Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 10

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This section reveals the commanding power of wealthy, older men extremely endowed and very powerful, and the confident teens they attract.

STORY OF Father& Daughter. Uncle and Niece


Lindsay met her father’s boss at his office one day after school when she came to meet him because he was taking her out to shop for a dress for the school’s homecoming dance. Her father was the President of a large financial firm that did business in corporate banking.

She came to the office dressed to excite her father, in a tight mini skirt with a sheer white blouse and black bra and wearing a pair of black high heel pumps. Seeing the sexy young daughter of his bank President made his big, black cock stir in his pants.

Fucking sexy teenage daughters and granddaughters of his employees or business associates wasn’t new to him as he fucked a different young teen every night.

His reputation for having a really big cock was known throughout the building, and although a lot of married wives lusted to fuck him, it was their sexy 18 year old daughters that got that special opportunity. But this sexy teenage daughter of his bank President stirred his big black cock in ways no other teen had, and he knew instantly that he had to fuck her.

When her father came out of his private office he took in the sight of his sexy daughter and felt his big cock instantly stir in his pants. Lately, she had been driving him crazy, wearing the most daring miniskirts or mini dresses or these naughty frayed shorts that showed her amazing ass cheeks and the sheerest of see-through blouses that clung to her 36D tits.

By the pool her bikinis were sinful, with thongs that went between her gorgeous ass and strings that barely covered her nipples. The string bikinis she wore made her look almost nude, and adding a pair of high heel pumps to her hot suits made her look like the ultimate teenage fuck. Showing off her perfect body was exactly what she hoped would drive her father crazy.

She herself had been thinking a lot about her own father lately as he introduced his daughter to his boss. At 58 her father was what her friends called “HOT.” Divorced from her mother for 16 years he enjoyed being a bachelor, as he dated frequently, preferring young girls in their early twenties.

Seeing her father with so many different girls not much older than her and the way he looked in a bathing suit had her thinking and fantasizing about him as a lover.

Looking up at his daughter as he scanned her incredible legs and her amazing body he saw his boss standing right beside her with a wide grin on his face. As her father introduced her to him she couldn’t stop thinking about how handsome his black boss was and how drawn to him she was. He was big and very black and stood 6 feet tall. He dressed fashionably in an expensive suit, and from what she could see had a very fit body.

After they were introduced he took her by the hand and told her father he was going to give his ‘incredibly sexy daughter’ a tour of the building. During the tour he put his arm around her narrow waist and even told her that she looked very sexy.

When they would go into private areas of his building he would tell her that she had an amazing body and was the sexiest teenager he’d ever met. Thanking him and telling him he was very handsome, they shared a brief kiss that had their tongues coming out of their mouths and flicking across each others. She instantly groaned and knew they were going to fuck.

As they walked through the building she could see a large imprint develop in his pants. She saw him checking her body out a number of times and she was getting really turned on herself.

Lindsay had a lot of boyfriends and had fucked all of them, but she had never been with a black guy or an older man before. The thought of fucking her father’s older boss began to excite her, and by the time they got to his private office her pussy was soaking wet.

Once inside his office they kissed hungrily behind the closed door, and within minutes he had her stripped to a pair of sexy nude thigh high stockings and her black pumps.

Impressed by her naughty look, and unknown to him that she came dressed this way to turn her father on, he leaned her over his desk and ate her pussy from behind until she came.

After cumming and kissing him hard she greedily sucked all over his big 11 inch black cock, turned on like crazy by its size and taste. As she sucked all over it she was so turned on by its velvety feel of the black skin. She was so turned on that she came just by sucking it. As she sucked it she was desperate to please the biggest cock she ever saw.

After drinking his huge, hot load he leaned over her and fucked her from behind as he cupped her big tits. As he fucked into his newest white teenage pussy he told her she had the best cunt he ever fucked. This caused her to cum hard all over his black shaft.

From that day they fucked every few days, usually at his lavish house casino siteleri or at his penthouse in the corporate office. Although he fucked constantly, it was her incredible pussy that drove him wild.

Sharing their stories with each other, the thing that Kelsey and Lindsay knew was that they loved older men, and especially loved really big cocks.

