Cumdoll Ch. 02

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Big Tits

From Cassia’s Point of View

My fingers slid back and forth in my moist pink, my legs spread wide at the television while the video played. I couldn’t help but get turned on watching this; it was a drug running through my hot veins. I just couldn’t stop watching it and felt the urge to masturbate every time it played. Plots and plans began to formulate in my mind, and each new twist I could put on them would send a terrible and orgasmic shiver down my spine. I always knew I had the ability to be a cold hearted bitch, but the opportunity to exercise that never arrived until now. “What humiliation and degradation could I put her through?” I thought to myself. The possibilities tickled me inside.

I heard the front door unlock and open. Will, my husband, was home. I stopped the DVD that I burnt the video onto so he wouldn’t see it just yet. I wanted to surprise him. I slid myself off the couch and crawled onto my fours facing the TV. My cheek touched the floor and my ass stuck high in the air waiting for him. He walked into the living room with a smile, seeing me in his favorite position. Will didn’t say a word; he just moved around behind me and unzipped his pants. His strong hands gripped my waist and his mean cock pushed itself into my dripping wet pussy. I let out a small moan as I felt him penetrate me as only he could. Nothing gave me more happiness than his pleasure. He was soft and gentle, the only way I ever allowed a man to have me. He glided so smoothly into me, his hands gently rubbing my back while his slow, deep thrusts filled me.

“Honey?” I moaned.

“What is it love?” Will whispered, his lips dragging softly along my back.

“You know how we talked about that I wanted to watch you fuck another woman? And if you could have any woman it would be Vicky across the street?”

His hand glided up my spine and found its way into my long red hair. He played with it a minute, his hips rolled into me in a jazz like rhythm. “So what?” he whispered into my ear. He rolled me over onto my back, and penetrated me again.

“Well,” I smiled seductively. I reached for the remote, and when I hand it in my hand I pressed play. The home movie started and Will looked up at the screen.

At first he seemed a bit confused, but a mischievous smirk came across his face. “Isn’t that her nephew? What’s that loser’s name?”

“Yes, it’s her nephew Lloyd.” I beamed with joy, I knew he liked this. I ran my fingers threw his gray hair as he grinded into me a little harder, but not too hard of course. He knew how to take it right to the line without crossing it and it drove me wild. I moaned and bucked against him, feeling a burning in my stomach. As always his thickness drove me to ecstasy, I screamed out how much I loved him and got racked by a mind numbing orgasm. All I could do was lay back taking in deep breaths and think about how much that vasectomy Will had paid off. He gave me a sweet tender kiss, and his handsome smile.

“I got to go over to Charlie’s Pub tonight and meet a business associate for drinks. Could be a big deal, might turn out to be nothing, who knows.” He said standing up and zipping himself back into his pants. “When are you going to let Vicky know we have the tape?”

I remained laid back, rubbing my inner thighs with my hands watching him, “I was planning on tonight. I just can’t seem to wait; I’m losing control of myself.” I laughed.

“You need control of yourself, if you are going to blackmail her.”

That was the wonderful thing about Will. He was so smart and perceptive. “I’ll have to get rid of Connie tonight, convince her to go to a friends or something.”

“Where is she? She should be home from school by now.”

“She had to stay late to make up a World Civics test. Our daughter is a pain in the ass sometimes.” I joked finally rolling onto my side, and off my back. “When you come home tonight, and I have her ready for you, do me one favor. I want you to fuck her hard, so hard it hurts her. I want to lick the tears off her face.”

Will looked at me strangely. He had never seen this side of me before and didn’t know how to react to it. I always gave him my full love and affection, so it was understandable that this side of me was completely foreign to him, even after all these years of marriage. He stood there bewildered, and looked at me as if I was a complete stranger lying nude on his living room floor. If I read his eyes correctly, it turned him on to this even more. As smart and dignified Will was, he was still a man of desire. All men have fantasies of other women at some point, and this is something he just couldn’t say no to. He just nodded quietly, and left to go upstairs. He was getting older, and probably needed a quick nap, for him to have enough energy for a big night tonight.

