Confession of a Son in Love Pt. 03

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You will remember from part 1 that Stacey, my ex wife, had asked me point blank if I had ever had sex with my mother. After some reluctance on my part, I told her that I had indeed loved and made love with my mother. I told Stacey of my first time with my mother. Part 2 told of how the relationship continued and our roles were defined on our first full day of love and lust.

Can you imagine looking down at your mother… your mother made up to look like a whore… your mother dressed like a slut… your mother licking the last drop of pee off tour cock?

“Oh, mom. I can’t believe what you are willing to do for me! You really do love me, don’t you? Are you sure this is how you want me to treat you?”

“Patrick, I want to be submissive to you and serve you in every way. I want you to TELL me what you want. You need to DEMAND that I serve you. I want you to punish me when I do not make you happy. This is what I have dreamed of and waited for. I want to be your slave, emotionally and sexually any time that your dad is not at home. He will always be my Master, but I want you to be my Master when he is not at home. I promise that I will make you happy. I will show you how I want to be treated.”

“Mom, I love the way you want to serve me. I am just not sure that I can live up to your expectations of ‘Master’. I am in love with you and I want to make you happy. If this is truly what you need, I will do my best to dominate you, but it will be domination with love and respect.”

“That is exactly what I need. I love you so much! Thank you for letting me serve you!”

With that, we melded into a hug that demonstrated our love. My mother met my lips and we shared a passionate kiss. Our tongues chased each other as the kiss progressed. As we began to break the kiss, I told my mother that it was time to eat dinner.

“I want you to serve the dinner dressed as you are, naked with your slut make up. I love you made up this way. I want you to fix your make up like a slut as soon as you get home from work every day. We will discuss your wardrobe or lack there of every morning. I want you to know how I want you dressed that night as you go through your day at work. I want you anticipating our night together.”

“And I thought you did not know how to be my Master! You are great! Let’s eat!”

Mom set the table and served our lasagna dinner. After we finished eating, she would not let me help her with the clean up. “Masters do not help, they inspect to make sure the clean up was done properly!”

We watched a video after Mom finished cleaning the kitchen. We snuggled on the couch, naked and excited. Our hands could not be still. To this day, I could not tell you what the video was about. My mother’s beautiful body had my full attention.

“Let’s go to bed,” I said. Mom got up holding my hand and began to lead me to her bed.

“No, Mom. From now on, we will sleep in my room. It is now our room. You can move any of your stuff that you want into our room. I know that you will have to move back into the other bedroom when Dad returns, but we will sleep together in our room starting tonight.”

“Yes, Sir!”

In bed, my mother and I cuddled and kissed. My kisses trailed down to her neck. I found that she had a very sensitive spot just behind her ear and below her jaw. Kisses there really got her going.

From there, I move down to her wonderful little breasts. Her fat nipples were already engorged and extended. I sucked her left nipple into my mouth and circled it with my tongue. After a few minutes of this I opened my mouth as wide as it would go and sucked most of her perky tit flesh into my mouth. Sucking as hard as I could, I wanted to ‘mark’ my lover.

Mom was writhing all over the bed and making louder and louder mewling sounds. I repeated my ministrations on her right breast. Her writhing became more violent. Her body began to quiver and tremble. “Patrick, oh Patrick! I am cumming! Cumming hard! Don’t stop! You are the first one to ever give me an orgasm by sucking my breasts. I love it!”

I continued my southward journey down my beautiful mother’s body past her belly button to her flat stomach. Her luxurious patch of auburn pubic hair was tickling my chin. Further down, further into her pussy forest. I found her slit with my tongue. Up and down I went. Her puffy outer lips began to open and I was able to taste her essence. She was tart and tangy, smelling and tasting like an extremely topkapı escort aroused woman.

I got up, turning my body around. I swung my leg over my mother assuming the 69 position. “Suck my dick. Suck my cock into your throat! I want to fuck your face!”

Mom did as she was ordered. I felt the head of my peter enter Mom’s mouth. Her suction pulled the head to the back of her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down on my shaft.

“In your throat! I want to feel you swallowing my cock! Do you want to swallow it or do you want me to shove it down your throat?” Without hesitation, she gulped my dick down her throat. I could feel her throat swallowing me. What a wonderful sensation!

With my dick buried in my mother’s throat and her head bouncing up and down, I went back to exploring her hairy cunt. Both sets of lips were open and I went straight into he vagina. She was very wet and getting wetter. She was humping her mound into my mouth. She wanted more!

And more she got. I moved to her clit. That beautiful penis shaped bundle of nerves was about to be attacked. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked. Her back arched. Her mound came up into my face. My tongue was swirling around that wonderful bundle of sensations.

