Crashing with Alice Ch. 01

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I never really considered myself a particularly extraordinary person. I’m in my late 30’s, have pasty white skin, and have a nose slightly larger than average. On the other hand, I’ve managed to keep a full head of hair, and I’m in better shape than most men my age. I managed to obtain a Ph.D. in electrical engineering a few years back, and I suppose you could say that’s my one accomplishment in which I have a bit of pride. That’s kind of where this story starts.

I work for the government, and I’m encouraged to share some of my research by attending conferences where I can present my work. Generally (but not always), the government foots the bill for these conferences. Well, there was a particular conference that I wanted to attend on the East coast, simply because it would allow me to meet up with some of my old friends whom I met in graduate school, and revisit some old haunts. This conference “wasn’t in the budget,” so I decided that I would pay for the plane ticket out-of-pocket, and post on Facebook to see if any of my old friends would offer up a couch or spare bedroom.

After a day or two, I got a message in my inbox. “Hey,” it read. “I saw that you were coming in and needed a place to stay. You can crash at my place, if you’d like.” It was the last person I expected to hear from. Her name was Alice.

Alice and I were graduate students at the same time a few years ago and we both worked in the same university laboratory. I always considered her beautiful but, being socially inept, I never had the courage to tell her. She was also in a relationship at the time, so it never seemed appropriate. That was my excuse, anyway.

From what I remembered, she had redish-auburn, shoulder-length hair and bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle behind her glasses every time she smiled. It was no secret that she was a regular at the gym, so her body was fantastic. I can remember several occasions in which I could scarcely take my eyes off of her chiseled, 5’4″ frame while we were working together. It was all I could do not to cast a glance if she leaned over her work bench. She was a nerd, but she sure as hell didn’t fit the stereotype.

What I found most attractive about her, though, was that she was strong, smart, and assertive. She wouldn’t take shit from anyone, and she could be especially passionate when it came to defending her friends. If someone were to act like an inconsiderate ass, she’d be the first to let them know, and she could shut down anyone’s protestations with her intelligence.

Of course, I accepted the offer to stay at her place. I would have been crazy not to.


I got out of the taxi and walked toward the entryway to Alice’s apartment building, rolling my suitcase along behind me. It was in a nice neighborhood, but it wasn’t the type of place that required being buzzed in, so I strolled into the lobby, ignored the attractive attendant at the front desk, and headed toward the elevator. My heart had quickened its pace, and I could feel myself becoming nervous.

My internal dialogue piped up, “What the hell, man? She’s just an old friend who’s kind enough to offer a couch for a couple of days. Chill.”

I pressed the “4” in the elevator and waited. My mind began to race and, in the few moments it took to reach the fourth floor, I had conjured up at least a dozen different scenarios that all ended in disaster.

“What if she’s changed? What if she’s nothing like the person I remember? What if I’ve changed? I’ll probably say something completely offensive. I might have to find a hotel in the middle of the night. Fuck!” My stream of consciousness was interrupted by the elevator doors opening, startling me back to reality. As if on autopilot, I walked to her room and raised my hand to knock. For a couple of seconds, I considered turning around and going somewhere else but, then, to my horror, I heard my knuckles collide with the wooden door. It was too late.

After a few tense moments, I heard the chain lock being removed, and then a “click” as the door opened. There she stood, even more attractive than I remembered, in a pair of black slacks and a dark green, button-up blouse. She was barefoot and carrying a glass of red wine. Her apparent relaxedness instantly put me at ease.

“Hi!” She exclaimed. “I was beginning to wonder if you were running late.” She flashed a pearly-white smile before turning away and walking further into her apartment. I inadvertently ogled her toned ass as she walked away. Yeah. Inadvertently.

Her voice echoed down the short hallway. “I was just sitting down to rewatch the Fellowship of the Ring. Care to join me?” I’ll be damned if this girl didn’t have a road map to my heart.

“Of course!” I said, with all the confidence I could muster as I hung my coat on her coat rack and placed my suitcase out of the way. I made my way into the living room, where I saw her sitting down on what appeared to be an expensive sarıyer escort loveseat. The coffee table in front of it had a glass of wine directly in front of the empty place on the loveseat. It seemed to be an invitation, so I sat next to her.