I collected the video, and dressed myself in the living room where I had stripped bare earlier. I was wearing a bright little sundress spending most of the day outside since it was so beautiful out. But it was getting close to four o’clock and I needed to get started on deciding on what to cook casino siteleri for dinner. I hid the video behind the sofa and strutted feeling like the sexiest woman alive into the kitchen. Going through the refrigerator and pantry I decided that chicken would do just fine, and throwing on an apron I prepared everything.

It was four thirty in the afternoon and Connie still wasn’t home. She should have been; we bought her that car so she could get around easier. I didn’t really mind, I was a slow cook anyway, as long as she was home by five I was all right with it. I checked the green beans and seeing they were doing fine picked up the phone. I dialed Vicky’s number. It rang three times before she answered.

“Hello?” Vicky answered. She sounded nervous.

“Hey there girl, its Cassia, say could you come over tonight around eight?”

“Um,” Vicky grunted painfully. “What for?”

“I want you to watch a movie with me. Please, you’ll be my best friend.”

“Uh,” she grunted painfully again, her breath got caught in her throat and she whispered “oooh, fuck” before quickly spouting out, “yeah sure whatever. See you then.” Click. She hung up on me. I wondered what all that was about but just shrugged it off and went back to cooking. Things were set in motion, and I couldn’t be anymore excited.

It was getting past five and there was still no sign of Connie. I walked to the front door and gave a quick peak out. Oddly her car was in the driveway but there was no sign of her in the house. I would have seen her come inside; I shrugged it off and went back to setting the dining room table. I heard the front door open and shut quickly, and Connie went straight to the table and sat down for dinner. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavy, she looked as if she just ran away from something. “Are you okay?” I asked, but she didn’t answer. She just grabbed some chicken and quickly ate a few bites before rushing off upstairs to her room. Teenage girls were so troublesome. It was hard to understand what went through their minds sometimes.

Shortly after Connie’s door slammed shut Will came down for dinner. We had a nice quiet dinner, talking about little things and soon he had to be off to Charlie’s Pub for his meeting. It was six thirty when he finished his dinner and stood to leave. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and wished me good luck before starting out the door. I watched out the window as Will backed out of the driveway and nearly rammed into Lloyd’s car that was backing out across the street at the same time. After a brief shouting match between the two, they both drove off their separate ways. Not a minute later Bert pulled into his driveway.

I cleared the table and quickly did the dishes; I needed to get rid of Connie next. I washed off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher and made my way up the stairs to Connie’s door that she always kept locked. I never liked her having a lock on her door, but for some reason Will always allowed it. I went to knock but heard something. There was a vibrating sound coming from her room. I put my ear to the door and listened. I couldn’t quite make out what the vibrating noise was, I knocked softly. “Connie dear, is everything okay?”

“I’m fine, leave me alone.” She yelled from her room. I tried turning the knob but as I thought it was locked. “I said I’m fine, I just need to be alone for a while.” She yelled out again.

“Connie open the door” I said sternly.

“For fuck’s sake!” I heard her scream, and then something slammed against the door. After some rustling from inside the door unlocked and swung open. Connie pushed pass me yelling, “Can’t I have some privacy please! Fuck this house; I’m going to Katie’s!” She stormed out of the house and took off speeding in her car. That was a lot easier then I thought it would have been. Bless those teenage girl mood swings.

It was getting close to crunch time. After a quick shower to freshen up and a change into a tight fitting t-shirt and some high cut off jean shorts I was ready for her. I looked at myself in the mirror; I had such great perky breasts. I could have just stood there for hours fondling them. It was almost hypnotic, watching you pleasure yourself in the mirror, watching what you do to yourself when passion engulfs you. My hypnosis was broken by the ring of the doorbell. It was time; I put up my hair quickly and gave myself a sexy little smile, then went to answer the door.

I hurried into the living room grabbing the video from behind the sofa, took a deep breath, and opened the door. Vicky walked inside quickly, looking nervous. She smiled and we gave each other our pleasant little greetings. I closed and discreetly locked the front door before turning back to her. I noticed she had a red mark across her face; it was the shape of someone’s hand. I didn’t say anything, but I hoped that it wasn’t her husband’s hand. If he found out about her incestuous affair, the chances of this blackmail working would plummet. With the video in one hand and taking Vicky’s in the other, I invited her to come with me upstairs.

