Company Picnic Ch. 02

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On my way through the campsite, I could hear voices coming from where some other campers were gathered in their tents. A man in his mid-thirties was poking the dying embers of a campfire, and not far away two girls – a tall raven-haired beauty in her early thirties and an azure-eyed blonde who looked slightly younger – were just opening the flap of their tent, going in for the night. I waved as I strolled by, and they waved back. With the hum of the crickets, and with the stars twinkling down on me, I thought that the night was even more lovely than the day.

When I got to Janey’s tent, I peeked inside. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw her in the corner all curled up, fully clothed and fast asleep. I smiled, pulled a blanket over her, and decided to just rest a minute myself before undressing.

A sudden noise woke both of us with a start. We looked at each other, but said not a word. We heard something, or someone, making barely audible sounds, moving slowly, tentatively, right for our tent. The moon was behind a drifting cloud and without that light, the night was pitch black. We were toward the far end of our small clearing and we heard what sounded like a snort, or a sniffle, as whoever it was, or whatever it was, approached. Our hearts were pounding. I tried to remember those signs posted around the campsite that I had mostly ignored. Back home, black bears were ferocious, and with one swipe of those claws you’d be dead. Had we buried all the food properly? And we had wolves – I was sure they had them too in these parts. And I had heard some local talk about a black panther. I could hardly breathe as the sounds came closer. A thought suddenly flashed through my mind. Somebody at the picnic had said that an escaped convict was caught and hanged near here, long ago, and he cursed whoever came into these woods at night. I thought that was a joke. Now, it wasn’t funny.

That noise from outside had both of us rattled. Janey grabbed my arm and squeezed it very tight. I could hear her breathing quicken, and this time, it was not out of passion. I quickly glanced around the tent to look for something to protect us. Somewhere in my backpack was a Swiss Army Knife, with 6 or 7 different flip-out things that were very impressive looking, but generally useless other than to open a bottle of wine.

“The Blair Witch is coming to drink our blood in the dead of night,” I thought, “and the best weapon I’ve got is a fucking corkscrew!

We could hear Whichever-it-was, coming through the brush, and coming closer, straight for our tent. Janey’s grip tightened as she clung to me for dear life. Suddenly, a brilliantly lit full moon threw off its cloud cover and we could both see something or someone looming over our tent, backlit by the moonlight. I held my breath as I strained my eyes trying to make out the shape of the thing, that looming shape that was no more than a few feet from us. It came into focus and I recognized it! My heart sank, but my cock got hard. It was the perfect silhouette of a beautiful young woman, totally naked!

In an instant the shadow passed, and then along came another, also clearly female, clearly naked, and a bit cold, judging from the silhouette of her hard nipples, and it too passed. Janey and I stared at each other in stunned silence, then broke into peals of muffled laughter. Two women were out walking around stark naked! Were they going for a secret skinny dip, a ritual for a witches’ coven, or what? With a sudden smirk stealing over her pretty face, Janey grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the tent.

“Something’s going down,” she said, “and I want to see what it is.” I was impressed with how independent she was, a quality I like in a woman, so I put on a brave face, and off we went.

We crept quietly downwind, following the sounds of the girls’ giggles, down toward the stream that fed into a small pool that was a popular spot for sunning during ataköy escort the day. We stopped as we neared the pool and listened, but the sounds had disappeared. Finally, we decided to turn back, but as we made our way back up the trail, we heard a faint noise and stopped. We listened again, turning our heads toward the direction of the sound, and straining our ears. Just below us, there were a series of splashes, giggles, and then … the very distinct sound of a gasp followed by a short, soft moan.

As we turned our eyes toward the sounds we had just heard, we saw two figures, shrouded in dappled moonlight, swimming in the shallow end of the pool. They were the two women I had waved to just a few hours before, the tall beauty with jet black hair and the leggy blonde with sky-blue eyes, but now they were engaged in something I had only dreamed of!

The statuesque brunette, completely naked, was sitting on the edge of a large rock, her knees still in the water, with her legs spread wide and eyes closed. Standing in the waist-deep water in front of her was the petite tow head with a cute tight ass and small firm breasts. There was no doubt what they were doing.

