Croatian Dreams

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Jonny had heard about this holiday with a difference just after Christmas. Sid had been talking to anyone who would listen down at the club, and there seemed no shortage of interested parties. Sid, a boisterous, overweight fifty something was selling it as the greatest gig on earth.

“Two weeks on a secluded island in Croatia. All this,” he swung his arm in an arc to indicate he meant the club and everything it had to offer, “every day for two whole weeks. You’ll meet new people, reacquaint yourself with old mates and get a suntan to boot.” He always ended with a big grin. Jonny often thought it was his sheer dopiness that got him laid – either that or his money. Sid was rich, very rich. He’d tapped into a market and supplied those in the know with an experience like no other. The Sugarways Club was the crème de la crème of swingers clubs. There was a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, fetish room, boudoir after boudoir, torture chamber and bar. There was even a dark room. Swingers came in couples to partake, watch or be watched.

Jonny had a secret. Entrance to the club was for couples only but for the five years Jonny had been visiting the club – and he frequented it at least once a month – he had never had a girlfriend. He always went with Sue. His sister Sue. Like Jonny, Sue was an exhibitionist who loved anonymous sex and new experiences. She’d even sat on Sid’s face and let him lick her pussy until she flooded his cheeks with her orgasm.

Sid had been delighted. Jonny knew this because he always watched over his little sister and had seen the big grin on Sid’s dopey features as she lifted herself off him. Sometimes he sat in a corner, or kept a close watch on her from the other side of the pool. On this occasion, Jonny had been stood watching his sister through a two way mirror. She had a lovely body, he noted; small breasts but a firm round bottom. Sid had held her bottom as he guided her into the fluff room. Everywhere was pink, purple, red and glittery. There were candles, fairly lights and dimmed lighting. In front of the two way mirror stood a dressing table filled with lubes, lipsticks, powder puffs and sex istanbul escort toys. Sue danced around the room, her chiffon baby doll dress flapping open to reveal a smooth stomach and a triangle of marabou edged lace covering her private place. She surveyed the room and her eyes lighted on the dressing table. She moved over to a point where she was an arm’s width but a wall away from her brother. He watched as she picked up a furry powder puff and dusted glitter across her bare shoulders. She looked in the mirror as she moved the duster down to her cleavage and deposited glitter onto her stomach.

“Hurry up, love. You look lovely already,” shouted Sid, now lying on his back on the silk sheets. His stomach remained barrel shaped, rising like the humpback of a whale. “And I don’t want all that glitter and shit all over me.”

Sue applied even more lip gloss. “You had better be as good as they keep telling me, Sid.”

“Sid the snake reporting for duty, sweet cheeks.” He proceeded to stick out the longest tongue Sue had ever seen. “Climb aboard the lickmeister.” With a last flick of the gloss wand across her lips and a wink at her reflection, Sue headed towards the club boss.

Jonny sniggered at the rolls of fat wobbling on Sid’s chins as he spoke. For his sake, he thought, he had better be good. Sue took no prisoners. She had insisted on keeping her clothes on, scanty though they were. Her knickers were crotchless so access wasn’t a problem, and this was her treat after all. Sid would just have to make do with the limited view she afforded him. She climbed about the colossus and hovered her crotch inches from his nose. Sid closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. His hands gripped her backside, leaving red imprints but no marks. She attempted to lower herself onto him but he held her tight, instead lifting his head so his nose pressed against her clit. He sniffed again, breathing in her musky scent. “You’ll smell sweet after this, Susie Sue.” His breath was hot against the entrance to her sweet place, making her nipples stand erect. Her hands went to tweak them further. “Don’t bother with any other part of şişli escort your body, love. When I’ve finished with you there won’t be a nerve ending not tingling.” Sid let out a low whistle, sending cold air crashing against her pubes.

Jonny took great pride in watching his sister have fun. It thrilled him to see other men treat her right, see other men spoil her. His hand reached down to his now throbbing member. He slowly stroked its length, not enough to cause him to orgasm but comforting nonetheless. A light glinted to the right of him. He took his eyes off his sister for a moment but as quick as it was there, it was gone. He fumbled with his hand against the wall in the darkened room. Suddenly he felt the soft texture of velvet. He poked at it and couldn’t feel any wall behind it. He found the corner and lifted it to reveal a circle cut into the wall. He looked through and could see the outline of another small cubicle. How had he not noticed it before? When he stood up the hole was almost level with his penis. Bending his knees slightly he could easily fit through the hole, his balls slapped up against the wall. Adrenaline coursed through his veins. He looked to the side, and realised that in this position he could still see his sister’s pussy being licked. He waited. At first nothing happened. His bottom clenched and his balls throbbed,

In the boudoir, however, Sid had moved on from alternating with hot and cool breath. He had let Sue lower herself onto his full fleshy lips. His sausage like fingers sat between her thighs, peeling her lips apart. They also served to give enough distance between his mouth and her body to enable his tongue to flicker across her clit. Its sheer length was phenomenal, but it was its dexterity that made the difference. He placed light flicks against her clit, as she swayed above him. Her arms reached above her head and tugged on her hair. Her lips parted as she gasped for air. He pressed the tip of his nose against her clit as his fingers kneaded her vulva and his tongue tip probed her arsehole. It fluttered under his touch.

“I want your tongue inside me,” she cried. mecidiyeköy escort She pushed her hips down onto his face, grinding her trimmed bush against his stubble. His tongue plunged deep inside her, probing her g-spot and tickling the neck of her womb. His thumbs followed, stretching her wide open, while one finger probed her arse, pushing deeper with every grind.

Jonny watched as his sister arched her back and let out a scream of passion. Just as he was about the pull his cock out of its hole, he felt a hand on his member. The hand was strong. Long fingers suited to piano playing wrapped themselves round his hardness. The stroking was rhythmic with enough pressure to ensure the eventual spillage. He pressed his ear against the wall to listen. He fantasised about who could be wanking him so expertly. His imagination extended only to large, ripe breasts, red lipstick and a clean shaven pussy. None of his girlfriends had ever shaved their pussy. He always asked but they all told him to go to hell. Even Sue liked to have a triangle of hair. Not that he looked that closely at his sister, naturally. While his cock was receiving unknown attention he kept his eyes on Sue. She was rocking back and forth, faster and faster, Sid’s face squashed against her thighs.

Jonny could almost feel her orgasm rising. Having seen it enough times he could sense her spine stiffening, her movements becoming more and more deliberate. She arched her back and pushed out her breasts. Though small, they sagged a little and bounced as she twisted and turned on Sid’s face. The hand creating his orgasm was also gaining speed. He could feel a tongue, or at least something soft and wet, tickling the head . He groaned loudly. “Now,” he cried, as hot, sticky come cascaded through the mystery hand. Simultaneously, Sue slowed, her orgasm accomplished and her body depleted. She relaxed her thighs, and slowly lifted herself off Sid’s tongue and fingers. He grinned, his whole face covered in her secretions.

“Sid, you’re fantastic.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Jonny pulled his now flaccid member back through the hole and slumped down, satisfied. He had to get on this holiday with Sid and the swingers. But he couldn’t risk taking Sue. Their relationship would be unearthed, and he would be banned from the couples-only club. He had to find someone else, and he had to find her quick.

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