Confusing Twins

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Big Tits

Note: While there is incest in this story, it’s not the sole focus of the story. Also, there’s anal in it!

Edited by: Neveo. Thanks!


Amber was smiling, alone in the shower, remembering last night’s fun with her boyfriend Jake. She wasn’t sure that he wasn’t still sleeping in his room, across the hall from the bathroom. Jake was Amber’s third serious boyfriend and, by far, was the best lover she’d ever had. Her first boyfriend would always have a special place in her heart, and she couldn’t deny that their break-up had left a permanent wound deep inside her. Yet Jake had made Amber forget about any of her other boyfriends or one-night stands.

She shivered in the hot shower and was barely surprised when she felt a pulse of pleasure low in her belly. As she slipped her hand down her belly and over her red bush and pussy, Amber closed her eyes and grinned. “His tongue!” she thought, almost swooning like a little girl! After their first night together, about six months ago, she had forced him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue. He had laughed, complied and laughed again when Amber shrugged and said “Well, what do you know… It’s a normal tongue!”

But Jake wasn’t only good in bed. He was growing more and more important to her, and she even surprised herself by thinking about the future with him. The far future. Even with her first boyfriend, she had been so captivated by the present that long term questions had never come up. With Jake though, they was starting to. Amber didn’t know what to think about that. On the one hand, she was very happy to have found such a guy, but then again, she was still very young and had no intention of marrying or settling down young!

Then again, when she thought about a possible home for them, a huge room with a huge bed to spend nights and days in… Amber giggled in the shower, feeling her entire body tingle as the thick soap washed down her skin. As she washed her hair, feeling her breasts swaying, she remembered how he had licked, sucked, eaten, explored, bit and devoured her pussy last night for what had felt like an hour. She was pretty sure he hadn’t remained down there that long, but still it had been enough to give her two climaxes!

Amber realized that one of her hands had come back to her pussy and that she was lightly caressing herself. Closing her eyes, feeling the shampoo slide over her face, she remembered when he had turned her around on her belly and had played with her ass for a while. “Oh dear gods in heaven!” she remembered moaning. Jake and her both liked anal sex and enjoyed it regularly. But yesterday had only been the second time he had eaten her ass and teased her asshole with his tongue.

Amber knew that not all girls liked to give anal sex to their boyfriends, and that most that did found it rather painful. But she didn’t. Even the very first times she had done it. Now it was just pleasant through and through. When she had let him know that she liked anal and that it wasn’t painful for her, Jake had gotten hard instantly. They had already been naked and ready for bed, but they got delayed for about an hour as he had experienced the longest and absolute best anal sex of his young life.

In the shower, Amber arched her body, pressing her hand firmly on her pussy as she controlled a moan. In the end, he hadn’t fucked her ass, but as he had taken her pussy, Amber had still been shaking with post climax aftershocks. And now, if she didn’t stop, she would have to bring herself off by herself, right there in the shower!

When the bathroom door opened suddenly, Amber smiled and poked her head from behind the curtain. She was expecting Jake to come and join her, just in time for a silent shower fuck. Which would have been extremely fun. Jake still lived with his parents, as did she, and already they’d had made love a few times with either them or his brother just on the other side of a wall.

Imagining Jake’s parents a few feet away as they made love was absolutely thrilling for Amber. And as for Jake’s brother Jason, it was fun as well, but different. Jake and Jason were twins. Identical twins. Very identical. As it happened, Amber had two cousins who were identical twins. And while some people had trouble knowing which was which, she could always tell. Maybe because she had grown up with them.

But with Jake and Jason, even after many months, she still got confused sometimes. And now, this morning, as she looked at one of them entering the bathroom, she hesitated a moment. Usually, the hairstyle made it easy to tell them apart, but this early in the morning, before they had time to do their hair, it wasn’t that easy. Jake must have seen her expression and said, “It’s me baby…” He smiled, then added, whispering, “My brother wouldn’t enter the bathroom while you’re showering…”

Amber saw Jake grinning as she pulled the curtains wide open. He then groaned as he looked at her body, from her wet red hair all the way down to her perfect feet. The moment they topkapı escort met, they had both felt an incredible attraction. Amber had been really impressed by his looks, his build and absolutely turned on by the energy he radiated around her. He, on the other hand, had been fascinated by her long red hair, bright green eyes, lovely face with a touch of freckles and the soul-melting smile she had given him at the end of their first date.