The loud sucking sounds that the pretty blonde made drifted up toward us as clearly as if we were standing right next to them. Janey’s hand found my rising cock underneath my shorts while her other hand sought out her own wet pussy and began to explore. Without taking her eyes off of the fascinating sight before us, Janey knelt down and began rubbing my cock against her cheek, then her soft silky tits. I looked down and smiled, then put my finger to my lips. I motioned Janey to cup her tits and when she did, I began jerking my cock. She smiled broadly and licked her lips. I looked at her, then the two naked gals, then back at Janey, who had pulled up her T-shirt and pressed her tits hard up against my throbbing cock.

I could tell Janey was torn between looking at the porn-movie scene below us, and watching my cock explode over her own lovely boobs, but soon the nearness of my cum-soaked cock drew her full attention. She smiled at me in a way that told me that she was waiting for me to give her another ‘pearl necklace’. We both knew that she would not have long to wait.

As I looked down, I saw the girl sitting on the rock gasp, begin to shake, then grab her friend’s head and shove it hard down into her pussy. Within seconds, the tall girl shuddered and came hard, but her friend didn’t stop, burying her blonde head even further into her friend’s sopping wet cunt, licking that swollen clit up and down, faster and faster, until soon the taller girl began to moan and whisper harshly that she was about to cummmmmm – once again. This time the tall girl grabbed her own large tits and squeezed hard, pinching her nipples and grinding her cunt hard against her friend’s face.

This turned me on so much that I knew I had only seconds before I blew my load. With my cock flying up and down between Janey’s tits, I saw her smile in anticipation, still squeezing her tits together with one hand while she fucked her cunt as hard as she could with her other. That was all I could take, as the sounds of cunt-licking, cock-jerking, and finger-fucking all combined to drive me wild, I felt a tidal wave of cum pounding through my dick.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. My hot sperm blasted out, the first wave splashing against Janey’s cheek and into her wide-open mouth. She turned her head as it hit, forming a cum line from left to right. It spattered her left chin, into her mouth, on her tongue, over her upper lip, up to her right cheek, and finally spewing great globs in her hair.

Janey smiled, loving it, and knowing more was cumming, she lifted up her pretty tits like Christmas presents, and I gushed again, spewing out thick streams of white gooey spunk all over her lovely tits, nipples, throat and shoulders. Finally, bakırköy escort after several more shots, Janey took my creamy head in her mouth and sucked hard, pulling the last spurts and few drops from my cock and drinking them down. She licked my cock playfully and I sank to the ground, with my eyes closed, breathing hard. Janey moved to lay down beside me and we hugged each other. I lost all track of time.

When we eventually rose, we realized we had also lost track of the girls, so we just enjoyed the moonlit night as we ambled back toward our tent. Clearly, Janey and I shared a mutual desire for erotic and playful behavior, but as we walked back, hand in hand, our arms swinging in the warm summer air, it was evident that there was more than mere sexual chemistry between us.

I stopped about mid-way back, and told Janey to look up. There was a great big Australian yellow moon in the sky, shining down on half the world, of course, but for that magical moment, it seemed like someone had hung the moon up there just for us. As Janey craned her neck for a look at the moon, the reflection of that heavenly body painted her face and neck a ghostly white. Her breasts were still slick from where I had shot my manly essence between them, and her lips were slightly parted and moist.

I leaned down and kissed those ghostly lips, and felt her return the warmth and passion that I felt looming up in me. It was a kiss for the ages, passionate, warm, loving, intense, and ethereal. The stars twinkled down upon us, and the crickets seemed to be a chorus of admirers who were singing purely for our pleasure.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“For what?” replied Janey, her warm and affectionate face now showing puzzlement.

“For kissing you without your permission. I should have asked first.”

Janey laughed. “But we’ve made love several times already, and you’ve kissed more than those lips….if you know what I mean…and I’ve kissed and licked more than your lips…lots and lots already.”

“Yes,” I admitted, “but we both wanted oral sex…neither one just took it for granted, and besides, let’s face it…we were both really really horny. We needed that sex, and it was great. But now, we’ve both released all that energy, and now…I stole that kiss from you. I need for you to tell me it was ok.”

“Well…it wasn’t,” replied Janey.

When I started to apologize, she put her finger to my lips. “Shhhh….it wasn’t just ‘ok’; it was fantastic. I want you to kiss me, again and again, and never stop. Do whatever you want, and I will never turn you down, sweetie.”

I was touched by this answer, and kissed her again. “I didn’t want you to think I was taking advantage of you,” I said. “I might be more aggressive than you are for … well, for some things.”

