Crazy Monkey Sex

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I lay here in bed, my eyes closed, but I can still see you. My mind is filled with thoughts of you. However tonight laying here its not thoughts of going to the bar or watching movies. It’s not even the thought of lying next to you, cuddling like I need. Tonight I’m thinking of sex, but not just sex, tonight I’m thinking of crazy monkey sex. Here and there, in this position and that position, I think of us; us having loud, hot, and sweaty crazy monkey sex.

As the thought of all this sex puts a smile on my face, I feel my hand softly touching against my skin; slowly moving down my chest from breast to breast. My nipples hard thinking of you while I tweak at them, and then I give a little moaning giggle at the thought of more sex with you comes to my mind. Giving my breasts the attention they need and want. My hands sliding down my stomach; as I picture us in living room on the couch; I’m riding on top of you, looking in your eyes, watching the sweat bead down your face. Feeling you inside of me as I rock harder and faster güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on you; causing me to caress my breasts now just as I imagine you doing it, the thoughts of you sending the warmth through my body. My breasts dangling in your face as we pace ourselves for more and more sex, you pick me up and carry me in your arms. My legs wrapped around you as you set me on the kitchen table. I pull you in close to me, still kissing you.

My hand now brushing up against my little mound of hair, I tease around it. Rubbing over my lips, needing more, I spread them open and slide a finger front to back, as I picture more of you. You spread my legs wide and rock into me. You hard cock now angled right into my little pink pussy. I slide my hand down and glide you into me again, leaving it to glide you in and out of my wetness over and over again. I watch you slide in and out of me, and this causes me to sink 2 fingers deep in me moaning for more. I slide my fingers back up to my hard clit and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri circle around, picturing you pushing me further onto the table, getting on top of me now. Raising my legs above your shoulders and spreading them wide. My back arched, screaming your name, wanting more and more, I circle faster. I slide back down to my wetness; sliding my fingers back in and out for more and more.

I watch your face now, your arms extended with my legs, our hips moving in circles slamming into each other. Just when I think I can’t take any more from you, you slide out of me and come down towards me to dig your face deep in me. I see your tongue now deep in my hole tasting the wetness, and my hands are pushing your head deeper in me. Your hands pulling my lips wide apart as I finger my clit with your tongue deep in me. Sliding back and forth from the rim of my ass to my hole sending shivers through my whole body. Back in my bed the thought of you teasing at my rim sends me into a small orgasm güvenilir bahis şirketleri as I ride it out still wanting more from you, I circle harder and faster the wetness seeping down my lips. My body full of sweat I can’t lay still.

You roll me off the table, following close behind me; telling me to go to the bedroom. I get in the room and before I can get on the bed you push me face first on the bed. I feel your face close to my ass, and your hot breathing close to me. You lick me again from behind back to front. Your body slides up my back, and I feel your hard cock close to my rim. And with one push and a loud scream you enter inside of me. I watch me screaming into the bed of pleasure and pain as you slide in and out of me telling me how good it feels.

Now circling my clit while my other hand teases in and out of my wetness, harder and faster I feel you all over my body. My eyes closed I hear you telling me how good it feels. I talk back telling you I’m close, I hear you tell me to cum. And I as you tell me I do. I circle harder and faster as I watch you finally come to rest beside me on the bed. Laying her next to me out of breath and covered in sweat. I lay here with my eyes closed and listen to my own heavy breathing and feel the beads of sweat roll down my body.

Next time we have crazy monkey sex together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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