We made small talk for a while, flitting from topic to topic, while sipping Merlot and ignoring the movie. After a while, she adjusted herself and leaned over toward me, placing her head on my shoulder. It was a loveseat, after all, and there really weren’t that many comfortable positions to be had without cuddling the person next to you. I was mortified initially, but the wine seemed to take the edge off. Eventually, Liv Tyler graced the screen as her character, Arwen.

“God, she’s so pretty.” Alice said wistfully.

“Yeah, she’s pretty. Not really my type, though.”

She turned her head to look up at me, incredulously. “What is your type, then?”

I thought to myself “Shit, fuck. I’ve talked myself into a corner again. Now what the hell am I supposed to say? This is why I don’t say shit in front of other people.” Of course I knew the answer. I didn’t want to tell her the truth, but I didn’t want to lie to her, either.

“Uh…” I stammered.

She continued to look at me quizzically, as if I had grown another head, or as if she were trying to figure out which planet I was from. “Well?” She prodded.

I couldn’t handle her continued gaze. I had to say something. “You know, I always thought you were very attractive in…” I blurted. That’s when I knew I’d had a bit too much wine. I never would’ve admitted that sober, especially not directly to her. I remember wondering if my abject terror was apparent to her after having said that.

“Really?” She seemed surprised. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

It seemed as if the passage of time slowed to a crawl in that moment. I had no answer, other than cowardice, and no one wants to admit to that.

“I … I’m not sure.” I lied.

She sat up and continued her gaze. Again, time seemed to nearly halt while she looked at me. It felt as if she were analyzing me; as if she were looking past my skull to examine patterns of neural excitation. Her blue, bespectacled eyes were piercing – she was so beautiful that it hurt. My heart seemed to find its way into my throat as I searched for something to say; an apology, maybe, a joke, or anything else to help me find my way out of the hole I had just dug. Fortunately, like all other moments, it eventually ended.

She leaned forward and her lips met mine. Everything around me seemed to melt away, save for her. In that kiss, she was all that mattered to me. Her lips parted, and her tongue found its way to mine. She moved her hand to the back of my neck so that she could pull me closer. I seemed incapable of thought, so I responded instinctively. To my own surprise, I realized that my fingers were running through her auburn hair. I’m not sure how long we were locked together in this seemingly breathless state. I suppose it’s difficult to estimate time while one eschews the notion of clocks ever having existed.

I felt a gentle touch on my chest, just below my left collar bone. It tickled a bit as the touch moved toward the top button of my shirt. I felt the button give way almost immediately, and she moved her hand to the next button. At this point, I realized that she had shifted her weight onto her knees, which now rested on the cushion of the loveseat, so that she could lean over me. I took this as a cue and moved my left hand up the outside of her tense, muscled thigh, past her waist, and stopped just under her breast. She arched her back to move her chest forward just enough to meet my touch. The material of her blouse was thin and silky. Her covered breast fit almost perfectly in my hand, and I could feel it heave with each breath. I felt her nipple harden in my palm.

She broke the kiss, unceremoniously tugged my shirt off, and tossed it to the floor. In any other situation, I would have been self-conscious of my bare torso, but any embarrassment immediately faded when I felt the warmth of her lips meet the side of my neck. I began to unbutton her blouse but, apparently, she wasn’t happy with my pace. Her hands worked quickly beneath mine to undo the lower buttons as I worked, and her top soon fell next to mine. I finally had full access to her pert breasts, so I gently held them in my hands, and occasionally swirled a finger around a stiff nipple as she kissed my neck. In my mind, I thought I was doing a wonderful job of pleasing her, but it was probably more like a pubescent teen pawing away at her firm breasts.

She continued kissing my neck, working her way down to my collar bone. Suddenly, I felt her hand press against my manhood. I jumped and gasped in surprise, but she was unrelenting. Instead of moving her hand away, she gripped me tightly through my slacks. I was already fully erect. I always considered sefaköy escort myself to be slightly above average in that department – about 7 inches, with a respectable girth. Apparently, it was good enough, because she gave a quiet “Mmm” while she kissed my chest and gripped my cock. She began rhythmically increasing and decreasing the pressure she applied with her grip.

