Corrine is “Pranked”

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It had been a stupid bet to make and now Corinne was really regretting it. She’d been so desperate to be “one of the guys” with Steve and his buddies that common sense had blown out the window the evening they were all picking their favorites for March Madness. There had been several rounds of shooters involved as contributing factors too. But Corinne had figured her college training in statistics would serve her well in a contest like this.

It didn’t. When all was said and done she came in dead last in her picks. The guys had all seemed to pick virtually the same lineup with subtle deviations in each case. She had managed to select every loser in the very first round.

What made things worse was that the “prizes” they all had agreed on ranged from a bottle of fifteen year old Glenfiddich for the best picks to “punitive sex” for the loser. Everyone else had assumed that Brembo or Lou would end up the loser, that Corinne’s math skills would serve her better than they had. Punitive sex had been defined as a date with an individual to be chosen by the group with the requirement that the loser obtain a “trophy” before the nights end. All present knew that a trophy meant a pair of panties, obtained by whatever means required. All also knew that the individual chosen would likely be Mel.

Mel, like Corinne, hung out with the guys from time to time and was just as desperate to fit in. But where Corinne was wispy and tomboyish at five three and a hundred fifteen pounds, Mel was an amazon at six four and tipped the scales somewhere in the two hundred pound range. She did little to enhance her very plain appearance but projected an air of sexuality, constantly hitting on every guy she met, never to any result as far as any of them were aware.

When it turned out that Corinne ended up on the short end of the stick, the guys took pity on her, agreeing that setting Corrine up with Mel would not be appropriate. Instead, Vince volunteered his cousin Chris.

None of the group had ever heard of Chris before. All Vince would volunteer was that Chris was a Loyola Law School grad, worked in Manhattan, would be visiting him the first week of April, and was not a jerk.

Corrine knew that Vince had her back and wouldn’t set her up with his cousin unless they were at least a halfway decent individual. She and he had slept together a couple times on a purely fwb basis so there was a certain amount of a trust factor. As far as she was aware he’d never let on to any of the others that he knew her on an intimate level.

The fact that Chris was a New York attorney intrigued her. It sounded cosmopolitan and powerful. She envisioned a tall handsome young man in an expensive suit and tie. When she plied Vince for more details he was evasive. All that he would offer with regard to further information was that merter escort Chris practiced environmental law, played racquetball, sailed, and was single.

As the evening approached, Corrine’s anticipation grew. She found herself deciding to up her game a few notches, getting a fresh cut to her boyishly short hair, shopping for a new dress, new shoes, and some decidedly more girlish lingerie than was her norm. On the appointed evening she stepped out of her apartment wearing a short celadon green sheath, a saddle colored leather blazer that she wore only occasionally, and new shoes that matched the blazer. Usually she only wore the blazer with jeans but she was pleased with how dressy and hip it looked when paired with four inch heels and a great deal of bare leg.

Beneath it all she wore sheer white panties, a matching bra coddling her b cups and doing little to control her aroused nipples. She’d never been in quite such a state before. The mystique had gotten to her.

The guys had set up the location, one of the nicer restaurants in town. Corrine was to meet Chris at the bar, a table had been reserved, and they’d even taken care of obtaining a room at the hotel an block away. As she settled into a barstool the hem of her dress rose dangerously high and she crossed her legs which precluded overexposure but resulted in the display of a great deal of sleek upper thighs. Surveying the other patrons there was no one that seemed as though they might be Chris. Vince had offered up a bit more with regard to Chris’s physical appearance just before she’d headed out – five nine, fit, slim, blonde and blue eyed. The last part had thrown her a bit as she’d been envisioning someone with brown hair.

As the bartender approached she wondered if there was something amiss. His sandy colored hair might be misconstrued as blonde but she would certainly not consider him to be slim or fit and as he neared his eyes were decidedly brown, not blue.

“Good evening Corrine.” He had obviously been prepped by the guys. As she raised an eybrow he reached into the breast pocket of the black and crimson vest he wore, removing a small photograph and after examining both it and her adding “You’re much prettier in the flesh.”

Corrine felt herself flushing. “You’re very kind.”

“And you my dear are very stunning. What can I get you this evening?” then, beofre she had time to really think about it adding “Cosmo?”

Vince knew cosmos were a weakness of hers. He undoubtedly had been the coach.

“Sounds good to me” she replied.

“I’m Mike by the way.” He set about mixing vodka, lime juice, and cranberry juice.

After placing two cocktail napkins in front of her he reached into a cooler and removed two martini glasses which he then set on the napkins before mutlukent escort pouring two drinks.

Corrine looked quizzically at Mike who simply smiled.