Mom let out a muffled scream, muffled because my dick was buried deep in her throat. She began to shake all up and down her body. Her whole body arched. I gently bit her clit. She spit my peter out of her mouth and screamed. She was cumming and cumming hard! I continued to suck that hard, half-inch big clit until her climax passed.

I swung myself around again and moved between my mother’s legs. I grabbed my dick and pushed it into that fabulous, furry entry to heaven. With one push I was in to my balls. I began long, strong thrusts into her cunt. She again began to respond, her hips meeting each of my thrusts. We found a comfortable rhythm and fucked for several minutes.

Mom began to hold her pussy higher with each stroke, rotating her pelvic mound into my groin. She wanted to cum again! Her desire pushed us both over the edge. I thrust into her, spurting gobs of my cum into her womb. At the same time she was squirting her cum into my groin, soaking the sheets below us.

Neither of us had said a word during the sprint to our climaxes. Our bodies were talking for us.

My mother and I ended our first full day as lovers by cuddling and spooning our bodies together. Sleep came easily. It had been a full day, physically and emotionally.

Tuesday through Thursday were normal days, if normal is a good description. Mom worked and I went to school. We made love each morning as we awoke. I told my mother that I wanted her to be dressed with nylons, garter belt and high heels. This was to be her attire, with that erotic slut make up, every night that week. I became more comfortable with my role in our new relationship. These days were like our honeymoon.

And then it was Friday. My dad returned home! Becoming second Master was not as difficult as I thought it might be.

Mom and I made love Friday morning as we had each morning that week. At breakfast, she reminded me that Dad would be home that night and that we had to pretend that this week had not happened! Dad needed to think that nothing had changed since he left last Sunday. This had to become our routine each week that my father traveled.

Dad was at home unpacking when I got home from school. We exchanged greetings as usual. Dad did not have much to say to me, but that was normal. I stayed in my room studying until my mother got home from work. I came out and greeted her with our mother/son peck on the cheek. All was well.

Mom immediately began her subservient behavior to my father. They assumed their roles. Dad was an asshole and my mother was his devoted slave.

Knowing all of the background that my mother had shared, I truly had to respect their relationship. It fit both of them. I hoped that I could continue my new relationship with my mother, not as an asshole like my dad, but as a respectful lover who could provide the submissive outlet that she needed.

I went out with some friends to give them some privacy. I also told them that I had plans for all day Saturday and would not be home until late. They had been ‘hiding’ their sexual activities from me since I was old enough to ask questions. The private time gave them time to do their thing without fear of interruption.

Sunday fatih escort afternoon finally arrived. Dad had packed and was ready to leave the house at 3:00. Mom and I wished him a safe trip and watched him leave in his car.

He was barely out of the driveway when Mom was in my arms, lips on mine and tongues entwined. We sat on the sofa and made out like two long lost lovers. After about thirty minutes we felt comfortable that he was not returning.

“I want you dressed properly. Put on your make up the way you know I like it. I want you to wear a black garter belt with charcoal, seamed stockings and four-inch black stilettos. Come back to me when you are finished.”

“Yes, Sir! But before I go, I want to show you what your dad and I did yesterday. He took some pictures that I think you will enjoy. Let me show you where they are.”

She went to the entry hall closet that had been added during some remodeling a few years ago. Hidden behind the hanging garments was a locked door that I never knew existed. Using a key that Mom had brought with her, she opened the door and showed me into a large walk-in closet. Looking around, I saw a treasure-trove of leather, latex and PVC clothing of all types along with many BDSM apparatuses that I recognized from some of my online surfing.

“Your dad recognized that you had found his photo albums about five years ago. We discussed whether to hide the albums or to let you continue to look at them. We decided that since you had already seen the explicit pictures of me, it would probably be of more damage to you if we hid them. You may have wondered why there were no new photos. They are all in here.”

Mom turned and pointed to a wall of shelving. There were about ten or twelve photo albums on the highest shelf in the closet. She reached up and brought down the top album.

“This is what we did this weekend. Take the album out into the living room. Look through the photos while I get dressed for you. Then we can look at them together. There may be something in there that you might like to try!”

I sat on the sofa and opened the album. The first picture gave me an instant hard on! Mom was dressed in a full body, black leather suit with a high- neck slave collar. There were snaps and belts strategically located. She also wore a black leather hood that covered her entire head. There were two openings for her eyes and one at the tip of her nose for breathing.

A succession of about twenty pictures showed the snap flaps over her breasts undone. Her beautiful little titties were sticking out through the opened flaps. Attached to her hard fat nipples were nipple clamps. Sizable weights were attached to the nipple clamps by short chains. Mom was made to bend over at the waist shaking her breasts so that the weights swung to and fro pulling and twisting her nipples.

Another series of photos showed the genital flap undone. Her gorgeous auburn haired pussy was on display. Her red engorged outer pussy lips were treated as her nipples in the last pictures. Clamps and weights were used to stretch and separate her lips. Smaller clips were then attached to her wet shiny inner lips. The coup de gras was the painful alligator clip that was clamped onto her large penis shaped clit!

