Crossing the Line

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It all started out innocently enough. The occasional off hand comments with the slightest sexual innuendo. At first, I just took them as dirty humor between two coworkers. But more and more, the innocent comments took on a different undertone. I could feel the tension between us, it’s so thick you can cut it with a knife. Normally I would never cross that proverbial line but with frustrations at home and the stress from work, I’m finding it harder and harder to deal without an outlet.

Last week I told you about a dream I had, which thinking back was probably not the greatest idea. But I’m one of those guys that once I get my mind started on something, it’s extremely difficult for me to stop until I get what I want. It’s been all I could think about lately and it was driving me insane. It was my “secret” to tell and the more I thought about it the more curious I got so I told you. At this point the line has completely dissolved, as you let it slip that you’ve been thinking about fucking me for well over a year………..

As the days passed, our conversations become more sexually charged and what started out as a fantasy, little did I know was to become something else entirely. I got to work a little early for a regional call which was supposed to be an hour. I drove up to the parking lot and noticed that your car was the only one here. I later found out that our manager had called in sick and that we we’re going to be on this call alone. This was exactly my dream coming to life.

I came in and you we’re sitting at your desk, I noticed that you had cut your hair and I joked silivri escort as I usually do that you looked much much younger. This got me a “you’re rude” look which is part of our usual banter. I sat down at my desk to prepare for the call but all I can think about is my dream and how eerily familiar this is all becoming.

You walked into the manager’s office and dialed in for the call, but nobody was on yet. I kept thinking about you in my dream bent over the bathroom sink, and me taking you from behind. The thought alone was enough to make me hard. I know this could have serious consequences, but at this point I was past the point of caring.

I made my way into the office as you we’re coming out to get your numbers for the call. I was trying to hide my hard on with very little success. You accidentally brushed against me with your hand grazing the growing bulge in my pants, I couldn’t exactly tell if it was intentional but I saw a hint of a smile as you walked by. My mind was on fire and I was past the point of being in control.

I grabbed you by the hand and pulled you back into the office and closed the door. You looked at me with surprise as I held you against the door. I took your hands and pinned them over your head and kissed you, releasing all my frustrations in that one single kiss. I forcefully turned you around as I take one hand and slowly traced it down the side of your body following every curve. I felt you breathing harder as I slowly lifted up your skirt and slid my hand to your inner thigh. You leaned your head back şirinevler escort against me and begged me to touch you. You managed to free one of your hands and gently took mine moving it closer and closer, guiding me towards your already wet pussy.

I started to kiss you on your neck as I pushed your panties aside and gently slid my fingers inside you. You let out a moan as you felt my fingers slide in to your cunt. With a slow and steady motion we established a rhythm as your hips met my hand’s every move. I can tell from the intensity of your breathing that you were close to coming so I stopped. You begged me not to as I slid my fingers out of your wet, hot, cunt.

To my surprise you slowly took my hand and guided me to your mouth as you sucked my fingers tasting your own juices. You turned around with a look of lust in your eyes and you pushed me back towards the desk. You took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. You forcefully undid my belt, reached into my pants and grabbed my now fully engorged cock. You leaned in to kiss me while you stroked my long hard cock with your hand. You slowly made your way down kissing my neck, then my chest, getting lower and lower as you got on your knees, finally pulling my cock out and taking my entire length with your mouth. I grabbed your hair as you bobbed up and down, sucking my cock with a muffled moan. God you’re going to make me cum, I said with labored breath as I felt the pressure starting to swell inside my balls, but it was your turn to stop.

You got up and whispered in my şişli escort ear, not yet. You took off your skirt looking me in the eyes with a look of hunger and lust on your face. You told me you wanted to feel my cock inside you as you pushed me on the desk. You climbed up on the desk as you straddled me, rubbing your moist cunt against my hard throbbing cock. You reached back and took my cock in your hand, pulled your panties aside and placed my head right against your lips. You lowered yourself slowly at first, taking in just the head, teasing me. Your pussy felt so good, so hot, so tight. I grabbed you by the hips trying to force my cock deeper inside you but you try to resist. It didn’t last long as the feeling of my cock inside your cunt was too much for you to bear. You slowly grind your hips in a steady rhythm, getting faster and faster. You dug your fingernails into my chest drawing a little blood but I didn’t care.

It felt so fucking good having my cock deep inside your cunt squeezing me with every thrust that nothing else really mattered. It only took a few minutes for you to tell me that you’re going to come, your words drove me over the edge and I felt the pressure in my loins starting to build up once again.

You leaned back as your hip’s rhythmic grinding got faster and faster, you screamed out in gasping breaths that you’re coming. I tried to pull you off but you held me between your legs not allowing me to. Our bodies convulsed as I came deep inside you, filling your cunt with my cum, a wave of orgasm coming across your body as you squeezed my pulsating cock dry with your cunt. You leaned in, smiled and gave me one last kiss, my cock still hard inside you throbbing and twitching. I really needed that, you said as you slid off my cock and climbed off the table.

We cleaned up and started getting dressed and realized the call had already ended. And somehow we had missed the whole thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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