“Yes,” Janey admitted, “I think you are. I am a little shy about saying things, and can’t help it. I wish I could be more outspoken as to what I want, but it will take me a while. Will you work with me on this… because… even if I cannot say all the sexy lusty things I want….I DO really want them, and I want them with you, my lover-boy.” She gave my beard a little tug.

Now it was my turn to laugh. “Yes, Janey, I’ll work with you. I’ll try to remember to be more romantic, and you can try to remember that I love a girl who says sexy nasty funny things, and then does just what she described.”

“OK.” Janey said, sticking out her hand, “we’ve got a deal.” I shook her hand, then kissed her again, for a long time. Then, hand in hand, we strolled back to our tent. I opened the flap, and we both bent down and crawled in to the darkness, giggling as we went. It was at that point that we were in for the surprise of our lives.

As Janey and I crawled into the darkened tent, we froze. We both realized that we were not alone. Something was in there, and we could hear it breathing. At that moment two flashlights were turned on, spotlighting two fearsome, growling faces. Janey and I felt our hearts leap and we clung to each other. Then, the growls dissolved into laughter. The two girls we had just left, or more correctly, the girls we thought we had just left, were right there… in Janey’s tent! Still wearing nothing but smiles, they turned off the flashlights and turned on the Coleman lantern, greeting us warmly.

“It’s about time you two got back,” said the blonde, “we’ve been waiting for you.”

“But…how did you,” I stammered. “I mean….you know who we are?”

“Sure,” said the blonde, “and we knew you were hiding in the bushes watching us do our thing. In fact, the show was meant for you two.” Janey and I were stunned.

The brunette smiled, and said, “We saw you two fucking in the woods this morning, and you guys were so hot, that really got us turned on. We could hardly stop from giggling, and could barely resist going at each other right then, but we had to get back. But tonight, we had a plan: we got naked and purposefully made noise when we passed your tent. We knew you’d be curious and follow us, so we put on a show for you to see if we could give you the same treat you gave us.” They both giggled.

“I think it worked,” said Janey, who giggled herself. I didn’t quite know what to say, but Janey was the first to recover and stick out her hand. Short, quiet introductions followed, as it turned out that the tall dark-haired beauty was Samantha and the leggy thin blonde was Trixie.

“If I have known there was an audience,” quipped Janey, “I would have really lit it up…after all, I love the stage, you know.”

The girls clapped at that, while their tits jiggled and I began to get hard all over again. I tried to cover my embarrassment by retrieving a bottle of brandy that I had packed away, and inviting everyone to take a few sips. The bottle was passed around, more than a few times, and soon everyone was in a very relaxed, mellow mood.

The lateness of the hour, however, was getting to all of us and soon, Samantha leaned her head against a backpack and was soon fast asleep. Trixie nodded off a few minutes later, and Janey looked at me as if to say, “how did we get to have two naked woman sleeping in a corner of our tent?” I just shrugged, with my palms up, thinking we would drift off ourselves before too long. Janey, however, had other ideas.

“Shhh,” she said. “Let them sleep, but I need to clean up… I’m pretty much of a mess with those pearl necklaces you keep giving me all the time… and my hair looks like a fright wig.”

“You look beautiful,” I protested.

“Liar,” she said, “but thank you, anyway. Look, the night is warm, so let’s take a quick dip in the pool clean up.”

That sounded fine with me, and off we went, quietly stealing down the path to the pool, lit by the light of the silvery moon.

We both waded into the shallow water, which felt wonderful and warm. I helped Janey wash her face and breasts, which still smelled of cum, and splashed some water over her legs when she sat on a rock to dry off. The sight of her sexy open pussy lips, however, was too much for me.

“Oh no,” she whispered, “not again…you can’t be hard again.” But I was.

I liked her hot wet pussy lips and moved my tongue deep into her until her hips squirmed. The only sounds were splashing water and night birds calling, but the sex was very hot, and very passionate. After her pussy was drenched from my tongue, Janey could take no more. She slid down into the water, and grabbed my hard cock, sliding it deftly between her legs and riding me up and down like an underwater rocking horse. Oh, it was so hot and lusty, silent and sexy, silky-smooth in the water. Magically, we both arched our backs and came together, breathing hard and heavy, and exhausted.

We had no towel, so we put on our clothes and walked back up to the tent, quietly slipping in to see if we were alone, but no – the girls were still there. Our clothes were wet, so we took them off and set them on poles to dry, then lay down, totally naked and spent.

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