Country Living Ch. 01

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I drove through the sun drenched tree lined suburban streets thinking how strange it was to be back here again after all these years. I drove past the high school I had graduated from and the memories came flooding back. All of that time wasted. The teachers that thought they were the closest thing to God since they were adults and we were kids. It all left a sour taste in my mouth.

I kept driving until the houses started to thin out. I had timed my visit to ensure that the least amount of people were around. Most of the rich ones were off in some exotic location enjoying their summer while the poor ones were busy scrounging for a living, just like I had done.

There it was at last! The dirt driveway leads up and away from the main street. The dusty path wound its way up to the country looking house that seemed to be more appropriate for a farmhouse instead of a suburban home. A slight air of dilapidation seemed to surround it. It seemed to look out on the surrounding meadows with a weariness born of its years, like it knew the best times were well behind it.

I drove up the dirt way and parked next to the house. I got out of the car and walked up to the front steps. The second one still squeaked just like it had years ago. I crossed the wood wrap around porch to the front door and knocked. There was a door bell button but I knew that it wouldn’t work now any more than it had ten years ago.

The wooden door groaned as it opened. Things never change around here I thought to myself.

“Stephen!” exclaimed the women who opened the door. She hasn’t change a bit either I thought. The same long brown hair with reddish highlights, the full firm breasts that filled her blouse, and the flaring womanly hips wrapped in tight denim. She still isn’t wearing a bra so her thumb sized nipples and large brown areolae showed through her white cotton shirt.

“Hi mom,” I said, “Can I come in?”

“Sure, sure,” she replied in a tentative voice, “You’re lucky Jim isn’t here.”

“I planned it that way,” I replied, “Scott and Dave aren’t here either, right?”

I knew that my “father” was away on business and that my two “brothers” were off at summer jobs. She didn’t reply to me, she only shrugged her shoulders in mild assent.

She kept backing away from me like I was an intruder bent on attacking her. I crossed the distance between us quickly and grasped her waist with both hands so she would stop.

“Oh Stephen,” she said in a small low voice that trailed off as she continued to say, “I’m so sorry.”

She kept looking at the floor, afraid to look up at my face like a child caught in the midst of doing something wrong. I wrapped my left arm around her waist pulling her tight against my body. I used the right hand to grab her chin illegal bahis and tilt her face upwards so I could look straight into her eyes. Those deep brown doe eyes looked at me full of pity and embarrassment.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about mom,” I said, “It happened so long ago. Besides I understand it all now.”

“What do you think you understand?” she said quizzically.

“I know that Jim is not my dad,” I spat out.

I slipped my right hand behind her head, pulling her mouth to mine. I kissed her full on the lips, hard and passionately. I let my lips slide down to her neck and I nuzzled her neck which made her sigh ever so lightly.

“I know who is,” I whispered, my lips close to her ear, “I finally figured it out.”

“Oh Stephen,” she exclaimed, “There were so many. You can’t know what I don’t know.”

“Oh but I do,” I replied. I kissed her forcefully again, my fingers tangling in her long brown hair. “Why do you pretend anymore? I looked at the pictures of your family farm in West Virginia over and over again once Jim threw me out of the house. It was the only thing I had to remember you by. Suddenly one night it hit me like a bolt of lightning. The barn was far away from the house sure but there also wasn’t anything near the barn. If you went out to the barn to meet your lovers like you told Jim that night so long ago, then your parents would have to be away. Otherwise whoever was coming over would be seen. And if your parents were gone, then why screw in the barn? Why not just use your own comfortable bed in the house?”

“Oh Stephen,” she cried trying to twist out of my grasp, “Do you know what you are saying?”

“I sure do,” I replied, “We both know its true mom. Or should I say Sis?”

I kissed her again this time forcing my tongue into the sweet warm wetness of her mouth. I explored her mouth, taking my time to enjoy her low moans as I swirled my tongue around.

“You lied to Jim that night mom,” I said forcefully, “When I came home from the hospital the night when Jim found out I wasn’t his son, you lied. I guess telling Jim that you only thought he was the one that got you pregnant made him more accepting of your marriage. And by then Scott and Dave were here as well.”

“I thought you were asleep when all that happened,” she sighed in a defeated tone.

“I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. The pain in my broken arm kept me awake. I went down to ask you for some comfort but I got to see your and Jim’s blow out instead.”

“So you heard the bargain between Jim and I?” she whispered.

“Where you agreed to do anything sexual he asked whenever he asked in exchange for you, Scott and Dave staying under his roof? You bet I did!”

“And you hate me for agreeing to allow Jim illegal bahis siteleri to throw you out?”

