Chubby Goth Girl

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Author’s Note: I was getting ready for work one day and had an idea. I’ve always been a fan of some of the girls I see working the stores in the mall. As it happens a chubby Goth girl has always appealed to me. Maybe the lead up to the scenario is unrealistic, but I wasn’t trying to write a serious dissertation about the nature of working in a mall. I just rolled with the notion of the girl saying “yes”. I tried to make it shorter, but sometimes things just grow. Hope you enjoy.

The girl behind the counter looked bored. She was the store opener, and with school back in session, there were not too many people looking to go buy CDs in the morning. I worked across the street at the grocery store, and had some gift cards to burn up before work.

“Let me know if I can help you,” she said without looking up from the magazine she was reading.

She had a Goth look to her, which I found intriguing. In high school we were always told that those girls were trying to be unattractive. Her hair was dyed a mixture of black and red, and she had cut it in a rough and short bed head style. I thought that this complimented her skin, which was very pale—a hard feat to pull off in San Diego. There were several rings and a stud through one of her ears, and even a small ring in her nose. I could deal with that. What turned me on the most was the fact that she was chubby in the pleasant way. Her black leggings stretched to show legs that were curvy with a good thickness, and led up to an ass that I had to move to a different place in the store to see.

There was a hard metal stool pushed up into that wonderful bubble butt. I had never wanted to be a stool so much in my life. I looked away when she caught me staring. She didn’t say anything, and went back to reading her magazine. Around her collar I could see the edges of the tattoos that her blouse was covering. The pictures were a mystery that I wanted to behold. My dick was already getting hard. I’d never really thought I’d find something so nice on the way to work.

I didn’t have to be at work for awhile. So what harm was there in trying to scam on this girl? Sex is always a primary motivator in my life.

“So, how are you doing today?”

“Just peachy,” she said. “I get to sit here for six hours.”

“I’ll be at mine for eight.”

“I’ll bet you make more money than me. Can I help you find something?”

“I already found you, so I’m doing well so far.”

She feigned a look of revulsion and then scoffed. “Lame.”

I told her my name. She tried to ignore me.

“What’s yours?”

“Please leave. Buy something or go. I’ll call security.”

“I’ll go if you want, but please just tell me your name.”


“Brianna. That’s beautiful. Look, I know how it is. We get up every day and go to these bullshit jobs. We make less than shit to live on doing stuff that older people used to make twice the money doing. Brianna, I think you’re hot, and really want to have sex with you, but if you prefer that I go then I will.”

I turned to leave, and took three steps before she told me to stop.

“Are you for real?”

“As far as I know. Why?”

She looked around as though I wasn’t the only other person in the store. When Brianna was certain she relaxed for awhile, and seemed to mull me over. I’ll admit that I’m a rather plain-looking dude, but I’m definitely not ugly near as I can tell, and I do try to keep myself looking good. It really helps when you have a job working with the public.

“This is really crazy,” she said, “and also more than a little fucked up.”

She took a moment to check me out. I felt embarrassed to be in my work uniform, but that’s how it was.

“You are kind of cute,” she admitted. “Not really hot, but better than the guys who normally hit on me here. Are you a freak?”


“Good. If you try to hurt me, I’ll bite your dick off. I’m a mean bitch, got it?”

“Sounds like fun.”

She giggled. “This is so crazy. I can’t wait to tell my friend about it.”

Brianna told me to walk to the back of the store. She went to the front and closed that weird metal door that rolls down from the top. Then she put up a sign saying when she’d be back. With it being this slow few people would care.

In moments she joined me, and opened the storeroom with her key. I did worry about cameras. Not so much for me—I didn’t work for that company, but I’d really hate it if Brianna got fired over me.

“They don’t care to check the cameras unless there’s something wrong,” she said. “It takes too long and they’re lazy.”

I wasn’t really sure how to best proceed, but Brianna superseded me and planted a brutal kiss on me. That was encouraging. I always like it when girls show some initiative. I forced the kiss back onto her, and pawed at her shoulders and middle. She was shorter than me, so I let myself lean down into her. It didn’t take long for me to give in, and put my hands on her exquisite ass. I squeezed that gorgeous beast with everything I had until she yelped. For her part, istanbul escort Brianna ground herself into me.