The day of the party, Lindsay’s father took her shopping for a dress. Seeing her try on one micro mini dress after the other had him incredibly turned on. The sight of her sexy 36D tits and her tiny waist with her long legs had his big cock stirring in his pants.

As President of the large bank there was always a sexy young teller or bank manager that wanted to be in his company. Standing 5’11” tall and in perfect shape, with a slender body he was always catching the eye of one of his employees or the female customers that did business at the bank.

There had even been times when parents would come in with their daughters to open an account and the daughter would come back a few days later dressed in a sexy mini skirt with a sheer, white blouse and sheer bra and high heels with thigh high stockings under the pretense that she needed help setting up her online account. Within seconds of his door being closed they were kissing hotly then fucking right on his desk.

That day Lindsay had her arm around her father acting as if she was his girl. In the car she thanked for buying the dresses and shoes and even the thigh high stockings and bras that she modeled for him by giving him a kiss. As her lips met his, her tongue came out of her mouth and snaked into his. Not resisting for a second he kissed her back as the Mercedes began filling with the sounds of groans.

Kissing hotly for 15 minutes behind the dark tinted glass his hands were all over her body, messaging her big tits through her blouse and sheer bra, then up her long stocking covered legs as she ran her hands across his rock-hard cock.

Feeling her father’s cock caused her to groan excitedly, as he felt absolutely huge, especially compared to her boyfriend and all the other boys she had fucked. She would soon find out that her father had a 10 inch cock that was as wide around as a can of soda.

As she ran her hands over his big, bulging cock she realized that she had to get back and get ready for the party at her bosses Mr. Sterling. She knew her and her best friend Kelsey were going to spend the weekend fucking him, and although she was turned on by her father she wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to fuck her bosses giant, 14 inch cock.

Telling her father that they had to get back home broke the spell. On the ride she ran her palm over her father’s huge cock that was bursting against his straining pants.

Stopping to kiss at every light, she was going wild feeling her father’s huge cock in his pants. She knew that that night her father was taking her cousin Tracy out for dinner than back to the house for the weekend.

The thought made her jealous because she had a good idea that her father and her cousin were going to fuck. She had known for a long time that cousin was attracted to her father, in the way that all of her friends were.

Her cousin had even said a number of times how sexy he was and she would love to be one of his dates, and if she was, how she would make it really hot for him.

Her cousin Tracy had just turned 18 two days before, and that night Lindsay’s father had paid for dinner at a private restaurant that had catered the event. Tracy had a body that guys went wild for, including her Uncle. She had back hair, stood 5′ 4″ tall and weighed 110 pounds. Her eye catching measurements were 34DD-21-33. He had fisted himself many times thinking of her amazing body, and when he fucked, which was often he imagined his big cock slamming deep into her pussy.

She also had a huge pair of nipples that were always pressing through all her bra’s and blouses that gave the impression she was always turned on. Tracy had a body that was designed for sex, and although she had a lot of boyfriends, what she wanted most in the world was to fuck her sexy Uncle.

During the party Tracy saw her Uncle go to the privacy room to write the check for the party. Sneaking away she cornered her sexy Uncle to thank him for the party and for paying for everything.

That night she was dressed in an ultra-short white mini dress that clung to her amazing body like a second skin. The front was a deep-V cut and showed a large portion of her perfect 34DD tits. It was a dress she bought for the purpose of catching her uncle’s eye.

“I want to thank you for everything tonight Uncle Tim.”

“Tracy, it was my pleasure, and I have to say you look incredible tonight,” he said as he scanned her incredible body.

“I’m glad you like what you see Uncle Tim,” she said slyly as she watched his eyes roam over every sinful inch of her body, which was now on fire because of him.

“When I bought this dress I thought of you,” she said with a sly slot oyna grin then added, “You know I always found you so handsome Uncle Tim, and always got really jealous when I saw you with all of those young girls you dated,” she said moving right in front of him.

“Trust me Tracy, I imagined you being my date more than a few times,” he said being complimentary to her, as his eyes took in the sight of her amazing and stacked body, especially locked on her big nipples that he could see were very excited.