The next series showed my mother naked except for a wide white leather slave collar. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. A red flogger came into the pictures and began to strike Mom’s pert little titties. Her back arched forward offering her nipples to the beating. Her breasts became redder and redder as the blows continued to rain on her tit flesh. Her face showed that as the beating became more severe, her excitement grew stronger ending into a strong climax.

The final series had Mom again handcuffed. She was laying on her back with her thighs spread wide. My mom’s beautiful auburn haired pussy was wide open. That same flogger came into view. Slap! Slap! Slap! Mom’s pussy was struck repeatedly by the flogger. Her hips arched off the carpet. Slap! Slap! Slap! Her facial expressions showed her writhing into a mind-blowing orgasm. My mother was a pain slut!

I could not believe what I had just seen. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. I was sorely tempted to stroke it while waiting for my mother.

About that time, my mother came out of our room dressed like a whorehouse prostitute. Her toned calf muscles flexed and rippled as she walked toward me on her black eyüp escort stilettos. Her perky little titties jiggled with her strides. Her heavy make up was superbly applied. Her blond hair looked like she had just left the beauty parlor. This was my mother, my lover, my slut! I had never loved her more than at that moment.

I ran to our room and brought back the camera. “CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!” I began taking pictures for my album. “Model for me. Turn slowly to your left. Keep turning.”

“CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!” Mom was absolutely stunning. Her small ass cheeks were screaming for some one to grab them, to hold them and to molest them! As she was turned completely away from me, she spread her legs and bent from the waist. This opened her ass crack showing her puckered rosebud. Below was the auburn colored fur wrapping around from her wet cunt.

My belt and pants came flying open. I pushed my pants and boxers to the floor as I stepped out of them and toward my mother’s backside. My dick went to my mother’s cunt like a targeted missile. The large velvety head of my dick entered her slick inner sanctum, being enveloped by her moist heat. One push, two pushes and I was buried balls deep in my mother.

We shuffled across the floor to the coffee table. Mom needed the table for balance. Once there, I grabbed her by the hips and began stroking into her hard and fast. Mom began to scream. Her first orgasm was upon her. I slowed and pumped her through her climax.

Then the rhythm picked up and was harder and faster than before. Another scream and she had another orgasm. More stroking and finally we both yelled out and our orgasms came together. As I was pumping cum into her cunt, Mom began squirting her own cum. I was drenched. Her legs and feet were covered in her girl juices. There were puddles of her nectar on the coffee table and the carpet below.

Mom fell to the floor. Her legs and knees were too weak to support her. I went with her as she fell. I landed on top of her and quickly took her into my arms. We kissed. Oh those wonderful, sloppy, wet, passionate kisses! They are almost the best part of making love with my mother!

We lay on the floor kissing and recuperating from our wonderful lovemaking for the better part of an hour. Mom began to giggle.

“You must have liked the pictures of last night’s torture session! The way you fucked me, you were really turned on!”

“The pictures did turn me on. I was rock hard after looking at you in those pictures. But the real reason that I fucked you the way I did was because of the way you looked when you came into the room. You were exquisite! As you were modeling for me, I saw the look on your face, the gleam in your sparkling hazel eyes. You were happy. You loved me and were happy to serve me! That is why I loved you the way I did.

“The pictures were great and I really enjoyed looking at them. But I do not have to see you humiliated and in pain to get myself turned on. If you need it from me, I can give it to you occasionally for our excitement. We will play that by ear. Even though I am still learning, I am happy in my new role as your gentle Master. We will do many kinky things together because that is your nature, but I want most of our time together spent in making love!”

That was the first eight days of our relationship. We continued that unique love affair for forty years. We loved each other through my two marriages. We loved each other through my father’s unfaithfulness. We shared many moments of wonderfully kinky sessions, but there was always love. Many times miles separated us, but the love never stopped.

I made love to my mother for the last time four days before she died. She knew that the end was near. “Patrick, I want to feel that dick of yours inside me one more time.” With tears forming in my eyes I pulled down the bedclothes and moved the hem of her gown to her waist. She spread her legs and that wonderful furry place that I knew to be heaven was offered to me one final time. I very gingerly moved above her supporting my weight above her. With her frail delicate hand, she guided me home.


I have my suspicions that somewhere later in life my father found out about my mother and I. I do not know whether Mom told him about us or whether he just guessed. He never tried to talk to me about it or to interfere in any way. He continued to be an asshole to both of us until Mom died. After her death, he seemed to hold a grudge against me and we were estranged when he died a couple of years ago.

“Well Stacey, remember that you asked! Don’t be mad or hurt! That was the story of how my mother and I became lovers.”

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