Her lip gloss was sweet and she had on a mild body spray that was heaven to breathe in.

My hands moved to her soft middle. Brianna made little sounds like mewling as I felt her there. She may well have hated her plumpness, but a real guy can appreciate such a thing. My fingers dug deep into the waistband of her leggings, and felt the sweat that had been gathering there.

We ended up just looking into each other’s eyes for a few moments: trying to figure out what the other was thinking. This is one of those odd things that I’ve ended up doing with a few girls. Not really sure what it means. To be honest, when I’m really turned on there isn’t much thinking at all. We went back to kissing. I moved my hands up her blouse to her chest, and felt the line where the bottom of her bra was. I looked to her again for approval. All I got were two pale blue eyes burning into me. Since I wasn’t getting an objection, I offered her plump love pillows a squeeze. Brianna closed her eyes a little at this, so I eased up. There was a tiny smile on those soft pink lips of hers.

I pulled her blouse up just above the bra, and moved my hands to her back to unsnap it. I had no trouble with it—that can really kill the spontaneity of the act. As I pulled the bra off I felt the sweat that she left inside of it. I wanted to take a moment to smell it, but thought that might be too much. When blouse and bra were on the floor I got a look at some of the ink implanted into her body. A tattoo of hot Goth girl was on her right arm and one of an ice cream cone was on her left. There was a trail of vines and roses that traced down her shoulders to her rounded sides, and curled around her love handles. Two little fairies hid among the vines—one on each side. Their expressions looked inviting. Of course my eyes had to focus up to take in the sight of what had been behind the sweaty bra.

I paused for a moment to bask in the glory of those delicious mounds of flesh. Her chubbiness had filled them out to a luxuriant fatness. I went at them with both hands. On a smaller girl they would have been “tea cup” breasts, but her endowment spilled well over those metaphorical cups. When I had them, I brought my mouth to the left one, which was a little bigger, and took her engorged nipple to my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around it and pulled like a hungry infant. Brianna made a little sound when I did that, and that made me feel good to have her reacting in such a way.

I pulled away from her and left a line of saliva trailing away from her succulent tit. I wanted to drink from it. Being that focused I finally noticed the star tattoo over that nipple. She was a temple of wonders.

I felt at her belly. It’s just something that’s always turned me on about a girl. She was uncomfortable at first, but my attention gradually let her know that I loved it. Her whole body was like a ripe fruit to me.

We both eased down onto the store room floor. The carpeting was old, but didn’t appear to be disgusting or anything. As she lied down my hands squished into her doughy ass again. She was a treat. My hands found the waist of her leggings, and began pulling them down. It took a while as she was stuck to them, but eventually I was able to see her swollen mound covered in moist white cotton panties. Her thick legs were pale, soft, and inviting.

Brianna helped me get her flats off, and the leggings followed. There she was in all of her damp underwear glory before me.

“Now you,” she said with a moist breath in my face, holding her hands over her cotton-masked pussy. “This is as far as you get until I see some skin.”

I pulled hard to get my feet from my black work boots. I didn’t want to waste the time untying them. My work uniform was always too big on me. The polyester shirt and black Dickies pants came off fast enough leaving me in my boxers. I’ve never considered myself much to look at. I’m taller than a lot of guys and have a larger frame. I’m not ripped, but I’ve spent the last few years trying to build some definition.

I knelt down to my hands and knees over her.

“Much better,” she said, smiling, and moved her hands away from her panties.

There we were facing each other again: she on her back and me leaning over her. I could feel the heat coming off of her. It affected the body spray in a wonderful way. There was also the musky heat emanating from behind those panties. We shared another awkward silence while I took in the complete atmosphere of her.

Brianna moved her right hand to the front of my boxers, and felt inside the opening. Her small fingers were still warm from covering her pussy, and she found my swelling cock.

“Not bad. You could probably be harder though.”

“I’m just taking in the sight and smell of you.”

She shook her head with a look of incredulity. “You really shouldn’t bring up smells to a girl. I know what you mean, but we are really paranoid about that kind of thing.”

“About everything.”

“Whatever,” escort bayan she said. “Do you have a condom?”