Shortly afterward, I felt her tugging at my belt. The full gravity of the situation finally dawned on me. The only thought I could muster was an ineloquent “Hell. Fucking. Yes.” as I realized where this was going. In a flash, my belt had fallen to the floor with a light thud, and she was tugging at my zipper. Her kisses had made their way to my stomach as she assisted me in pulling my slacks down to my ankles. She looked up at me as she moved from the loveseat to the floor in front of me, with a mischievous glint in her big blue eyes. Somehow, her glasses had stayed on through all of this.

My slacks were soon tossed to the side and she positioned herself between my knees. Her fingers danced on my boxers, tracing the outline of my manhood. A drop of precum had darkened a spot just below the waistband of my boxers, near my hip bone. She noticed and looked up at me with lust in her eyes. She bit her lip and slowly lowered her face, maintaining eye contact the entire time. Finally, after a frustratingly long pause, her lips met the head of my cock through my boxers. I gasped again. Her tongue darted out, tasting my precum and tickling my member at the same time. Smiling at me again, she gently kissed her way up and down the shaft, through the thin material.

After she was satisfied that I had been teased enough, she snuck a few fingers beneath the waistband of my boxers, and slid them down, leaving her face only inches away. She was so close that I could feel her breath. Mercifully, she took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it slowly. Precum glistened at its tip, which seemed to have her full attention. She squeezed tightly on one particularly slow up-stroke, causing a sizable bead of precum to appear. Suddenly, her tongue slid along the head, picking up the fluid resting at its tip and sending a shiver up my spine. A tiny silver strand followed her tongue back into her mouth, and eventually came to rest on her bottom lip, connecting the tip of my cock to her lips in a lewd display of eroticism.

She returned her eyes to mine to watch for my reaction, and I’m sure that the lust was apparent on my face, because she read me like a book. After a brief pause, she swallowed. She made a show of it, making sure that I would see exactly what she wanted me to see. I almost lost it right there, in that instant.

Before I had time to fully recover, she took me into her mouth. The warmth and softness were intense. I felt her tongue flick briefly across the underside of my cock before she lowered her lips to its base. I had only a moment to register what had happened before she drew her head back to begin a slow, steady rhythm. One of her hands found my balls and lightly cupped them. She alternated between holding them and tickling them with her fingertips, as her mouth continued its agonizingly slow assault on my cock.

This brilliant woman whom I had lusted after for years was going down on me, and I couldn’t have imagined it feeling any better than it actually did. Unlike the few other girls I’d been with, she took her time. Her ministrations were deep and slow, but she paused briefly at the beginnig and end of each stroke to run her tongue along the underside of my shaft in varied patterns. In spite of her torturously slow pace, I was so aroused that I couldn’t hold back for long. I guess, in retrospect, any amount of time would have seemed too short.

“I’m getting close.” I whispered.

Immediately, she released her hold, and removed her lips from my member with a faint, wet smack.

“Not yet.” She commanded, as she rose to her feet before me.

At this point, I had relinquished all control. As far as I was concerned, she owned me. I just knew that I had to have her, and that I was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen. She unbuttoned her slacks and let them fall to the floor. There she was, nude, in all her glory – apparently undergarments were a foreign concept to her. Her shaven pussy beckoned me, but I dared not move to touch her. I could not stand the thought of drawing the ire of this goddess. So, with my hands at my side, I waited for instruction.

She lifted her leg to place her foot on the nearby coffee table, fully exposing herself to me.

“Come here.” She said.

I came off my seat and fell to my knees in front of her, my rigid cock waving comically in the air as I did so. I hesitated for a moment to take everything in, but she was impatient. She grabbed the back of my head and moved my mouth to her stomach. I began to kiss down her body slowly, just as she şerifali escort did with me. She grabbed a handful of my short hair and forcefully guided me further down. I looked up at her and traced her folds with my tongue, savoring her taste. As I moved my tongue to her clit, her eyes squinted shut, and her head lolled back. I pulled every trick that I knew. Her breathing quickened.

