Crazy Summer Ch. 01

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Thanks so much to Parrasia for editing this story for me. His structure and content suggestions were a great help.

Chapter One — There Goes the Summer

I could not believe my bad luck. Not only had my girlfriend dumped me right before my summer holidays, my mother had just informed me that I had to go up north for the whole summer to stay with my aunt. What a complete fuck up.

I hadn’t been that upset when Marcy told me that she didn’t want to see me anymore. She was fun to be with but hadn’t let me do more than cop a feel of her small breasts.

I got over it quickly and had started planning for a summer of hanging out at the beach with my buddies, and hopefully getting lucky with one of the babes that frequented our favorite location. That plan was immediately blown when I came home and mom told me that Aunt Elaine had asked if my sister Cindy and I could go up to her place to help out over the summer.

Elaine had a ranch up in Oregon and a husband that had left her as soon as she told him she was pregnant a year or so ago. Unfortunately she had lost the baby during that pregnancy. The good news was that she had done really well with the divorce settlement. Her ex was very well off and had taken off to Europe to “find himself”, leaving Aunt Elaine with a giant ranch house, a swimming pool, a monthly allowance plus a sizable chunk of cash from him buying out the internet business they had both started five years earlier. Although I had not seen her in four years, both my mom and my sister had been up visiting several times, helping her through the divorce and loss of her baby.

I’m 18 and had just graduated from high school. My sister Cindy is two years older than I am and had been going to a local community college since leaving high school. Although she still lives with mom and me, her life was pretty much consumed with college and parties, so we hardly ever saw her.

My dad had passed away suddenly more than 10 years ago. He had been fairly successful. His pension and life insurance has left us in pretty good financial shape. At least mom hasn’t had to worry about that aspect of her life; she does have a day job at an advertising firm. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like for her without a husband, or even an occasional lover. Mom is still attractive, even from my point of view, and although she dates sometimes she never has men stay over and always gets home before midnight. She jokes about having enough men in her life right now with looking after me.

Cindy is a knockout babe, if it’s okay for a brother to say. Like our mom, her tits are great and huge compared to most of her friends. I have to admit that I’ve jacked off many times imagining what it would be like to rub my cock up and down her cleavage. It wouldn’t be so bad if she showed the least amount of modesty, but she dresses to be provocative, and I’ve caught numerous glances of her running between the bathroom and her bedroom in just a bra and panties. Many a morning I’ve woken with a woody that is relieved solely at the thought of her boobs swaying before my face.

The plan was for Cindy and me to drive up to Aunt Elaine’s on Tuesday. It was about a ten-hour trip so mom made arrangements for us to stay over at a motel on the way so we wouldn’t have to drive for too long. I still had a few days to hang out with my friends and make plans to see them all in the fall. I had already enrolled in a local technical college and so my entire summer was now arranged for me.

The five days from when mom laid this bomb on me until the following Tuesday went by quickly. One thing my dad had taught me was to just go with the flow as far as my mom and sister were concerned. I had learned a long time ago that arguing was futile and just put everyone in a bad mood. Besides I was getting use to the idea for a couple of reasons, one of them being that I would have my sister pretty much to myself for the next three months.

Actually, although it had been four years since the last time I had seen my Aunt, I was kind of looking forward to it. Especially seeing that her spoiled loser husband had taken a hike, and she could probably use some help around the place. I had met him at their wedding and he had treated me like a gnat. I couldn’t figure out what Elaine had seen in him, maybe she had married him for his family’s money after all. Anyway, the asshole had proven to be scum when he left Elaine as soon as any sign of responsibility showed up.

Cindy and I loaded up the car Tuesday morning and were on the road by ten-thirty. Mom had stayed home to see us off and had promised to be up visiting in a few weeks, as soon as her current project at work was done. I got the feeling she was looking forward to some time without the responsibility of my sister and me. Maybe she’d even have someone over now that the risk of me or my sister being in the way was gone.

