CJ Stories; Sales Rep is Dessert 05

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Big Tits

Chapter Four
Thursday – CJ meets CEO

CJ woke when she felt the bed move and smiled as Jamal cuddled against her. She softly moaned as she felt Jamal’s cock pressed against her ass. He kissed her neck and asked, “good morning, did you miss me last night?”

She softly moaned as Jamal kissed her shoulder, his hand slid up her torso and he took her breast in his large hand and gently caressed it. CJ softly moaned as she told him, “Of course I missed you, but I had a nice dinner and drinks with Dr, Dulcet and Dr. Ward.” She felt his cock as it started to stir as she pressed her ass against it. “And I saw you with Shirley in the bar when I got back last night and figured you were not going to be lonely either, but I see you didn’t get satisfied last night.”

She turned to Jamal and their lips met in soft kiss, she wrapped her tiny fingers around his cock and slowly stroked it as it thickened in her hand. She softly moaned as she felt his fingers slide between her legs and she whispered, “Oh yes baby” as his thick finger slipped inside her. She softly whispered, “She may still be a bit messy from last night.” Her hips slowly rocked as Jamal finger gradually started to move in and out as he finger fucked her.

Jamal rolled her onto her back and her legs opened as he rolled on top of CJ and she guided Jamal’s black cock to her pussy and softly whimpered as her lips, still sensitive from the previous night, opened and she rocked her hips and softly groaned as her tender pussy opened and accepted the thick head of his hard black cock.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she whispered in his ear, “I’ve missed you…” She whimpered as she pushed her hips up and took more of his cock, “And your big cock too…” she moaned as Jamal slowly rocked his hips as he worked his cock deeper.

He slowly started to fuck her, his cock slipping deeper with each gentle push. Finally his balls pressed against her and she knew she had taken all of his black cock. Her arms and legs tightened around him and she started to thrust her hips harder against him as she took his cock deep as she whispered, “Fuck me… fuck me hard.”

He hooked her legs over his arms and pulled her hips up as he thrust his thick cock in her and asked, “Did you enjoy your dinner with Dr. Dulcet and Dr. Ward?”

She whimpered as his hard cock slipped back deep inside her as she held him, “Oh yes,” she moaned as he thrust hard making her groan. He lay over her, pushing her legs against her chest and started to thrust faster. She felt his large balls as they slapped against her ass. She grunted as his cock pushed deep, “Oh yes… fuck me.” She smiled as she enjoyed his cock as he pushed it even deeper.

“Did you fuck them?” he asked as he continued thrusting his cock deep.

She looked in to his eyes wondering why he asked and shook her head as she moaned, “Only Dr. Dulcet.”

“Oh… you didn’t want to fuck Dr. Ward?” he asked.

“Oh yea… he has a nice cock…” she whispered between moans.

“When did you see his cock?” he asked

“Last night… in Dr. Dulcet’s room…” she whimpered as Jamal drove his cock hard into her.

“Did you suck his cock?” he asked.

She moaned as she nodded, as she sensually whispered in his ear, “Oh yes.” Her hips rose and she took his cock deeper as she recalled her evening with the doctors.

He moaned as his hips moved faster as he drove his cock deep, “Did you let him cum in your mouth?”

She smiled as she remembered how Dr. Ward filled her mouth and chuckled as she told him, “well… I didn’t let him… he held my head… and made me take his cum in my mouth.” She felt Jamal’s cock start to swell as she told him how Dr. Ward held her head and how his cock slid in and out of her mouth as he filled her mouth with his cum.

Jamal started to thrust his cock deep. CJ could feel her orgasm was close and thrust her hips up. Just as she was ready to cum he pulled his cock out and stroked it until he groaned loud and his cum shot out, covering her quivering pussy as his hand slowly moved up and down his black cock. He smiled as he asked, “You want to cum don’t you.”

She held his cock and rubbed it against her very aroused pussy, “Don’t stop now, I am so close…”

He slapped his heavy cock against her aroused pussy as he laughed, “You will have to wait till later, I want to keep you nice and horny all day.” He stood and started to dress as he told her, “I will pick you up for lunch and we can go to the convention center for a bit.”

About a half an hour after Jamal left, she heard a light tapping on the door. She hurried to put on her short pink satin robe. She opened the door a few inches and peeked through the small opening to find the bellman Jermaine holding a tray with a carafe of coffee and a croissant.

