Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term ‘teen’ or ‘teenager’ can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen!

I am happy to say that the original story ‘Cursed – The Idol of Lesbos’ has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

‘Cursed – The Return of the Idol’ is a loose sequel and you can easily get through it without reading the original. In review, the Idol of Lesbos is a cursed item that makes every woman it comes in contact with into a lesbian. It becomes separated from its previous owners and discarded on a stranger’s front lawn, which is where our story begins…

Chapter 3

Cindy and Ashley stepped off the bus last, right behind Tilly and her brother Billy. The four typically walked home together and had done so for many years. Now it was their senior year in High School. All of them had finally celebrated their eighteenth birthday and all were about to embark on that monumental accomplishment of graduating. There were only four more weeks of school left and the unseasonably warm weather was making the anticipation of finally escaping school that much more unbearable. Cindy and Ashley were both still in their cheerleading uniforms, having practice right after school.

“Kelly?” Cindy blurted out. “You’re dating Kelly?”

Billy puffed out his chest and gestured to himself, “Well, you can’t expect this kind of manliness to be left untaken for long. You had your chances.”

Tilly rolled her eyes, “They’ve been on exactly ONE date. It’s a little early to be tying that date to the I-N-G. So don’t worry, girls. You can still have allllll tthissss!” She moved her hands about, gesturing to her twin brother in the ultimate display of sarcasm.

“Screw you, sis,” Billy brushed her off.

Ashley was the quiet one of the four and certainly the shortest, although she was never at a shortage of guys asking her for dates. Saving herself for marriage was a big thing in her family and Ashley desperately wanted to live up to those expectations of her parents. All this talk about dating was guaranteed to lead to talk about sex which was guaranteed to lead to everyone making fun of her for being a virgin. Ashley may have been shy, but she wasn’t stupid.

The redheaded teen did her best to derail the conversation, “So, who is getting suckered into the high tea at Cindy’s house?” She raised her hand and made an insincere smile.

Cindy stuck out her tongue as if to vomit, “Ughh, don’t remind me. I keep trying to get out of it but my mother has been brainwashed by Tilly’s mom and now feels the need to snobbify us.”

“Screw you,” Tilly snipped. “Tea is a great idea. I’ve got field hockey that morning but I am definitely going to make the high tea. Some of the women there own businesses and I for one plan on networking for a job that doesn’t entail scooping ice cream for minimum wage, suckers. Speaking of which, do all of your clothes smell like vanilla now, Cindy?”

“Well, as much as I’d love to continue this conversation, I’m going home. Buh bye, bitches!” Cindy waved off Billy and Tilly as she and Ashley crossed the street. She noticed her mom’s car in the driveway, and so did Ashley.

“Wow, your mom is home early again from work. Is she going to get fired?” Ashley asked.

Cindy shrugged, “Mom says she’s bringing in the accounts left and right so the owners don’t care if she goes home after a half day. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Cindy and her bff waved and parted. As the brunette teenager walked up her walkway, she passed Ashley’s mom on the way out. Her hair was disheveled and her clothes were all wrinkled. The woman had looked all messed up for several days but today was the worst. Cindy tried to be nice and not casino siteleri notice, “Hi, Mrs. Townsend!”

Karen made no eye contact and instead just put up her hand in a short wave, “Hi, uh, Cindy. Bye!”

The girl just shrugged and went inside, calling out, “Hi mom! I’m home!” She went straight for the fridge and poured a big glass of milk, gulping it down until a little drop slipped out and dripped onto the ‘H’ in her cheerleader uniform. She heard her mother’s soft footsteps coming down the stairs and found her mother in a bathrobe.

“Uhh, mom. What are you doing in a robe? And what’s up with Mrs. Townsend? It looks like a bird nested in her hair.”

Jill laughed, “Oh, don’t worry about her. She’s not feeling herself, that’s all. How was school? How was practice?”

“Great. Everyone is getting jittery about graduation. The game this weekend is canceled. The other team, the Tigers, can’t play because four players got suspended for whatever and now they forfeit, so I am free for Saturday night.”

“That’s great! Hey, I wanted to let you know that I’m really proud of you. I’ve been watching you practice your cheerleading and you look really good. I mean REALLY good.”

Cindy looked at her mom strangely, “Uh, thanks I guess.”

“Well, to reward you, I wanted to get you a present. It’s up in your room.”

Cindy smiled curiously, “A present? Uhmmm, okay. Can I look at it now?” With a nod from her mother, Cindy bounded up the steps and into her bedroom. Jill watched her daughter’s tight ass sticking out from under the uniform skirt and wondered how she had never noticed how incredibly sexy her daughter had become. Of course it was her daughter, her baby girl who she had taken care of her whole. To have thoughts and desires like this were unnatural.