Of course Cindy insisted on driving which was one of her methods of control over me. I had learned to accept the fact that my sister still bursa escort treated me like a little kid. Although she loved me and we were close, she still saw me as her little brother even though I was over six feet and had been going out with girls for a couple of years.

Anyway, we were finally on the road, and Cindy kept up a steady stream of chatter about Aunt Elaine and how great it was to be spending the summer with her. Cindy had flown up to stay with Elaine during her Christmas holidays and school spring break. Mom had taken time off work when she lost the baby to help Elaine out as well. I had felt kind of left out, not having seen her for so long, and being the only one in the family that hadn’t been able to support her.

We stopped for lunch around one o’clock and Cindy insisted on driving the rest of the way to the motel. Unfortunately we had a flat out on the highway which held us up for a long time while I changed it and had it repaired at a tire shop. This frustrated Cindy a lot which I couldn’t figure out seeing that I was the one that had to do all the work. That’s her typical behavior when things don’t go her way.

After the tire was fixed, I drove the rest of the way to the motel. It was hot outside and after the work of changing the tire the air conditioning in the car was a welcome relief. Cindy dozed off in the seat beside me after awhile which was fine by me because then I didn’t have to listen to her endless bitching about the flat tire and the guy at the garage that fixed it.

I glanced over at her sleeping figure and noticed that the cool air was blowing across her chest, making her nipples stand out against the material of her top and bra. I had noticed her hard nipples before but this was the first time I had a good hard look instead of a fleeting glance.

Cindy always wore a bra because her tits were so large. I remember when she was younger she sometimes went bra-less but she had grown pretty fast and that only lasted for awhile. I kept looking back and forth between her magnificent boobs and the road. After a few good looks, I felt my dick starting to get hard.

I love the warm feeling it gives me when it is pressed against the inside of my thigh, so I reached down to the crotch of my shorts and maneuvered it down the leg so it would have a bit of freedom to grow. My cock was a fairly good size compared to the rest of the guys I knew. Even those who will never admit it, guys are always comparing the size of their cocks. You can’t help stealing a peek in the locker room at school or the change room at the pool, I think it’s natural.

Mine was longer and thicker than most but not the biggest by any stretch. There was one guy in gym that was larger; he quickly was nicknamed Hammerhead. His cock was longer than mine by a couple of inches, but not as thick. The amazing part was the bulbous head on it, which looked huge compared to his skinny shaft. This guy had a thing though and walked around the locker room swinging his dick around showing off to the rest of the guys. It wasn’t a gay thing; just his ego and, I guess, bragging rights. When my dad had told me about the facts of life he even talked about penis size and said that I had nothing to be ashamed of in that department.

I still hadn’t been laid, even though I had convinced a couple of the girls I dated to jerk me off. Most of them had never touched a penis before and insisted that they didn’t want to fuck, but were very curious about cocks. One girl, Suzy, had a bunch of brothers and had seen all of them naked at different times. She said mine was bigger than any of theirs, and in her opinion a lot nicer. Our petting sessions were long and furious, and she gave me my first blowjob. I thought I was in heaven. She still refused to screw me though because she was afraid of what her brothers would do to any guy that got her pregnant. Oh well.

So here I was, driving down the road looking at my sister’s tits, thinking about my first BJ and my cock was snaking its way down the leg of my shorts. I reached down and gave it a squeeze and almost blew my load. Luckily, I spotted the sign for our motel up the road and pulled into the parking lot. Cindy woke up as soon as I slowed down and smiled at me while she put her hands behind her head and stretched. Of course her tits were pushed out against the fabric of her top leaving me with more stimulation for my already hard cock.

I pulled up to the office and Cindy got out to check in. Cindy returned and directed me to follow her to the room, which was towards the back. I slowly drove behind her as we passed the pool with kids splashing in the water. Her ass wiggled provocatively during the stroll, and for the first time in my life I realized that her body was a lot more that a great set of tits. Her legs were slim and taut. And her backside was perfect. Her waist was narrow and provided a perfect pedestal for her upper body.

