Cum Force Feeding

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I picked Lucas up at 7:30PM Tuesday evening. He got in, and turned to me. His beard was full, and bushy. He had thick eyebrows, which framed his dark brown, almost black eyes. He had a receding hairline, which he combed off to one side, with the sides and back trimmed short. He had on a low cut t shirt, which showcased his sweaty, and lightly hairy chest. His denim shorts were cuffed, exposing a bony knee, and muscular calves, with bunched socks and motorcycle boots. I liked this one.

We headed back up town, and went in through the garage entrance. The back elevator was quiet, yet we spoke not a word. He stepped off to the side, when the doors opened, and I led the way down to my apartment. Upon entry, I stopped and turned, as he closed the door behind him.


He paused slightly, then peeled his t shirt off, over his smooth body, save for the patch of chest hair, and a thin happy trail. He unbuttoned the fly of his jeans, exposing a raven black bush, and slid them off. He had an average dick, and enormous balls. He was uncircumsized. Delicious.

I turned away, and ordered him to follow. My platform L.A.M.B. Boots, echoing their heavy trod throughout the hall. My leather pleated shorts swished slightly against my bare ass, and my denim shirt begged for relief, tightly casing my breasts. I entered my spacious bathroom, as he followed closely behind. In the studio lighting, he looked modelesque, with his cheekbones and jawline perfectly shadowed from above. I had a set of clippers and razor blade on the vanity. I turn on the clippers and kneel before him. He doesn’t make a sound, as I trim away his thick mass of black pubes. I massage his shaft with my left hand, while I trim with the right. He’s hardening beneath my fingertips. I carefully trim around the base of his shaft and balls, watching them flex slowly with the vibrations. I imagine my mouth around each one. Soft. Plump. Tempting…

I finish trimming off his happy trail, and reach for the razor. I use a small amount of shaving gel, and lather it slowly into his crotch and around his balls. He grows even more, as the gel lubricates and warms his manhood. I slowly shave his balls, and around the shaft, leaving a trimmed shadowing upward, throughout his crotch. I stand and turn to wet a cloth, in warm water. Kneeling before him again, I slowly wipe at the remaining gel, and he rises even more. I can see a hint of head, through the folds of wrinkled foreskin. Good boy.

I take Lucas by the hand, and lead him to the bedroom. I have a bottle of warming gel, on the ottoman at the foot of the bed.

“Undress me.”

He slowly unbuttons my shirt, as my breasts freely expand. He stares briefly at them, purposely sliding his palms across my erect nipples, as he pulls my shirt down over my shoulders. I see a twinkle in his eye, as he unfastens my leather shorts, letting them drop to the floor. I step out, and raise my right leg, brushing my knee up the underside of his completely hard dick. His body flexes as he catches his breath. I point at my boot, and he kneels to unzip them.

I step taksim escort out of my boots, and stand just short of his beard. He looks down on me with a smirk. I turn and grab the first warming oil from the collection, and turn, squeezing a small portion into my right palm. I keep eye contact with him, as I grab his (now enormous) manhood, lathering it up with warming oil. He licks his lips lightly, and I see his eyes losing focus. He closes his lids, as his lips part.

“Open your eyes.”

He looks confused, as he looks back down at me. Little beads of sweat appear on his forehead. Even my palm feels hot, as I swish my fist up and down his thick, long shaft. I stop, and run my thumb back and forth over his exposed head. His body arches slightly, and his hands instinctively move forward in protest, but he stops himself, eyes fluttering.

“You want me to stop?”

He nods, and closes his eyes, turning his head to one side. His dick is bobbing up and down now, and his face is flushed. I reach down, and lather my pussy with my gel covered hand. He stares down, watching me fondle myself, his dick twitching with every heart beat. I move closer to him, and turn.

“Place your dick between my thighs, but do not enter me.”

He moves closer to me, and squats slightly. I feel the oily head of his dick slide from my ass, through my thighs, brushing my engorged lips. I close my eyes, and bit my lip. So tempting…I feel his dick throbbing beneath my pussy. I spread my thighs slightly, parting my lips. His breath his hot against my back, my hair is off to one side.

I press my weight down, spreading my lips around the top of his throbbing shaft. I move my body back and forth, creating friction between our most tender organs. He lets out a moaning sigh, as I work myself back and forth. I feel even my ass gaping, begging for entry. I look down to see inches of dick exposed, past my sliding pussy. I feel myself become light headed, as I lean back into his body. His sweaty chest flexing in and out with his breath. I stop, and push against him. He reaches out instinctively, hands at my waist. I push him away, and turn to him. My pussy is purring and my ass is lustful.

I have a change of plans, and arch over the edge of the bed, propping against my forearms. My legs are parted, as I look behind. He’s staring, lustfully at my ass. I feel the gusts of breeze from the overhead fan, against the warming gel covered parts of me. I’m begging inside for him to enter me.

“You may enter me.”

He moves forward, quickly placing his hands on my cheeks, and parting them. He slowly pushes the head of his dick into my anal passage, as my ass lips part for him. I turn and close my eyes, feeling him seamlessly move deeper into me. He slides back out, repeating his slow motion of entry. I’m flexing my ass muscles, as he slides in again and again. He’s moaning softly, with every entry. After a few seconds, we develop a smooth rhythmic motion, and he’s fucking me perfectly. Not too hard, or soft. The slick sounds of my ass accepting topkapı escort his dick, echo into the hall. I feel my pussy vibrate with every move of his dick. I reach down, hooking three fingertips under my hood, flicking rapidly.

