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Consensual – Emphasis on “sensual”

As she settled into her window seat, Selah felt the familiar pangs of desire begin to seep into her consciousness. While this happened frequently of late, the timing was inconvenient, and sitting in wet panties for the duration of the flight an unpleasant notion. She quietly shook the thoughts away, and as her mind re-focused, discovered why her mind had begun to drift. Her fingers were running over the edge of the envelope in her purse.

The envelope.

The invitation.

It had arrived on her desk without warning. Instantly recognizing the handwriting, she quickly placed it in her top desk drawer. Later, when her co-workers were gone for the day, she closed her office door, and opened it. Inside was a neatly handwritten note:

“The pleasure of your company is requested for an evening that will delight the senses. Saturday, the Seventeenth of December at ten o’clock. Your room. My attire is at your discretion. No RSVP required – merely answer the knock at your door. Or not.”

The following day, she found Brian alone in the mail room. “So, do you believe in sprites?”

He replied without turning around, “Um, maybe?”

“Well, lately I have been finding things in my office, and I think it’s the work of a mischievous elf, or sprite, or something.”

Brian turned to face her, his face now sprite-like. “Now that is interesting. Maybe you should call security. Or Ghostbusters.”

“Maybe I will. Hey, quick question for you since you are a lot older than me. I’ve been invited to a few fancy gatherings and weddings, and the invitations I’ve received usually specify the attire. You know, like ‘black tie’. So, what, in all of your considerable experience, do you think ‘attire at your discretion’ means?”

Brian’s eyes glimmered a little more. “Well, I would say, in ‘all of my considerable experience’ that would mean that the attire is left up to whoever has been granted decision-making authority. Or is it ‘whomever’? I can never keep that straight.”

“Well, not to be the grammar police, but you had it right, it’s whoever.”

“Thanks for that. I’ll sleep better tonight. Good luck with that sprite problem.”

After an uneventful flight, Selah arrived at her hotel, unpacked, changed, and made her way to the convention center to pick up her conference materials. She was pleased to note that the opening reception was at the hotel and included drink tickets.

She arrived halfway through the reception, and chose a flattering but conservative tea-length dress. From the attention she received from the men in the room, she could tell that her choice was appropriate. While she had become accustomed to their stares, Selah had never truly felt that she was as gorgeous as she had been told. She saw Brian from across the room, enjoying what seemed to be a lively conversation with a few of their co-workers. She enjoyed watching him with his guard down, oblivious to her gaze. Few ever saw him like this, and fewer still knew he was the poster boy for “still waters run deep”. She soon joined the group, and they continued almanbahis the friendly banter until the reception concluded. When they moved to the hotel bar, Brian excused himself, citing a lingering headache, while Selah stayed for a nightcap.

Selah’s heart rate steadily climbed as the clock made its way to ten. She jumped when she heard the knock, not because it was unexpected, but due to where it originated.

The door to the adjoining room.


“Hello Selah” replied the familiar impishly-tinged voice.

She opened the door to find Brian standing directly in front of her holding a gift bag.

“What the hell? How did you manage this?”

“It was a little too easy, actually. I told the concierge I was surprising you for your birthday. So…surprise.”

“That was pretty stupid, actually. What if I didn’t answer?”

“Then you didn’t. I would take it as a ‘no’, and be a perfect gentleman for the rest of the conference. Rejection is never fun, but it is an answer, and sure beats having to wonder what might have been. And then there was the problem of standing in front of your door, in the hallway, at 10pm, looking like Santa.”

“Well you went to a lot of trouble for something that might not have happened.”

“It took some effort, but I enjoyed it. And I saved my receipts, just in case. So…”

“Well…since you went to so much trouble…”

Brian walked in, and handed her the gift. She was familiar with the pink and black bag, having been past the store on a recent shopping excursion. Peeking out from the top of the tissue paper, she noticed an envelope identical to the one that had appeared on her desk.

Selah eyes gleamed as she spoke. “Thank you for this. Will you excuse me for a few minutes? Oh, and while you wait, you can see what I have in that bag for you.”

As she made her way to the bathroom, Brian’s attention turned to the small white bag on the bed. Inside, he found a pair of light blue silk boxers, and a note: “My discretion, right? I have always enjoyed seeing you in a light blue dress shirt, and wondered what you might look like in something else that is my favorite color.” He quickly undressed, and slipped into them. They would have been a perfect fit, if not for his full blown erection. He reclined on her bed and waited as patiently as possible.

Selah took her outfit out of the bag, and placed it on the counter, before turning her attention to the note. “While the ensemble is called ‘Lorna’, it would have been better named if you had been the model. Thank you for making the visual part of our evening perfect. ” She looked at herself in the mirror, admiring how the bright colors glowed against her skin.

Brian’s heart stopped as she stepped back in to the room. “Woah. Beyond what I could have ever imagined.”

The smile he received in return was genuine. “So, you like what you see? Isn’t that a tiny bit self-serving, given that you were the purchaser?”

“I think that is more of a statement of how amazing you look than anything. Now if I had said, ‘good for me, I got almanbahis giriş the sizes right’, that would have been egocentric. And before you ask, I guessed. Well… guessed, and described you to the sales clerk.”

“Quite resourceful of you. So now what?”