Then again, the rest of her body was just as stunning. Her breasts were as round, firm and proud as they could get on an eighteen-year-old girl, thrusting forward and always dancing. Jake had seen beautiful B cup breasts, and beautiful D cup breasts as well. But Amber’s full C cup seemed to be just perfect on her lean frame.

The first time she had let him see them naked, Amber had giggled as his jaw had dropped. But given that her giggle had made them tremble, his jaw had only dropped lower. On the peaks of those marvelous mounds were two small pink areolas surrounding rather big nipples. “Your breasts look like celebrations, feasts in honor of life, femininity and beauty. I’m humbled that you chose to invite me to that celebration.” he had said to her, after regaining control of his jaw. She had laughed, then looked at him a while longer, more seriously. The kiss they had shared afterwards had cemented the initial passion each had felt for the other and had paved the way for what had already felt like the start of a long and wonderful relationship.

And so now she saw him staring at those very same breasts as they were dripping with water, and heard Jake growling as he pushed his boxers off. By the time he was in the shower with her, his cock was already hard and they were both kissing passionately. Amber was taken by his passion and wanted to merge into him. But of course, only he could properly do that.

Soon his cock became more insistent, and it didn’t take much to convince Amber to climb up. She could have turned around and offered him her pussy from behind, but she wanted to face him this morning. She placed one foot on the edge of the shower against the wall and the other on the opposite edge. When he finally entered her, she gasped and grabbed him hard around the shoulders. When she felt him support her ass with both hands, she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around his waist.

In this position, she felt him go much deeper into her. Soon he turned sideways, pushing her back against the wall. As she grinned and bit his shoulder lightly, too much pleasure exploding so quickly, Amber thought about Jason, probably still sleeping right behind her. They couldn’t make too much noise, but shit his cock was so good! She bit him again, harder this time. Jake had to vary his rhythm, otherwise the falling water would make their activities too obvious to anyone listening.

Jake didn’t have a thick cock, but he was certainly longer than any of her previous boyfriends, hitting deeper spots in many positions. And this one, with her knees raised, provided one of the deepest penetrations. Naughtily, she wondered if Jason had a similar cock. Grinning, she thought that he must, given that he had the same genes. “Somehow,” she thought, “I’ll have to find a way to ask his girlfriend once he finds one…”

She quickly forgot Jason’s cock when she felt Jake touching her asshole with his finger. Pulling up from his neck, she looked at him with her eyes narrowed. “Naughty boy…” she said.

“Yeah, so what are you going to do about it?” he replied, whispering.

“Are you serious? You want to fuck my ass in here with your brother right in the next room?”

“Yeah. You don’t?” he asked, looking deep into her eyes.

“Oh, you’re so bad…” she replied. “You want to hear me say that I’m turned on by thinking about your brother as we fuck?”

Jake seemed surprised to hear her. Amber would realize later that this was not exactly what he had asked. But right now, she was dizzy with lust and couldn’t think very straight. She knew she had taken a risk by saying that, but she was beginning to surmise that the brothers had a special relationship. Jake had dropped a few hints, very veiled, very obtuse, but still… It wasn’t the first time Jason had popped up as they talked about sex.

“Maybe?” he said.

“So naughty… So naughty, Jake. You want to hear that thinking about your brother during sex excites me? Tsk. tsk. tsk…”

To her surprise, Jake let her down and turned her around to face the wall. Then very quickly he knelt behind her and bit into one of her round buttocks. “I’m starting to think that you really liked this part of our marathon cunnilingus session last night.”

“Really?” she said, giggling. “What makes you think that?”

“Oh, I don’t know… Maybe the loudness of your cries as I did this…”

Jake interrupted himself by flicking his tongue deep between her ass cheeks. Amber did moan as he did, even though the position wasn’t ideal. Nevertheless, Jake pushed his face fatih escort deeper into her ass, feeling the firm flesh with his cheeks and hands. Mauling those wonderfully athletic buttocks, Jake buried himself as deeply as he could and feasted on her pussy and asshole.

