Cheerleader Fun

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“Johnson! You messed up again, dammit!”

Emma sighed. She was getting sick of being the new girl on her college cheerleader team, the coach was always yelling at her.

“You did great, don’t worry about it,” said Olivia, the blonde cheerleader captain. She smiled at her and continued practicing. Emma looked at her hot body. Olivia stood at 5′ 6″, was a size DD, had toned long legs, and a perfect face. Emma looked away before she drew attention. She never had a chance with that girl. Olivia was dating the head football player. Emma herself was cute, but not that hot. She had much smaller boobs and long, curly brown hair, but the one thing she did have was a great ass. All the boys she dated loved it before she got sick of them and accepted the fact she was a lesbian.

After practice, the girls all went into the locker room to change. Olivia and Emma were the last two in there. Emma finished up and started to leave, but she noticed Olivia was the only one left, so she decided to duck behind some lockers and watch her. Olivia finished putting her shirt on, but still had nothing except sexy and cute hello kitty panties on down below. She glanced around to make sure no one else was around, then slipped a hand inside her panties and started rubbing herself. Emma could just barely see the captain’s pubic line, and she felt casino şirketleri herself moisten. It looked like Olivia kept herself waxed smooth, unlike Emma’s, which was trimmed. She squirmed a bit, but she couldn’t contain herself. She gently rubbed herself through her panties while watching Olivia.

Olivia began fingering herself, thrusting two fingers deep into her hot pussy. She let out a long, slow moan, which drove Emma even more into pleasure. Emma picked out her favorite pair of underwear today, but they were now ruined by an ever growing pool that began spilling down between her legs. She kept rubbing herself, but she accidentally let a small moan escape. She froze and stood silent, but it was too late. Olivia heard her.

Olivia stood up and looked around. “Who’s there? I heard you, I know know you’re here”. Emma stayed silent, but Olivia still found her behind the lockers.

“The new girl, huh?” The captain got a huge grin.

“I- I wasn’t- I’m sorry, I didn’t-” Olivia put a finger to the girl’s mouth, and she quieted.

“I know you’re a lesbian” she said. “I see you checking me out almost every day. You’re not very subtle”.

Emma hung her head. She was going to get made fun of for sure now.

“Hey, I have an idea” said Olivia. I’ve never tried anything like that before…” she casino firmaları grinned and pinned Emma’s arms to the wall.

“What are you doing?!” Said Emma, very surprised.

“Trying something new” she replied, before kissing her. Emma practically melted. Her exact fantasy was happening.

Olivia ripped Emma off the wall and pushed her to the ground, and then sat on her stomach. She gyrated her hips on Emma’s belly while still kissing her.

“I am a very horny girl Emma, but my boy toy broke his leg in a football game. My hands haven’t been able to give me the love I need”. She pulled off Emma’s shirt and unhooked her bra. Emma was a bit flat chested, but Olivia didn’t seem to mind. She leaned down and licked her nipple, and then licked the other one. She began switching between the two, making sure each one got sucked on equally. Emma moaned out in ecstasy. One of Emma’s hands found Olivia’s thigh, and it ran up until it reached the panties. Emma rubbed her through them, teasing the girl.

“I’m in charge here, new girl. Quit teasing” Olivia said between moans. Emma obliged and slipped inside the panties. She rubbed the blonde’s clit fast and hard, then pushed three fingers in, making her scream and buck around. Olivia dug her hips into Emma’s belly and rode her fingers hard.

“Oooohhhh, I’m güvenilir casino gonna cum soon…” whimpered Olivia. This drove Emma to finger fuck her even harder and faster. Suddenly Olivia screamed, and her hot juices streamed out onto Emma’s fingers. Emma pulled them out and happily sucked off the sweet liquid.

“Um, Emma? There’s still some more for you to clean up” Olivia said, her legs wide open and her pussy covered in cum. Emma grinned and put her face to the girl’s sex. She took in the sweet scent, then began lapping up all the cum from Olivia. She nuzzled her nose into Olivia’s clit, and pushed her tongue as deep into her pussy as she could. As she did, Olivia pulled off her own shirt and bra and tossed them aside. She groped her own large breasts and pulled them up to her mouth to suck on. Emma found her g-spot and rubbed it with her tongue. Olivia cried out and grabbed fistfuls of Emma’s hair and pushed her deeper.

She started trembling, and Emma knew she was going to explode again. She kept swirling her tongue around Olivia’s g-spot until the cheerleader’s thighs closed up around Emma’s head and another wave of sweet nectar poured into Emma’s mouth. She made sure to catch every drop. She stood up and looked at the sexy cheerleader captain lying there, exhilarated and out of breath. After a minute, she collected herself and sat up.

“Thanks, I needed that. Now I owe you. Anytime, anywhere, you let me know” Olivia winked at Emma and gave her another long, wet kiss before she dressed herself and walked out. Emma was going to enjoy that payback.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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