In the back of his mind he was imagining crazily fucking the shit out of his hot niece as she was thinking the exact same thing too.

“I always wished I was one of your many girls Uncle Ted,” she said hotly, as she ran her tongue across her upper lip very sensually.

Before he could say anything her arms were around his neck and they were locked in a deep kiss, with their tongues exploring each other’s in untamed fever.

He himself had been turned onto his niece since she was 15 with a perfect, sinful body that developed at an early age, especially those huge tits and amazing ass.

“God I want to fuck you so bad,” she said out loud, as she felt his hands grab her ass and draw her close to his tight body and his huge cock, throbbing cock.

The kissing got hotter as the two ran their hands all over each other. The feeling of her uncle’s hands on her ass then on her big tits had her groaning like mad. When her hand went to the front of his pants she nearly died.

“Oh fuck its huge,” she said in a shocked voice.

She instantly realized that her uncle was easily 10 times bigger than her boyfriend, or any other boy she had fucked, and the thought of something so huge in her pussy had her going insane with lust as she tried unsuccessfully to close her hand around half of its massive width.

“Fuck, this thing could fill 10 pussies,” she groaned as she ran her hand up and down his throbbing shaft.

“The only one it wants to fill right now is yours baby,” he said in a deep, raspy voice which caused her to groan.

Pushing down the top of her sheer mini dress under her huge tits he began sucking her long, wide nipples.

“Sexy tits,” he growled, meeting her tongue for a hot kiss as he pushed her big tits together and sucked then bit each of her long, fat nipples.

“Oh fuck that’s gonna make me cum Uncle Ted,” she snarled as she threw her head back from the thrilling sensation of her uncles mouth on her aching ripples.

Knowing she was going to cum he took one hand and moved her thong to the side and inserted two fingers right up into her burning fuck hole.

“Oh god baby,” she groaned as she felt her pussy explode all over her uncles fingers from the thrill of him biting her big nipples while he finger fucked her scorching cunt.

After she came they kissed like lovers as she massaged his huge hard-on then went to her knees and unzipped his pants. As soon as his cock shot out past her face she gasped at the size of it as it looked like a giant log.

“Fuck, you have the biggest fucking cock,” she groaned as she began kissing it and taking the large head into her mouth.

“Happy 18th birthday baby,” he growled as she took hold of his big, proud cock with both outstretched hands.

“The best present ever,” she said with a seductive voice as she looked up at him with a devilish grin.

Barely able to suck more than an inch of her uncles huge, fat cock into her mouth she pumped him excitedly with both hands. After a few minutes he began to groan, telling her she was amazing then shot a huge load into her soft mouth.

Turned on like wild, she was determined to suck every drop of her Uncle’s load as her hands pumped his fat shaft up and down while her mouth sucked his cockhead as blast after blast of the biggest load of cum she ever swallowed shot down her throat.

As his hot cum shot into his sexy niece’s mouth he felt her tongue flicking over his head which heightened his orgasm. So turned on by her Uncle’s huge cock and his enormous load she felt her own pussy explode.

After he had finished she continued to lick all over his cock as she groaned about how huge he was and how bad she wanted it in her pussy.

“God Uncle Tim, I want this huge cock in my pussy so bad. I want you to fuck me,” she groaned as he pulled her up to him.

They kissed hard and as flicked wildly across his, her hands were stroking his huge cock straight up between them. She went wild when she felt his cockhead touch her tits. Fuck it’s so huge, she thought to herself as she pumped it lovingly.

Because he was there with a date (a new 18 year old teller he hired who was still in High School) and Tracy was with her boyfriend they both knew that they couldn’t fuck that night, but they did make arrangements to fuck all weekend at his house.

When they left the privacy room he was greeted by his daughter Lindsay who came with her boyfriend. Having a good idea that her cousin was putting the make on her father after seeing her leave canlı casino siteleri the privacy room a few minutes after she did, Lindsay took her father’s arm and brought him to the dance floor.