“Fuck! Mmm. Don’t stop doing that.” She cooed.

I obliged. Entranced by the situation, I pulled as much information from her behavior as I possibly could. If her body shuddered or her muscles tensed, I quickened my pace. If she didn’t respond to one pattern of movement, I would move on to another. Without thinking, I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and found the nexus between my tongue and her warmth. I slipped my forefinger inside of her, and she thrust her hips forward in response. She was so wet that the first finger slid in easily, but she was so tight that I struggled for a moment to penetrate her with two.

She gasped as her body froze in place. At first, I wondered if I had done something wrong, but a cascading shiver ran through her body, causing her hips to buck involuntarily, breaking the stillness. Amidst her trembling, she gripped my hair so tightly that it hurt, and her wetness bathed my cheeks and chin. I placed my other hand on her taut ass to steady her as she shook, so that I could continue giving her all the attention she deserved. Eventually, she whimpered as she came down from her high, and I slowed my pace.

She looked down at me, her cheeks now flushed, and placed a hand under my chin to coax me to stand. Pain radiated through my legs as I stood but I was so enamored that I barely noticed. She kissed me again, making a point to taste herself on my lips. Alas, the kiss was brief. She pressed her hand into my chest, pushing me backwards, causing me to fall back into a seated position on the loveseat. Before I had even fallen completely into place, she pounced, straddling my lap and rejoining the kiss. She kissed me passionately while her hand found its way to my manhood again. This time, she pointed it upward while carefully lowering herself, impaling herself on my cock.

Her silky, wet folds enveloped me. I thrust up to meet her, resulting in a faint slap as our flesh met. We both moaned simultaneously at the feeling of the initial penetration. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts into my chest and her lips harder against mine. I placed my hands on her hips, and we immediately fell into a shared rhythm.

Our movements became more forceful, causing the sounds of empassioned sex to echo through her living room. I wasn’t sure how long I could last, so I tried not to think about what was happening at that very moment. I attempted to focus my attention on something other than her heavenly body sliding up and down on my cock. It was futile. She leaned back slightly, broke the kiss, and moved her right hand behind her. I was confused until I felt her fingers caress my balls, which caused me to exhale sharply.

“Do you like that?” She asked impishly.

I nodded, unable to form a pattern of sounds coherent enough to be considered language. She continued. It took every ounce of my willpower to hold back my orgasm, but the futility of the struggle became immediately apparent when she issued a simple command.

“Tell me before you cum.” She whispered breathily.

That was it. I felt the familiar sensation of passing the point of no return. My chest and face began to tingle, and I could tell that this was going to be one hell of an orgasm. After a few more hard thrusts, I did as I was told.

“Oh, fuck! I’m about to…”

With that, she dismounted so quickly that I had no chance to protest. But, the cool air of the room had only an instant to mingle with her wetness on my cock. She gripped me at the base of my shaft with her right hand and enclosed the rest of it with her mouth. Her head and hand moved with abandon, filling the room with the sounds of wanton slurps and wet smacks. She gripped me tightly and moaned as she stroked, sending vibrations into my swelling cock.

My body tensed, indicating what was about to happen. Her moaning pitched up slightly, but she never stopped stroking or sucking. I growled as I came. Spurt after spurt flew beyond her flitting tongue to fill her mouth. In my orgasmic throws, I looked down at her, only to see her looking back up at me as she took everything I had. I spasmed again at the sight, and a tiny droplet of semen escaped the corner of her mouth, only to trickle down my still stiff shaft and find a resting place on a knuckle of her forefinger. She continued, but slowed her pace. She took the head into her mouth several more times, despite holding my seed behind her lips. I could feel the warm liquid swirl around me as she flicked her tongue over the head.

“Mmm.” She moaned.

She lifted her head away from my crotch and sat back on her heels. A thin, glossy sheen of wetness was apparent on her chin as a devilish grin graced her adorable, bespectacled face. She parted her lips just enough so that I could see the white liquid that she held in her mouth. There was so much of it that I could barely see her tongue.

“Holy fuck.” Was all I could manage in my stupor.

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