Vicky slot oyna was walking strangely, but that mattered little watching her ass move in those tight jeans. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by another woman, maybe it was just the idea of the control I was about to have, but I stared at those big tits of hers just wanting to fondle and suck on them. Vicky was getting confused when I led her into the bedroom, but she went along with it. “Relax on the bed,” I said, smiling at her warmly. She just nodded and walked, still walking funny, and sat on the bed timidly. She was so much quieter than usual, and so very submissive. I put the video in, and turned on the television on top of our dresser. I laid on the bed next to Vicky, snuggling in close. Gently with my hands I guided her legs up onto the bed so she was lying next to me, and pressed play on the remote.

“What is this?” She cried out. Her eyes widened and grew a little damp.

“Shhh” I whispered into her ear, while I started kissing softly at her neck and ear lobe. I couldn’t hold back, I was too hot. I cupped her breast in my hand squeezing it softly. I never felt another woman’s breast before; it was so soft and warm. “Now that you know we have this, I want you to do whatever I ask okay?” I whispered, sliding my hand down from her breast, down her stomach and then sliding it between her legs. My fingers rubbed the fabric of her jeans into her pussy. Vicky just closed her eyes lowering her head in shame and nodded. Her hands came up and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, she slid them down revealing to me that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “Naughty girl” I smirked.

I slipped my fingers inside her, feeling the warmth engulf them. I was so curious to what another woman’s pussy felt like, I couldn’t help but play with it. Vicky leaned her head back against the headboard, and stared at me while my fingers pumped into her. Her pussy was getting wet, and slowly I watched her slide her tank top off exposing her hard nipples to me. I leaned in and kissed her softly, there was something strange. There was a taste lingering in her mouth that I couldn’t put my finger on. I broke the kiss and leaned back.

“What’s that taste in your mouth?” I asked her.

“It’s my nephew’s cum. Haven’t you ever tasted cum before?”

I smiled at her and shook my head, “no, I don’t put dicks in my mouth. Only whores like you do that. Come here, I want your face between my legs right now. All this talk of you being a whore is getting me wet.”

Vicky nodded and slid down on the bed moving on top of me. She pushed my shirt up, and kissed along my belly, her hands gently playing with my heaving breasts. She slid her hands down, un zipped my shorts and slid them down my long, slender legs. I wasn’t wearing panties either, the faster I could get us nude the better I thought. I spread my legs wide open for her, and rested them on her shoulders as she got on her all fours in front of me. I heard once that the best head a girl can get is from another woman. I couldn’t wait to find out if that was true.

Vicky slowly inched her way up. Her tongue came out so painfully slow. Finally the tip of it touched against my moist entrance. I took in a sharp breath as she leaned in more and licked up my pussy once. She looked at me and licked it again. Her eyes were sad, ashamed and defeated. Her tongue flicked and moved across my skin playing at my clit. I let out a moan as my hands ran through her hair, my body growing hot. She used her fingers to spread my lips open so her tongue could reach to more sensitive parts that drove me wild. I bucked against her face and clenched my thighs around her head moaning wildly. Oh God the bitch knew how to use her tongue; she was such a natural at it. It was true; a man just can’t do what a woman can with her face stuffed between my legs.

My dear husband quietly slipped into the bedroom just in time to watch my body wrack with ecstasy. I let out a scream as an orgasm washed over me. Will stood at the foot of the bed removing his clothes slowly. I unlocked my legs so Vicky could retreat a bit; she turned around noticing Will in the room. She knew what was coming, and I could tell she didn’t like it one bit. She didn’t say anything; she just sat on her knees quietly with her eyes down waiting for my next command. I moved over next to her, and with my eyes locked with my husbands I began to play with and grope her breast. Now naked his cock grew hard. This was turning him on.

“You’re late” I said to him.

He nodded getting on the bed with Vicky and I, “ran into some trouble at the bar, my friends and I took care of it.” He said softly stroking himself.

“Do you want your dick sucked?” I asked him.

He nodded yes.