“Vince must want to see me really get bombed.”

“Not at all. Number two is for your date.”

Again Corrine glanced around the bar and saw no one she thought might be Chris.

Mike continued to smile broadly. “Happy April First sweetie.” He turned on his heel and headed for the far end of the bar where a group of five had just seated themselves.

Out of the blue an arm clad in fine black wool with a barely discernible white pinstripe reached around her to delicately lift the second glass. Slender well manicured fingers grasped the stem transporting the drink back over Corrine’s shoulder, drawing her gaze with it. She turned and found herself staring directly into the most aquiline blue eyes she had ever seen. They sparkled mischievously as the drink was raised to lips painted a rich magenta hue.

“Hello Corrine.”


“That would be me.”

Corrine was stunned. She had never seen such a ravishingly beautiful woman before and to be so up close and instantly intimate was a shock, not to mention that she had been expecting a man. She found herself suddenly breathing heavily and taking a deep gulp of cosmo as she absorbed the moment.

Chris was indeed tall, even more so due to tall heels. Her legs went on forever and she wore an extremely attenuated skirt that matched the wool jacket, from which a wisp of magenta lace peeked from between the lapels. She smelled of citrus and jasmine. Her hair was platinum blonde and pulled back into a ponytail. She at once looked feminine, sexy, powerful, and professional. She seemed older although there was nothing more than some very subtle crowsfeet at the corner of her eyes that specifically indicated so.

“I wish Vinny could see you reaction!”

It took several more minutes before Corinne’s composure returned to anything approaching normal and by the time it had she was ready for another cosmo. Mike was instantly on hand to oblige her with a refill. Chris’s drink was barely touched and Corrine made a mental note to pace herself a little for the rest of the evening. The hostess appeared and escorted them to their table.

Chris was excellent company and the conversation meandered all over. The cosmos were disposed of and replaced by a bottle of Bordeaux Blanc that Chris selected. They both opted out of dessert and when it was time to resolve the bill the waiter told them it had already been taken care of.

Now came the awkward part but even this Chris made easy. Keeping the conversation going she steered Corrine out the door, hooked an arm through hers, and the pair clicketty-clicked down the otele gelen escort sidewalk. Before she realized what was happening Corrine was standing at the doorway to a hotel room as Chris fed a passcard into the slot on the door.

Inside the lights were dim. Chris immediately excused herself and disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes. Corrine sat on the bed and took stock. This was all happening so quickly. She had never been with a woman before. But Chris had made her feel so comfortable she felt no urge to bolt out the door. She instead discovered she was filled with anticipationfor what lay ahead.

After Chris returned Corrine took her turn. She noticed a wet washcloth draped over the edge of the tub and took advantage of the unused one to freshen herself before pulling the skimpy panties back up. Leaving the leather jacket on a hook she exited.

Chris had taken the opportunity to ditch the skirt and jacket and it turned out that the wispy magenta lace item was a teddy with highly sculpted legs. Her heels were still on and she approached Corrine resting both hands on her shoulders before drawing her close to gently kiss the nape of her neck before locking lips in the most sensual kiss Corrine had ever felt. This woman knew how to make a girl giddy.

Before long Corrine’s dress was off and the two women embraced one another standing in only their lingerie before then collapsing onto the giant bed. Chris unfastened Corrine’s bra and slipped it off to expose her breasts so that she might kiss, lick, and suckle them, the nipples becoming rigid as steel. She then removed the panties and slipped off her teddy.

Corrine was glad she had elected to shave. Sometimes she did other times she left a crisp V of brown curls and once or twice she had sported a landing strip for a while. Chris was hairless and it seemed appropriate. Her breasts were even smaller than Corrine’s but her nipples considerable more pronounced. For the first time in her life Corrine fondled another woman’s breasts, then explored her pussy with her fingers and then eventually her tongue. But that was after Chris had already spent close to an hour between her own legs coaxing orgasm after orgasm out of her with both her tongue and expert fingers.

Eventually they collapsed in one another’s arms and cuddled until sleep washed over them. It was three in the morning when Corrine’s bladder woke her. This time when she visited the bathroom she left the door open and as she finished she found Chris standing in the doorway waiting her turn. Corrine rinsed up a bit as Chris peed and as Chris followed suit Corrine looked on. Before long they were back in bed again, locked in an intense sixty nine until a mutual orgasm overcame the two.

The next day Corrine dutifully delivered the magenta teddy to the guys as completion of her obligations. It seemed anti climatic and she soon discovered that she was no longer as concerned about fitting in with them. She started noticing other women more and eventually moved in with another girl. They still chase boys occasionally but mostly these days Corrine is far more interested in other women. Life is good.

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