Confessions of an Online Predator Ch. 04

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Thanks to Karen for her editing help and advice. TSG


“Hi Suzie, how’s your day going?” I asked my Ashton, North Carolina girlfriend’s kid sister.

“Chris? Oh, hi. I just got off work, but the day has been good.”

“Hey, I really need to talk to your sister, can you put her on?”

“Chris, it’s Thursday. You know she works a second shift.”

“Shit . . . I forgot. Oh man, I need some advice and was hoping she was around.”

“You sound anxious,” she continued.

“I toured a home on Lake Simon today. It’s only been on the market for a day. It’s a great home and I have a feeling it will sell quickly. I want to talk to your sister and find out more about the town. Damn, I don’t want to lose this opportunity.”

“I’m sorry, she’s just not around, and she can’t take calls at work.”

I was quiet for a good ten seconds, before I continued. “Suzie, can I ask you for a favor?” When she hesitated, I continued. “I’m really interested in the house. Would you come over to the Courtyard, Marriott and take a look at some online pictures of the house? I would like a woman’s opinion. Please?”

“Chris, you know Tammy. She gets jealous. I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“I know she gets jealous. Listen, I’m desperate. I promise I won’t say anything to her. Please Suzie?”

“Ok. Give me time to shower and change. I’ll be there in forty-five minutes.”

“Mission accomplished,” I thought to myself as I hung up the phone. I figured there was a seventy five percent chance I’d be fucking the second Wilson sister, before the night was over.

My name is Chris. I’m a forty six year old married father of three. I live in the southwest portion of Connecticut, about thirty minutes north of NYC. I’ve been married to the world’s best wife for almost twenty years. Even after all this time together, we have an incredibly active sex life. Unfortunately, I travel every week on business.

Six months ago, I joined an online dating service for the purpose of meeting lonely women, in the cities I travel to most often. I found meeting attractive and horny women was easier than I expected. I told my online friends that I lived in Connecticut, but was being transferred to their city in the next six months. I was hoping to meet a friend, as I didn’t know anyone from the area. So far, I have banged nine women in seven cities. Six are now regular sex partners.

I met Tammy online two months ago. She agreed to meet me on my next business trip to Ashton. Our date started at the complimentary happy-hour in the Courtyard, Marriott lobby.

I recognized Tammy from a picture she had online, as she enters the hotel lobby. She’s a tiny girl, standing barely 5’0″ and weighing 95 lbs. Tammy is 38 years old; she has short blond hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a white blouse that hides her A cup tits and a thigh length jean skirt.

Although she is dressed nicely, she has the unmistakable look of a red-neck trailer girl. I could tell she was uncomfortable in the hotel lobby.

Approaching her, I smiled and said, “Hi Tammy. I’m glad we’re finally meeting.” I reached in and lightly kissed her cheek.

Tammy was a bit tongue tied, so I continued, “Let’s sit in the corner and talk for a bit.” I guided her to a corner of the lobby and gestured to an arm chair. Once she was comfortable, I continued, “I’ll get us something to drink,” and left for the bar.

During one of our online chats, Tammy had told me she loves red wine, although she usually drinks light beer. I poured two glasses of wine from the complimentary bar and brought it back to our spot.

I’ll admit I had prejudged Tammy as a redneck dingbat. I was surprised at her intelligence and genuinely enjoyed our conversation. After forty-five minutes, I suggested dinner. “Tammy, I know we just met. If you feel comfortable, I’d love to continue our talk at dinner. Will you join me?”

“Yes, thanks. I’m so hungry. There’s a Burger King, Taco Bell and Subway around the corner.”

Instead, I drove two mile to McKay’s Steak House, a medium priced local restaurant. Again, Tammy was uncomfortable with her surroundings. “I’ve never been to a restaurant with real menus.”

Tammy was distracted by the prices on the menu. “Tammy, will you let me order for both of us?”

She reluctantly agreed. I ordered a bottle of Merlot; we split a shrimp cocktail and calamari appetizers. For dinner we each had a Caesar Salad, fillet mignon and cheese cake for dessert. Dinner was very enjoyable, the conversation was nice, but Tammy was clearly ready to leave when dessert was finished and the dishes were cleared.

After dinner, we walked hand in hand to my rental car. When I opened her door, she gave me a killer smile. I leaned in and gave her a short kiss on her lips. “I’m having a great time, Tammy.” When I kissed her again, I felt her tongue push into my mouth. She found my tongue and they swirled together. As we finished Tammy climbed into the car. She smiled again when she caught me trying to peak up her skirt.