“I don’t take them to work with me. Do you have one?”

“I sit on my ass all day. I don’t really need it. I’m on the pill though.”

While Brianna was still feeling at me inside my boxers, her other hand reached down into her panties and felt around inside. She played with herself a little bit, and when she felt that it was enough, she withdrew it, and wiped that sultry nectar on my mouth.

“Do you want that?” she asked playfully with a wicked little smile.

I could barely manage a nod. The taste on my lips was like dew on a plant in a tropical jungle. It was a little acidic, but I wanted more.

“Be man and take it,” she said. “I want a man who wants to fuck me.”

I’d waited long enough. My cock was rigid and my balls were primed to fire. I moved my hands onto her wide hips, and took hold of that white cotton. I tugged them down urgently, and once they crossed that threshold, I got to see that moist center of her. She had shaved it not too long ago, but it was growing back. I trailed my thumb over that deliciously plump mound and savored the feeling of the slight stubble growing out of it. When I touched her swollen nether lips they were slick with her wetness. Brianna had already teased me with her flavor, and I had to get some more. I leaned down and dug into her hot crevice like a bear invading a bee hive. The juice I got wasn’t exactly honey, but I treated it like ambrosia.

Brianna caught her breath as I began to eat her out. Her hands dug into the thick dark hair of my head.

“Keep doing that,” she said. “That’s so good.”

I lapped up the juices flowing out of her. It was acidic, and in an odd way reminded of me of touching my tongue to a battery. The stubble on her pussy did scratch at my face some, but I wasn’t about to complain about something so nice. My tongue dug deep into the folds of her, and into the hot cavern beyond.

She took in sharp inhales, and slowly released as my tongue worked into her. Brianna seemed a little nervous as if I would suddenly pull away and decide that I didn’t like doing this. I’d know more than a few girls who have this irrational fear that their vaginas will somehow scare a guy away. Personally, it’s one of my favorite things to do with a woman.

This went on for a while, and gave my tongue a definite workout. I could have done it longer, but she wanted to move on. Brianna tapped my shoulder until I looked up at her with her love juice covering my face. It must have been a sight, because for a moment she almost laughed.

“We need to get down to it,” she said. “I do have a time limit.”

I agreed. I mean who wouldn’t when the next part was going to be good. I got up on my knees to reposition myself, and determine my approach. She was bigger than the last girl I was with, and with that girl I was normally on the bottom. Brianna lifted up her legs to present herself to me. While in this position she was a wonderful flow of curves: from her breasts to her round tummy, and finally her mound. As I guided my cock in I couldn’t help but notice the bottom of her wonderfully chubby ass, and thought about how great the inside of it would feel.

I went slowly: probing inside of her as she took in a breath. While I’m not as long as some guys I do have a good girth. Brianna got used to it, and I inched inside. My hands found her thick hips, and I used them to support myself.

She held her lower lip under her teeth as she braced herself. Her hotness grasped me tightly, and while she acted as if she was the one submitting I definitely felt vulnerable.


She nodded. “Come on.”

I began slowly pushing myself in an out of her. Brianna made little sounds like tiny breathy exhales. Without the condom there was no barrier between us, and I was able to enjoy the full experience of exploring her insides. They were almost molten, and every time I pulled out it felt like they refused to let me go. I couldn’t help but think that whoever got to knock this wonderful chubby girl up would have the same exquisite feeling of her pussy. I wanted to be the only one.

As we kept going I couldn’t help but look down to see where her ass was hitting my balls, and think how wonderful it would be inside her rear canal.

I didn’t think about the awkwardness of asking. “Next time can I fuck your ass?”

She almost looked angry at me. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. You have to treat me like a queen to get in there. Now, keep it up.”

We went on for several more lust-filled, sweating, and delicious minutes, but then something that we didn’t take into account happened. The phone rang.

Brianna was shook from her fuck-reverie in an instant. “I have to take this,” she said. “Let me up.”

I stopped, but didn’t pull out. There was no way I could come this far and not have my finish.

“But you put up the sign. You said we had time. They can call back.”

Brianna brutally squeezed one of escort istanbul my nipples. That made me move way. As the phone rang some more, she was trying to get up off the hard carpeting.