He smiled knowingly as he told her, “Jamal said you would need some coffee and a bite to eat.” He set the tray on the counter and poured a cup, “Would you like cream or sugar?”

“Just a little cream would ataköy escort be perfect, thank you” she said as she took the cup from him and took the first sip and closed her eyes and moaned as she savored the taste. She set the cup down as she turned to get a tip for Jermaine. Her short robe slide up as she bent to get a tip from her purse revealing bottom of her pale white ass; her tender lips peeking between her legs, still wet and swollen, and aroused from Jamal’s cock.

After Jermaine left, CJ refreshed her coffee and gingerly walked to the shower, cursing Jamal. The hot water felt good as she gently washed herself. Her soapy fingers slid between her legs and she gingerly caressed herself to a small orgasm. She turned off the water and dried herself with a large soft towel. She walked naked with her coffee and sat in front of the large window and enjoyed her view as she wondered about her meeting with Thomas.

As she was looking at the clothes she had brought along, trying to decide what to wear for her meeting with Thomas, her cell phone rang and she did not recognize the caller’s number. She answered and Thomas introduced himself. She was surprised that he had called instead of Jamal.

He asked if she was pleased with her accommodations and she told him the room and hotel were gorgeous with a fantastic view of the strip. She thanked him for the wonderful bottle of wine he had selected and sent to her room.

He apologized for not picking her up at the airport as he was eager to meet her after Jamal had told him how she had assisted him in his sale of office equipment to Dr. Dulcet. She wondered how much Jamal had told him. Thomas told her that he was anxious to meet her and wanted to introduce her to his staff and business associates at a small gathering at their hospitality suite that evening.

Thomas told her he had arranged a massage for her at her hotel. He told her to spend some time in the casino and relax the rest of the afternoon and he will send the limo to pick her up at 5:30 and bring her to their hospitality suite.

The massage was very relaxing and as CJ entered her room she thought she should start to prepare for meeting Thomas. She stood in front of the large mirror and undressed as she thought about what to wear for her first meeting with Thomas and she started to lay out her clothes for the evening. She decided on the ivory lace lingerie that Jamal and Dr. Dulcet had given her.

CJ stepped into the shower, the warm water felt nice against her skin as she gently caressed herself with her soapy hands. Her nipples quickly grew hard as she rubbed her slick soapy hands over her aroused breasts, and she softly moaned as her fingers slid between her legs as she her fingers slide through the lathered short hair covering her pussy.

She massaged her clit with her fingertip and her finger gently caressed her clit and then slowly slid between her lips, and she silently cursed Jamal for leaving her unfulfilled earlier in the day. She softly whimpered as she fingered herself to another small orgasm as she remembered Jamal’s black cock as he fucked her earlier that the morning. The small orgasm only succeeded in leaving her more aroused as she wondered about Thomas.

She set on the dressing chair and slowly pulled the ivory colored hose up her legs. She stood to look in the mirror to smooth the hose and straighten the seam in the back. She was pleased how they made her legs look slimmer. The lace band at the top held the hose nicely high on her thighs and left just a bit of bare thigh. She thought about not wearing the garter belt.

CJ smiled as she held up the garter belt, she knew the effect they had on men and she decided to wear it. She turned it looking to make sure it was positioned properly before fastening it around her waist, bending she attached each strap to the lace top. She stood in front of the mirror and smiled at herself as she adjusted the garter.

She stepped into the tiny lace ivory panties and carefully pulled them up over her hips. The soft fabric felt nice against her skin. Her fingers felt good as she slid them again between her legs as she smoothed the panties. She could faintly see the outline of her lips as the lacey material stretch over her pussy. She was glad she had decided to trim her pubic fur before leaving for the conference, she had thought about shaving herself but her husband preferred the shorter hair.

She smiled as she picked up the ivory lace pushup brassier, and then slipped her arms through the straps, reaching behind to snap it. She slipped her hand inside a cup and felt her nipple quickly respond as she pulled her breast up making sure the cup fit just right, and then did the same to the other, then as she looked into the mirror she cupped her lace covered breast and fine-tuned the fit. The small cups pushed her breasts high, as the pale skin of her breast peeked through the sheer lace.