I got into the driver side, turned kartal escort on the ignition and then turned to face her. “I hope our evening doesn’t have to end.”

Tammy smiled and said, “me too.”

“What would you like to do?”

Tammy climbed into a kneeling position on her seat and faced me. Balancing herself with her hands on the center console, she leaned in and kissed me hard. I tasted her lips and tongue. When she pulled away again, she smiled and said, “I want to do whatever you want.” She kissed me hard again.

When she slid back into her seat, I pointed the car in the direction of the hotel and took off.

“Where are we going?” she asked with a smile.

“Back to my room.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Just what you said . . . ‘what ever I want.'”

Ten minutes later, we were back in my hotel room. As we kissed in the entry way, I lifted Tammy. She straddled my waist and I supported her by holding her tiny ass. She was so light; I was able to hold her with one hand. I reached between our bodies, unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants and let them drop to the floor.

I pressed my dick against Tammy’s panty covered crotch and ground into her as we kissed. “Do you want some dick, baby?”

“Oh yeah. I want to fuck. Give me some cock,” Tammy said. She reached between our bodies and pulled her wet panties to the side.

When she grabbed my dick and lined it up, she moaned, “Jesus, this thing is huge. Go slow baby; I’m a tiny little girl with a tiny little pussy.” She worked the head into her hole and then supported herself by holding onto my neck.

Tammy’s pussy was soaking wet and tight as a vise. I rocked four thick inches into her as she buried her head in my neck. “Oh mother fucker, you’re splitting me in two.”

I fucked her with half my dick for a bit, and then eased another two inches into her. “OOOhhhh, God. That’s enough. Here I cum.” Tammy let go of my shoulders as her body tensed. She leaned back against the wall. “Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock.”

I fucked her slowly with six inches of cock. Tammy rolled through the first orgasm. “Keep fucking me, Oh God, don’t stop.”

Tammy was leaning against the entry hall wall. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and I was holding her by the ass. My fingers had worked under her panties and were in her ass crack.

Tammy had her eyes closed, when I lined a finger up with her anus and pushed it in. Her asshole was slick with pussy juice and easily slid all the way in. I pulled my finger out, pressed two together and pushed deep into her bowels. Tammy’s eyes were slits and she hissed, “I feel like such a fucking slut. Take me to the bed.”

As my pants were wrapped around my ankles, I pulled my fingers and cock out of Tammy and let her slide to her feet. I unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. As I worked on her front clasp bra, she pushed her skirt and panties to the floor. Tammy had the tiniest tits with long, fat nipples. She crossed her arms over her chest and said, “No making fun of my titties.”

I took hold of both of Tammy’s wrists and held them high over her head. Leaning in, I sucked one nipple deep into my mouth. Switching to the other, I sucked and chewed on the rubbery nipple. “Oh yeah. I’m so horny. Suck my baby titties, suck them hard.”

I let go of Tammy’s wrists and let her wrap her arms around my head. I moved my right hand to her pussy and left hand to her ass and pushed two fingers into each hole. They slid into her stretched sex and she screamed, “I’m fucking cumming again.” Her body became rigid as I pounded my fingers into her.

When she finished her second cum, I stepped away from her. Tammy slumped against the wall and watched intently as I kicked off my shoes, socks, boxers and pants. I pulled my golf shirt over my head and dropped it on the pile of clothes.

Turning, I walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. I spread my thighs and looked, expectantly at Tammy. Following me, she lowered herself to her knees. “Just so you know. I love sucking cock and I love swallowing cum.” Tammy smiled, rested her hands along my thigh, opened her mouth and sucked the first few inches of meat down her throat.

I almost came, when she looked into my eyes and took another two inches. I was well past the back of her mouth and felt her throat stretch as she took me deep. Tammy was breathing through her nose, she was gagging slightly and her eyes were watering. She slowly blew six inches of dick and then surprised the hell out of me when she pushed the last two inches down her throat.

Tammy continued the slow deep throat and repeatedly took eight thick inches of cock into her tiny mouth and down her throat. When I said, “baby, I’m getting close,” she concentrated on my cock head and the first two inches. She reached for my balls and sucked greedily.

“Here it comes, baby. Oh, fuck . . . here . . . I . . . fucking . . . cum.”

I watched as Tammy’s lips formed a kaynarca escort smile around my pumping cock. She took my mouthful of cum and let my cock pop from her mouth. Still smiling, she made a show of swallowing my cum.

