College Days Ch. 09

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Colette and I arrived home late Wednesday afternoon from the airport. Colette was pretty tired, she had risen early for the conference each morning we were away, then again to catch the plane home. In addition, we’d stayed up late each of the three nights in Monterey spending time exploring each other’s bodies. It was a fantastic trip, but both of us were feeling a bit worn.

We’d had a long talk the day before, as I knew we would, concerning my little threesome with Jen and Tammy. She understood I didn’t do anything wrong really, she’d expressly told me even after getting involved that it was ok for me to date other girls, that I wasn’t really bound to her in any formal way. She had just become so attached to me that she was a bit jealous. Understandable considering how close we were. In the end, I told her I wouldn’t do anything like that again if it upset her. She told me to hold that thought for a while and give her a chance to talk with Jen about it. Colette being the mediator of the family, I agreed to let them deal with it and get back to me on what was ok and what wasn’t moving forward. I really was madly in love with Colette. As much as I was also head over heels for Jen, I’d probably give up my romantic relationship with her in order to keep Colette happy.

Of course, as we arrived home and walked in the door, Jen didn’t know any of this had gone on, she was just happy to see us.

“Hey, you two!” Jen called as we walked in. She rushed up and jumped on me, arms around my neck and legs around my waist, planting a sloppy kiss on my lips and holding on tightly.

“Hey, where’s my greeting?” Colette asked, laughing at Jen’s enthusiasm. Jen got that evil grin on her face and hopped back down to the floor. She took two quick steps and launched herself at Colette, intent on giving her the exact same treatment she’d given me.

Colette, of course, wasn’t terribly interested in making out with her sister. She turned her face away, as she stumbled backward under Jen’s weight, laughing as Jen’s mouth missed her lips and ended up slobbering all over Colette’s left cheek.

“Ok, ok, I give! Uncle!” Colette called out, trying to push Jen off of her.

“I’m just happy to see you,” Jen said in her coy voice, stepping down to the floor, “You won’t even give your little baby sister a little kiss?”

Colette, finally having managed to extract herself from Jen’s death grip, reached her head over and kissed Jen on the forehead. “There you go, sweetie, it’s good to see you, too.”

We shared a good laugh, then I grabbed our bags and ran them upstairs to the bedrooms.

Jen had been expecting us and so had prepared a nice dinner for our arrival. The house smelled great and dinner tasted even better, grilled herbed chicken with salad and brown rice, even a plate of brownies and ice cream for dessert. We spent close to 2 hours, first eating dinner, then sitting around the table together talking about our trip, the conference, the aquarium, the great restaurants. The only thing left out, of course, was that we’d fallen crazy in love with each other and spent the last two evenings obsessing over each other. Jen probably wouldn’t have minded talking about that part, in fact she’d probably have asked all the juicy details and relished in the story, but I knew Colette was not the type to regale our sister with stories of our sexual awakening during the trip, so I kept my lips sealed. I was pretty sure she’d find out soon enough.

It seemed so exciting to me. I had now opened up completely to Colette, even more so that I had with Jen. It was like living with the two closest friends imaginable, with benefits! As Colette and Jen sat on either side of the table continuing to talk about the conference, I started to wonder which one would it be tonight? Would I spend the night in Jen’s bed? Would I spend it with Colette again? Maybe they’d both be tired of me and I’d spend an evening alone. I’d certainly get more sleep that way, and I did have to go to work in the morning.

I knew Colette was tired, and she proved it by begging off to bed early in the evening. I hung around the kitchen and helped Jen with the dinner dishes. Well, that answers one question, I thought. I definitely wouldn’t be sleeping with Colette tonight, she’d be asleep before I made it anywhere near a bed.

In fact, with all the conversation and a delightfully full belly, I felt like I suddenly had more energy than I did earlier. Of course, I never had to get up in the morning like Colette did while we were gone.

Closing the dishwasher and turning it on, I noticed Jen bending over the kitchen table, wiping it down with a washcloth. Her tight, blue tank-top had run up and I could see the small of her back, nicely tanned as usual. I admired her ass as I watched it sway in her khaki shorts. What Jen lacked in breast size, she more than made up for with the rest of her toned swimmer’s physique. I felt desire rising up in me as gazed at her shapely back side. It had been 3 days şişli escort since I’d seen her, and even though I was certainly not lacking for sexual fulfillment while I was away, I never had any lack of drive at the testosterone crazed age of 18.