“I told you that tonight was all about the senses, and right now you definitely have all of my visual attention. How does that make you feel?”

“Hot. Confident. Sexy. And very hot.”

“Good. These shorts make me feel the same way. And the fabric is beyond amazing, especially against my… ” Brian began to trace the outline of his erection with his fingers.

Selah inhaled sharply. “Hey, that’s touching, not seeing!”

Brian smiled and continued. “A technical violation at best. This is for your visual stimulation. I thought you might like to see how it starts when I think about you. Touch will get its turn. In time.”

Selah sat on the bed next to him and traced the outline of her hard nipples with her fingers. “I see. Well for me it starts like this. But before long, my hand moves…” Brian watched mesmerized as her right hand travelled slowly down her body, before stopping at her vagina. “Then I take my time, and enjoy the feeling of the heat through what I’m wearing.”

Brian swallowed hard as he watched Selah’s fingers dance around her mound, and followed suit by slowly stroking himself in time to her movements. It no time the two were in synch, each one’s self-pleasuring enhancing the others arousal. They continued for a few minutes until Brian got up and turned off all the lights.

Selah giggled and asked, “Are you suddenly shy?”

The bed shifted as Brian rejoined her on the bed. “Hardly. Sight has had its day in the sun, so to speak, and its loss is actually the other senses gain. And now…for your listening pleasure…”

Brian slipped out his shorts, and lay down next to Selah. “When I think of you, I like to start slowly, at the top, enjoying the buildup.” He growled softly as he continued to stimulate himself.

Selah was beyond turned on listening to him, and unfastened the bra, freeing her aching breasts. “Ooh. For me it starts with my breasts. Running my hands over them, and squeezing the nipples. But before long, my hand returns to my vagina.” She slid off her panties and continued. “I’m insanely wet thinking of you and it feels sooooo good. My fingers move all around. Then inside. And then back around.” Selah’s body began to tremble as a surge of pleasure coursed through her, turning her moans to labored gasps.

“I am at the edge, and it feels incredible. My hand is slick with pre-cum and I am ready to explode, but I am going to save that for later. If you don’t mind, I would like to hear what you sound like when you make yourself cum.”

“For that I’m going to have to go a little faster, and a little deeper inside to find that magical spot. Ohhhh fuck!” Brian groaned as he held his penis while Selah plunged her fingers in and exploded. Wave after wave crashed over her as every ounce of sexual energy poured out. And then, all too soon, it almanbahis yeni giriş was over, leaving her sweaty and spent.

Brian waited until she was still to speak. “That was, without a doubt, the hottest thing I have ever experienced.”

Selah exhaled deeply. “Yeah? Well that’s the first time I have ever done that with someone in the room. Gotta admit it was pretty hot. I’m exhausted. What’s next? “

“The only sense that makes sense. Lie very still.”

In the darkness, Selah felt Brian shift his weight closer, until they were almost touching. His silhouette was barely visible, but she sensed that he was crouched over her. Then she heard him inhale deeply.

“Mmmmmm. You smell incredible.”

“Thanks. It’s just me. And that’s what happens when I think about you. Now lay down – it’s my turn.”

Brian did as he was told, and waited for her to approach. She began at the nape of his neck, doing her best to keep from touching him. He felt her moving over him and down, inhaling his scent as she went. Soon she was directly over his penis, close enough to feel the heat rising from his groin. As she leaned in to enjoy his aroma, a few strands of her hair fell across his body. His reaction was one of surprise, and the resulting spasm caused his cock to spring upward.

Right into Selah’s nose.

Brian sat up, thankful that the dark room hid his embarrassment. “Sorry!”

Selah gently pushed him back on the bed and laughed. “Relax. I’m sure that was just your body’s way of saying ‘hello’. Besides, there were only two senses left.”

“Well, yes, but that’s not what…”

“It’s ok. Really. And I have enjoyed the buildup, but it’s time.”

“Time for?”

Selah moved forward, taking his penis in her hand, and slowly swallowed him. Once she had all of him in her mouth, she slowly retreated, using her tongue to remove as much precum as possible. When she released him, the loss of suction made an audible “pop”.

“Time for touching. And tasting.”

“Fuck! I want some too. Come here!”

He grabbed her left leg, and spun her around so he could enjoy her. He licked her clit and swollen lips while she returned to his penis, taking him deeper in her mouth and throat as he smeared her wetness over his lips and chin. The intensity increased as each lover gave and took, received and provided, satisfied and fulfilled.

Brian could feel his control slipping away, and gently rolled Selah over. Once she was back on the bed, he pulled her close, spreading her legs slightly, and entered her with the fullness of his erection. Selah responded by digging her nails into his shoulders, and her heels around his thighs, encouraging him to pick up the pace. He did so, and after a dozen hard thrusts, he burst. Ecstasy-filled gasps accompanied each spurt that filled Selah, and the combination of feelings and sounds overwhelmed her. His orgasm sent her over the edge, and she joined him with her cries of pleasure.

As they lay together in the dark, bodies entwined, and the air heavy with passion, Brian was the first to break the silence.

“Have you ever…”

“Never. Not even close. You?”

“I didn’t know that was possible.”

“Well then, go us. The only question is what do we do for an encore?”

Brian kissed her tenderly, and whispered in her ear, “We welcome sight back, and leave the lights on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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