“How long till this bad boy is hard again?” Tammy asked with a smile.

“With a little help, five or ten minutes.” I pushed myself into the middle of the bed. “Sit on my face, girl.”

Tammy joined me in the middle of the bed and climbed into a girl-on-top 69. She swallowed my semi-hard dick as I licked her from her clit to asshole. When I eased three fingers into her pussy, she groaned around my meat. As I pushed two more into her bowels, she stiffened and when I began sawing them in and out, while licking her clit, Tammy exploded.

“Oh, Jesus. That feels so fucking good.” She bounced on my face, raced to another orgasm, while jerking my meat.

As Tammy finished her second cum, she moved down my body. Taking hold of my rejuvenated cock, she positioned it at her opening and dropped onto it. I love a good reverse cowgirl position, as I get to look down my body and watch my partner’s pussy grab my dick.

“I want it all this time.” Tammy kept pressing her small frame further down my cock. I watched in amazement as she pushed, rotated and stuffed more of my cock into her hole. It took a few minutes until her pussy rested against my groin.

“Please. Let me get used to this.” Tammy leaned forward and rested her body along my legs. As she lay still, I began to play with her open ass. Using some lube from her pussy, I circled her rose. A hushed, “Yesss,” was whispered as two fingers penetrated her tight back hole.

Tammy wiggled her pussy into my crotch as I finger fucked her butt. “I’m going to cum . . . I’m going to cum . . . Here I cuuummmm.” She buried her face in my leg and screamed. Her body shook and as she finished, I rolled her onto her back, climbed between her legs, jammed eight inches of cock into her twat and power fucked her.

Tammy begged for more and came over and over during the next half hour. She was an insatiable slut. When I reached under her and stuffed two fingers back into her ass, she came again.

We were covered in sweat when I felt me balls start to tingle. “Grab my balls, baby.” Tammy reached under my body and grabbed my swinging sack as I erupted in her pussy. I was good for ten more strokes before my wilted cock slipped from her stretched hole.


Tammy and I had two more dates over the next few weeks. She still believed I was moving to Ashton. As we rested between fucks during our third date, Tammy showed me pictures of her family. She had three grown sons who lived out-of-state and she shared a double wide trailer with her sister.

I was shocked when I saw a picture of her sister Suzie. She had an all-American face and a porn star body. Tammy slugged my shoulder and warned, “Don’t get any ideas about my sister. She’s only twenty three.”

“Baby, you’re all I can handle. Suck my cock and get me hard.” As Tammy lowered her mouth around my cock and started to deep throat me, I lay back and started to plan how to fuck her sister.

Since my last date with Tammy, I had made it a point to call her home daily. Whenever Suzie answered my calls, I spent a few minutes flirting with her. I could tell that Tammy was upset when she was passed the phone and hoped some tension was building between the sisters. On the few occasions when Tammy wasn’t home, Suzie and I would talk and flirt even more openly. During a call one week earlier, we had chatted for over an hour.

Suzie drove her ten year old Ford Escort into the Courtyard Marriott exactly forty-five minutes after we’d hung up. I was sitting at a computer station in the lobby and was looking out a window into the parking lot. I watched Suzie exit the car.

From a hundred feet away, I can see she is stunning. Suzie is 5’6″ and weighs 130 lbs. She has an athletic figure, blond/almost white hair. She’s wearing a black, tight scoop neck tee shirt. Her C-cup breasts are round and a good amount of cleavage is visible. Her skirt is an above the knee, cream colored, thin lace material and she’s wearing sandals.

As she walks through the entry and into the lobby, I approached her with an outstretched hand. “Hi Suzie, I’m Chris. Thanks for coming.”

Her smile is beautiful. “Hi Chris. I’ve heard a lot about you,” she answers with a sexy gleam in her eye.

I wondered what kind of secrets the sisters have shared as I continued. “My realtor has been calling every thirty minutes asking if I’ll bid on the home.” I guided Suzie over to my computer. “I have some online pictures of the house and really want a woman’s perspective.”

As we sat, side by side, I booted up my laptop. Earlier in the day I had reviewed several houses that were for sale in the Ashton area. For my seduction of Suzie, I picked a lakefront home about thirty minutes kozyatağı escort south of the city. It was located on the secluded end of a popular recreational lake.