I quietly walked over to Jennifer as she faced away from me. I bent over and placed a wet kiss in the small of her back as my hands slid over her trim, bare waist. Jen stopped wiping the table and slowly stood up, still facing away from me. I ran my hands under her arms around her tummy as her own hands reached up and back to pull my head down to her neck. I stroked her flat, toned midsection as my tongue explored the skin below her right ear, Jen’s hands stroking through my hair, a whispered moan escaping her mouth. The fingers of one hand found their way up Jen’s tank-top, softly gripping one of her small breasts, her firm nipple pressing into my palm. I slid my other hand under the waistband of her shorts, gliding over her bare, shaved flesh, then pressing my palm firmly over her swelling mound. Her engorged lips were warm under my touch. My manhood was rising vigorously under my own shorts, straining up against her incredible ass through our clothes as she pressed back against me.

I turned Jen around and she pulled my head in close, kissing me in deep, hot breaths as I unbuttoned, then unzipped her shorts and let them fall to the ground at her bare feet. Jen’s hands ran through my hair as I let my own shorts drop to the ground, her lips pressing into mine with passion. I pulled her in tightly against me, my hardened cock pressing firmly just above the waistband of her lacy blue panties.

Jen, overcome with a sudden desire, quickly pulled my briefs down followed by her own, ripped my shirt off, then dragged me over to the couch and pushed me back into a sitting position. Her face held a look of wanton abandon as she straddled my hips and guided my stiff member with her hand to the hot, slick entrance of her need. She wasted no time plunging herself down on top of me, as if she’d been ready for this all evening and finally got me where she wanted me. She laughed loudly with joy as she buried her hips deep into my own, finally getting what she’d been craving. I ripped at her shirt and pulled it off her head, then buried my face in her chest, licking and sucking ravenously at her large, stiff nipples. My hands grasping her perfectly shaped ass, feeling her muscles flexing as she plunged herself onto me.

Jen didn’t pull back up, instead grinding her hips back and forth around my straining cock, pushing me in as far as she could. She pulled my head away from her chest and kissed me with abandon while flexing the muscles in her tight pussy, massaging the base of my cock as it became further and further buried in her most sacred place. I loved every second of it, which was good, because seconds was all we had left. Jennifer’s primal drive had infected me as well, and with another couple of driving pushes of our hips together, she came in a colossal orgasm, yelling out “Yes! God Yes!” as her vaginal muscles quivered around my bursting cock.

Just seconds into her orgasm, I lost it as well, and with a heavy grunt, emptied myself deep inside her, pulling her hips down as hard as I could, trying to insert my very being into the nirvana of her body. The entire experience lasted only a moment. Jen slumped down and laid her head on my shoulder, momentarily spent from the intensity of our lovemaking. In the back of my head I heard footsteps on the stairs, but it didn’t really register as I, too was recovering from the incredible release.

“Jen, do you think you could keep it down….” Colette’s voice paused abruptly as she noticed us naked on the couch, Jen’s body draped over me, my dwindling member still inside her, “Oops.” Colette finished. She stood frozen, staring at us from behind the couch. While she probably couldn’t see everything, it was pretty obvious what had just happened.

Jen looked up at Collete, her face flushed, her cheeks fiery red, a child-like grin on her face. “Sorry, sis, didn’t mean to be so loud. I guess I got a bit carried away! Did we wake you?”

“Uhm… yeah.” Colette mumbled. I wasn’t sure what to do. While, technically, Colette and Jen had both agreed that sex with either of them was fine, this was pretty much the first time it had become so… public. My first inclination was to pull Jen off of me and try to cover up, but I realized that would simply expose both of us completely, with bodily juices shining all over our crotches. I considered that might not be my best move, and so stayed put, my arms still around Jen’s back, holding her, my softening member still buried inside her.

