Cleaning Day Ch. 03

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Kim knew Darnell would punish her now again for she had failed one of his commands she burnt his food, even though it was his fault, she had done it and she would gladly take responsibility for it the thought of him punishing her oh it just totally enticed her, the sound of his voice, the look in his eyes, the strength in his being, it was just what she needed.

“You’re never going to learn are you little one, you know every god damned time you disobey me I will punish your sweet ass don’t you?” he barks out in a commanding voice, pulling back on her hair.

“Yes I do, why do you think I did it, looks like your going to have to punish me now doesn’t it.” She replies back talking him.

“Little girl you just made a very big mistake, you think your daddies going to be nice to you don’t you, well you had better guess again, I gave you the opportunity to do as I told you to, and again you failed, now I find out your doing it intentionally, that’s it, no more mister nice guy.”

He was determined to get her to obey him one way or another, although she knew he wouldn’t ever hurt her, there for he had total control over her entire being, he was going to make her wish she had just obeyed him, although what he had in mind for her would be just as hard on him, but he knew he had to do it, he was going to make her clean the house and yet tease the shit out of her all day long, not letting her cum at all until he was damn good and ready, he might not let her cum until they go to bed tonight, but controlling himself from Cumming before hand was going to take a lot of will power on his behalf.

Taking a hold of the back of her neck he leads her into the dining room, this is where it would begin, standing her in front of the table, he wraps his arms around her, pulling her back toward his chest, squeezing onto her breasts, not enough to hurt her but enough so she knew he had control, taking her nipples in between his fingers pulling out on them twisting and tweaking them.

Her breathing deepening, her soft moans now getting louder, she grinds her ass against his member, he pulls now harder on her nipples, twisting them harder.

“Stop it right now!!” he commands in a very harsh tone.

“Oh no I won’t you like it when I do that, you know you want to put that big thing up inside me, I want it daddy I want it now please daddy please give it to me” She replies again in a back talk yet in a very sexy little whine as well.

“You nasty little slut, your little whining isn’t going to get you what you want this time, you think you’re good enough to have my cock inside you? You didn’t obey me I told you not to burn my food, and yet you did just that intentionally, and you think I am going to reward you with my cock, fat chance in hell of that, I told you no more mister nice guy, this house needs to be cleaned and that’s your chore for the entire day.”

“And just what prey tell are you going to do, just stand there and watch me?” she asked in almost wicked sort of tone.

“Are you questioning me, you little slut?”

“That’s exactly what I am doing why should I have to do this housework alone?”

“You’re the one who wanted to disobey me intentionally now I have to punish you, now put your nasty ass to work and you will begin your cleaning in here, Clean off this damn table now!!!! How am I supposed to use this table to my advantage when you have all your shit on here?”

She sets off to work, cleaning off first their dining ataköy escort room table, there was a piece of paper at the back of the table that she couldn’t reach, she looks back at him, with a very sad sort of begging look in her eyes.

“Can you help me and reach that paper for me please daddy?” she asks softly in her soft little voice.

“Oh hell no I can’t you will just have to reach over the table and get it yourself.” He commands.

Knowing full well that if she reached her body across the table that left her ass bare and exposed for him to do as he pleased with it, she slowly moves her body around the table to get the paper, when suddenly she feels a hand in the back of her hair pulling her backwards.

“Who in the fuck told you to move you little whore? Get your nasty little ass back here and do as I told you to and do it NOW!!!!”

She does as he tells her to she leans over the table reaching for the paper he pushes her body almost flat down onto the table with one hand, quickly without warning in a rough sort of fashion pushing two fingers from his other hand deep inside her rose bud, she screams as her head throws back, as her ass tries to push back against his fingers.

“That’s right my little slut scream for your daddy, but don’t you dare cum yet, your not going to cum at all today I won’t allow it, you were a very bad little girl, and now you’re going to pay the consequences, by the end of this day you will learn to obey me and do what I tell you when I tell you to do it and just how I tell you to do it do you understand me?” He barks out as he pushes his fingers now even deeper inside her.

“Yes I do, but I only wanted…” she replies in a soft shaky voice.

“You only wanted what? Bitch you wanted exactly what you’re getting, you wanted me to control you that’s exactly what you wanted, well disobey me again and see what happens.”

“I won’t disobey you again I promise, just please daddy, please don’t make me wait till later to release what’s building inside me oh god please don’t.” she whines.

“You will do what the fuck I tell you to, NOW I TOLD YOU DON’T YOU DARE CUM!!!” he spreads her legs running his tongue over her pussy lips.

Oh god please daddy!!!!!!!!!!” she lets out in a soft screech as she again tries to push back against him.

“Oh hell no I told you No and you’d best not do it!” he commands as he begins to whip her ass, NOW GET THE FUCK UP YOU H AVE WORK TO DO!!!” He commands as he pulls her off the table by her hair.

She continues to clean in the dining room, each time she would bend over to pick something up he would slide two fingers deep inside her now growing ever so wet pussy, teasing at her g-spot, the last time she went to stand up he kept her bent over, pushing down on the small of her back, he let her grind against his fingers, but he knew she wouldn’t dare disobey him, he knew just how hard she was fighting to obey, and then suddenly he would stop, each time he did this her moans and screams would get louder, she was so hoping he would just take her, but she knew he wouldn’t until he was ready, or until he thought she had been punished long enough.

Taking her by the hair once again he leads her into the kitchen, taking her over to the stove, making her look at the food she had burnt.

“God damn it if you hadn’t burnt my food I wouldn’t have to be doing this to you right now, why did you make me have to do this?”