“I have to answer it,” she said. “My boss said that she was going to call.”

I helped pull her up, and watched as she trotted off to answer it. Her bubble butt jiggling as she moved quickly. I even noticed the juices from her pussy flowing down the backs of her legs. That made for a perfect reason to follow her.

The call must have been important. When I caught up to Brianna she didn’t seem to mind that she was now standing naked behind the service desk. I followed her back there without her noticing, and saw just how much junk they had in the cabinets behind the desk. Special orders, several empty security cases for “high theft” items, and a fat stack of applications for that club card that I never want to get. My cock was still hard, and not happy about being stopped.

“Yeah, Dianne,” said Brianna over the phone. “No, not much going on here. The UPS guy hasn’t been here yet either.”

Brianna leaned over the desk to look at a calendar. I was standing behind her and got a full view of her bare ass. She had another tattoo of a rose piercing a heart and a tiny mole just adjacent to that. I sank my hands into those chunky globes. She jumped at first, but didn’t say anything. She was trying to maintain her focus. Her free hand tried futility to push mine away, but she had to go back to looking at the calendar, presumably for a scheduling problem.

I had a drive inside me to enter that forbidden place she didn’t want me to enter. I looked at it, and it was inviting, but there was no prep work done, and I didn’t want to hurt her. When I trended lower I found my old friend that I had unfinished business with. I slipped my finger into her pussy from behind. Brianna tried to push me away with her butt, which was really only turned me on more. Her pussy was still wet and still open from the sex we didn’t finish. I had to get back inside.

With Brianna leaned over the desk and trying to conduct business, I guided my cock back inside her. Despite her pretense at shooing me away she accepted me greedily.

She cried out for a moment, but caught herself. “No, I’m okay. Dianne. I just felt something weird in my tummy. I’m sure it will finish.”

I started fucking her again. I had never done it in that position, but we both made it work. I kissed at her neck, and squeezed her tits from behind. Even if I couldn’t see them there were still wonderful. I tried to not make anything sounds myself, but that was difficult.

Brianna’s voice was strained at the maximum point of trying to pretend that nothing odd was happening.

“Sure, I’ll work Thursday. Ok. See you later. Bye.”

She dropped the phone on the counter as soon as she turned it off. “Goddammit, why are you doing this out here?”

“Should I stop?”

She was almost on the verge of tears. “No.”

A little while longer, and she gripped the counter fiercely and tensed. Her breath caught in her throat, and I knew she was cumming.

I wanted to finish near the same time, so I picked up speed, and in moments felt my own orgasm. My cock sent several hot spurts of seed deep inside of Brianna. She looked back at me. We shared a moment when there were no words and perhaps very little understanding. I’ve noticed a lot of these in my relationships.

We each took a moment to get our breaths. She tapped me on the arm, and held onto me for a little bit: her little hand sliding down the hair of my forearm. She was telling me that she wasn’t mad.

I pulled away, and let her stand up from the counter. I was going to the backroom to get my clothes when I heard her cry “oh fuck!”

“What is it?”

I had a picture in my mind of an audience of security guards and the elderly who came to the mall to walk around all standing outside the sliding door with looks of disbelief on their faces from having just watched two people screw like dogs in the store. As Brianna had said earlier “crazy and more than a little fucked up.”

She had picked up a thick portion of the club applications and threw them in the trash. Brianna didn’t want to say it, but eventually I understood what happened. My little decision to do her from behind had been something she hadn’t done before either. At the height of her orgasm she actually managed to squirt her juices onto the stack of applications. I didn’t bring it up. Honestly, how would I begin that conversation? I’m not even sure if she had to concoct a lie for her manager Dianne.

We got dressed and I gave her my phone number, and told her that I was nearby. I was very interested and waiting for her to make the call.

Post Script: I hope you enjoyed this story. Originally I intended it to be a short-short but couldn’t manage to contain it once I had the girl in my mind. There is perhaps room for more of these characters. I enjoyed writing this one quite a bit, and the scenario came easy (no pun intended) once I had it going. I would greatly appreciate your comments, criticisms, and encouragement. Creating the scenario in my mind is usually enough for me, I post it to share with anyone who might like it. Thanks for your time and interest.

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