I grabbed Vicky hard by the hair pulling her head back. She let out a soft grunt but dare didn’t make eye contact with me or Will. “Get over there and suck his dick.” I commanded her and shoved her over to my husband.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face right to him; on her hands and knees Vicky opened her mouth and swallowed canlı casino siteleri every inch of him. I was impressed; she sucked him like a pro. My husband really started to ram his cock down her throat hard. Grabbing the top of her head and just under the chin to hold her still he started fucking her mouth like the dirty hole it was. I went around behind her and licked her pussy a bit tasting her juices. I was curious as to what they tasted like. Vicky started to gag and tears began to well up in her eyes. He pulled her roughly away as the tears began to stream down her cheeks. Delighted I crawled around to the front of the bed. I traced my tongue along her delicate cheek bones tasting the saltiness of her tears. The ecstacy was driving me wild. And just as I was about to writhe wildly from the sweet pleasure of her humiliation the doorbell rang. I looked at will puzzled and asked: “who in the world is that?”

“A few bosses from the office I met at the bar earlier. I figured I could use her to get some points with the higher ups tonight and get that promotion.” Will explained. I laughed wickedly loving the way he thought.

From Connie’s Point of View

I always hated history. I was never very good at that class, and World Civics was stupid. I was supposed to make up a test for the class but I decided to skip it with Katie my best friend. She lived down the block from me, and we have been friends since middle school. Katie had stolen some of her older brother’s weed and we found a quiet spot in the woods to smoke up a bit. We talked about boys some, then I started complaining to her how Mr Reilly was going to flunk me because I skipped the test. That’s when she confessed she had been giving Mr. Reilly special favors for her good grades for the whole year. I wasn’t sure if I could do something like that. Maybe I could, I thought to myself. But I sure couldn’t see myself capable of doing such a thing, but then who really knows what they are capable of. Then Katie told me she would give him something really special if he promised to bring up my grade. I didn’t know what that something was, but I was grateful she was going to do it. That would probably mean Mr. Reilly would start putting moves on me, but that I could handle.

Afterwards I drove home thinking about things a little bit. I parked in the driveway but didn’t feel like going inside to face my mom just yet. She was such a bitch. Instead I decided to walk around a bit. I liked to to creep around my neighbors houses and peek into their windows. Sometimes you really see some juicy stuff, and sure enough I saw something big this time. Around the house across the street I snuck until I was under the kitchen window. When I peaked I saw Vicky my neighbor pinned against the wall by her nephew Lloyd. A person could call me a female version of a peeping tom as I watched some of my neighbors go at it on quite a few occasions. Though I never seen anything like this before and I couldn’t help but enjoy it.

Lloyd was really treating her like a piece of meat. Slamming her into the wall over and over while she screamed and cried, rathe from pain or pleasure I couldn’t quite tell. It didn’t matter, I was enjoying this. Lloyd pulled out of her letting her stand on her feet for a moment. She had a second to catch her breath before he had threw her over the kitchen table. Bent over in front of him she had a face I had never seen on a woman before. Complete servitude. She cringed when he slapped her backside so hard it left a deep red mark. He then rubbed what I think was lubricant on his dick, which I found myself staring at longingly.

Vicky pleaded with him not to do what he was about to. But he just said “shut up bitch” and she complied bracing her self for the inevitable. Lloyd slowly moved behind her putting his hands on her hips and slid his dick slowly into her ass. My jaw dropped, I had never seen this before. I never watched a porno or anything, just my neighbors and none of them did anything like this. Vicky screamed out as Lloyd pushed deeper into her. He started to pound into her with big dick of his, no doubt tearing her virgin ass apart. She was getting drilled hard no doubt in pain but she kept groaning “fuck your dumb bitch in the ass hard” over and over again.

Just as Lloyd was at the height of working her over the phone rang. The cordless phone sat right there on the kitchen and Lloyd commanded her to answer it, which she did. I couldn’t tell who was on the other line but I could hear Vicky say: “Hello? Um what for? Uh, oooh fuck, sure what ever see you then.” She hung up to the phone tossing it across the room. She was too busy being thoroughly violated to talk on the phone. Lloyd quickly pulled out and then yanked her by the hair off the table and onto her knees. Before she had a chance to breathe she had his dick shoved into her mouth. As soon as it was in there she started sucking it like a madwoman before I saw some fluid starting to drip from her mouth. Lloyd took himself out of her mouth and shoved her away. He dressed himself while she remained on her knees on the floor perfectly quiet and not moving a muscle. She stared down at the floor waiting for his next command to obey. Lloyd didn’t have one though, after he was dressed he spit on her face then told her he would see her again soon.

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