“I’m sorry daddy.” She replies bakırköy escort as she begins to cry.

“Oh I know you are, and I’m sorry too but you’re crying isn’t going to work right now, you chose not to obey me and now you have to be punished, maybe by the time today is over you will have learned something.” He replies as he places one hand on the stove and one hand on the counter, bending her over so she stares directly at the inside of the pan.


“I won’t I promise I will be a good girl, I will do what daddy tells me to.”

“That’s my good girl, but you’re still going get just what’s coming to you don’t you dare move.”

With her hands now in place, he parts her legs, standing in behind her reaching down in between them taking his member into his hand in one swift motion he buries himself as deep and as hard inside her pussy as he possibly could feeling the tip of his dick damn near hit the back of her pussy, she screams as her head once again throws back, yet she knew she couldn’t move, she told her daddy she would be a good girl and do just what he told her to, over and over again he would pull it out almost all the way and slam it back in again, her screams got so loud they echoed off all the walls.

Feeling her pussy clamping down around him he knew what was going to happen, grabbing the back of her hair, he pulls her head back as he whips her ass one more time.

“Are you honestly going to disobey me again, I told you not to cum and I damn well meant it, now get the hell up you have work that needs to be finished, the first thing you will do in here is scrub that god damned pan until it comes completely clean, do it now!” he commands as he pulls his member away from her.

She turns toward him instead of toward the sink, placing her hands on his chest, looking directly at him, as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Daddy please, this is so hard, I need you please give it back to me, I will be a good girl daddy, please don’t punish me anymore.” She pleads in her soft sexy little voice that she knows would normally get to him.

He places his hands on her cheeks kissing her softly, wiping her tears away, slowly sliding his fingers into the sides of her hair, as he pulls her head back lightly.

“Listen, you know your daddy loves you with all his heart, you could have had me all day long in just the way you wanted me, hell for that matter we could have spent the entire day in bed together if you really wanted to, but no you had to disobey me so now I have to do just what you left me no choice but to do, now your going to finish this house work, and maybe just maybe if you’re a good girl for the rest of the day or at least until you finish your house work, maybe daddy will let you cum for him then, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Oh god yes, I need you I will be a good girl, I promise.”

“Now be a good girl and finish your work, you do as I tell you to and then we shall see what happens.”

He kisses her one more time, turning her toward the sink she proceeds to clean the pan as he slips his hand between her legs her body jumps as he runs his finger over her clit, sliding his finger again inside her as he leans in kissing softly at the side of her neck, he could feel her body slowly beginning to melt, she finishes up the pan and places it in the dish drainer, slowly she leans back toward him, her arms wrapping around his neck, her fingers working into his hair.

“No baby not yet, it’s not time, you need to clean out the sink and wipe down the stove and the counters.” He commands only softer this time, as he takes her hands out of his hair and her arms off from around his neck although he really didn’t want to.

He wanted to take her right then and there and let her give him exactly what she needed to, but he knew it just wasn’t quite time yet.

“I am going to give you a break for now, go sit down and have a cigarette and we are going to have lunch in a few minutes, I will make it this time, we wouldn’t want you to burn anything else today now would we?” he asks with a devilish sort of snicker.

“No we don’t want to burn anything else today I learned my lesson daddy.”

She goes off to sit in the living room, as he proceeded to fix their lunch, he was talking with her and all of a sudden she got quiet, he couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t answering him.

He walks around the corner of the wall to find that she had drifted off to sleep in her chair.

Walking over to her he places one of his arms around her shoulders, the other he placed under her legs, picking her up into his arms, her arms resting around his neck as her head rested on his shoulder, she snuggled into him he carries her down the hall to their room, he lays her on the bed gently, as he lays on the side of her gently running his fingers through the side of her hair.

“You are such a good girl, you are my good girl, why couldn’t you have just obeyed me earlier, daddy didn’t like having to do that to you, but you know you left me no choice.” He whispers in her ear.

Her body jumps as she snaps awake fearing she may have failed him again, looking him directly in the eyes again she starts to cry.

“I’m sorry daddy god I’m sorry I didn’t mean to fall asleep, please, please don’t punish me again, I will do anything you ask of me but please, please don’t punish me.” She pleads softly.

“Baby girl it’s ok, it’s over daddies not going to punish you, daddy won’t punish his baby girl for falling asleep if she’s tired, I know I put you through a hell of a lot today you did a very good job, you did just as I told you to and you have to know that, now come here to daddy.” He replies as he wraps his arms around her just holding her as her body started to tremble.

“Daddy please, I need you, please make love to me” She whispers as she slides her fingers into the side his hair.

Still with his arms wrapped around her he rolls her onto her back, positioning his body over hers, looking deep into her eyes, the softest warmest, most loving smile came over his face, as he reached down between them once again taking his now again hardened member into his hand and ever so slowly begins to guide it inside her, she let out with one hell of a scream as her back arched, and her head went back nestling in between the pillows, as he proceeded to make love to her never once taking his eyes off hers, he could feel her muscles once again closing down around him and he knew.

“Oh good god Daddy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she lets out in a scream.

“It’s time baby cum for daddy, let it go baby girl.” He replies in his very sexy voice.

“Cum with me daddy please cum with me!!!” she whispers as she locks her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as the released all their built up tensions as he rolls back onto his back, taking her into his arms once again, as she rested her head on his chest, as they drifted off to sleep.

To the readers: this is the 3rd part to “cleaning day” for the continuation see “daddydearest”.

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