Daddy’s Babygirl Ch. 02

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Note: Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. Also, this chapter contains Anal, and slight domination. If either of these scenarios bothers you, please skip to the next chapter or find another story. If not then just keep on reading.


I woke up in my Daddy’s bed with a pain that was so unimaginable in-between my legs. I yawned a little, stretched my body, and then clutched my stomach in pain. “What the hell happened last night?” I ask myself looking around the room trying to figure out my bearings.

“No laptop. No blue and green dolphin painting. No desk. Oh crap.” I say aloud as I slowly get up off the bed. When I stand up I feel a dry, thick, stickiness on my legs and chest. “I didn’t…” I bite my lip hesitantly as I walk out of the room. My dad hears me walking down the stairs to the kitchen. I was still fully naked and the worst part was I didn’t even try and hide it!

“Babygirl.” Was all I heard daddy say. His voice was calm and soothing yet had that hint of dominant male figure to it that had my skin covered in goose bumps in a second.

“Yes daddy?” I say as I walk towards the kitchen. Daddy was in his black robe making breakfast for the both of us. I bite my lip cautiously, unsure if I had sex last night and if I did, who it was with and why I was in my daddy’s bed. The possibilities were endless in my mind.

“Come help me princess. I want to talk about last night.” He says in that voice that I knew I wouldn’t be able to say no to. He gently grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his embrace, hugging my back side as I helped him crack the eggs. “You know what happened last night, yes?”

I shook my head softly and he gently turned my face to his with one of his long masculine fingers. “I took your virginity babygirl, and I made you mine. You are to me what your mother never could be. I loved your mother more than you could ever imagine, but you are mine. My babygirl and my lover.” He said with such a definite clarity. Never once did he ask me if I still wanted that.

He let his hand gently brush over my smooth yet sticky bare ass and I gasped. My body trembled against his front side as he kissed my neck gently. “Babygirl, you and I will be together from now on. You will have no other boys in your life unless they are into the same sex do you hear me?” Daddy’s voice was so dominant and almost scary.

The heat of his hand over my bare ass and his hot words against my earlobe made me helpless to his actions. The only thing I could do was nod as I felt his hand move slowly to my hip and then inch ever so slowly to my pussy. “Ouch” I whimpered and he shushed me in my ear.

“Its okay babygirl this will make your body feel better. Let me take away the pain I caused my angel.” When he said that I practically melted in his Beylikdüzü escort arms. He was showing me the love and affection no man I had dated had ever been able to show. His finger tips spread the lips of my swollen pussy gently and he felt me wince against his body. His hand moved again and he whispered “Just keep making the omelets. Let me soothe you damaged body.” I couldn’t help myself. My father was so handsome and warm and best of all, he knew what he was doing.

I felt his fingertips spread my pussy lips further apart and then his other hand came down and gently rubbed the little nub that my clit had grown to. “Daddy, are you still drunk?” I asked him cautiously as his fingers played with the moistness my pussy was now making at my little love tunnel.

“No sweetheart. And I wasn’t drunk last night. Neither of us were.” He paused and I felt his finger curl into my hole and pull back, pulling my body tighter against him. “GEEZ I filled you with so much cum last night. I hope you enjoyed it.” He says nibbling against my ear lobe.

“WH…What do you mean we weren’t drunk?” I ask cautiously and I feel my breathing pick up as he gently makes a come here motion with his finger tip, letting it rub against my g-spot.

“Babygirl, I would never turn to alcohol after a death. That is a sure way to lead to AA meetings. I wouldn’t give you alcohol for the same reason. But letting you think you were drunk let us open the door to this possibility.” As he says his final statement I felt his robe fall open around me and he pressed me against him.

It only took me a second to realize that Daddy was as naked as a newborn baby as his warmth engulfed my back. “Daddy…I can’t. I’m so sore.” I plead as he runs his fingers down my spine and lets me bend over.

“Babygirl, you probably won’t like this, but I want to get it out of the way so that your body will get used to it. It’s going to hurt and once I start, I won’t stop.” He pauses and then added “You will eventually learn to like this and I will be as gentle as I can, but I think daddy’s little slut needs all her holes trained so you can better serve me as my little submissive.”

Submissive? Slut? What did I get myself into? I nod and lower myself a little so daddy can get a better angle. I assumed he was just going to take my pussy again so I would get used to the pain but oh was I wrong.

Daddy thrust his hips two good hard times into my pussy until I practically gushed right then and there, then, as if daddy could read my mind, he said “Babygirl, I know this is new for you but I want you to try and hold back your orgasm. That warm tingly feeling from last night will happen again and I want you to hold it back until I let you cum.”

I close my eyes and nod, letting out a loud pleasure filled Beylikdüzü escort scream before I felt daddies massive cock pull out of my pussy. He spread my ass cheeks wide to look at my cute little rose bud. It had never been touched and daddy knew that. I felt daddy’s finger trace a circle around it and then plunge a dry finger into my little star.