The home was a rambling 5200 square foot playpen. It was built for entertaining and had a gourmet kitchen, a TV room/library, home office, billiard/family room complete with a wet bar, a large deck, patio and pool. (Why anyone needs a backyard pool, when a lake is in the backyard, I’ll never know. But I thought it was a nice touch.) The house was listed for $949,500.

As I started the online tour of the house, I explained, “I love to entertain friends, family, co-workers and customers. This house gives me the opportunity to do that.”

Suzie’s eyes grew wide when the house appeared on the compute screen. “Oh my God, it’s beautiful.”

“Thanks. The more I look at it, the better I like it.”

As I flipped through the virtual tour, room by room, Suzie was mesmerized. I’ll admit I was mesmerized too, by the smell of her perfume, the swell of her breast, the hint of nipple and her sexy thighs.

The last pictures were of the deck, patio, pool and yard, leading to a dock and boat house.

“What do you think?”

Poor Suzie was a bit overwhelmed. “I’ve never seen a house that beautiful. It’s none of my business, but can you really afford it?”

I smiled and ignored her question. Instead, I sat and silently scrolled through the online tour again. I pretended to be deep in thought. Suzie watched me as much as she watched the computer screen.

Finally, I smiled and nodded my head. I turned to Suzie and shrugged, saying, “Let’s take the plunge.”

I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and pretending to dial my realtor, I instead dialed my office voicemail. “Hi Louise, its Chris Harrington, let’s make an offer on the Simon Lake property. Start at $905,000 and see if they’re interested. I’ll authorize you to go as high as $925,000. Let’s talk if you need to go higher than that.”

Finishing he call, I looked at Suzie. “Thanks so much for your help.”

“Chris, I didn’t do anything.”

I looked her in the eye, “Suzie, sometimes it’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas around with. You helped me do that. Thanks.”

Suzie smiled and blushed. “Hey, I have a bottle of wine in my room. Would you like to celebrate around the hotel pool?”

“I’d like that a lot, but if Tammy finds out, she’ll kill me.”

“Are you going to tell her?” When Suzie shook her head, I continued, “I’m not either. Follow me.”

Suzie followed me to the elevator and we went to my fifth floor room. Once inside, I grabbed the two bottles of wine I bought earlier, two wine glasses and a corkscrew. “If you don’t want to drag your pocketbook around, you can leave it here,” I offered. Suzie shrugged, tossed it on the bed and we headed to the pool.

As I poured our second glass of wine, Suzie looked over and asked, “Will you continue to go steady with Tammy when you move here?”

I was surprised by the question. “I’m not going steady with Tammy now. I’d like to continue to see her, if she wants. But I’m not going to tie myself down with the first woman I meet. I like Tammy a lot, but I plan on dating others.”

A short time later, Suzie asked, “What kind of women do you like to date?”

I shrugged and answered, “I’m attracted to intelligent, athletic, outgoing women. I’m a very active person, so I generally date younger women, those that aren’t tied down with kids. I hope she likes to travel to places like Cancun and the Bahamas.

Suzie asked questions about my different vacations. As we finished the first bottle of wine and I opened the second, Suzie started to flirt a bit more.

“Are you going to invite me to use your pool?”

“I don’t know. What incentives will you give me?”

She shyly looked at me and said, “I have a string bikini that you’ll love.”

As I laughed, I said, “I think you’ll be the first person I invite over.”

Suzie reached over and slapped my arm. “You’re just a dirty old man,” she playfully joked.

We’d put a dent in the second bottle of Merlot when Suzie asked, “What’s the youngest girl you’ve dated?”

“I occasionally date a United Airline flight attendant. She’s twenty-six. Why?”

“My friend Mary dates a 41 year old guy. She thinks older guys are more fun.”


“Mary says they’re more mature and settled. They can afford to do nicer things. And, some other stuff?”

“Other stuff? Like what?”

Suzie blushed. She turned and looked me in the eye. “She says sex with older guys is real good.” Her response was more of a question than an answer.

Perfect, I thought. We’re on the right topic. I reached into my pocket and turned on my cell phone, then answered, “I just think older guys have more experience and more patience.” I smiled at Suzie and finished, “we aren’t selfish and want to make sure our partners are completely satisfied.”

My cell phone chirped from inside my pocket. I pulled it out and checked the screen. I had three business related calls, but told Suzie that I had a message from my realtor. As I punched my voicemail access code, I rose from my chair and started pacing. I listened to the routine business calls, while pretending to enthusiastically listen to my realtor. Clenching my fist, I hissed, “Yes!” I listened for a few more minutes before hanging up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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