CJ stood in front of the mirror and adjusted each piece; her short blonde hair accented her outfit. She bakırköy escort was pleased as to how well they fit. She smiled, delighted at how good she looked in her new lingerie, she wondered if Thomas would get the opportunity to see the intimate garments; would he approve?

CJ stepped into her dark grey mid length pencil skirt with pleats in the lower back; she reached behind her and pulled the zipper up, pulling the materials tight around her hips. The skirt stretched tight across her ass and though not a mini skirt it ended well above her knees, the bottom pleats allowed the skirt to flair out allowing for easy movement of her legs as she walked.

She slipped on a collared tight fitting ivory colored sleeveless blouse with buttons that run up the front ending between her breasts, it pulled tightly around her accenting her thin waist. The thin top stretched tight across her small firm breasts and she could clearly see the ivory lace brassier through the translucent material. She left the top button undone; the tight fitting blouse pulled open only a little to reveal a nice cleavage and, if she moved just right, just a hint of her lace covered breasts.

She stood in front of the mirror and turned as she appraised herself. She thought the sheer blouse may be to revealing for the meeting with Thomas and his associates. She turned and looked over her shoulder; the skirt stretched tightly, revealing her tiny ass and showed no hint of panties.

She decided to wear her two tone gray jacket with the wide collar. She fastened the top of the two buttons. The jacket was open only enough to reveal her sheer blouse and the tops of her breast. She could still see the valley between her breast and a hint of the ivory lace brassier as it peeked through the blouse. The jacket came low enough to cover the top of her ass. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror and decided to leave to button undone revealing the thin blouse and lace brassier.

She looked through her jewelry and decided upon the Larimar necklace her husband had purchased for her on their last Caribbean Cruise. The long pendent hung low between her breast and the aqua blue stone would draw the quick glances of admiring men, and women.

Jermaine called from the concierge desk to inform CJ there was a limo waiting, she thanked him. She smiled as she took one last look at herself in the mirror and hope Thomas were be impressed. The five inch black heels made her legs look slim and defined.

Jermaine met her as she strolled through the large glass doors. He smiled as he took her hand and commented on how nice she looked as he guided her to the limo. He opened the door and his eyes drifted to her legs as they parted as she entered the limo. Their eyes met and she smiled as he paused and winked. He gently nodded appreciatively as he closed the door.

The limo arrived at Caesar’s Palace and she smiled as several men watched as she got out of the limo. As she entered the crowded hospitality suite, she saw Jamal talking with several men and she walked up to him and put her hand on his back.

He smiled as he turned and become aware of her, he gave her a professional hug. One of the men in group extended his hand and said, “You must be CJ? Jamal has described you perfectly. I’m Thomas.”

She took his hand as she studied him. He skin was a much lighter than Jamal’s, a beautiful light brown hue that reminded her of milk chocolate. His long braided hair was pulled back in a pony tail and hung well past his shoulders. He had a manner of confidence to him almost to the point of arrogance. She looked into his dark eyes as she told him, “I am glad to finally meet you. Jamal has only told me so little about you and I have been a bit curious.”

Thomas placed his hand on CJs back as he led her away from the small group to the bar and ordered a glass of champagne for CJ. She took the thin stem in her fingers and gently swirled the champagne, watching the bubbles rise before taking a small sip. She smiled at Thomas as she slightly tilted her head and nodded at Thomas as she softly moaned her approval.

For the next 30 minutes Thomas took CJ around the room introducing her to his staff, clients, and vendors. She recognized Dr. Dulcet and Dr. Ward as well as several doctors from her area in the group and spoke with them briefly. Thomas made sure that she had a fresh glass of champagne in her hand. She lightly snacked on hors d’oeuvre as they walked around talking to the group.

Thomas took out his cell phone out and told his chauffeur that he was ready to leave for dinner. Thomas smiled at CJ and said, “Jamal will be busy with clients until later, why don’t you join me for dinner.” Thomas had taken the liberty to make reservations at the Alize in the Palm Hotel. CJ had heard of the restaurant but had never been there and was excited to be invited to such an elegant restaurant.

The Alize was located on the top floor of the Palm Resort. As they got off the elevator, CJ took his arm as they walked into the restaurant. She jokingly asked, “Are you sure you can afford this place?”

Thomas chuckled as the hostess approached and greeted him by name and told him his table was ready. She led them to a table next to the windows overlooking the lights of the strip.