I cum in just a few seconds, dripping down my thighs and legs. He’s still fucking my ass, and I lean back, placing my back against his chest. He stops fucking, and places his hands around my abs. I’m shaking against him, as he reaches down, placing his flat palm over my quivering lips, juice flows freely against his hand. He methodically runs his palm in a circular motion around my engorged lips as I feel his dick flexing inside of my ass. I’m breathing heavily as he speeds his hand motion. I cum again, pushing copious amounts of juice out, coating my entire thighs and legs in my own orgasm.

He’s breathing heavy against my neck, and his dick flexes strongly within me. I move forward, pulling away from him, as his dick loudly pops out of me. I turn and take his shaft in my hand. I jerk him quickly, and rhythmically as he closes his eyes, and parts his lips.

“Open your eyes.”

He slowly opens them, as they glaze over. He can’t close his mouth, and he’s sweating from every pore in his face. I suddenly let go of his shaft, as he hunches over, breathing loudly. I slap him across the face, and he turns, with his eyes open wide.

“Back against the bed post.”

He leans against the post nearest us, and I retrieve some velvet roping from my chest of drawers. I tie his hands behind him, and lasso his waist to the post. He stares straight ahead, exhausted. I come back around, squirting more gel into my palm.

I kneel before him, and quickly jerk his shaft, pulling at his balls with my free hand. He starts to moan again, his breathing quickening. I let go of his balls, and start to palm the head of his dick. He lets out a groan, and gasp.

“Ahh! Fffff…Ms..Gggggg…”


He bites his lip, with his head down, sweating dripping down onto my arms and breasts. I continue my motions and let go with both hands. His dick jumps up and down freely, his balls high, and as tight as their size will allow. I look up, as sweat drips in mass amounts from his face. His eyes shut tightly closed, his mouth gaping open. He’s licking his lips and whimpering like a bitch.

I take oil up my left hand, and reach under his balls, working my middle finger into his ass hole. He raises his head against the railing, and exhales loudly. I hook my finger, and probe against the hard ridge of muscle and tissue, surround his prostate. He dick is flexing calmly now, and his balls are still tight. I take his shaft in my right hand, and slowly work my fist up and down, in rhythm with my left finger, probing his insides. I expose the head, and retract the skin over it repeatedly. His moaning increases in volume and length, and I prop up, and place my lips around the exposed head of his dick. I continue working both hands, as I flick my tongue over the head.

He whimpers loudly, and continues tesettürlü escort moaning, almost crying for relief. I continue in slow motion, as he tries to slump down, the roping stops at the etched ridges in the post, allowing very little room to move. He starts to shake as he weeps for me to let him cum. I slow my motions even more, and his legs part, as he lifts his left leg to hook his foot at the bed post. He continues to drip sweat, as he hangs his head, weeping, and shaking. I slide my finger out of his ass, and make a ring around his balls, pulling them down. He cries out briefly, and moans for me to let him cum.


I push my lips completely around his head, pushing back his foreskin, and hooking them tightly around the ridge of his dick head. I suck hard, and quicken my fist over his shaft.

“Ohhh…fuck yesssss…Goddd…Fuuuuuu”

He shoots hard into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, and filling me quickly with his load. I loosen my lips, allowing my cheeks to expand, as he floods my mouth with his sweet tasting cum. I breathe through my nose calmly, with my eyes closed. I close my throat off, and expand my cheeks. He continues to cum, and I move my mouth away, lips closed. He’s coating my lips and chin with his sweet smelling manjuice, as I continue to jerk his dick. I stand up suddenly, and grab his face, putting my lips to his, my hands tightly holding him in place. He gulps frantically, swallowing the cum from my mouth, breathing rapidly through his nostrils.

I open my eyes, to see him staring directly into mine, in a look of shock and amazement. He’s still swallowing, as I empty my mouth of his content. When I’m sure he’s had enough, I let go of him, a string of cum connecting our lips. He licks his, breaking the bond, and I kneel back down. Cum is still oozing out of his throbbing dick head, and I take him in my mouth, and suck him dry. He has the sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted, and I smoothly ease it out, sucking sloppily at his head. I pull it out, and wipe the head around my lips and chin, coating his head with the leftover cum. I feel him shutter quietly, as I stimulate his dick head against my mouth.

He’s still rock hard, as I untie his hands and waist.

“On the bed.”

He obediently crawls onto my bed, as I mount his throbbing dick. I feel him slide all the way into me, as my soft lips brush against the prickly stubble of pubes I’ve left on him. I grind myself back and forth, feeling my orgasm rush up quickly. I hold myself on edge for a few seconds, and then hunch over, and feel myself explode with orgasm, all over his freshly sucked dick. I plant my hands on his chest, and I jerk my hips back and forth, building up another quickie, and cum again. I collapse on his chest, and roll over, his large, meaty dick pulling out of me, with a loud swish. I’m exhausted, and trembling, as I feel his hand caress my abs and work up toward my breasts.

“You may go.”

He moves his hand, and pauses momentarily, then slides off the edge of the bed. I watch as he leaves my room, his dick bobbing up and down before him. I hear the rumple of fabric, as he hurriedly dresses, and the stomp of his feet, as he slides into his boots. The door closes, and the quiet comes. I sit up, and inhale the smell of sex and cum, sliding off the edge of my bed. I may have this one back again.

Ms. G

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