‘You must take care of your daughter.’

‘You want the best for her.’

‘Lesbian sex is the best.’

‘You want your daughter to enjoy lesbian sex.’

‘You are making her happy.’

Jill took a breath and worked her way up the steps and down the hallway to Cindy’s room. The door was opened and the moans were clearly sexual. There on the bed was Cindy holding the Idol of Lesbos in her hand, a red bow tied around it. Jill had placed it there on her daughter’s pillow while Karen was busy cleaning up from her first pussy licking experience. Jill was teaching so many women about the ultimate pleasures they could achieve. Ms. White, her clients, Karen Townsend. It was only a matter of time before the idol took Jill to this forbidden place.

Just like Karen, Cindy was embarrassed about being caught masturbating. Even more so for Cindy, however. The moment she picked up the idol, the teenager couldn’t stop touching herself. There were whispers in her head. Terrifying things about girls. Girls doing things with girls. Sexual things. Homosexual things. Lesbian things. Things with tongues and fingers and toys that she had never even heard of or seen. Doing sexual acts that Cindy had never witnessed or even heard of. The whisper was louder and louder, pushing out almost every thought.

‘You love pussy.’

‘You are a naughty girl.’

‘You want to feel dirty.’

‘You want to feel slutty.’

‘Your desires control you.’

‘You want a woman to touch you.’

‘To teach you.’

‘To own you.’

‘You love lesbian sex.’

‘You are addicted to pussy.’

‘You need a teacher.’

‘You want women.’

‘Older women.’

And still the embarrassment of having her mother catching her doing something private managed to pierce through the cloud. Unable to cover up, unable to stop, Cindy did the only thing possibly left. “Mom, help!” she begged. “Mom, I can’t stop touching myself. Please, make it stop! This thing is making me think about things- Ooohh! GIRLS! girls! It’s making me think about girls! Make it stop, mom! I don’t want to do this! Oooohh, p- p- pussy! Love pussy! No, wait! I- help!”

Jill stared at her daughter’s fingers flexing underneath the shorts slot oyna she wore beneath her cheerleader outfit. The yellow fabric strained against Cindy’s knuckles as her fingers did their best to rub that teen cunt. Jill found herself licking her lips and even drooling a bit from the corner of her mouth. Her own eighteen year old daughter was being converted into a lesbian against her will, and all that mother could do was feel the forbidden lust growing geometrically from her belly and all over her body. Some tiny, tiny voice in the back of Jill’s head told her that the incestuous thoughts she was having were terribly wrong, but the idol kept spinning it, kinking it, justifying it…

‘Looking at your daughter masturbate is naughty.’

‘You love looking at girls masturbate.’

‘You love to feel naughty.’

‘Your daughter is sexy.’

‘Sexy girls make you hot.’

‘Go closer.’

Still in her bathrobe, Jill dropped the over-garment to the floor to reveal her naked body. She strode the bed and lay seductively mirror image to her helpless daughter.

Cindy’s eyes grew wide in terror, “MOM!? What are y- y- you ooooh doing? What’s happening?”

Jill slid her left hand over her breasts and played with them while ogling Cindy. She licked her lips again as she answered, “The idol is changing you. Making you a better person. A happier person. Just like me, baby girl. You are going to love the touch of a woman, Cindy! Mmmm, just look at your body. You are going to make so many women happy…”

The two lay there masturbating; one by force and the other by lust, daughter and mother stared at each other as the room grew warm from their lust. Jill didn’t remember moving, but each time she looked into Cindy’s eyes, it seemed like she was closer. After just a few moments their bodies were near touching and the heat from her daughter’s flesh was tangible now.

“I- I- can’t f- f- FUCK! –fight it anymore, mom! Take it away from me, please!” Cindy cried, the last bit of effort to beg for her mother to grab the idol from her hands.

Jill was breathing heavier still as she reached out and tickled her daughter’s slim leg, “Don’t fight it, sweetheart. Let go… Mommy is going to take care of you…”

Their mouths were inches apart now as Jill Watson leaned in and slipped her wiggling tongue into her daughter’s. She held Cindy tightly and felt the last strands of free will snap as their incestuous kiss grew more impassioned. The floodgates within the teenager’s lust yielded to the endless pressure from the Idol of Lesbos as she opened herself to her mother’s guiding touch.

‘Teach your daughter.’

‘Tease your daughter.’

‘Taste your daughter.’

‘She is yours forever.’

** ** **

An hour later Jill gave her daughter one last kiss before leaving Cindy’s bedroom. The High School senior already had her laptop out and was reading lesbian erotica as she played with her mom’s vibrator. Jill could barely stand to leave, but her husband and son were home and it wasn’t time to reveal their secrets of the idol. Not yet.

