlie winked, the other man winked, and Charlie asked if would be willing to be fucked by that man. By that time I was in the sprit of the thing. I nodded agreement. Dad, no one ever Beylikdüzü escort filled me as that man did that afternoon. It was wonderful.”

“You mean in the open beach.”

“O! Dad, it is like you to revert to unnecessary details at the expense of the core things. Well it was open beach all right, but we rearranged the umbrellas.”

“With Charles watching”

“Not just watching. I was sucking his cock the while. Have you heard of the MFM threesome? That was happening. Dad, when husband and wife have sex with the others with the knowledge of the spouse it is not just acceptable, it is welcome.”

“Confusing, but not as confusing as it was when you started telling me all this. You are talking as if swapping is a spiritual exercise. I am not able to comprehend that.”

“It is Dad. Sharing what you hold so precious releases you form the confines of narrow selfishness that is the norm of so called civilised humans. Charlie and I feel liberated. I am a better woman than I was before this happened. I am glad to know that you are softening to that idea, Dad. Now coming to your sex life when did you have your last fuck?”

“Should you know?”


“Two months ago.”

“Before the accident?’

“Yes of course. Do you think I can fuck in the state I am in?

“When was the last jerk-off?”

“After the accident none.”

“You can’t of course, but Henrietta could help.” Mr. Robinson laughed out aloud.

“Henrietta, indeed. Next you would think of Miss. Dracula.”

“Shall I jerk you off?”

“Don’t be funny. Daughter jerking off Dad? Absurd notion; quite horrible.”

“Daughter’s duty to the father has no limits.”

“Maybe to you. I draw a line.”

‘So you have drawn the line,’ said Iki, but to herself. ‘I know you men and the lines you fellows draw.’

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I was speaking to myself about you.”

“Tell me what.”

“That’s a secret. Dad have you ever fantasized about me?”

“You mean sexual fantasies.”




“Whenever the thought occurred I used to think of something else to drown it off.”

“Shall I tell you something? I have fantasized about you. It may interest you to know that I did not drown it. I delved into it in depth and enjoyed the experience.”

“When did this happen?”

“When I was eighteen or thereabouts. When I embraced you I would get moist about my pussy. Dad I used to feel your hard cock against my pussy too.”

“Yes Iki, I used to get hard at those times. I used to feel very guilty.”

“Why guilty. Woman is a woman.”

“Iki, a daughter is not a woman in that sense to a father. Your notions are extraordinary.”

Iki did not respond. She dried and powdered Dad and then was busy cleaning up. Soon everything was tidy even by the exacting standards of Sister Henrietta.

“Now you have your soup, and after that a surprise.” Soon Mr. Robinson was sipping hot soup.

“Dad are you comfortable? If you are I can spring the surprise.”

“I am comfortable enough, but as for surprises I do not know what you are talking about. I don’t like that smile of yours. It’s quite wicked.”

“Wicked? More Dad, I am going to break the law.”

She took the empty soup bowl away. She reappeared and sat by the side of Dad.

“When did you last see me naked Dad?”

“I don’t like the trend of your talk Iki. Why should you know?”

“Answer Dad. I ask the questions.”

“Years ago. You had not come of age then.”

“So you remember that day with nostalgia.”

“Don’t be silly. I don’t remember that day. I know it was years ago when you were a child. I used to give you baths.”

“After I became a woman you have not seen me naked.”


“You are going to now.” She deliberately removed her T shirt. She had nothing under it. Mr. Robinson was goggling. He had no idea that his daughter’s breasts were stunners.

“Like it?”


“Better than mother’s.”

“Definitely.” She came closer and lent on the cot and brought her breasts to his face.

“Suck Escort Beylikdüzü my tit Dad darling,” she said. The line Dad had drawn must have been a thin one for it disappeared when daughter’s T-shirt came off. He accepted the tit that she proffered and sucked. She turned and offered the other. He worked on that too.

“Like it Dad.” He nodded. She then climbed on to the cot.

“What are you doing?”

“Wait and see Dad.” She stood with feet planted on either side of Dad’s body. She then shifted her feet forward inch by inch till they were by the side of his head.

“Look up Dad,” she said as at the same time she whisked off her skirt. She had no knickers on. She was stark naked. Dad was viewing daughter’s pussy from below. He gasped in awe.

“Ever seen a pussy from that angle, Dad?” Dad could not find the voice to speak. He shook his head.

“Do you like what you see?” He nodded.

“Now that pussy is going to come closer and closer and as it bears down on you it will be opening up wider and wider to reveal its inner secrets. Brace yourself for that.” Slowly she squatted holding the upper rod of the scaffolding. As there was no space in front she had to spread her knees wider and wider. Dad looking up saw the pussy opening out like a clam. He could see the red. He was surprised at the prominence of the clitoris when viewed from this angle. The pussy came closer and closer till soon the clitoris was against his lips. Mr. Robinson now flicked out his tongue and licked. His tongue felt the juices. Daughter pressed her pussy gently on his face and moved her hips, and he licked to her rhythm; and then she speeded up and he kept pace and then he stopped. After a fraction of a second he recommenced but this time he swiped slowly. This was the signal for daughter to slide down the steep slope, which she did screaming softly.

“Fuck me Dad,” she said. His face was all smeared with her juices. She wiped it off with a sheet.

She stood up and moved back holding the railings of the frame. She positioned herself with care over Dad’s erect cock. She then lowered herself, and as she did she met the eyes of Dad. She smiled and he smiled.

“Ready, Dad?”

“Yes darling.”

When her pussy was near enough she held the cock and gently guided it in. She was so wet that it went in without a murmur. Holding the railings for support she pulled herself up and down.

“How do you feel fucking your own daughter Dad?”

“Don’t tease me my girl. I am finding it extraordinarily good.”

And then she pumped in a way a woman on top cannot possible do without the assistance of the rails that she was holding. They had orgasm almost together. She asked him to wait and then she had another. Daughter rested her body on her Dad, and Dad remembered those days when as a little child he had put her to sleep on his chest. He felt very tender and kissed her.

“I love you darling,” he said.

She then got up and cleaned him up and then washed herself. She came and sat by his cot with her cheek against his, and they slept. She woke up an hour later.

Sister Henrietta was due any moment now.

“What is bothering you Dad?”

“Why do you say that something is bothering me?”

“Because something is; that’s why. Don’t waste time Dad. Spill it.”

“Well, Iki.”

“Out with it Dad.”

“Well Iki, will you tell Charles about what happened?” Iki laughed out aloud.

“Of course Dad. Shall I tell you what his reaction would be? He would be thrilled. Thrilled, that’s what. It is his theory that when a man and a woman want to have sex they must irrespective of the relationships between them.”

“This is all quite strange to me Iki.”

“It works Dad. We are constantly in cloud nine. Do you know of cloud nine Dad?”

“I know Iki, but I have never been there.”

“Want to be there?”

“Of course who wouldn’t?”

“I’ll be here every week. Will that be OK Dad?”

“That would be cloud nine Iki.”

“And every week after that.”

“Really Iki?”

“Without fail. Till you find a companion.”

“Companion Iki?’

“Yes Dad and your own swap partners.”

“Enough Iki, I am not mentally prepared for cloud ten.”

“That can wait. Dad, I can hear the door bell. Bye for now.”

No daughter was never more conscious of having performed a filial duty to perfection than Iki was at that moment.

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