Amber tried her best to resist moaning out loud, yet laughed as Jake had been absolutely right. She was rather open about sex and what she liked, but this particular fetish was a bit strange. If Jake was open and willing… Shit! “Maybe because he likes regular anal sex so much, he’ll see it as a decent exchange?” she thought, squirming in pleasure against the bathroom wall.

After a few minutes, Jake stood up and pulled the curtains open. Amber followed him out and he pushed her against the vanity top. Looking into the mirror, he saw her breasts hanging from below her body, her long hair all over her back and falling on the side to give a backdrop to her breasts and Amber’s eyes and smile as she looked at him. She wondered if he was going to take her ass, but figured that without lube nearby, it would be too much of a hassle with spit.

She then felt his cock against her pussy. Her pussy didn’t need any extra lube, as it was already dripping. She felt his long cock slipping into her again until his thighs pressed against her lovely ass. As he pulled out and pushed back in a few times, Amber dropped on the vanity top and moaned louder. “Shhh…” Jake said. “You’ll wake my brother.”

Amber laughed and looked at him again in the mirror. “Oh yeah, Jason. Him again… How would you react if he opened the door without knocking right now?”

“Shit! You’re crazy!” Jake said, smiling.

“I’m serious! What would you do?”

“I don’t know!” he said, his eyes rolling back, overwhelmed by her sweet pussy. “Gods your pussy is magical!”

“Thanks, lover…” she purred.

Then, looking at her in the mirror, Jake asked “What would you do, naughty girl? What would you do if he opened the door?”

Amber laughed, an utterly sexy low-pitched laugh. “Well, as long as we’re playing here, what if I told you that I’d just open my mouth and let him put his cock inside?”

“My god, you’re insane!” Jake said, but Amber could see him tense up as a wave of pleasure flowed through him.

“What would you do?” she asked again, whispering. “What would you say? Would you let him fuck my mouth as you took my pussy?”

“As long as we’re playing?” he asked.


“Well, I think I’d— “

But he was interrupted by a very real knock on the door and then by Jason’s groggy voice. “You guys finished soon? I need to pee!”

Amber and Jake froze, and while his cock kept surging with blood in her pussy, they stopped moving completely. Did he know they were fucking? Did he actually know? Amber couldn’t be sure. But Jake said, in a remarkably controlled voice “Give us five minutes… Amber’s not dressed.”

“Ok, hurry up!”

When they heard him moving away, Jake looked at her in the mirror and said, “Sorry babe… won’t have time for your climax.”

“No problem my love… Just fill me with sperm and I’ll have my way with you later.”

And so, he did. Jake resumed fucking her, much faster but stopping himself just before slapping against her ass. He dearly wanted to, but he knew that the slapping sound would alert everybody. Amber felt him tensing up less than a minute later and soon he was climaxing, dumping a huge load into her pussy as she had asked of him.

After he pulled out and she straightened up, Jake grabbed her in his arms and whispered, “You’re really crazy, you know that?”

“Ha-ha, yeah. But only so long as we’re playing, right?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Looking at him, Amber wasn’t convinced that he believed that she had been only roleplaying. In fact, she wasn’t sure of him either. Had he been just playing? She dearly hoped that he hadn’t felt her trembling with pleasure when she said that she would take Jason’s cock in her mouth. But fuck had that felt good! She cleaned up as best she could and wrapped a towel around herself before getting out of the bathroom.

Looking at Jason, his eyes half closed in sleep, she felt pretty sure that he didn’t know a thing. She turned around and looked at him ambling towards the toilet, with a naked Jake right there. The two brothers were not shy around each other. Amber could see Jake’s cock, mostly soft now, as it hung from the bottom of his tight abs. When Jason started to pee, his back to her, she wished she could see his as well.

Jake looked at her and signalled her to leave, smiling. Amber went to his room and dropped into his big bed. “Why had it felt this good to imagine sucking on Jason’s cock?” she wondered. Then she realized that her pussy was still tingling, her pleasure unassuaged. This was dangerous, she knew. Too much sex on her mind wasn’t a good idea.

To make things worse, Amber and Jake never managed to find a private moment during the day to fuck again and let eyüp escort Amber have her climax. At dinner, with both brothers and their parents, she felt like she was chomping at the bit. She hadn’t worn panties under her short skirt, and if anyone dropped anything under the table, they would get a clear shot at her pussy. Nobody did.