Dressed for the first time in hours, Jill made her way downstairs and greeted the useless remainder of her family. Brad Watson asked where Cindy was since she was usually home by this time.

“Oh, I think she has what I had last week. I checked on her and she is running a fever and has the sweats. Hopefully she’ll be okay for school tomorrow.” Jill was getting very good at lying to her husband.

Brad was oblivious. “You know, even if she feels better it might be a good idea to leave her home. She’s old enough to stay home and take care of herself.”

The night progressed without incident and the late hour found Brad and Jill alone in their bed. It had been almost two weeks since they had sex and he tested the waters by running his hand over her hip and down her stomach. Jill picked up his hand and pushed it back on his side of the bed.

“Come on,” he whispered. “It’s been a while now.”

“I’m canlı casino siteleri just not in the mood,” Jill whispered back. With her back turned to her husband, he couldn’t see the twisted smile on her face. In ten days she had more orgasms than in their entire marriage. Why would she ever want to have sex with him again?


Jill decided to stay home with Cindy and called in a personal day for work. Brian went off to his college classes and Brad was already at work when Jill decided to get up. She barely climbed out of bed when there was a knock at the door. Cindy shyly walked into her mother’s bedroom wearing a short nightie and nothing else.

“Mom,” she pouted sexily, “I’m feeling really hot. Can you take care of me?”

Jill tingled all over, “Come over here. Your mother is going to definitely take care of you today…”

At ten o’clock Jill remembered that she had one of their accounts stopping by the office and she placed a quick call to Ms. White.

“Jill Watson’s office, how can I help you?” Anita answered the line cheerfully.

“Hello Ms. White,” Jill said.

“Hello Mistress. What can I do for you?”

Jill noticed that there was a breathlessness to Anita’s voice, “Sorry but I forgot to tell you Candace from the Etton’s Pharmacy is stopping by to drop off her requests for the radio spots. Can you take care of her?”

Anita looked down at Candace’s ass as she pumped the pink strap-on dildo into her tight pussy. “Don’t worry, Mistress. I’m already taking care of her. She says she misses you, by the way.”

“Tell her I’ll take extra special care of her on our next meeting.” Jill heard a soft beep and looked at the phone; it was her husband calling in. “Listen, that’s Brad checking up on Cindy. I’ll let you go. Don’t forget to lock the office door.”

“Oooh, it’s locked, Mistress. Candace is going to be here for a loooooong time today.”

“Oh! Don’t forget to take care of that special shopping list I emailed you. Okay, bye!”

Brad Watson called from the office and was surprised to hear Jill’s voice on the other end. “Hey, honey! What are you doing home?”

Jill sighed, “Oh, I felt bad about leaving our sweet baby alone today, so I took the day off to tend to her.”

“She’s an adult now. I think she can fend for herself for few hours.” Brad heard nothing in response and then asked, “So is Cindy feeling better?”

Jill ran her hands through her daughter’s hair as she hungrily ate her mother’s dripping wet pussy, her youthful lips rubbing against her mother’s mound while her tongue was snaking its way up into her lust tunnel. “Oh, she’s definitely feeling hot.”

“Can I talk to her?” Brad asked.

“Sorry, honey, she has her mouth full, but I’ll tell her that you said ‘hi’.” Jill hung up and tossed the phone to the floor. Looking at her newly christened lesbian daughter, Jill taunted, “Your dad says he hopes you feel better.”

“Aww,” Cindy broke away from her munching, “he’s such a good daddy.”

Jill frowned, “Hey! What am I?”

Cindy smiled impishly, “You’re a bad mommy. Very, very bad….”

As her teenage tongue went back to pleasuring her box, Jill threw her head back, enjoying every uninterrupted moment she was having with Cindy. Her daughter was so eager after their first encounter and a night of trying to satisfy her carnal lusts on her own. So many times she wanted to scream out in ecstasy and beg her mother to lick her, but the idol refused to let her. Less than twenty-four hours ago, there wasn’t a lesbian thought in her mind. Now Cindy had done the unthinkable – she had converted to being a complete lesbian love slave, and to her mother of all people! What sinister force would do this to a family she wondered, knowing all too well the idol was behind it all? Could her mother have resisted? Could she have? It didn’t matter now and the teenager was satisfied with the thought that she was weak and needed to be used by the idol for anything it wished.

The two women were separated by a generation, but little else. Jill kissed Cindy deeply as they rubbed their cunts against each other their bodies quaking in devilish pleasure knowing that the taboo encounter between mother and daughter was to be the one of many.

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