He turned to CJ and said, “Let me help you with your jacket.” He slid her jacket off her shoulders and gently hung it over the back of one of the unused chairs. He pulled a chair out and CJ sit he slid the chair back in.

The hostess handed a menu to Thomas. CJ smiled as she noticed the hostess’ lingering glance admiring her breasts, their eyes met and they exchanged a knowing smile.

CJ looked out over the lights of Las Vegas and commented on the gorgeous view. She heard Thomas moan as he agreed, and as CJ looked back at him, she blushed as she realized he was admiring her breast. The waiter approached and CJ was surprised, as well as curious, as Thomas ordered for each of them.

As they were enjoying their wine and talking, CJ told Thomas she needed to go freshen up before their food arrived. As she stood in front of the mirror she decided that since Thomas was so admiring of her cleavage, she would undo one more button. She turned back and forth to make sure he would be able to see the sides of her pale breasts.

As she looked into the mirror she said, ” Oh well… what the hell.”, and lifted her skirt and slid her panties down her legs and tucked them in her purse, then reapplied her lipstick and turned to walk back to their table.

The waiter was at their table and smiled approvingly as he watched her approach. She leaned forward as the waiter pulled her chair out, she watched Thomas to see if he would notice her new look. She smiled as she watched Thomas nod and smile as he gazed at her revealing cleavage.

Throughout Dinner, CJ would lean forward to talk with Thomas and to let him admire her open blouse exposing the white breast as they push out the top of the lace brassier. As she was leaning forward, the waiter brought their check to their table and paused to thank us for coming to their restaurant. She smiled at him as he paused and she caught him glance down her blouse.

The limo driver opened the door for CJ and he watched as her legs opened as she got into the back of the black limo, Thomas and the driver smiled at each other. CJ heard Thomas as he told the drive to take the scenic tour back to the hotel. Thomas poured two glasses of champagne and they tipped glasses and sipped.

Thomas told her, “I think our driver enjoyed your little show.”

CJ smiled and whispered to him, “It was intended for you, but he was standing there so I didn’t have a choice but to give him a little look too. So… did you enjoy it?”

The driver started down the strip, crowded with cars and lots of people out walking between the casinos. The traffic moved slowly and seemed to stop at every traffic light. The casino lights were barely visible through the dark tinted windows.

Thomas chuckled, “So you were just teasing me when you showed me that pretty white pussy?”

CJ smiled as she took a sip of the champagne, she chuckled as she told him, “Oh… are you accusing me of teasing you. I guess Jamal didn’t tell you everything about me.”

He secured his glass in the holder and, took her head in his hand and pulled her to him, their lips met as he kissed her. The kiss was long and passionate; she parted her lips as his thick tongue slipped into her mouth. CJ sucked on his tongue and caressed it with hers, their lips pressed hard together.

As their lips parted, Thomas moaned, and asked, “Well Jamal did tell me you are a good cock sucker. Have you ever given anyone a blow job in a limo driving down the Las Vegas strip?”

CJ, chuckled at his boldness, moaned softly and said, “Umm… not yet.” She unbuckled his belt as she looked him in the eyes and asked, “You ever had a blow job in a limo driving down the Las Vegas Strip?”

Thomas thought for a moment, and then smiled as he told her, “Not in this limo.” They both laugh at his comment.

CJ laid her hand between his legs and slowly slid her hand over his cock, and then slid off the seat and crawled between his legs and unzipped his slacks and finished opening them. She slipped her hand inside and wrapped her hand around his cock, and moaned as she looked him in the eyes as her eyes widened, “Umm… Oh my…” She pulled his cock out and admired his long cock, her hand slowly slid up and down as she felt it growing.

She looked up into his dark eyes as she lightly licked the dark crown, rolling her tongue around it. She held it as she slowly ran her tongue along the bottom to the top and gently kissed it. She took the large dark crown in her mouth, she moaned as she softly sucked and caressed it with her tongue. Her lips slowly moved down, as she worked his cock deeper in her mouth.

She could see the lights of the casinos as they slowly made their way along the strip, stopping at the traffic lights. She saw a tiny red light come on and wondered if the driver was watching. She let the black cock slip from her mouth and told Thomas, “I think the driver is watching us on the camera.”

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