As they danced, he couldn’t get over her sexy outfit. She was wearing a short mini dress and a white see-through blouse with a sexy sheer, lace bra underneath. She had on a pair of thigh high socks that came a few inches below her mini dress that accented her long, sexy legs and a pair of black high heel pumps that mad her look ultra-hot.

As they danced he couldn’t deny how sexy his daughter was. At 5’5″ and 108 pounds, her 36D-21-31 measurements haunted him constantly. When the song ended a slow song came on and she put her arms around her father and her head on his shoulder and they began moving to the music.

“You know all the girls wish they could be dancing with you like I am now dad,” she whispered in his ear.

“I’ll bet Tracy wishes she could be in your arms right now too,” she said as she felt her father’s hand travel down her back, right above the curve of her ass.

“I’ll bet she wishes she could be in your bed tonight too,” she said as she ground up against his tight body.

Suddenly feeling a large bulge form against her thigh she groaned in his ear, letting him know she felt it and that it turned her on. As she was groaning softly she thought to herself how huge her father’s cock felt; enormous in comparison to her boyfriend or other boys she had been with.

“Do you think I’m as sexy as Tracy dad,” she whispered in his ear, feeling his cock balloon-out even more.

Boldly, she ran her hand down in front of her father’s pants and nearly died when she felt it dwarf her hand. Spreading her hands wide his girth went out further than her stretched-out fingers, and when she tried to find the cockhead her hand wouldn’t reach that far.

“God you’re huge,” she groaned in his ear. “Never felt anything so huge,” she groaned intensely from feeling such a huge cock.

“Baby. There’s no one as sexy as you,” he whispered back then ran his hands over her ass slowly as they were mixed in a crowd of people.

“God that feels so good baby,” she said as her father’s hands kept running over her ass and even spread them apart.

“So sexy Lindsay,” he groaned in her ear, “Such a gorgeous body and perfect ass.”

“You have so many girls dad. I wonder if there’s a place for me in your bed,” she said looking at him slyly.

Just as he was about respond and tell her he wanted to fuck for the longest time, her boyfriend and his date who were dancing near them taped them on the shoulder and asked to cut in.

As his sexy 18 year old date pressed up against him, she instantly felt his huge cock and reached down to message it. She knew he was rock-hard for his daughter as she watched them play with each other while they danced, but didn’t say anything to him about it. When she saw him run his hands over his daughter’s ass she actually thought it was really sexy and she began to think about her own father who was a real handsome man.

The sight of the newest 18 year old date of her father’s running her hand over his bulging cock caught Lindsay’s eye, which made her lust him even more. Adding fuel to the fire; making her pussy ache even more, was when her father’s date looked over at her with a sly grin and mouthed the words, ‘HUGE COCK.”

That night as Lindsay rode her boyfriend’s average-sized dick, all she could think about was her father and the feeling of him playing with her ass and having a huge cock, and how bad she wanted to fuck him.

While she was riding her boyfriend harder than she ever did before her father was pounding his new 18 year old teller from behind with his fat, 10 inch shaft as he gripped her garter straps like the reins on a horse as images of his niece and his daughter washed over him. As her boss’s huge cock pounded into spasming 18 year old pussy she thought about his sexy daughter and how bad she would like to fuck her too.

Two weeks later while Lindsay’s father was away on one of his many ‘business’ trips, that included the company of a sexy 33 Hungarian women and her knockout 18 year old daughter, who he had met when they came in the bank to open an account, Kelsey and the teller he had fucked the night of his nieces party were locked in an incredible 69 position, dressed in sexy thigh high stockings and high heel pumps as they were thoroughly enjoying the taste of each other’s beautiful pussy’s.

As Lindsay and her father drove home the sexy tension between them in the Mercedes could be cut with a knife. She was so horny from the feeling of rubbing her father’s huge cock and the way his hands were running all over her stocking, cover legs.

The thought of fucking her 84 year old boss that night with her best friend Kelsey had her turned on. They both had heard all the rumors and stories of their 84 year old boss having a huge 14 inch cock and a huge appetite to fuck, and when he invited them both to his home for the weekend, and that he would arrange it with their parents they both knew he wanted to fuck them. It was a thought that excited them both, especially after all of the stories they heard about him.

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