Jen was still smiling, she clearly thought this was hilarious. “I would have asked you to join us, but I figured you were too tired!” Jen said to Colette with no small amount of amusement. “I’m sure we could find some more energy to help you out, though, if you really want us to…”

“Uhm… that’s çapa escort not really what I came down here for.” Colette said. I couldn’t see her face, so I had no idea what was going on with her. At first I thought Colette’s voice sounded cautious, and I was concerned that after our stay in Monterey, she was jealous that I’d immediately run into Jen’s arms. Jen started to giggle. Nervous laughter? I felt hot breath in my ear and a hand run down my chest from behind me. Colette’s voice whispered in my ear.

“Just make sure you clean up good, I want you to taste clean when you come to my bed… after you’re done.” Colette sucked my earlobe into her mouth and gave it a quick nibble. My falling member started gaining steam again as they both laughed.

“Mark, what’s the matter?” Jen asked, sitting back up on me, exposing herself pretty much completely to both Colette and me. I could see the root of my recovering manhood barely visible at the apex of her crotch. Colette was leaning over the back of the couch, her head next to mine, she had the exact same view. I had no idea how to respond, this was completely new territory for me.

“Ooooh…” Jen exclaimed, feeling my cock growing inside of her, “keep nibbling his ear, Colette… this is getting good!” Jen had no shame at all, of course.

“I think I’ll leave that to you, Jen.” Colette said, giving me a last kiss on the cheek. “Good night, you two, keep it down, will you?” She paused for an instant, “The noise, I mean.”

Jen bust up laughing, starting to grind her hips on my again. I got caught up as well and managed a chuckle. Just when I thought I had Colette figured out, she surprised me. I expected no less from Jenny, but Colette was usually a bit more… I don’t know, reserved? I was shocked that she caught us, then more or less encouraged us to keep going. Not to mention her innuendo that she was going to be tasting me later. I thought she’d be upset, or jealous, or… something. Instead she seemed to nearly join in. Go figure.

Jenny had me back to full mast, gripping me by the shoulders, grinding her hips back and forth, smiling at me like an idiot. She was having way too much fun considering the shock I just had.

“What’s the matter, Mark? Cat got your cock?” Jen laughed, leaning in to kiss me. “What, did you think she was going to get upset or something?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I thought,” I replied, returning my hands to her hips and pulling myself further inside her. She was so wet now, fluids were oozing out of her, and not just her own. Her vagina was much looser after the first round, but still felt wonderful surrounding my newly hardened cock. I grabbed her hips and rolled her over onto her back on the couch, taking control and thrusting myself in and out of her. Jen raised her legs up around me until they were resting on my shoulders. I’d never been in this position before and realized that I could push myself even deeper into her with her legs like this. My lust was beginning to take over as I began pumping harder and faster.

Jen moaned, “Mmmm… I like… that. Harder… deeper…”

I thrust even harder, not fast enough to slap our bodies together, but intent on going as deep as possible. I was so deep I could feel her cervix with the tip of my cock each time I thrust in. It was a new, wonderful sensation, it drove me wild with desire. I loved looking at Jen, she was so beautiful underneath me, rosy cheeks, still damp on her forehead from her exertion a few minutes before, her nipples sticking straight up and hard. I ran a thumb over her nipple and she moaned again, I loved the feeling of her small breast in my hand, her firm nipple under my thumb. Her mouth opened, breathing heavy, her tongue licking, then biting her lip, moaning as I continued working my way as deep into her as I could go. Moaning louder, I could tell Jen was close to another orgasm, I had a little ways to go yet. I pinched her nipple and she gasped, then stifled another yell as the climax took her. Her closed eyes squinted tightly, her mouth open. I leaned into her, raising her legs right up next to her head and kissed her luscious open mouth, feeling her hot breath blowing back at me. I kept going for a moment or two at a slower, steady pace, keeping myself in check while she recovered from her latest orgasm. I waited for her eyes to open.

“God that was good!” Jen exclaimed, trying to keep quiet so she wouldn’t disturb Colette again. I let up on her a little bit and then turned her over, she understood what I wanted and scooted her knees apart, raising her incredible ass to just the right height for me to penetrate her hot, wet pussy once more. I grabbed her by the hips and penetrated her again, my lust increasing as I looked down on her perfect ass and shapely hips. I wasn’t sure what had come over me, really, I’d never been this aggressive during sex before, I just wanted her.

I thrust into her as deeply as I could, over and over again. Jen moaned over and over, now almost more of a whimper fındıkzade escort than a moan. I reached around and cupped a breast again, reveling in the feeling of her nipple poking back at my palm. I could hardly stand it any longer, and with a mighty thrust I held myself deep inside her as I exploded in ecstasy one more time, filling her up with whatever sperm I had left.

