Closing the Distance Pt. 02

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Slowly he continues to work his fingers inside her, his tongue pulling the last few ripples of orgasm. Not wanting to give her a chance to calm down too much he leaves his hand pressed against her pussy but brings his mouth to her lips.

Slick with her orgasm he presses his lips to hers. She eagerly accepts them sucking his bottom lip between her teeth, licking the flavor from him. He groans against her mouth.

She feels how wet she is, the cool material of the couch beneath her is damp. She blushes.

“Don’t you dare get shy on me Princess.” He growls in her ear.

She opens her mouth in rebuttal. He pushes his two fingers into her open mouth. She obediently begins to lick and suck them clean.

“Listen to me. You are so goddamn sexy. I want you bold. I demand admission. None of that shy bullshit.”

She nods.

He stands, offering her his hand. It is as much an offer as a challenge. Take the blue pill, stay where you are. Or take the red pill, and travel down the rabbit hole.

She lays her hand gently in his and meets his gaze allowing him to pull her to her feet.

He smiles that devilish smile and leads her to his room. He guides her to sit on the bed, she is still nude and is aware, but is determined to remain confident.

Climbing onto the bed he lays back against the pillows and pats the space next to him. She crawls her way to him as gracefully as she can. She can tell he is enjoying this game, making her stay nude while he remained safely clad in jeans. She aches for the ability to freely touch his skin, but she is willing to play his game for now. She is on his turf, all the travel and airwaves between them was neutral ground. Here, he is in charge.

He rolls onto his side and lets his gaze slide slowly and brazenly all over her body. She can feel his eyes leaving an electric trail. He places his hand splayed wide on her stomach. Trails his fingers up, around each breast, her collar bone, up her neck line and down the edge of her jaw. He runs gentle fingers over her lips. She rolls onto her side to face him. He places his hand on the curve just before her hip. Grips her hip bones, lets his thumb run over the sensitive skin across her waist.

Her lips part gently, she watches him take in her body. Much more graceful than she would have imagined possible he places her on top of him. She squeals. He smiles at her while she blushes.

He continues to admire her figure and she continues to let him. In another fluid motion she is caught in his embrace and his mouth is liquid heat on hers. It takes much less prompting this time and she moans into his mouth. He smiles, pleased at his ability to istanbul escort make her respond, she who makes him drown with her gasps and sets him on fire with her moans. He gave her hers the first time, this time he needs to take his own. But not yet.

She is fire and ice in his hands, everywhere he touches, kisses, licks; she erupts in shivers and raised flesh. When he bites or scratches her, she arches into his touch, begging for more.

He finds himself between her legs again, his arms wrap around her thighs to keep them spread wide. She tastes as good as he ever imagined. Far less inhibited this time she fucks his face, his tongue. He decides that if she wants to ride his tongue, he will let her.

With no warning he leaves her pussy, mouth glistening with her juices, and lays back beckoning her to him with an arched eyebrow and a come-hither gesture. Her eyes widen as she realizes what he is getting at. She swallows all her insecurity and climbs her way to straddling his face.

He gives her a hot look from beneath her before diving back in to the task facing him. At first, she was still, he felt her muscles twitching, and felt her control them. Wrapping his arms around her thighs he spreads her wider for his mouth to explore. She shivers and risks a glance at him. She finds him staring up at her, she bites her lip. He bites her clit in response. A warning to not be shy. He rolls his tongue around her clit before sucking on it hard. Her last bit of control leaves her, and she is back grinding against his mouth. He moans against her. Her thighs start to shake, and she is cumming before he expected. Holding her down by the thighs he never lets up his oral assault.

“Jesus fuck” is her breathy reply to his tongue.

He eases his hold on her thighs and lets her up and off his face. She collapses beside him panting.

When she looks up at him she realizes he still hasn’t cum, and this isn’t over yet. A shock flows through her core. She reaches out to him pulling his mouth, still wet, to hers. Kissing is her kryptonite. She traces every inch of his back, rakes her nails down his skin, bites the curve of his neck harder than she ever would dare with anyone else. She bites down his throat to his chest, drags her teeth across his abdomen. She sinks her teeth into his hips while she works to unfasten his belt. Having made surprisingly quick work of his belt and the button on his jeans, she pulls the zipper down and slips the denim over his hips. He lifts to help her get them over the curve of his ass. In boxer briefs he is strained against the material, hard and ready to go. His body belying the composure he was putting forward. escort bayan Composure she wanted desperately to make crumble.