The weather was fine and hot, and Amber and the twins went outside to enjoy the late evening together. They drank a few beers and wine, but didn’t go overboard. Soon Amber wanted nothing more than to get back inside and fuck Jake’s brains out. But Jake didn’t seem to be in a hurry. In fact, they both began talking about gym and weights and how much they could lift. Amber really liked their bodies, but couldn’t stand hearing them talk about all that. At one-point Jake removed his shirt and showed his brother his pecs. It was all in good fun: the two of them really loved each other, but Amber sighed.

She went inside and changed into a thin nighty, hoping that Jake would get the message. It felt weird to come out dressed like that with Jason around, but she was so aroused that she didn’t care. When she came back Jake was standing at the edge of the pool, his back to her. Jason was nowhere in sight and Amber thought “This is my chance!” she walked to him and wrapped her arms around him.

She groaned as she felt the heat of his skin through the nighty and hugged him hard, making sure to press her breasts firmly against his back. When she rubbed her hands down his abs, she heard him clear his throat and say “Well, that’s very friendly there Amber…”

“Jason?” she cried, letting him go. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry!” she said, feeling her face turning red.

“No worries…” he said, turning around with a smile. “That actually felt really good. It’s been a while…”

“Yeah… Sorry about that. Want me to fix you a date with a friend of mine?” she asked, trying to hide her nervousness.

“Err… I’m not a big fan of arranged dates, but yeah, maybe that would be good. Got a friend who looks like you?” he said, winking at her and laughing.

Amber laughed nervously, but she could see that Jason was teasing her. He didn’t look like a wolf trying to make a move yet she still felt like a little lamb, mostly naked so close to him with Jake nowhere to be found.

When he did pop up a minute later, he took one look at her and said “Oh… Well Jason, that’s my cue. Good night bro. See you tomorrow.” Amber was glad to take his hand, and she nearly pulled him to their bed. As he was watching her let the nighty fall, revealing her complete nudity, Jake smiled and said, “I’m pretty sure you gave my brother something to think about in bed later…”

“Shut up!” she replied, laughing. “Just come here and fuck me!”

And so, he did. Both of them were into rather kinky things from time to time, but tonight Jake simply pushed Amber on her back and knelt between her legs. As he laid over her, guiding his cock against her pussy, his mouth found hers and they began kissing intensely. Amber was burning up and now she was the one trying to guide his cock into her. Jake laughed as he felt the tip of his cock finding her opening, and they both moaned as he slipped inside her.

He found the angle that Amber really liked, with one of his legs slightly over one of hers, and was soon ploughing into her in the missionary position. Amber, having smouldered like a volcano all day long, felt her pleasure rushing up at an incredible speed. As she started to breathe more irregularly, Jake slowed down and said “Wanna continue with our little game from this morning?”

“Only if you promise not to leave me hanging this time.” she replied, her mind always intrigued by sexual games.

“Promised…” He kissed her ear a few times before saying “In ten seconds I’m going to go out of my room, wait a minute and come back. And you won’t know if I’m Jake or Jason.”

Amber was so surprised by his idea that she didn’t even have time to reply. Jake turned the lights off and got out of his room naked before closing the door. His parents were long asleep, and the only other person who could see him was his brother. She heard him walking away, then walking back. In the near darkness, Amber’s eyes widened as she saw one of the two brothers come in, kneel between her legs and slip his cock inside.

His body was cooler than it had been, his cock was drier and he even groaned differently. Despite the thirty second pause, Amber felt her pleasure exploding and soon, as she was holding on to the powerful body over her, she felt her climax being triggered. “Shit… Jake, your cock feels so good!” she cried. Then, on a taken breath, added in a very different tone, “Jake?”

The guy upon and inside her, instead of replying, just growled “What a good pussy!”

Even in the throes of her climax, Amber noticed that it was a bit more vulgar than Jake usually was with her. But he could be playing… “Jake, is that you? Oh shit, yeah, just like that, keep doing that… Fuck!”

“What if I told you I was Jason, and the switch had been planned while you changed into that sexy nighty?” the guy said. He was half whispering, half growling, so the voice was hard to identify.

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