“No mom! I always loved you and always will. I blame Jim for allowing his own pride demand that I get thrown away like some piece of garbage. Besides I saw what happened next too.”

“Oh god!” she moaned, “you saw all that?”

“I…I am the ultimate bastard. I am your father’s son, an incestuous bastard.”

My hand went from the back of her head to the button on her jeans. She only whimpered a little as I pulled the button loose and then slide the zipper down. I pushed the denim over the swell of her hips forcing the pants to the floor.

“I know what you want,” I said, “I want it too. Take my pants off!”

She didn’t even argue as she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the fly. My pants immediately fell to the floor. I pushed the slick fabric of her imitation silk panties down over her hips dropping them to the floor. She knew what to do and pushed my shorts down my hips pausing only to pull the waist band out so they cleared by large hard cock.

“I have his cock,” I said, “I know you have wanted it for a long time.”

I pulled her close again with the arm around her waist while my right hand slide into her crotch to cup her pussy. She stiffened and groaned as my fingers slid between the lips of her cunt. The exploration proved that she was hot and wet already. I then used my hand to unbutton that white cotton blouse. I pulled it off and dropped my head to suck her right nipple into my mouth. She gasped again and started to moan as my hand found her twat once more as my mouth worked on suckling her hard nipple. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. We now faced each other both of us naked and aroused.

I grasped her hips and started to kneel on the floor pulling her down with me. I pushed her backwards, gently lowering her naked body to the floor. Her knees came up to her chest as her legs opened to welcome me. I placed the head of my hard dick at the entrance to her pussy. I took my time sliding the hard length into the warm wetness of my mother’s cunt.

“Oh,” she moaned, “Don’t tease me Stephen!”

“What do you want?” I said.

“Fuck me!” she almost screamed it, “Fuck me hard!”

“Wrap your legs around me and pull me in tight,” I commanded.

Once we were pressed together tightly almost like one body, I began to plunge my hard fuckrod in and out of her hot grasping pussy. Her twat was grabbing at my dick so hard that as I withdrew almost the full length of my cock her pussy turned slightly inside out. I pushed my hard manhood back into her hard burying the full length and making her moan loudly with pleasure.

“Fuck me hard baby,” she mewed in pleasure, “You’re canlı bahis siteleri so big just like your father. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I continued to pound her pussy while she kept up a steady chorus of “Fuck me, Fuck me.” We were both soon sweating and groaning as we fucked like horny sailors. Her hands reached up and grabbed my shoulders tightly. She planted her heels in the small of my back using the leverage to force her hips and hot cunt up to meet the downward strokes of my hard cock. Our hips slapped together in a noisy staccato that became faster and faster as we fucked with wild abandon like rutting animals. Her full tits bounced and swayed in rhythm to our passionate screwing.

Our orgasm hit strong and at the same time. We both shuddered and shook as I buried my cock up to the hilt in her hot twat and filled it with cum. I swear I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against her womb as I filled the hot channel with my creamy jizm. I groaned and she moaned loudly as the waves of pleasure washed over the two of us locked together in mutual passion. We continued to hold onto each other as the heat slowly subsided.

“You’re still hard,” she said, “Just like you father, once is not enough.”

I slid the wet length of my still hard cock from her cunt and slide up her body. I straddled her torso and placed my throbbing manhood in the sweet valley formed between her ample tits. She knew what I wanted and reached up to push the pleasure mountains together to capture my cock. I stared to hump the imitation cunt formed by her funbags.

As I fucked her tits she leaned forward to be able to lick the head of my dick and as it plunged between her boobs. I stroked my cock between her breasts at an even pace enjoying the sensation until I felt the familiar tightening in my scrotum. She knew what was coming too.

I leaned forward a little pulling my fuckrod from between her pillowy mounds. She grasped the shaft and pulled gently. I threw my head back and groaned and I came all over her face. Load after load of white cum shot out of my cock and all over her pretty face. It was one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

I fell forward slightly ending up on my hands and knees with my cock close to her mouth. She still was ahold of my dick and she slid the now softening prick all over her face, spreading the cum around like icing. Then she pulled the head into her hot mouth and gently sucked on it like a baby with a bottle.

“Mom,” I said, “I have waited a long time for that.”

“So what do you know about your real father?” she asked.

“Not much right now. I know that dad threw me out when I was thirteen because he found out that I wasn’t his. I know that you told him you had a lot of lovers and couldn’t tell which one got you pregnant. And I know I am going to find out a lot more about him.”

“How are you going to do that?” she asked puzzled.

“I am going to West Virginia to meet him. I know you can get away for at least a week. Want to come with me?

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