She lays herself between his thighs, runs her nails along the outline of his cock. She bites the inside of his thigh and smiles as he growls at her. She teases the flesh just beneath the waist band, lets her fingers trails just a little further. Slowly she tugs the briefs down and he springs free of his cotton blend prison.

A grower not a show-er is what he always called himself, regardless it was a show she was fond of. In front of her for the first time she’s never been hungrier for a taste of someone before. He reaches down and runs his hand up his shaft pulling a drop of pre cum to his tip. She leans forward and touches her tongue to it. He watches the clear strand stuck to the tip of her tongue form a sticky trail to her mouth from his head.

She leans forward and circles the tip of him with her tongue. Pulls it into her mouth and sucks on him. She traces her fingers around his shaft as she slowly works her way down taking him in an inch at a time. When her lips press flush against his skin, she swallows letting her throat muscles work around him before pulling back. She forms a steady rhythm, her hand working part time to avoid her jaw giving out.

She works her hand up the way she had seen him do and brings more pre cum to the top, it leaks in a sticky stream. She follows it with her eyes and then her tongue. He grabs a handful of her unruly curls and pulls her mouth down onto his cock. Not forceful just firmly. She moans around him.

“Okay Princess, you are amazing, but I want to cum inside you.”

She lets her teeth graze over the head of him before coming back to his mouth and kissing him. They had each thought about their first time 1 million times over, how it would happen, what position they would be in. Now that they were here, all the kink could and would come another time, right now he needed to feel as much of her as he could.

In a tale as old as time, he settles between her legs and she spreads for him, raising up to meet him. But when he finally slides into her the first time it’s like nothing ever before. She is wet heat, velvet smooth hugging every inch of him. She pulses around him in anticipation. He feels her heart flutter through her pussy. When he pushes as deep as he can, and then a little deeper, her nipples pucker and her muscles twitch. She is pure sex beneath him.

He lowers himself, kissing her as he pulls out nearly all the way. She whimpers as he toys at the opening to her hole.

“Tell me what you want Princess” he coaxes against her mouth.

She escort istanbul looks at him, holding his gaze.

“I want you inside me, I want you to make love to me, I need you to fuck me, Sir.”

That something sinister, something sexy, flashes in his eyes. His agreement came with a solid, hard thrust. She cries out. Her eyes close for a moment, but she opens them again to look him in the eye. A pleading look on her flushed face. She needs him.

He falls into a slow rhythm, deep, hard strokes. She grips the sheets and arches up against him. Her hips roll with him. He picks up the speed. Her lip caught between her bottom teeth.

“I wanna hear you Princess.”

He sees her swallow as he thrusts into her hard. She’s fighting back moans.

“So, give me a reason to make some noise.”

He smirks at her knowing her bravado is a façade and she is hanging on to composure by a strand. Still a challenge is a challenge.

He snakes a hand up around her throat, just a gentle but firm reminder of who is in charge. Of who she belongs to. She gasps and moans.

He smiles and continues thrusting into her, a bead of sweat falls off his forehead and rolls down between her breasts as she arches her back off the bed. He pulls his hand free of her throat and focuses on driving his cock into her. He feels his orgasm edging closer and he is determined she is going to cum again.

Reaching between her legs he teases her clit with his thumb, a few gentle strokes, a few focused circles while he moves inside her hitting every delicious spot, she never knew she had. Her mouth falls open and her eyes slam shut. She takes deep gulping breaths followed by shallow breaths.

The wet smack of their skin sounds as he works against her tightening walls. He feels the first ripple of her orgasm; her hands grip his skin anywhere she can grab. She settles against his back raking her nails hard down his skin, his name falls from her lips followed by moans and a few guttural words. She wraps her legs around him, pulling him in tighter. She pulls him to her and presses her mouth to his ear. He hears her sighs and breathy moans as she comes down, each spasm of her muscles squeezing him tighter. When she bites his bottom lip the first strands of cum shoot from the tip of his cock. He drives himself deeper inside of her as sticky hot cum coats the inside of her pussy. He pulls out nearly all the way as the last few drops leak from his tip. She is glistening with sweat, a small trail of cum leaking from her swollen, pulsing pussy.

He can’t help himself, he bends down and licks all around her pussy. He sticks his tongue inside her. Their combined flavor is intoxicating. She groans watching him. He smiles and comes up to her lips letting her taste them off his mouth and tongue.

“I’m so glad you’re here Princess.” He says pressing his forehead to hers. She offers him a genuine smile in return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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