We collapsed onto the couch in exhaustion, holding each other closely. Jen smiled and kissed my lips several times, stroking her hand over my face.

“I love you, Mark. That was fantastic!” She said to me, her brown eyes locking me in their gaze, “I don’t know what came over you, but I like it!”

“I don’t either,” I replied, tracing a finger over her breast, “but it sure was exciting!”

We laid there for several minutes before Jen decided she needed to go clean up. As we got up from the couch, I noticed it was… shall we say… not as clean as it once had been.

“Colette’s going to kill us,” I said, pointing out the stains on the couch, “I’d better see if I can clean that up.”

Jen went up the stairs to clean herself up. I simply wiped myself off with a paper towel, quickly dressed, then attacked the couch cushion with a towel and a bottle of soda water, hoping beyond hope that I could make it good as new again. We wouldn’t know until it dried.

Satisfied I had done as good a job as I could hope to, I threw the towel into the laundry room and made my way upstairs. On the way up, it occurred to me that Colette intended for me to come to her bed that night. After my experience with Jen, though, I was pretty much spent. I figured I’d take a shower and hope that she was asleep by the time I went to bed.

20 minutes later, I toweled off, threw on a fresh pair of boxers, brushed my teeth, tossed my clothes into the hamper, then walked down the hall to Colette’s room. The door was closed, so quietly as I could, I turned the knob and opened the door a crack.

“Hey Sweetie,” Colette said without looking up. She was sitting up in bed reading a book by the light of a small lamp next to the bed. I went through the door and closed it behind me. “I was just doing a little reading before going to sleep.”

I was once again astounded at how beautiful Colette could look without even trying. Her long, auburn hair lay softly on her shoulders over a blue camisole, her green eyes fairly sparkling behind her glasses in the soft light of her reading lamp. Refreshed from the shower and now admiring Colette, I started once more longing to kiss her. I could kiss those full lips all day long and not grow tired of it.

“So are you going to come get in bed, or just stand there staring at me?” Colette chuckled, “I’m not going anywhere you know!”

“Sorry,” I said, breaking out of my reverie, “It’s just… sometimes I look at you and it’s like I’m seeing you for the first time, you are so beautiful, it can be hard not to stare every now and then.”

“You know,” Colette replied as I walked over to the far side of the king sized bed, “you already have me, you don’t have to flatter me.” She smiled as I pulled back the covers, sliding under the sheets and lying down on my side facing her, my head on the pillow. “Not that flattery is bad, mind you!” She added with a grin.

Colette set her book and glasses down on the bed-side table and slid down under the covers, then scooted over close to me.

She turned her head to me while lying on her back “So, you have any energy left after your romp with Jen?” Colette grinned, knowing she was putting me on the spot again.

“Actually, I am pretty tired,” I said, yawning, “I thought you were going up here to sleep?”

“Hard to sleep with all the moaning and groaning going on downstairs,” She replied, turning toward me and running a hand down my chest under the sheets. “All I could think about was what you two were doing down there.” She looked into my eyes, “Did you know I stood at the top of the stairs and watched you two for a few minutes?”

Deer in the headlights. Now I knew exactly how they feel. I briefly wondered if I was about to understand what it felt like for the deer to have a truck slam into it broadside.

“You’re still worried I’m going to get jealous, aren’t you?” Colette grinned.

“Well, uh… yeah, I guess.” Was all I could muster, thinking the other shoe was about to drop.

“Well, I am a little bit jealous,” Colette moved her hand down to my stomach, slowly stroking back and forth, “but not in the way you’re worried about.”

“How’s that?” I asked, considering that I might just live through this experience.

“It’s not that I mind you having sex with Jen,” Colette mused, “it’s that… well, I want you to be doing that with me. I actually briefly considered joining you when she asked me to keep nibbling on your ear.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. This was not something I ever considered to be in the realm of possibility with Colette. Jen? Sure, it was obvious she was pretty adventurous when it came to sex. Colette wasn’t like that, though. She didn’t seem to mind everyone getting naked around her, but I just couldn’t see her having a threesome. “Have you done anything like that before?”

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