“Ouch Daddy! No…Stop I don’t want that!” I screamed at him wiggling away and tightening my hold on his finger with my muscles. “Shhh…its okay babygirl.” He soothed again. “Daddy knows what’s best for his little sexslave. Your going to take what I give you because I know what’s best for you and how to please you”

I bit my lip hard. What the hell is a sexslave? When did I become that and not his babygirl? My thoughts were immediately pushed away as he pushed his tip against the tight little hole of my backdoor. He spit on the opening and rubbed it in, trying to make a smooth glided entrance.

When he pushed the tip into my ass I felt like I was literally being ripped in half. “OW!!! Daddy please stop it hurts.” But daddy just pushed in deeper. Holding me down by the small of my back and smacking my ass hard for talking back.

“Babygirl, I know what best for you, stop fighting or I will have to tie you up on the table. After this, sex will be amazing for you. And most importantly for me.” I felt his hand smack my ass again, a little gentler though, and then his balls slapped against my pussy and I knew his full length was inside me.

Daddy waited calmly and soothed my body until my ass loosened up and became easier for his entrance. “Daddy…go slow please…at least at first.” I begged him and he nodded and gave me his ever so gentle “daddy loves you” smile before leaning down and kissing the crook of my neck.

“Anything for my little cum dumpster” Daddy said calmly and grabbed onto my hourglass hips holding me steady as he gently and slowly rocked in and out of my tight hole. I winced softly but slowly my “ouches” of pain turned into “oohs and yeas” of pleasure. I had no idea what was happening to me but my pussy started to grow hotter and wetter by the second.

After daddy got himself into a steady motion he slipped his fingers teasingly against my dripping slit. “Oh is my little slut’s cunt hungry? Does it want to taste my fingers?” Daddy said seductively as he pushed his 2 biggest fingers into my pussy and it made my entire body tighten bringing a moan from daddy’s lips.

I shivered from the sudden jolt of energy that pushed into my body from having two holes filled at once and I turned my head to look back at daddy. “What happens if I…I can’t hold my…orgasm?” I ask pausing in-between words to moan, gasp, or steady my breathing.

Daddy looks at me with his ever gentle eyes Escort Beylikdüzü and says, “We will cross that bridge when we come to it, but you might have to be punished.” Punished? What?? I haven’t been punished for anything in my entire life! What the hell? I push the thought from my mind and decide not to worry about it and instead I nod in agreement.

Daddy held my hip tightly with his free hand and started to pump his thick, veiny, cock into my tight little ass harder. The friction from his rough skin rubbing against my extremely sensitive inner walls made me feel like I was on fire and I whimper underneath him. The feeling being so good it had my mind spinning. Who would have thought pain would turn me on? I definitely couldn’t let daddy know that.

I felt him pick up speed and then I swear it felt like his cock was getting bigger and I moaned loudly. Only after my moan suppressed did I hear Daddy grunt and shake his head. “I’m almost there babygirl. Soon I will let my little cumsult have her present. Maybe if my little whore is good I will let her cum to.” He says making me turn a bright shade of red at all the words he was saying.

The need to orgasm was starting to grow harder and harder to hold back inside me and I slowly started to push my ass out to match his thrusts for a deeper, harder, push. His balls constantly slapped just the right way against my pussy to bring a pleasure filled moan from my lips. “Daddy Please…” I whimper out as his balls slap my pussy again.

Daddy quietly ran his fingers through my hair and before I could catch a glimpse of the idea going through his mind, he pulled my head back and bit my neck roughly. As if a dominant male was marking his territory. When his teeth sank into my skin I felt a large splash shoot deeply inside me and I gasped hard. The need to cum over took my body and my pussy immediately shot wave after wave of hot juices onto the floor beneath us.

After about 5 minutes of my body twitching, spasing, and jolting uncontrollably, I heard daddy’s voice. “Babygirl put your feet on the ground and try to regain your balance.” It was so strong and dominant I felt inclined to oblige. I set my heals back on the ground and my legs quaked. I almost hit the ground before daddy’s arm tightened around my waist and he hugged me close.

“Babygirl, I need you to stand up.” Daddy says gently but still demanding and I nod. Standing up as I was told, I feel his cock slip out of my ass. “Go get in the shower. Were going to go to a couple stores and then when we get home tonight, you will receive your punishment for Cumming without my permission. Please remember I love you very much and I’m doing this for your own good.” And with that he slapped my ass which almost jump started my feet up the stairs. Before I had a chance to go to the guest bathroom I heard daddy yell “use the master bathroom, we will be moving your stuff in later this week.”

And with that, I turned around headed into the shower and prepared for the day of the unknown.

Chapter 3 coming soon.

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