She went into the room. I got out of the car and went to the trunk to get our bags. The room was typical of most motels, bursa escort bayan only this one had two double beds. Cindy was looking at the closet and bathroom so I just threw her bag on one of the beds and laid down on the other. I heard her going to the bathroom and was kind of drifting off when she came back to the room and announced that she was going for a quick swim to cool off. She opened her bag and pulled out a one-piece bathing suit, (I was secretly hoping for a bikini), and went back into the bathroom to change.

She emerged a few minutes later in a swim suit that was very sexy. Although it was one piece, there were teardrop shaped holes in each side exposing a good deal of skin. I was positive that from the right angle a person could see the soft sides of her tits. What really made it interesting was the way it was cut high on her hips and the piece covering her pussy was nice and tight.

She stood over me with her hands on her hips and asked if I was going for a swim. I told her not right now but I would be out as soon as I relaxed for a few minutes. She grabbed a towel and left the room. When she turned to exit I saw the cheeks of her perfect round ass covered in the tight smooth material of the suit, causing a perfect jiggle of her ass flesh as she walked. I couldn’t stop thinking about her great body and how much I’d like to see it all. At the same time I couldn’t help but also think about her indifference to me and how she made me feel by treating me like a little kid sometimes.

I drifted off in a light sleep and woke up when the door to the room closed. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Cindy standing there, very wet and sexy. Her suit glistened with moisture and her nipples erect and trying to push through the cups of her suit.

She was staring at my bed with her mouth hanging open. I suddenly realized my cock was hard and the head was sticking out the leg of my shorts. I didn’t know what to do, and thankfully Cindy snapped out of it and walked past me into the bath. My dick went soft in a hurry, but I knew my sister had gotten a good look at my boner- at least I think she had.

I pulled the spare pillow onto my lap and sat there wondering what to do or say. I didn’t even know how long I had been sleeping or what time it was. I heard the shower going and looked at the clock radio beside the bed. I realized that I had been out for about an hour and it was now close to seven. I heard the water stop and Cindy asked from the bathroom what we were going to do for supper. Suddenly the door to a bathroom opened and Cindy came out with just a towel wrapped around her.

She smiled at me and walked over to her bed and opened her bag. She pulled out some clean panties, held them up as if to inspect them and put them beside her case. My cock started getting stiff again as I watched in fascination as she looked at the lacy v-cut panties and nodded to herself.

Trying to be cool, I stammered that I had seen a restaurant back down the road about a mile and maybe we could try it. She didn’t say a word, just reached into her bag and pulled out a bra that matched her panties. I could never figure out what it is about sexy underwear that turns guys on, but I was surely a willing victim. She put the bra aside, after another close examination, and pulled out a simple summer dress to wear on top.

“Are you going to change Don, or are you going to go to the restaurant with your cock sticking out the leg of you shorts?” I couldn’t believe my ears. Any hope that she had not seen my hard-on earlier was quickly dashed. I could feel myself turning red, and the blood began draining from my pecker. I wished that my sister had not seen or said anything. She giggled at me.

“I saw you in the car just before we stopped too, you probably thought I was still sleeping. At first I thought you were just scratching your crotch, but when you pulled your hand away I saw the end of your prick sticking out of your short’s leg, just like a few minutes ago. Then I noticed your reaction when I stretched, it didn’t make you any softer did it? I must admit I was surprised when I first came in from the pool, I really regret waking you up so suddenly, I wanted to get a better look. I guess I never thought of you before in a physical way, I was taken aback with the realization that my little brother had grown into a man,” she explained.

“I’m sorry, Cindy, I’ll never do it again.” I replied, somewhat stupidly.

“Never do what again, Don, get a hard-on or look at my tits?” she retorted with a laugh.

“You know what I mean,” I said. “It’s not all that proper for a guy and his sister to look at each other that way. I just couldn’t stop myself. You really are great looking, and all the guys at school make comments about that great body you have. Sometimes, I just get hard remembering seeing you walk to you room from the bathroom in just a bra and panties. Of course you didn’t know I could see you. I’m real sorry, I’ll try never to think of you or look at you in that way again.”

“I escort bursa don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just behaving naturally. There is nothing wrong with appreciating a good set of tits or a nice cock. I’m kind of flattered that you think of me that way. Do you think I’ve never tried to see you naked?” She chuckled at her last statement.

“One of the best things about having a body like mine is knowing that you can give people pleasure just by looking at you. I know the way the guys stare at me in the mall and at school. Even the professors at college drool. It makes me feel in control, I know I can get anyone excited just by using my body.”

She turned and let the towel drop to the floor. I lay there with my mouth hanging open staring at her ass and back. She picked the panties up from the bed and bent to step into them. I got a great peek at her pussy from behind when she was bent over, lightly dusted with blonde fuzz and just a hint of pink from under her lips. She straightened up and pulled her panties on, running her fingers through the elastic leg bands, making them comfortable.

She picked up her bra and turned towards me as she put her arms through the straps. I couldn’t look away. I had never seen anything so wonderful before in my whole life. She bent forward, letting her breasts fall into the cups of her bra. She grabbed the cups and shook them until the fit was perfect. She then stood up straight and reached behind her back and did up the snap.

She then proceeded to adjust her tits in the bra some more, cupping them underneath and pushing them up, making the globes of flesh on top shake like Jello. It barely covered her hard nipples and she played around with them so the upper mounds of her breasts pushed up correctly to her, and my, satisfaction.

All the time she was doing this she was looking at me, never taking her eyes off me. “I thought you said you wouldn’t look at my tits anymore,” she said as she bent over giving me a great view of her cleavage. “Or was it that you wouldn’t get a boner looking at my tits?” she said as she quickly reached over and pulled the pillow off my lap exposing the end of my hard-on. “Well I guess that wasn’t it either,” she said with a laugh.

I was frozen. I didn’t know if I should jump up and run, mumble some apology, or just die. Cindy came up with another option. She sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed a hold of my cock and slowly started jerking me off. I stared at her but she just smiled, rubbing the knob of my cock with one hand and pushing the leg of my shorts up with the other.

I lay there as if in a dream. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, let alone with my sister. I have to admit it didn’t take but a few strokes before I was blowing my load all over my leg and her hand. I was in such a state of shock that I actually believed for a few seconds I was having a wet dream. They had this quality to them that was surreal, like most dreams. When I blew my load it felt like I had zero control, but different then when you come when you jack off or someone gives you a blow job.

When I was finished she stood up and stared down at me as she licked cum off her hand. Without saying a word she quickly went to the bathroom and I heard her washing her hands. Then, as if nothing had happened, she came back out and started putting her dress on over her head and told me I should get ready for dinner.

I was in a complete daze. In a trance like state I got up, grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom. I hurriedly rinsed off in the shower and changed into a clean shirt and jeans. Cindy had already gone out to the car and was sitting in the passenger side, which was very odd, because she was letting me drive when she usually took the controls. I closed the door to the room, and still in a daze, got in the car and drove down the road towards the restaurant.

“The only other cock I’ve seen as big as yours was dad’s, you must have gotten his big dick gene.” Cindy said. I just stared ahead not knowing how to respond, I was definitely in shock. With that little piece of information my mind started spinning. How many cocks had Cindy actually seen? How did she know how big dad’s was? Where did she learn how to give fantastic hand jobs? I must of looked odd to her because she started talking non-stop, as if she had been filled up with all these words for a long time and just had to get them out.

“I saw mom and dad fucking one time, just before the car accident. One summer day, I was lying by the pool when dad emerged with his wet trunks clung tightly to his crotch. He walked across the patio and before he grabbed the towel I was able to get a good impression of his penis. I probably became obsessed with it in some way, but I didn’t think it was abnormal; I just wanted to see what it would look like hard and uncovered.

“A few weeks later, I heard him and mom downstairs late one night long after I had come home from a date. All the lights were out on the main floor, but I could see the glare from the television coming up from the basement. I could really hear them easily as I approached and it didn’t take me long to figure out they were screwing. I went down the steps to the landing and peeked around the corner. I just about fainted.

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